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Welcome to the Red Hot Site Award!

This award is given only to sites that we feel have a special spark about them. Sites have to hot to win this coveted award!

Anyone is welcome to apply for our award. We currently only accept award submissions through the Software program, of which we are a proud member!

To apply for our award ya gotta go to and download their free award submission software. The software will submit your site for our award, and like 300 other awards - and it only takes a few seconds to submit your site to all those awards.

We only give our award out to sites we think are original, cool, easy to navigate, and have a purpose.

Once you win our award, please copy the award image (above) onto your own server. And link it back to us so we get tons of free publicity! Well, you don't HAVE to do that, but it sure would be cool if you did.

And Hey! Click on our Sponsors Banner Above!

We can only keep givin out this award as long as our sponsor keeps payin us to put their banner up there, so click it will ya!?

But really, Their software does kick butt. I bought a copy a few months ago and since I started using it, the red hot site award's traffic has shot up to over 22,000 visitors a month.

We review sites as quickly as we can, but it may take a few days before we get to yours. Sorry nothin I can do about that.

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