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Q. Why did you change your site from {insert different site name}?

A. Well, I didn't like the way the site was going or just didn't like the site idea I had for it.

Q. Why do you spell Freezer, Frieza? Are you some studied person that likes FUNimation? What is wrong with you?

A CHIIIIIIIIL OUT! Man so what I spell Freezer, Frieza. BIG DEAL! There are like tons of ways to spell that name. So I spell Goku then spelling it Gokou. Oh man. Also I do like the Dubbed DBZ. Some people are just TOOOOOOO picky at it if you ask me...

Q. Can I send you Pictures, Movies, Sound, Wavs, and all that fun stuff?

A Sure for the Fan part of it ok. No problem there.

Q. Can I send you Music Videos, Fan Fic Pictures, jokes, and that stuff as well?.

A. SURE! I love it!

Q. I have some GREAT IDEAS for the site. I mean can I tell you them?

A.Sure. I don't mind at all. As long as you are not telling me what to how to run the site.

Q. Man those are some cool pictures. Where did you take them from?

A. Well, I took my DBZ tape. Put it in the VCR and played it. Took some pictures with my camera.

Q. Well, if you didn't take them from a site then can I take your pictures? I will give you all the credit and EVERYTHING!

A. Sorry. Try to make your own. If you can't then go out in the web and try to find some.

Q. I just saw some of those GIFs you have on your site. How did you make them?

A. Well I made them from good old PAINT and a GIF Animator. If you click here you can download it!

Q. Well, I am going to steal EVERYTHING from your site and not going to give you any credit. HOW YOU LIKE THAT?

A. Well, that's easy to answer. Not only will I tell you all the web masters about you. Me and the Web Masters will E-mail you and IM you over and over until you get rid of those stole items you have taken.

Q. I like to e-mail you some hate mail. Can I do that?

A. No thanks. I don't need to read some hate mail.

Q. I like to e-mail what I think of your site. Some good and some bad. Also I won't say anything like "YOU SUCK!" or won't TaLk LiKe ThIs.

A. Sure I always like to see what a person thinks of my site (as long as its good).

Q. I like to IM you over and over again asking you if you updated your site. Can I do that?

A. Dear God NO!!!!

Q. Hey Iíve been IMing you over and over again and I didnít get a hi from you? What is up with that?

A. That is easy. 1) Iím not there ( I leave AIM on all day sometimes). 2) Iím working so hard I donít have time to answer you so sorry. 3) If you keep iming about little things like, HAVE YOU UPDATED YOUR SITE, or stuff like that then I just wonít talk to you because I hate being asked the same question over and over and over and over again.

Q. Can you link me?

A. Sure. As long as there not stolen stuff and looks alright.

Well, now you see the FAQ you can IM me and send me all that good stuff. Follow the rules and everything will be AOKÖ.or else you will feel the wrath of GOD! Well, maybe not but I can always dream.