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How To Be A Frieza

Warning:If you become a Frieza don't blame me for being a ruthless, evil, white, snake.
1) Speak in a deep cool voice or a old woman to fool your enemy in thinking your a wimp.
2) You must not see the sun untill you are pail.
3) Shave your head bald.
4) Grow some horns on your head.

5) Hate every thing that is weaker or stronger then you.
6) Make fun of anyone weaker then you (like you stupid monkey).
7) If some one is stronger then you just transform.
8) When facing some one super strong transform to your ultimate form.
9) After beating some one in your ultimate form just say you used only 33% of your power.
10) If facing some one weaker then you make a fool out of them.
11) Belive that you have killed millions of people and the person your about to fight is a million and one.
12) Whenever some one threatens you just laught and put you finger near your nose.

13) Belive that no one can beat you.
14) Belive you can breath in outer space.
15) Finally when all elas falls just use your Death Ball to blow the planet up in 5 minutes.