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Tyran History

"Tyran's Cove" was a game created in the 90's by two people known as Shawn and Doreen. Most knew them as zXShaytanXz, and zXGabrielaXz. The tags "zX" referred to the "Manor Clan" which ended up being the first and founding clan of the game, causing a trend of dozens more thereafter. This game was so loved and popular, that as time went by new versions popped up (usually due to a prior version closing), all staying as true to the original design as possible. Though Tyran will never be as great in any of its reincarnations as the original was, the game still lives on in varied forms. Our version, located in Delphi, derived from the original and stayed on the original server Talkcity (until it merged and became Delphi) starting 2002, when it was given to Dawnstar. Many versions ventured to other chat servers, including 'rpgworlds', 'ezboards', and 'chatfirst'. It has had a variety of names, from its original (located in #vamppub) Tyran's Cove, to Tyrannights, to Tyrannights Port of Damnation, to this version 'Tyran: Perceptions of Destiny'.

The game has passed hands many times, but all of us recognize Shawn as the original creator of Tyran and we thank him and owe him a debt of gratitude for providing almost two decades worth of entertainment based off his original design.

Some of the other owners (though not all) I acquired the names of and will share with you were:
zXJadessaXz, Dethstryke, HG_LORD-GRIM_HG, ViolentJack/GenesisLord, Demon Lord, Khashana, RUNE_of_Dk, ValorDracul, Dawnstar (aka: vT_LadyDeath_vT), XTempestD, Baracus, Jessimi (aka: eK_Emerald_eK).

Below is the previous version under Dawnstar and its old history page. Please disregard any mentions of 'current' rules on it and consider things past tense.

Old Tyran Sites

There of course were many, many sites and re-locations for Tyran, but within the ashes, the sites below are a few of the survivors. Along with websites there were about a hundred post boards made as well. Enjoy learning about Tyran's past!

Tyran 1
Tyran 2
Tyran 3
Tyran 4

Some other old Tyran pages:

More past pages by Valor Dracul

Tyran Board by ViolentJack

Tyran's Cove

Old Tyran's Clans

Since 2003 - Previous (Un)recognized clans:
Xx, Diamante, wG, House of Dracul, cK, Dragon Riders, Valentine, Shadows, Sef, FTG, Knights of Lescia, Brood, Razor Angels, VHX, The Vicious Bloods, Dravidian Family, Stormhold, JeP, Royal Knights, Reapers Brew, RedStars, Guild of Shadows, Ln, Just Avengers (J_A), Crimson Kingdom, Darq, Wolfmoon Family, Shadow Knights, Darlings, XDC

Tags not used without permission by Dawnstar:
zX (Retired), eK (Retired), nL (Retired), vT (Retired), Strife (Retired), HG (Banned Tags).

(zX) Manor Clan *First & Founding Tyran Clan*
(vX) Vampires of Xaliber
(vT) Vampire Tremere/Trinity - Old Site
(vM) Vampyre Ministry
(vL) Vampire Legions
(VI) Vampire Immortals
(Rd) Reapers of Death
(nS) Night Stalkers
(nR) Nyte Rydahz
(nL) Night Lords Clan - Old Site
(nK) Noble Kindred
(LsT) Lust Family
(Krill) Krill Magic Family
(jG) Jesuit Genesis - Old Site
(HG) House of Grim - Old Site
(Heart) Hearts of Honor
(gK) Gothic Knights
(G#) Gunslinger Clan
(eK) Emerald Kingdom - Old Site
(Dw) Demons of Wrath
(Dm) Dark Moon
(Dk) Dark Kingdom Clan - Old Site
(Di) Dark Immortals - Old Site
(DH) Demon Horde
(DF) Dark Forces
(dC) Dark Carnival
(wG) Wicked Gypsy Clan
(Dia) Diamante Family
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