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Pairing: S/X
Spoilers: None, unless these two had sex on the show at some point. (If they did, can you tell me where to find the tape?)
Archive: Want, Take, Have. Just let me know where.
Disclaimer: No, I don't own them. If I did, they'd never leave my room.
A/N: Written for my adopted mommy. Happy Birthday, Mommy Trixx.



"Oh, give me a home
Where the vampires roam
And the Fyarl and the G'nash's play.

Where seldom is heard
A comforting word
And the skies are all gloomy and gray."

Spike sat back against the sofa, placing the guitar within its worn and battered case, and turned to smile at his audience. The look on Xander's face wiped his smile away fairly quickly, however.

"That's the song you want to sing at our anniversary party?" Xander asked, his voice full of dread, staring in disbelief at his lover from his position beside him on the floor.

"Yeah, what of it? Wrote it special, I did," Spike responded, puffing himself up with pride.

"That is such a load of crap. You didn't write that. You changed the words around in a perverted parody of one of my favorite songs from when I was a kid." Xander threw his arms up in the air. He loved the vampire with all he had in him, but sometimes he just wanted to smack the bleach out of his head.

" 'ey, it's not perverted. You want perverted, I can show you perverted." Spike jerked the guitar back out of its case, nearly breaking it in the process.

"There once was a guy from Nantucket
Who carried his balls in a bucket...."

"I'm not listening," Xander sang, clamping his hands over his ears. "You are not singing that, not at my party." He continued, nailing the vampire with a mock furious glare.

Spike puffed up again, this time in defiance. "Will if I want too. It's my party too," he said, finishing by sticking his tongue out at his frustrated lover.

Xander reached forward, faster than Spike expected, and grabbed the blonde's tongue between his thumb and finger. "Oh, you will, will you?" he asked teasingly as he twisted around to place his knees on either side of Spike's lap.

"Ess, ah wiww," Spike stated, trying, but failing, to keep up his 'I'm a master vampire, I'll do what I want' attitude.

Xander stilled, thinking the situation over in his head, then smiled as he reached a decision. Releasing Spike's tongue, the brunette put his hands on the vampire's shoulders, darting in to steal a quick kiss. Sitting back, he licked his lips before saying, "Ok, here's the deal, you can sing your song, the first one," Xander added the last bit quickly, arching an eyebrow at his lover.

Spiked mocked a sulking pout at Xander, then sobering quickly said, "Why do I hear a but in there somewhere?"

Xander chuckled lightly, sneaking in to flick his tongue across the tip of Spike's nose. "Maybe cause you know me so well. The but is, but only if you convince me."

Spike's scared eyebrow quirked up, "Convince you? Of what? How?" He asked, clearly confused, as he traced patterns over Xander's back with his fingernails.

Gasping, Xander moved forward on Spike's lap, pressing his groin into the vampire's. Meeting his lover's glowing blue eyes with his own dark chocolate orbs, he responded breathlessly, "Convince me to agree to your song. As for how, I'll leave that up to you, but you have a good start already."

Spike smirked knowingly, "Oh, you like that, do you?" Biting his lip to take a bit of his own edge off, Spike increased the pressure of his nails on Xander's back, shredding the brunette's shirt, and working his way down. Panting for unneeded breath, Spike kneaded the cheeks of Xander's ass, pulling them apart, pushing back together. Rubbing one finger down into the crevice, Spike touched his lover's most sensitive area through the loose sweats, eliciting gasps and moans from his human.

Eye's gleaming with delight and mischief, Spike bent forward, biting the buttons off the shirt Xander was wearing, licking at the exposed skin. With the last button gone, Spike latched onto a tender nipple, pulling it into his mouth, circling it with soft, teasing flicks of his tongue.

Spike bit down, careful not to break the skin, and tightened his arms around Xander's body. He growled as he moved from one nipple to the other, teasing them to hardness, then nipping at them, eventually abandoning them to slowly work his way down the center of Xander's chest.

Xander lowered himself back, away from Spike, but dragging the vampire along with him, until he was lying on the floor on his back, Spike above him, cold, hard hands still clutching at his ass. Xander jerked up, one hand clutching at Spike's shoulder, as the vampire bit down on the fleshy part of his stomach. The sound of fabric ripping overlapped the sounds of the moans coming from the two lovers as Spike pulled the fleece barrier away.

Completely ignoring Xander's cock, Spike headed down underneath, lightly tracing his tongue around the brunette's sac, and delving between his thighs to lick and nip at his perineum. Pressing strong muscular thighs apart, Spike pulled back, surveying the exposed expanse of his lover's body. Sun bronzed flesh that, from this angle, appeared to stretch out for eternity, muscles writhing and undulating as the human moaned and gasped in massive amounts of oxygen.

One of the few inhibitions Xander had left, this was the one Spike wanted broken most. Xander would never talk during sex, unless Spike spoke first. "Xan?" Spike crawled up Xander's body, keeping full contact the entire way. He could feel the human's heartbeat speed up, feel his breath coming faster and faster. Xander clutched at him, pulling him closer, melding them together as if he were trying to create one being out of two. "Xan, tell me what you want. I need to hear you."

"You, I want you. Take me, have me, fuck me." Xander whispered the words, his eyes locked on Spike's.

Spike let out a sound that was part purr, part growl, and part moan as he fused their lips together, tongue thrusting into Xander's mouth as a preview to other upcoming festivities.

Xander wound his arms around his lover, one hand sinking into soft, gel free hair; the other running down the smooth expanse of a well muscled back to press into the small curve just above slowly thrusting hips.

A spot of cold heat at his opening had Xander pressing up into his lover's groin and spreading his legs farther apart. Rasping moans increased, tongues battled, as Spike replaced one finger with two, pressing in, twisting around, searching out that one magic place inside Xander that would send him over the edge.

"Oh God, Spike, ummm...again, please?" Xander begged, pressing himself down as a third finger was added, burying themselves knuckle deep inside him. Eyes rolled back inside his head, Xander's body convulsed once, twice, then stilled as he screamed and came, shooting warm semen over stomachs both pale and tanned. Soaring up into fathomless clouds of ecstasy, he called Spike's name, seeking to pull his lover along with him.

Spike bit his lip, drawing blood, to keep himself from crossing over that cliff's edge. Unable to look at Xander's face without losing his last handhold on control, Spike pressed his face into the crook of a blood warmed throat, gently biting with blunt, human teeth. He felt it the moment Xander came back to himself. Muscles relaxed, glazed eyes focussing, Xander released a sigh as his arms, tightend almost painfully around his lover's body, fell lax at his side.

Removing his fingers from Xander's body, Spike quickly replaced them with the head of his leaking cock. Lack of resistance told the vampire just how relaxed his lover was and he pressed inward, fire engulfing him as he explored Xander's hidden depths.

Thrusting his hips, Spike howled as Xander squeezed his internal muscles around the cold length of his cock. Squeezing his eye's closed, Spike bucked his hips into Xander repeatedly in short, fast strokes, holding onto his control with a fine thread. His undoing was Xander grabbing at his shoulders, raking his nails down to the small of his back, leaving behind eight long bloody welts.

A soundless scream left Spike as he buried himself as deep as possible inside his lover. He was lost in a sightless void, deprived of everything save for the scent of Xander's cum as his mortal lover came with him. The euphoria didn't last nearly long enough, the world came rushing back to them both as they stared into one another's eyes.

Spike made to move off his lover, but Xander tightened his arms around him, holding him in place. Leaning down, he claimed full, pouty lips with his own, thrusting his tongue into Xander's mouth. The kiss lasted until Xander was forced to release the vampire in order to breathe.

"So," Spike smiled sexily, tracing Xander's lips with his fingers, "Did I convince you?"

"Ummajumma!" Xander stuttered, his brain still lost in the fog.

"Xander, focus." Spike lightly slapped Xander's face a couple of times, getting a tilted smile in return.

"Hey." Xander said, his smile growing.

"Can I sing my song now?" Spike asked, placing small bites along his lover's jawline.

Xander gave a long suffering sigh and rolled his eyes. "Oh, I suppose so. I did kinda like it. But not that second one, that was just wrong."

"Good." Spike jumped up, heading toward the bedroom. His smile blazed as he ran a few more verses of his song through his head.

"Hey, where you going Blondie? I want more snuggles." Xander stood, following behind Spike. When he entered the bedroom, he stopped, gasping. "Oh."

Spike had sprawled out naked on the bed, one arm outstretched in invitation, drawing his lover toward him. Xander went, hips swaying provocatively, and crawled up on the bed. Purring as his warm lover wrapped himself around his cold body, Spike softly said, "Sleep now, reward later."

The End

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