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Frieza's Internet Pictures

Every hate it that you can't get some good Frieza pictures? I mean you want to go on Webs sites and take them but scared if you put it on your site the owner will get you. You know that you can't make your own and want to take them from my site! You know thats a big no no. So come here and you can take them. These Frieza pictures are from webs sites that I ask or said I can take them. These are not mine so take them as you please.

Frieza gets cut by his own attack
Frieza doing a blast at Dende
Frieza's holding his "Death Ball"
Frieza face in his 2 form
Frieza in his 3 form coming at you
Frieza super happy
Frieas cyborg body
Frieza standing on Planet Namek
Frieza looks draw out
Frieza choking Vegeta with his tail
Frieza getting sliced in half by Trunks(God I hate him)
Frieza dodges Goku's punch
Frieza different look
Frieza holding two disc
Frieza holding Goku in his Energy Ball thing
Frieza face on the Dragon Balls
Frieza face in different views
Frieza flying at Goku
Frieza form 2 fighting Piccolo
Frieza transforming into his 3 form
Frieza and SSJGoku both hitting each other
Frieza throwing a blast with only half of his body left
Frieza in front of people
Frieza kicked in the chest by Goku
Frieza knocking out Goku
Frieza is over the Ginyu Force
Frieza doing his point blast at Gohan
Frieza point at YOU
Frieza powering up
Frieza punched by Goku
Frieza smileing after killing Kulilin
Frieza talking to bardock
Frieza different Forms
Frieza vs Kulilin