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Out of all the villains in Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, to Dragon Ball GT no one comes close to being pure evil. This person has taken billions of lives. Maybe even zillions, just to be know in the universe. Not even great people like King Vegeta, Bardock, Kulilin, or even the prince himself Vegeta couldn't even stop this tyrant. He toyed around with Goku when he was at his best. He was the main reason why Goku went Super Saiyan. Now his history on this ruthless, no good, evil, son of ...... a king.

First we start off when it all began. When he was born it was said he had a Power Level of 20,000! Yes, this little white snake was pretty strong. I really don't know what planet he was born on but some say it was the planet Frieza. It was he was hit as a child from his loving parents. Not because they didn't love him. They only did it to make his him powerful. To make him train and fight more. To become the strongest in the universe. So far I only know his father name is King Cold and his older brother is Coola. After all his fight and training he did become the strongest in the universe.

Soon at a young age he started his own "gang" which soon became a huge army of men that was under his little white figure. He had the one of the strongest 5 men too. We all know them as the Ginyu Force. Do to some Saiyans 4 members of the Ginyu Force died and one turned into a frog. Why we are talken about the Saiyans, Frieza controlled all the Saiyans as well. For many years he told them what to do and none of them try to stop them. Until Frieza ask King Vegeta to give up his son to him. King Vegeta was outraged and set a plan to destroy Frieza and his men. Also Goku's father Bardock try to stop Frieza, knowing Frieza had plans to destroy his home planet Vegeta. Both men failed. Bardock might of killed some of Frieza's men but Frieza right hand man Dodoria took out Bardock with one might blast. Yet he was not dead. He was in space still barely alive. As he was floating in space King Vegeta and a few of his best men went and destroy Frieza's men. When King Vegeta did get to Frieza his men where scared of Frieza's power. Even thought the King attack all it took was one uppercut to the chin for the King to die. Then Frieza eye blasted the dead king's men. Frieza ask for the window to open so he could blow the planet sky high. As he went out to blow the planet he became crazy and made his small little blast into a HUGE blast. This blast was bigger then his ship. Then moved his finger to the planet and the big blast went to it. Even thought Bardock threw his blast it didn't even slow Frieza's a bit. Then BANG the planet is destroyed and killed all the Saiyans but 4. We know them as Raditz, Nappa, Vegeta, and Goku.

Why did Frieza blow up the planet you ask? Well, not because the Saiyans where attack him. It was because the Saiyans became to strong as time went by. When Prince Vegeta was born the little Prince was stronger then his father. That worried Frieza. He was worried that one day a Saiyan would be stronger then him and kill him. Also the Super Saiyan tale worried Frieza a bit. So he did the only thing that was the best. Killed them all. Of course 4 Saiyans got lucky. Prince Vegeta was in Frieza ship when it all happen. I think Raditz and Nappa where off to another planet and taking it over for Frieza. Goku was a baby back then and was sent to Earth just before the planet blew up. So you see he had no choice but to blow the planet up. Oh well like we miss the Saiyans any way.

That was 20 years ago. Since then Frieza has been ruling planets and such. When Raditz (Goku's older brother) came to Earth and died there. Piccolo said they had these magic balls that if you get all seven they grant one wish. They were called the Dragon Balls. So Vegeta and Nappa came in a year. We all know the story, Nappa dies, Vegeta loses, and Gohan turns ape yak yak yak. There was one part when Vegeta pointed out that the Nameks made the Dragon Balls so that they didn't need Earth. Frieza heard that and went to Namek. It wasn't for long till he had already four of the seven Dragon Balls. Of course Frieza left hand man Zarbon and his right hand man Dodoria took care of all the Nameks. Of course soon both died in the hands of Vegeta. Dodoria was blasted away and Zarbon was blasted in the chest and fell into the water. Before Zarbon died Frieza order the Ginyu Force to come in and get the Dragon Balls. Since when Vegeta was in their ship healing from a beating he got from Zarbon. He stole all five of Frieza's Dragon Balls. Soon when the Ginyu Force came things change. The Ginyus found Vegeta, Kulilin, and Gohan (They all teamed up after knowing the Ginyu Force was coming) and the leader of the Ginyu Force Captain Ginyu took them and reported back to Frieza. Finally Frieza has all seven Dragon Balls why Vegeta and the others are they're fighting the rest of the Ginyu force. Of course as Frieza said he wanted to be immortal it didn't work. He figured out that he needed a password. So he went to the closes Nameks. He found them and flew right to them.

As Frieza was flying to the Nameks (which are Nail and Guru) Vegeta and the other had problems with the Ginyu Force. Geldo was the easy one. Kulilin and Gohan try to take this person on but Geldo had the power to stop time. Also caught Kulilin and Gohan in his mind trap and was about to kill them both. Then Vegeta came and chop off his head. Then blew the head away. Now it was Recoom's turn. Vegeta powered all the way up and started to give it all he got to finish of Recoom. Vegeta had no luck. Only to blow off his armor still Recoom knock Vegeta out of the fight. Kulilin gave it a shot but took only one kick to the head and he was done for. Then Gohan no madder how mad or strong he got it took a kick to the neck (and breaking the neck as well) to finish off this little boy. Then you know that Goku came saved the day Recoom and Bata died. Bodies got switch with Goku and Ginyu. Every thing got a little weird but we don't care about that so we are going to skip it.

As the whole fighting taken place so did Frieza saw Guru's house. Just before he landed there he saw Dende fly past him. He didn't worry he was a small green bean. Anyway Frieza came to the Namek house and meet Nail. Soon three other Nameks come and try to fight Frieza. Frieza just blew them away. Two of the three Nameks fell to there death. The other Namek got caught and was being one handed choke. Frieza ask him what's the password. He didn't know so he let him go ... then blasted his heart out. Nail came running to say his friend but it was to late. The three Nameks died. Then Frieza found out about Guru. Nail told him that if Guru dies so does the Dragon Balls. So Nail and Frieza fly off somewhere leas to fight because Nail doesn't want Guru to see what he is going to do to him (yea right!). So Frieza ask where we going. No answer so Frieza gets in front of Nail and says this is a good spot to fight. So they land and Nail powers up. Of course its not close to Frieza so to be far he will fight with his left hand only. So Nail runs at Frieza and does a knife hand chop to the neck. It does nothing to Frieza. So Frieza (with his left hand) grabs his arm. Laughing his figures dip in till he just rips it off. Nail screaming as he is on his knees to the floor why his arm is bleeding. Then Frieza drops the arm to Nail's face and says "Here keep it. You can use it as a back scratchier. Ahahaha a back scratchier where do I come up with this stuff?" (Oh a side note I have to say that is pretty fun if you ask me). Nail got up and re grew his arm back and ready to fight again. Frieza shock at what he saw but the fight began again. Again Nail try to attack him by kicking him in the chest and again attacking the neck. Frieza just push him around and blew his back up like it was a balloon. Breaking his backbone. Again he fix it up. Tired from the beat he has just had he somehow he fires a blast at Frieza. Again nothen happen and just disappear. Then was in front of Nail but not looking at him and BANG back fist to the face. Nail fell to the ground holding his face. Soon laughter came out of Nail and he soon told Frieza that Dende was going to tell the password to Kulilin and Gohan to get there wish. Frieza surprise and furious at Nail and himself since he saw Dende fly right past him. He leaves Nail there dying all ready and flies back to base.

As he is flying back to base he tries to call the Ginyu Force. No, answer. Frieza is now getting even angrier then before. As Frieza still flying to space (I am going to skip right to when Kulilin and Gohan make there wish) Kulilin and Gohan wake up the Dragon and make two wishes. One is to wish Piccolo alive and the other to wish Piccolo to Namek (there problem is that Piccolo wasn't wish to where they were so he is off somewhere trying to find Frieza). Then Guru dies and when he dies the Dragon Balls go bye bye. That makes two people angry. Vegeta and Frieza. Just before Vegeta blast Gohan and Kulilin he stops. Terror in his eyes and his mouth wide open, Kulilin looks behind him and now he is frozen in terror. Yes, Frieza was there and now he was just so angry all we could see was blood. The words he send to them tingled there spin,"Don't worry death is my specialty hehehe." The starts the longest and most important battle of all Dragon Ball Z history!

First, Vegeta doesn't care and quits Frieza group. The after his power up he starts yelling at Vegeta about how he could have become immortal. Frieza then starts to power up. The whole planet shakes. Huge waves crash. Animals run away to hide (almost killed Bulma). After his power up a the Namek floor pushes up in front of Vegeta but pushes it away and a blast came after him. Vegeta dodges it and Frieza just start to blast energy blast at him. They keep coming. Then these two idiots think they could defeat Frieza and both blast at him. Of course Frieza just does a Psi. blast and pushes Kulilin and Gohan away. Then Frieza starts throwing blast at them. Then one blast it look like the end for these two buffoons but, just then Vegeta gets in front of them and punches the blast away. Frieza then jumps up and tries to do a right cross to Vegeta. Vegeta grabs the arm. Then Frieza tries to hit him with the left but again is grabbed by Vegeta. So now they are in a power struggle and Vegeta's power rises. Soon the ground just breaks apart from these two and start to sink. Still Vegeta's power is still rising. Soon it breaks Frieza's scouter. They both stop and fly back up to the surface. Vegeta breathing heavily why Frieza just stands there giving him the look of death. Then Vegeta tells Frieza to transform. Frieza shock a bit that he know he could transform. Vegeta says that Frieza power won't increase by much (Uh huh sure). So Frieza starts to transform and turns a bright white, the breaks his armor into pieces in which flies every where, and grows two inches higher. The armor cuts Vegeta face a bit but, Vegeta just wipes it away. Vegeta doesn't think that's much of a transformation. Frieza tells him he isn't done. Then a long story about his farther (we read about that). Then after he tells the story he REALLY begins to transform. Soon his upper body begins to become bigger. Arms, legs, tail, EVERY THING gets bigger. His horns face up like a bull and he is just one huge dude. I think he was at being 7 FEET TALL! Huge tail, long heavy legs, heck his whole arm were bigger then Gohan's body.

Now after his transformation Vegeta, Gohan, and Kulilin are shock. Soon they be terrified when Frieza told them his power level is..... ONE MILLION!!!! To show his great power he powers up. Raise his left hand blew up the whole little place they were fighting at. Vegeta flew away why Kulilin (why holding Dende) and Gohan was pushed away. Now after the blast where Frieza was standing was the only land left. Now he was picking who dies first. Was it Gohan, Kulilin, or Vegeta? Well, Frieza flew up past Vegeta and Gohan and right up to Kulilin. Kulilin throws Dende to the side then BANG! Got speared with Frieza's horn. Right in the chest. Blood coming down Frieza face just lick it off. Oh he didn't stop there. He pushes the horn up even more. All Gohan and Vegeta could do is watch. Then Kulilin tries to break free by kneeing him in the face but Frieza just block it. Then for fun his head up and bounce up and down laughing all the way. I mean if you could see this its pretty sick (that's why we like huh). All of you people got to know Frieza is crazy. He sounds like a wuss and looks like it in his first form. Really he is twisted. That's is also what makes him great. I tell you the rest later. Now after hoping up and down he throws Kulilin away in the ocean. Gohan now super angry at Frieza and fly's at him. Frieza shock at Gohan, Gohan gets a lucky and starts punching him in the chest. Then knocks him away. Gohan comes back down at Frieza and throws a blast at his face, then stomping on him to the ground. Gohan flies up and throws multiple blasts down at him. I mean not for a while this is a long time thing. Then to finish it off he throws a Masenko down at him. It looks like its over huh. Nope as Frieza was getting up Dende got Kulilin. Frieza came up and then said he would deliver the same pain only ten folds it (or ten times it). One kick knocks him out. Vegeta threw a blast down at Frieza. Vegeta kept bragging on how great he is and threw two other blasts. Again none of the blast did much. Vegeta shock again and just stand there with his mouth open. Frieza said he get back to him in a minute. I truly can't remember what leas happen I know that he mountains Gohan by putting his foot on his face and about to crush it. Just then a Disc came and Frieza. Frieza tries dodging it but cuts a piece of tail off him. Who could have done this? Surprise Kulilin did it. He threw 3 other Disc at Frieza. After dodging them all Kulilin throws one Disc at him but when it got close it broke into small ones. Again Frieza dodges them all. Then Kulilin got guts when he taunts Frieza by sticking his tongue out and slap his butt saying "Come on get me right here." Then he flies away. Frieza furious at what just happen he flies at Kulilin. In his mind he wonders if they wish for immortally?

Kulilin flying for his life he runs into the broke up mountain and tries to buy time for Gohan (I'll tell you what happens to him later). Frieza loves playing cat and mouse and when Kulilin goes flying in the cracks Frieza is right in front of him. They do that for some time. Then Frieza flies up and throws an energy ball at the mountain smoking out Kulilin. Kulilin flies away from Frieza who follows him and cuts him off upside down.. Frieza says a couple of things about what Kulilin did. Frieza said in a way since he cut off his tail he was going to eat Kulilin. Kulilin all worried and fires a blast at Frieza (in which he dodges with ease). Kulilin then goes under water and swims but, he is running out of breath. Soon as Frieza sees this he fries three energy balls in a row. Kulilin pops up behind Frieza and as Frieza turns around he flies at him and is about to punch him. Just before Frieza punch hit Kulilin does a Solar Flare. After blinding Frieza Kulilin runs like a wuss. Soon Frieza can see again and runs right after Kulilin. Frieza gets there and finds that Gohan is back up and powering up to face Frieza. Frieza thinking that maybe they did wish for immortally. So now Gohan, Kulilin and, Vegeta are ready and start firing at Frieza. All of the blast hit but again nothen happens to Frieza. Gohan angry flies to Frieza but is stop by a bright, white, light. Who could this be? None other than PICCOLO!! Yes, the green bean is back.

Piccolo lands down to the ground and Frieza lands on a little mountain. Bang before you know it they both start fighting. Knees, kicks, punches the works. So far there pretty even. Frieza gets an opening and pushes Piccolo in a mountain and holds him there. Then he fires multiple blast down at him. The mountain totally destroyed and Frieza a little surprise to see Piccolo back. Then that wuss Vegeta tries to fly away. Frieza say to Piccolo "One moment." and flies after Vegeta. He gets in front of him and talks about how the Great Prince Vegeta is running away. Then punches him in the chest. Frieza fist still in his chest flies right back to Piccolo and then punches Vegeta face off him hitting the ground. Now Piccolo and Frieza go back at it again. Soon Frieza knocks Piccolo under water. Then starts choking him under water he lets go and flies back up. Frieza waiting for Piccolo to come up. He does and BANG Piccolo gets hit with a blast and hits a mountain. Then he fires a figure blast. Every one thinks that's it for Piccolo but its not and he comes back in an atom ring thing with rocks. Frieza furious at that he tries to slash Piccolo but miss. He does it again and again but misses. Piccolo asked Frieza why he knows ever move he is about to make. Frieza grabs Piccolo shirt thingy or whatever and says "What you say?" Then Nail talks. Frieza remembers that voice (goes into a flash back on Frieza beating Nail). Then Piccolo breaks free of Frieza grip and then powers up. He has this bright, white light with him and these rings. Then BANG a punch hits Frieza and they start to fight but Piccolo winning! He is getting punches to the neck and kicks to the chest the whole thing. Soon Piccolo gets knock down and Frieza angry holds his hand up and makes a huge ball and fires it at Piccolo. Piccolo just hits it away. Soon Frieza lands next to Piccolo. He smiles and punches him in the face and then flies up. They start to battle it out then stop. They both fly back down but as Frieza does he says he has 2 more Transformations left. That and each time he Transform he is stronger, faster, you name it. Piccolo doesn't believe it. So now Frieza transform. He as this red glow over him and now he bends his back and theses horns come out. Then his face is stretched out a bit. His head extends back even more. After his third transformation is done Piccolo flies up and so does Frieza. Piccolo thinking he is faster Frieza is in front of him and now Piccolo is about to get a beating.

First they got at it but since Frieza is now more powerful then ever he able to beat the crap out of Piccolo. Kicks to the head and back. Punches to the gut and face the whole thing. After he been punched and kicked (a lot!) Frieza uses his two fingers and fires small painful blast. Soon he goes cowboy and starts blasting him with his other two fingers. Soon all you see is small pink blast covering up Piccolo. Then Gohan gets REALLY mad at Frieza and he starts to fly up at him. Frieza hears him and he blast Piccolo away. Gohan tried to hit Frieza but, he easily dodged it and smiles at him. Soon Gohan powers up and fires a HUGE, POWERFUL Masenko down at him. Well, first it looks small but, man it is huge and strong. Well, I know Frieza could dodge or just fire another blast stronger then that and knock it away but, he goes to show how strong he is and holds the blast. Of course the blast is pretty powerful and moves him down. Frieza eyes are turning red and looks like he is in pain (he really is having the time of his life). Now Gohan fires another blast into his own making it super stronger. Now Frieza is moving down faster. Soon his tail is touching the ground. Now Frieza is like "THAT'S IT" and pushes it back up to Gohan. Gohan is shocked and is about to get hit by his own blast but, Piccolo saves his butt again. Now Frieza is thinking how Gohan is so strong to be able to fire a blast like that. He knows that Vegeta nor Kulilin is that father. He doesn't care he knows they all have to be killed in the end. So now that now he is seen the power of Gohan he is going to transform AGAIN! Yes, that is right again. Into the most powerful forms of them all.

First of all he starts to transform but, isn't like the others. When he transforms his body gets ugly and his whole body just spikes up. You mostly see the whole thing happen to him but, this time it looks like he is hatching out of a shell or something like that. That what is happening to him. So why he is going into his final form ever one of the Z Gang gets healed. And Frieza sees this. He sees Dende heal Piccolo after he got whoop by Frieza. He closes his eyes and just laughs (because he though that they wished for Immortally). So after some time Frieza is done with his transformation and smoke is all around him. Now Kulilin thinks he is going to be one ugly dude but really he is pretty kool looking. He is shiny person with a purple bald head. Its kind of hard to say what he looks like but, if you ever saw a Mime that is what he mostly looks like.

Well, now that all the Z Gang is shock at what he looks like he lifts up his finger and says "bang". Then a black and white screen happens and this blast goes blast Piccolo, Kulilin, Gohan, and past Vegeta to hit.... Dende. Dende died quickly and didn't see it coming (nor did the rest of the Z Gang). Every one is shocked. They all didn't see it coming. Then Frieza appears in front of the gang. Then all of them get made at him and Kulilin tries to kick him... he dodges it. Gohan tries to hit him too...he dodges it. Then Piccolo tries to hit the neck...he dodges it. Then they all try to hit him. All three of them at once, or Gohan and Kulilin together. Maybe they all try alone but it fails. They can't even touch the guy. He is TOOOOOOO fast. Then Frieza gets behind them and lifts his hand up. BANG black and white screen the blast this time is going to.... Gohan. Just then Vegeta saves Gohan by knocking him down. The blast misses Gohan but hits a mountain. Vegeta starts talking all this trash about how strong he is, he is a Super Saiyan, ect. Then Frieza just laugh at him. The they start to fight. Vegeta throws a rock at Frieza (of course he hits it to the side breaking it) then jumps up and flies to him and tries to hit him but he fads away. Then he is next to the side of a mountain and Vegeta tries to punch him there but, again he dodges and Vegeta hits the mountain. Then they all start to fight it in the air but Frieza dodges all the punches and kicks from Vegeta. Then Frieza flies up and Vegeta thinking he got him and tries to hit him but, only hits air. Vegeta looks around to find him on the ground. They both talk a bit and Vegeta powers up and fires a yellow blast at him. Frieza dodges the blast and then Vegeta goes all out and firing blast all at Frieza. These are not little kind of blast to I mean there HUGE!! Frieza just flies right past them all. He even has time for a pit stop and laugh at Piccolo, Gohan, and Kulilin. Soon Vegeta powers up again and fires energy balls every where. Of course Frieza dodges them.

Soon he chills out for a bit and Frieza is again down at the floor and is now telling Vegeta he can't beat him. He has no chance in heck. Vegeta doesn't care and he goes off and fires his Gallet Gun. Frieza doesn't dodge it like he did for some time no. He just kicks it back at him! Yes, and it almost got Vegeta. Now Vegeta is scared and crying like a baby. He thought he was a Super Saiyan but he wasn't and now he is going to get a BEAT DOWN.

Frieza flies up and BANG head butt to the face. Vegeta fling up into the air choking on his own blood now was knock down into the water. Frieza flies down and with he GREAT POWER he rises the water into a big circle and he flies down. He picks him up with his tail and on Vegeta's back there is a crab. Frieza eats the crab (which is still alive) and punches him in the back over and over again. Then drops him into the ground and kicks him. Toss him up in the air and Frieza goes up and BAM two elbows on his chest and Vegeta falls back into the ground. Frieza goes back down and uses his tail to rap around Vegeta's neck in which is choking him. Then starts punching him in the back over and over. I mean this isn't really fast but it gets deep in his back. This is like for MINUTES HERE. All you can here is the punching sound. It's even right in front of Gohan, Piccolo, and Kulilin. Soon he throws Vegeta into a mountain in and he falls to the ground. Frieza walks up to him and is disgusted that he fought this person. As he is saying that there is a rock on Vegeta's chest. He just puts his foot on there and rubs it in. Then is he grabs his Armor and is about to give the final blow until a flashing light stops him. Yes, GOKU is back.

First Vegeta says "Kakaroto" in which Frieza is confused. He thought he killed all the Saiyans but, Raditz, Vegeta, and Nappa. Then he looks at him closely and finds out he is the off spring of Bardock. Goku doesn't care and Frieza and Goku go at it. Soon Goku gets a kick into Frieza's face! Soon Frieza gets back up and fires blasts right at Goku and Goku blocks them all with one hand. Also away from his friends. Now Vegeta is laughing that Goku is a Super Saiyan. Then he keeps talking and talking and crying about this and that like a baby. Frieza just told him to shut up and BANG a blast to the heart. THAT STILL DOESN'T MAKE VEGETA SHUT UP! No, he keeps talking about how Frieza thinks this is a game yak yak yak he is dead. I have to agree with Frieza he isn't much of a villain if you cry. So Goku goes and makes nice little hole and puts Vegeta in it. Now is the biggest battle of Goku. The Battle of Frieza Vs Goku!

Ok first off this is one of longest battles of Goku's and Frieza's ever had. I mean this was also intense battle. It was bloody and many people there didn't make. Well.... they do come back to life BUT STILL! Also this is going to be the hardest one I have done so far. There was a lot of action in this one. So here I go.

Ok now they both are they're starting at each other. Goku keeps looking at Gohan and Piccolo yells out to get the heck out of there. So they leave and the battle begins. They both are starting to fight it out. None of them are getting any good hits. Soon Frieza throws a blast. Every thing is destroyed there but one long part. Frieza thinks that was it and had a little fun doing it. Then Goku gets behind them and they're back to back. Frieza can't believe the power of this Saiyan. He doesn't think these monkeys have this kind of power (as you might know Frieza calls the Saiyans monkeys. I think you know why). They both hope off and Goku tries to punch him but, misses. Now more battling happens and soon big dust is every where. Now Frieza is trying to shoot Goku down with his eye laser attack but he doesn't hit. The reason why is cause he can't "feel" his power or "ki". Soon Frieza flies over the dust cloud and shoots more blast at Goku. Soon more fighting goes on and then Frieza throw an energy blast at Goku. Instead of Goku dodging the blast he starts to hold it. Yes, and is getting pushed back into a mountain. Soon he just pulls the energy ball up in the air. Frieza doesn't like this so with his mind he starts to make the planet spilt. Soon there is a river of VERY hot lava. Soon Frieza pushes him down there thinking he is toasted. Soon Piccolo comes along and wants to know what happens. Frieza informs him that Goku is in his lava "stoup" and needs a Namek in it. Soon a huge gusher of lava comes up and Goku butt is on fire. Frieza can't believe he didn't kill Goku. Now both of them are face to face. Soon they begin to fight again. Frieza gets a blow to Goku and knocks him into the ocean. Frieza waits for Goku to come up. Soon he sees a something bubbling from the water. He thinks it is Goku but it is really a KameHameHa blast. Lucky he dodges it and soon another one comes up. He dodges the other one then out of no where Goku kicks Frieza in the face making him fly over water and mountains. Every one is stunned. Soon purple lights come out of the ruble of rocks over Frieza. He busts out of there and gets the water out of his ears. Now he wants to have some "fun" with Goku. So he flies up on a mountain and lands. Now with his mind he picks up all the rocks on the floor and makes a circle around him. Then with a movement with his hand the tons of rocks fly at Goku. Frieza just uses his mind making the rocks all move different ways of trying to hit Goku. Goku dodges them all with easy and soon blast them all away. The now Frieza makes an enormous rock, like mountain. Then with his mind he throws it a Goku. Goku now tries to hold it. It keeps pushing Goku into a mountain. Soon a yellow ray of light comes out of the enormous rock and Goku comes. Also making the rock split in half. Just then Frieza comes over Goku and traps him in a ball. Soon he picks the ball up (with Goku in it) and starts knocking it all over the place. He plays soccer with it. Soon he knocks it to the floor. Just when the ball was going to hit the floor Frieza's tail catching him. Now Frieza told Goku that anything but him touches the ball it will explode. So again Frieza starts to have fun and kick, punch, and all that fun stuff to the ball. He kicks it one place then get there before it hits a mountain and then hit it again. He does this for some time. The he finally gets bored and with and fires a blast at Goku making him fall into some where. BANG a big explosion happens and now everyone thinks Goku is dead. WAIT!!!! Goku comes out of the rumble of rocks and is face to face with Frieza. Now they both say there done with this "warm up". Now they're getting ready to go at it again.

Now Frieza ask Goku if he wants to fight up in the air or ground. Goku picks ground so Frieza picks and nice little spot. Soon they both land and Goku get warmed up. Frieza tells Goku that he will fight him with no hands to show him he had no real chance in beating him. So they start and Frieza goes on the attack and starts his kicking. Then they both go out fighting. Each is going ok but then Frieza disappears and is trying to do a flying head butt to Goku and hits. Soon they're back at fighting. Then Frieza gets a hit on Goku. He hits Goku with his tail a couple of times then one big tail whip. Now he uses his tail and grabs Goku next and start making some head jokes and laughing at them (like don't lose your head over it...). As he is laughing Goku bites Frieza tail. He lets go all right. Then has he is blowing on his tail Goku goes at Frieza with punches and kicks. Soon Frieza has had all he can take and punches him. Goku gets hit and flies back. He gets all mad cause Frieza broke his promise. Now the battle is about to get bloody.

Frieza has seen Goku power and tells him that he has only used 33% of his real power. Goku is baffled on what Frieza said. He doesn't believe it. He think he is bluffing. Frieza says he only need to use 50% of his real power to kill him. So Frieza starts to power up and lighting crashes down every where. Soon lighting hits Frieza and he is powered up.

Frieza starts to talk about how much the saiyans are stupid and don't know a good deal (Frieza ask Goku to join him but, Goku said no). As he is talking his hand is holding up a purple blast. Soon both hands has had there turn and just then Frieza elbows Goku in the face. Goku didn't see it and stumbles back. Soon he tries and attacks Frieza but, he fads away and then trips Goku. Goku doesn't fall down but, soon Frieza grabs him with his tail and elbows him hard in the chest, then he walks on all fours away. Goku is in pain, is some REAL pain. Then Goku tries to hit him but, he fads and they go in battle. Frieza soon knocks him in the air and knocks him back down. Before he gets half way to the ground Frieza knees him in the back then hits him back to the ground. Soon he gets up and the go at it. Goku tries his best to hit Frieza but he is just too fast. He always gets sucker punched or even worst. Soon they battle in a mountain. Goku thinks that if he goes Kaio Ken x10 he could stand a chance but, Frieza is just beating him horribly. I mean its not even funny. You all know what happen to Vegeta right? Think that times 20 and it's not close. Trust me this is just the beginning of Goku's ultimate pain.

Frieza is still beating the crap out of Goku. Goku is still alive and Frieza is impressed that he is. Soon he flies up and makes his Death Ball. I think we all know what that is. He goes up and fires it down at Goku making a huge crater. Goku goes under water and thinks he can get away. Once he lifts his head Frieza fires his yellow energy ball at him. Soon he fires them all over the place. Just then Goku pops his head out of the water and just when he gets a little air Frieza steps on his head. Pushing his head under the water making him drowned. Soon Frieza just waits till he is dead. Soon steam is coming out and Frieza pops up. Goku comes out and bang hits Frieza in the face. Soon he is beating him up. Then when he is in the air Goku brings out a KameHameHa at Frieza. Frieza is first holding it with one hand but its sooooo powerful that its takes him two hands to block it. Now Frieza is mad. I mean he is REAL MAD!!! He can't believe that Goku could do this to him. Soon he comes down at Goku saying "That hurt..." then rushing at him "THAT REALLY HURT" and BAM Frieza knocks Goku out. He starts beating the crap out of Goku. Soon Goku is just tired. Blood coming out of his nose and every where elas. Soon Frieza says that's it and he gets two of his finger and wipes it across his body making a purple blast coming at Goku. It looks like Goku is dead but it just cuts the island in half. This thing goes around the planet and cuts dead. Soon they go back fighting and Frieza knocks him in some water. Frieza talks some trash and then Goku coughs up some water in Frieza's face. Frieza just gets mad and throws him on the floor and starts kicking. Then even more and more beating Frieza is give Goku. I mean its just not even funny how he beats him. Kicks him in the face, chest, punching every where. Soon he starts blast Goku in the air and making him fly over the big whole Frieza made. Now Goku gets up and holds his hands up as well. Frieza is confused. He wants to know why Goku isn't attacking. Frieza gets mad and starts beating Goku up. Soon he knocks him in some water and is about to blast is head until he sees something. He is shocked at what he is seeing. He sees a huge energy ball in the water. He knows it can't be the sun so he looks at the sky and sees... THE SPIRIT BOMB! He can't believe Goku had this power all along and knows he must take out Goku. Goku tries to punch Frieza but, he blocks it and points at his face and is going to blow him away. Just when he gets Goku right where he wants him Piccolo comes out of no where and kicks Frieza in the face. HE goes flying somewhere.

Frieza is now mad. I mean you can see it in his eyes. He gets so mad that it looks like his head is about to blow up. Soon Piccolo flies up to Frieza and he powers up and throws hundreds of little blast at Frieza. He didn't dodge them but let them hit him and it didn't even phase him. Soon he powers up one more time and fires a powerful blast. Soon as the dust clears Frieza has this disgusted look on his face. Soon he fads and reappears behind Piccolo and grabs on his weird pink muscle. Its skin goes thought his fingers. Then he elbows Piccolo, knees him in the back, then elbows him in the chest sending him to the floor. Frieza flies down and is about to finish off Piccolo when two blast come right at Frieza. He is able to block it and is laughing because he forgot about Kulilin and Gohan. Soon the laughing stops and he says "THE END IS NEAR!!! YOU AND THIS ENTIRE PLANET WILL BE REDUCED TO NOTHING BUT DUST!!!" Then he flies into the sky and pointing up he has a Death Ball all ready. He has this weird smile on his face. Its like he is crazy (well he is) and as he is going up Goku moves his hands down. Now Frieza still moves up and his Death Ball hit the Spirit Bomb but it doesn't do a thing. Frieza is shocked at how big this thing is. He tries to hold it but, it doesn't slow it down. It keeps pushing him frothier and frothier to the ground. The ground breaks up from being close to the Spirit Bomb. Frieza is just scared for his life. He can't believe it that this thing is so powerful. All his blood is rushing up to his eyes and when the bomb hits BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Frieza scream can be heard all over. Frieza is now dead...or is he? not dead!!! No he somehow lived though the Spirit Bomb. Now he is #$%@! He is like a bunch of mad bees all in one. As Goku and his friends go laugh and have a good time Frieza is getting out of the water from the humongous hole the Spirit Bomb made. Now he just flew up a mountain and Kulilin just discovered that Frieza is not dead. Frieza just has pure hatred for Goku. So he picks him his right hand and points at Goku to fire the cut-threw-any thing-beam. Just when it was about to hit Goku, Piccolo jumps in front of Goku pushing him out of the way and getting Piccolo hit with the beam. Piccolo has his right lung cut up and now he is out of the picture. Goku is just shocked and mad at the same time. He tells Gohan and Kulilin to leave but it's to late for Kulilin. Frieza back on the attack with his mind he picks up Kulilin with his hand. Kulilin is pushed back and is flying in the air.... and he isn't trying to fly. As Frieza lifts his hand, Kulilin goes up as well. Goku tells Frieza to stop, only problem is Frieza doesn't give a crap about Goku and as he close his hand, Kulilin yells out "GOKU!!!" and BOOM!! He exploded and dies. Now Goku is p#ss off with Frieza. Just when you think you can't get any eviler Frieza taunts Goku that he will kill his son. Now Frieza done it. Goku is BEYOND mad. BEYOND being p#ssed. He starts moving his head up and down slowly, hair turning yellow. Gohan and Frieza are curios on what's happening to Goku. Soon with one terrified yell Goku becomes something Frieza been afraid of. The reason why Frieza blew up planet Vegeta. Goku just turned into a Super Saiyan.

SSJGoku starts to talk about oh how Gohan should leave blah blah blah Gohan leaves with Piccolo(Piccolo isn't dead but pretty close). Frieza sees them leaving and lifts his hand up. Just when Frieza was about to blast Gohan caring Piccolo, SSJGoku gets in front of Frieza. Frieza in shock on the speed of SSJGoku. Then SSJGoku grabs Frieza right hand. Then squeezes hard. Frieza feels some pain. Then SSJGoku talks all this crap about how much he hates him, how Frieza is a killing machine, yak, yak, yak. Then he squeezes even harder. Now Frieza powers up and all this pink waves go around in a circle. SSJGoku release his grip on Frieza making him jump back. Frieza ask SSJGoku where did he get all of his new power. Frieza scared of what he is thinking says "Are you...are you a..." Goku responds "I am..." he flex his pecks "I am very..." then he goes flex his pecks again and yells out " I AM VERY P#SS OFF AT YOU FRIEZA!!!" Just then he flies over to Frieza and a powerful left hook to Frieza face making him in a whole lot of pain. Then as Frieza flying in the air SSJGoku speeds up and gets Frieza legs, one hand, and does a backbreaker. Frieza could touch his feet if he wanted to in that position. After that SSJGoku knocks Frieza done making him fly threw mountains. Frieza down in some rubble is mad. He blast through the rubble and flies back to Goku. With this weird looking smirk on his face he said "Who do you think you are? You said I killed hundreds of innocent people? What about the Saiyans? Were they not shameless?" Goku responds to Frieza "No, and that's why they're history now." Frieza laugh and pointed out" Ahahaha. No! I made them history because I hated those monkeys!" After their little talk Frieza throws a blast at SSJGoku and moves in the smoke but, SSJGoku is right there with him. Frieza gets mad and throws these yellowish-orange blasts at Goku. He keeps doing this for some time. He doesn't stop till he just tired of doing it. Just as the smoke disappeared SSJGoku is still there. Not even a scratch is lad on SSJGoku. Frieza was so sure he killed SSJGoku. Then Frieza powers up and throws a whole bunch of Death Balls at SSJGoku. After some time Frieza finish it off with a two hand Death Ball. After the smoke clears out SSJGoku is still there. SSJGoku lifts his hand and does a force blast making Frieza face look like he is on a roller coaster, and pushing him back. SSJGoku flies right back to Frieza and nails him with an elbow sending him soaring to the ground. Frieza tries to get to his feet but SSJGoku is too fast and he uppercuts him to the sky. Frieza tries to stop but, SSJGoku lands his body to his spine. SSJGoku is super happy about this but, Frieza is not. Frieza goes all out and attacks SSJGoku but, he can't lay a single hit. SSJGoku is just too fast and can see all his moves. They both power up and each of there energy can be seen. Frieza then again goes on the attack trying harder to hit SSJGoku but, he still' can't. After that Frieza lands on a mountain breathing heavily. SSJGoku softly lands across from Frieza. Silent. That's all you can hear from them. Both showing how much they hate each other. Utter rage for one another. Then Frieza fires his Finger Tip blast at SSJGoku. SSJGoku just fads to the right and dodges the beam. Frieza is in total shock. "YOU DODGED MY BEAM?!!!!! HOW CAN THAT BE????" Frieza jumps in the air and fires four of the blasts. Each being dodged by SSJGoku. Frieza still can't believe that SSJGoku dodged them all, at the range they are at. Then SSJGoku goes and fads to different parts of the planet and each time Frieza fire his beam. He keeps missing all the time till he just firing the beam EVERYWHERE. He doesn't care if he hits SSJGoku or not. SSJGoku appears in front of Frieza untouched. Frieza just can't believe that SSJGoku can dodge them all. Frieza anger tells SSJGoku that his next hit will kill him. SSJGoku tells him to go ahead. Frieza pulls his hand back and fire the beam at its full power. Beam comes closer and closer to SSJGoku and, he doesn't move. Just when it's to late BAM SSJGoku gets hit. SSJGoku head arches back but he slowly pulls it back up. No marks on SSJGoku. No, scratches, cuts, bruises, nothen. Frieza is just in complete shock. "Who are you..." SSJGoku responds by saying he is a Super Saiyan from Earth sent to kill Frieza. Now this is the ultimate battle for Frieza and SSJGoku. Let the fireworks begin!!!

Frieza now sees why Goku is a Super Saiyan. He tells him that it was his anger that his pure Super Saiyan self woke up. He also tells him why Vegeta didn't become one and starts laughing. Then he just stops. He remembers the Spirit Bomb. He remembers the power of it. He remembers the pain and fear he felt as this humongous bomb came down on him. Now he thinks this is all bullsh*t and he is the great and mighty Frieza (which he is). He can't believe that a monkey could do all this to him. His veins start popping up and start charging his "ki" and make his black and bigger. Then SSJGoku gets his famous KameHameHa ready. Wind is blowing hard making their "ki" larger. Frieza done powering up he says, "If I am going to die by your hands, it'll be my choosing!" Then SSJGoku responds making Frieza mad but is able to deflect his comment. Frieza puts his hands up and starts making his Death Ball. He talks about how Monkeys can't live in space and that he can. Then he screams out " DIE PLANET DIE!!!" and throws the Death Ball to the Planet. SSJGoku surprise at his attack was unable to stop it. Then he tells the Death Ball to explode. Which it does. The Death Ball goes right into an ocean of Namek and it blows up. Everywhere the ground is shaking up, lava can go around, and why the planet is being blown away Frieza is laughing it away. Then waves of the power go around the planet shaking everything it hits. Then a big flash comes and covers the whole planet making it look like it is blown. Now Frieza and SSJGoku are still floating in the air and Frieza looks down at complements on his own work, "Maybe I held back too much?" Then SSJGoku goes and says that he didn't blow it cause he is scared that you get sucked in the explosion. HA thanks to your fear I didn't die!" Frieza looks puzzled and responds, "AHAHA You still don't get it! I didn't want to destroy the planet at all with that blast. But I certainly damaged its core. That means in 5 minutes this planet will blow and you will have no air to breath. " Then a shot at the core as it begins to dissolve. We now see the destruction Planet Namek. Then SSJGoku talks about that 5 minutes is all he needs to kill Frieza and got back to Earth with his friends. Then Frieza shocks SSJGoku by telling him he has only use 75% of his power. He also told him that when he goes 100% SSJGoku will be no match for him. Then SSJGoku ask why hasn't he use 100% of his power already. He thinks cause his body can't handle it and he goes right after Frieza. Then Frieza goes after SSJGoku as well and both clash into each other sending each other in the opposite direction. They do this several more times. Frieza tries a hit but SSJGoku is just too fast and dodges. Then SSJGoku gives him a nice right hand punch in the kisser. Then knees him in the gut. After that Frieza spitting out blood in slow motion, SSJGoku puts his hands together and nails him down into the cater of his Death Ball. Then after spinning he puts his hands and legs out and stops himself but SSJGoku is coming right at him. Frieza luckily dodges his downward kick and flies away. SSJGoku comes right after him and taunts him about going 100% of his power. Frieza just keeps going and then SSJGoku flies up ahead and does Frieza's spinning around and nailing him with a kick. Sending him falling down but SSJGoku goes right behind him in time and kicks him back and sending him back in the air. As Frieza starts spinning around he stops himself and puts his hands together and shoots out a force pushing SSJGoku back down into the ground. Making him fly through miles of land. His hands still in place Frieza breathes heavily and all is quite. Till SSJGoku pops out of the land and goes right up in front of Frieza. Soon they both are leveled and SSJGoku spits out some blood. Frieza knows he is hurt and even says that, that was only 70% of his power. He even taunts that when he goes 100% it might take him a whole minute to beat him. Ground starts shaking and lighting flashing. Lighting hits Frieza (like when he powered up to 50%) and his muscles start pumping. Every thing starts getting bigger. Even his tail! Even SSJGoku is in shock at what is happening. Soon a Ki shield surrounds Frieza and his eye color is changing to different colors. Then land starts breaking up. Hits the water making a HUGE splash. The same old same old. Every time Frieza powers up he counts at what percent he is at. He keeps saying "84%....85%.....86%..." He does this till he goes to 100%. He was scared that SSJGoku would attack him cause right now he is at a weak point. Soon he hears SSJGoku cry about Frieza killing his best friend and that he waited for him to power up to 100% so he can show him that he is stronger. Frieza is now done. Right now he looks buffed. Think about a buy taking 100 bottles of steroids. Frieza talks a bit on that he is done then BAM!!! He nails SSJGoku with a nice punch then he grabs his head and nails him with a knee. Just when it looks like SSJGoku is going to hit the ground Frieza comes up and kicks him down to the ground. This battle will be one long one.

Now Frieza said it would take 5 minutes for the planet to blow. Since this is DBZ time is different. When they say they will wait for someone for 3 hours that really means for 30 minutes. Now if they say it take 5 minutes to blow up a planet they really mean…..5 hours. So instead of me writing all about this fight I’ll tell you the whole thing with ease.

Frieza and SSJGoku both fight. One gets the upper hand then gets knocked down and they stand and talk. Then they do that over for about…ever. Then after fighting for…EVER SSJGoku said “It’s over”. Frieza is confused by this and wants to know what’s up? Well, SSJGoku says he has beaten Frieza pride and says there is no longer for him to fight. Mostly he is saying he is stronger then Frieza and doesn’t want to kill him. Frieza doesn’t like this and keeps saying to fight. SSJGoku turns around and leaves. Just before SSJGoku leaves he tells Frieza he was beaten by a “monkey” and goes back to his normal Goku self and flies away. That just sets off Frieza right there. He just does not want to lose. So he makes a Kienzan (able to control it as well) and throws it at Goku. Goku turns around and dodges the Kienzan but he gets a little cut on his cheek. He gets mad because Frieza will never learn yak yak yak he turns BACK to a Super Saiyan. Then Frieza then throws the Kienzan back at him and they SSJGoku able to dodge them all. Then Frieza thinks he got him it was just an “after-image” and SSJGoku was just right across from him. SSJGoku laughs and calls his attack “weak”. Frieza doesn’t like what he is hearing so what does he do. That’s right it’s double time. Makes 2 Kienzans and throws them at SSJGoku. SSJGoku is able to dodge them both but he tries to do the old “make the his own Kienzans cut Frieza in half” trick but, Frieza knows and is able to move the Kienzans away from himself and back at SSJGoku. Well, SSJGoku got his mind worken again and when he goes after Frieza again he fires a blast at his feet and blind him with smoke and they both go out and fight for a bit. When SSJGoku got the upper hand he knocks Frieza down to the floor. SSJGoku then looking at Frieza he tries to warn Frieza but it’s to late. The Kienzans following SSJGoku cuts Frieza in half. He only has his lower body, a piece of his tail, and most of his right arm cut off. As Frieza upper body (what’s left of it) falls down and him saying “My own attack…..”. Plop Frieza falls to the ground. Again this looks like the end of Frieza huh. But Frieza still has an ounce of life in him and begs SSJGoku to help him live. SSJGoku turns around and yells back about all the people that begged Frieza for help and him just killing him. Frieza still continues to beg for his life. SSJGoku then turns around and fires at Frieza. SSJGoku just gave him some of his own energy.

Frieza opens up those eyes of his and is able to move his hand and starts to fly up (Because when you have no legs you have to fly) and he starts to taunt Goku. He flies around him and starts to taunt SSJGoku. Saying that even if SSJGoku beat Frieza he will win because the planet has like 1 minute left before it blows up. Frieza keeps going on and on about how the “Super Saiyan” is going to die and Frieza will live on. The SSJGoku just says “ I will Live” and flies off. Now after Frieza heard those words he lost it. Frieza just looked up at SSJGoku and he lost every bit of sanity he had left in him (if he had any). He starts to remember all the times SSJGoku one-upped him. Like when Goku when Kaiou Ken times 20, when Goku threw the Spirit Bomb, to when he got beat up when Goku became a Super Saiyan. As a huge wave of water hits Frieza he looks down at his hand and says to himself “ I’m the strongest being in the universe. I will not be beat by a monkey. I Lord Frieza…. SENTENCE YOU TO DEATH” and BAM! Frieza throws every inch of power he has left and fires a blast right at SSJGoku. SSJGoku turns around and counters the blast why saying “You idiot!” His blast over powers Frieza’s and it comes right at Frieza. Frieza gets hit and makes one of those weird looking faces when anyone dies from a blast (but not the hero’s because they must look pretty when they die). So all you see now is just a big hole being filled up with some water. Blah blah blah SSJGoku finds a ship, blah blah blah, Planet Namek blows up and that’s that. Now you must be saying “ Ok FRIEZA MUST BE DEAD! I mean he has half a body, used every inch of his power into that blast, got hit by SSJGoku’s blast AND Planet Namek blew up. If he lives I’ll give you a million dollar and become your slave for the rest of my life.” Well, now slave first I want you to do my dishes. Ahem anyway as you might of guessed it Frieza is NOT dead. Nope he some how lived. You see parts of Planet Namek and you see Frieza. This time half of his face is gone, most of his left arm is gone, heck he is just messed up. As he drifts into the cold, and dark space he says, “He was only a monkey….” and starts to drift off. Now as he slowly drifting in space looks who comes to save Frieza. Why it’s dear old dad King Kold (I’ll make a bio. Of him later)! Yep he gets his men to fish (hehehehehe I just think that’s funny) him out of space and bring him to his ship.

Now I like to say what happens next is just wrong. First they have to rebuild Frieza (most of his body IS gone you know) and how do they do it? All the doctors find every piece of crap lying on the floor and put it on him. So after they put every little thing they can find Frieza wakes up and is stronger then ever. He looks at his Dad and he says “ I want to go to Earth”.

Now when you first see him (in the show that is) you see his lips and his first words are “Papa, we are close to Earth” or something close to that. So they head for Earth and they talk about how Frieza is going to kill everyone on Earth and wait for Goku to come and kill him. Plus everyone on Earth knows Frieza is coming since they can “feel his Ki” and go to the landing point. Frieza finally lands and what happens to him? He thinks he sees Super Saiyan Goku and he goes crazy again. Remember all the things that happen to him on Namek he squeezes his hand so tight it starts to bleed. Anyway him and his dad pop out of the ship and tell his soldiers to go out and kill every one on Earth. Just when his men go fly up in the air they fall down…. in pieces. Frieza looks up and sees a boy slowly flies down to the ground. Frieza looks at him and says “What do you want Earthling?” then the teenager comes out and says “I’m here to kill you.”

Frieza and King Kold just laugh at him. They don’t think this kid can kill them. He just looks like a crazy teenager. So he tells one of his men to go and check out his power level. Of course the kid lowers his power level down to 5. So the soldiers thinks he just shoot him with his arm gun or whatever it is and be done with it. He was wrong! Boy, when he fired his gun the teenager just lifted up his hand and blocked the shot. Then all of Frieza soldiers went to attack the teenager. In a few seconds, and a few cut scenes Frieza’s men fall to the ground but one. The one just stand there in shocked. After a few seconds of him weeping we see his entire scouter glass piece, and most of his armor cut to pieces. As he backs up Frieza just stabs him with his hand through the chest. Then pulls it back out and looks at the teenager. Frieza and the teenager just look at each other a say a few lines. The Teenager says he is stronger then Frieza, he knows Goku, and he can go SUPER SAIYAN! Frieza doesn’t believe him…..until the teenager does go Super Saiyan. That’s right the guy I am talking about is Trunks!

As Trunks goes Super Saiyan Frieza gets all…….freaked out about the eyes. He keeps repeating “Those eye….those eyes! They have the same eyes!” Then goes into a flash back of Frieza and SSJGoku. He is freaked out about it all. He starts to slowly walk backwards till Trunks becomes SUPER SAIYAN TRUNKS! SSJTrunks taunts Frieza a bit and then Frieza throws a blast right at him. SSJTrunks just stands there and BAM! Smoke is everywhere and Frieza thinks he just killed SSJTrunks. Kind Kold and Frieza talk a bit till the smoke clears and SSJTrunks is still there. SSJTrunks taunts Frieza again by saying he can’t beat him unless he uses his full power. Frieza just lets his anger take over and fire a BIGGER blast at SSJTrunks. SSJTrunks catches the blast but pushes him a few feet back before he deflects it. SSJTrunks AGAIN taunts Frieza by saying the fight will be over in seconds. Frieza laughs and tells him that this is it. He is going to end it all and he flies up into the air and makes a Death Ball 6 times the one on Namek and launches it at SSJTrunks. The Death Ball hits SSJTrunks and it slowly sinks down to the Earth Frieza lands on top of his ship and tells his dad that he will kill Goku in space. Before you know it the Death Ball… raising up! Frieza can’t believe this but SSJTrunks is lifting up his Death Ball WITH ONE HAND! Frieza flied down and watches SSJTrunks slowly walking up the hole the Death Ball made. Frieza fires a small little energy ball at the Death Ball and BOOM! The thing blows up making that whole “Dust flying, wind blowing “ thing going on. NOW Frieza has killed SSJTrunks. No one could of lived through that or get out of there just in time. NO ONE! Right? Wrong….

As Frieza and his dad talk about how great they are why SSJTrunks is on the top of some mountain doing some kind of hand movement and yells out “FREEEEEEIZA!!!” and as Frieza turns around he made it in time to dodge SSJTrunks blast. As he flies in the air……it is to late…SSJTrunks comes down at Frieza with his sword. Frieza can only watch with his eyes at SSJTrunks just cut him in half. So far you see that nothing has happen. Frieza is still in one piece till you see his eye sight…..then it starts to slip away and then half of the body just breaks apart. Soon SSJTrunks goes sword happy and cuts up Frieza to pieces then blast them. That is right that IS THE END OF FRIEZA!!!!! This time Frieza doesn’t come back.

Yep that is the end of Frieza. Sure you see him in a couple of movies, and in Dragon Ball GT but those are small parts. Only large part he had in ANY movie was in Bardock Special in which he had (to me) a some what large part because you know…he blew up the planet and so what. Well that is it. Someday I’ll add pictures in this thing and other stuff like that. Thanks for reading this and GOOD NIGHT!