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Pairing: S/X

Rating: NC-17

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Disclaimer: Joss owns all. The negotiations have failed.

Notes: This is unbeta’d. All mistakes are my own. Writing it for Sarah, her favorite pairing. Love you Sarah.

The Bored Xander Trilogy


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A Night Out

Look at him, sitting there, reading. What could be so interesting about the newspaper anyway? Xander rolled over, lying on his back on the small couch. How long does it take to read a paper? He took a look at his watch. God, it’s only been 15 minutes?


“Ya, pet?”

“I’m bored!”

“Then see what’s on the telly. Your cartoon shows come on today don’t they?”

Rolling back onto his stomach, Xander shot chocolate puppy eyes at Spike. “But I’m tired of watching tv, and reading. That’s all we ever do.”

Spike threw his head back, looking at the ceiling and pinching the bridge of his nose. He let out a deep, exaggerated sigh before looking back to his paper. “Pet, what would you like to do. This is Sunnyhell, not a lot of options open to us, now is there? And don’t give me that look, you know it never works on me.”

Xander pouted. “But Spiiiiike, I’m booooorred!”

Spike jumped up out of his chair, grabbing his duster. “Come on, then Pet. Let’s us get out of here.”

“Where are we going?”

“Being picky now, are we? Thought you were bored.”

“I am, I sooo am.”

“Then stop whining and come on.”

Xander climbed off the couch and grabbed his coat off the rack. “I do not whine! But you know what?”

“What’s that, Pet?”

“The look worked.”

“You’re pushing it Pet.”

Xander giggled, but quickly choked it off as Spike pinched his butt. “OOOO Spike! We’re in the hall, we can’t play here.”

Spike let out a loud sigh, but followed Xander down the hall. “Pet, how ‘bout we go do a night on the town?”

“What do we do on the town?”

“Well, let’s see. We can terrorize the locals, kill a few peasants, or we could raise a big, giant demon and watch it do the dirty work.”

“Umm… or let’s not, and say we did.”

Spike paused for a moment while he pretended to think it over. He loved seeing Xander squirm, waiting for him to make come up with something. //He looks so sexy when he’s nervous.//

“Or, we could go have sex in the park.”

“Really?” At Spike’s nod, Xander giggled again. “Okay, but after we do something fun first.”

“Oi, Whelp!! I have feelings, ya know.”

“I didn’t mean it that way, Spikey. You know I love when you… do that thing you do.”

Spike’s feigned look of annoyance turned into a leer at Xander’s blush. “And what thing would that be, luv?”

“You know.”

“No, Pet, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Gonna have to tell me what you want if you want me to do it.”

“Spike, you know what thing. The thing… with your tongue…and my… you know….”

“Your what, luv?”

“When you lick my…my…area.” Xander could barely whisper the words, he was so embarrassed. “I like when you lick me, and touch me. And when we have sex, it’s like the world is bright again.”

“Not too bright, I hope. Vampire here. Bright and vamps usually leads to vacuuming.”

“Not that kind of bright. You know what I mean.” Xander wound his arms around Spike’s neck, rubbing his nose into the exposed skin. “I think I love you, Spike.”

Spike tensed up, not sure he’d heard right. “What was that, Pet?”

Xander pulled back, looking into Spike’s eyes. “I said, I think I love you.” Seeing the blonde straining not to pull away from him. “You know, forget that. Let’s just go have some fun.”

“No. Let’s not forget that. I love you too, Xander.” Spike bent his head down, brushing his lips lightly over Xander’s. Running his fingers into the shorter man’s hair, Spike pulled his face closer. Licking his tongue across Xander’s lips, the vampire pried open the younger man’s mouth. Deepening the kiss Spike breathed in Xander’s scent, letting the brunette’s arousal wash over him.

“What say we skip the outing and just go to the park?” Spike pulled back looking into Xander’s eyes.

“Uh huh.” Xander nodded.

Spike grabbed Xander’s hand, pulling him up the street. They entered the park, the vampire searching the shadows to make sure they’re alone. Reaching the farthest and darkest corner of the park, Spike pushed Xander up against a tree, once again pressing his and the other man’s lips together.

Xander pulled the duster from Spikes shoulders, tossing it on the ground. Running his hands down the vampire’s back, he cupped Spike’s ass, squeezing and grinding their hips together.

“Mmm, Whelp. Like that, I do.”

“Mmmhmmm, and there’s more too.”

Xander pushed the blonde back and turned him around, pressing him back against the tree. Teasing Spike’s lips with his tongue, he pulled the black t-shirt up, exposing the vampire’s pale chest. “Ooo, Spikey got a new piercing!”

“Yeah, wondered when you’d notice that.”

Xander quickly moved down Spike’s chest, using his tongue to make teasing circles around the vampire’s nipples. On his knees, Xander hooked his thumbs into Spike’s jeans before tracing the outline of the new ring the blonde vampire was sporting in his navel. Spike grabbed the brunette’s head, pressing down. “Lower, Pet.”

“Mmm, yes Spikey.”

Xander slid his hands around to the front of the jeans, popping open the button. Using his tongue he worked the zipper down, freeing Spike’s erection. Xander pulled back, blowing warm breathes on the cock.

“Pet. Mmm, Pet, that’s niiiiiice. Ungh, Pet, put it in your mouth.”

Xander giggled, sticking out his tongue to collect the pearly drop at the tip of Spike’s cock. “Yummy, better than chocolate.”

“Better damn well believe it, Whelp. Now be a good lad, stop teasing.”

Looking up, the brunette pouted a little before leaning forward to swallow the vampire’s length. Working his head up and down, whipping his tongue back and forth, Xander started up a humming at the back of his throat.

“Oi, Pet. Do that some more.” Spike tightened his grip on Xander’s head, thrusting his hips, using the force he knew the other man loved.

Responding to the forceful thrusts, Xander increased his suction. Pushing his hands into the back of the blonde vampire’s jeans he squeezed Spike’s asscheeks, running a finger down the crease. Taking one hand out, he stuck a finger in his mouth alongside the thick, pale cock, using the saliva to coat his finger as he flicked a nail across the cockhead. He quickly returned his hand to its previous position, running his finger along the crease more before thrusting into the tight hole.

Spike thrust once more, burying himself in Xander’s mouth. Moaning out, he shot his cum down the brunette’s throat.

“Oh. My. God. Xander, that was wonderful.” Spike whispered out the words, leaning back against the tree, eyes closed in pleasure. After a few unneeded breathes he opened his eyes, looking down to see Xander smiling up at him, still licking his lips.

“Happy birthday Spike.”

“Huh? What do ya mean? My birthday isn’t until… Now now, Pet. You almost made me tell.”

“Aww, come on Spike! It’s only fair, you know when mine is.” Xander stood, tucking Spike’s spent cock back into his jeans and zipping him up.

“That’s only cause you told me, doesn’t mean I have to tell you mine.”

“But, Spiiiiike.” Xander started the whining he was famous for as they started back out of the park.

“No whining, Pet. Won’t do any good.” Spike went ahead of Xander a little to check the shadows more, making sure no one was around to hear.

“And don’t give me that look, you know it never works on me.”

A Day In

"Spiiiike." Xander sat on the bed, whining into the vampire's ear.

Spike's head poked out from beneath a feathered pillow. "What is it now? Don't tell me you're bored again."

"Okay, then I'm not bored. I just extremely don't have anything interesting to do."

"Ha ha, pet. Very funny."

"I can't help it, Spike. There's nothing to do. The TV's broken, there's no work today, and we're out of chocolate."

Spike gave a mock shudder. "We have to call the Slayer, pet. Being out of chocolate is right up there with demon's takin over the earth."

Xander turned on Spike, a serious look on his face. "Ya know, I wonder what theories Giles might have on that. But that's for another time. Spiiiiike, why are you just laying there? I'm bored."

"Well, the sun's out, so no walks in the park that end in sex. What else ya got in mind?"

"Can we skip the park?"

"We could. We could definitely do that." Spike pushed himself up with one arm, using the other to hook Xander around the neck and bring him down onto the bed. "This what you had in mind?"

"Kinda, but it involved less clothes."

"I'm not wearing any clothes, pet."

"Yeah, but there's a sheet."

“Oh, best see to that, then.”

Xander reached out for the sheet, but Spike took hold of his hands. “Uh uh, pet. Hands stay on me.”

“How am I…”

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Xander paused for a moment, thinking. Then, as if a light went on in his head, he smirked. Reaching out, he placed his hands on each of Spike’s shoulders. He pushed, not really applying much pressure, but the vampire didn’t budge. Seeing he was going to have to work at it, Xander set his hands in better position and pushed again, using more force. Spike started rolling over onto his back, smiling all the time.

Xander threw one naked leg over Spike’s thigh, straddling the vampire. Then with hands still pressed to the cool flesh, the human pushed himself up onto his toes and palms. Digging his toes into the sheet, he slowly walked the sheet down Spike’s body, reveling in every inch of exposed skin.

“Mmm, pet. Knew there was a reason we got the silk sheets.”

“Oh yeah, Spikey. Silk and a vamp blanket, the two best air conditioners money can buy.”

With the sheet now puddled at their feet, Spike took Xander’s hands in his once again. Pulling the human up against his body, the vampire sat up. “But it’s winter, pet. Let’s see about warming that delicious, blood-filled thermos of mine, heh?”

“Mmm, yeah. It is getting a little warm in here. Aiiee….” Xander let out a little squeal as he was turned over face down on the bed.

“Oi, that didn’t sound good at all. Let’s get a better sound than that.”

Spike sat on Xander’s ass, matching his cheeks with the human’s. Leaning down, he trailed his tongue over the sensitive flesh around the back of Xander’s ear. Satisfied by the light moan the move elicited, the vampire worked his tongue to the back of Xander’s neck and started his way down the human’s spine.

“Mmm, Spike. More. Please?”

“I do like the way you beg, pet. Makes me all gooey inside.”

“Mmm, gooey. I like that. Be gooey, Spike.”

“Yes, sir.” Spike laughed quietly.

Sliding his hands under his mate’s chest, Spike found two hard nipples. Mmm, toys. I like toys. Twisting the nipples gently, the vampire gasp as Xander’s hips bucked beneath him, knocking him back onto the human’s lower thighs.

“Um, Spike?” Xander could barely force the words out of his throat, thoroughly embarrassed by what he was going to ask.

“Yeah, pet?” “Could you do that thing?”

“What thing would that be, luv?” Spike grinned as he kissed the base of Xander’s spine. He loved when his mate got embarrassed, even his asscheeks blushed. It was just down-right cute, it was.

“You know, the thiiing.” Xander emphasized the last word, hoping to not have to say it out loud.

“Gonna have to be a bit more specific, luv. I do lots of things.”

“Yeah, I know.” Xander smiled at the thoughts coursing through his head, then shaking said head, he looked around to meet the grinning vampire’s eyes. “You, know the thing. The thing with your tongue?”

“Oh you mean this?” Spike pulled his hands from beneath the warm body and spread Xander’s asscheeks apart. Gently, he ran his tongue down the crack, twirling the little hairs he found along the way.

“Guuhheah, that thing. OOO more, please?”

Licking his lips, Spike looked up to his mate’s face. “Whatever you say, luv.” Then sliding his body down one of the human’s supple, tanned legs, Spike began grinding his hard cock into a warm calf. Then, giving his undivided attention to Xander’s ass, Spike buried his face in the warmth. Nearly biting his own tongue in half as Xander bucked his hips again when his tongue flicked across the human’s exposed hole, Spike growled deeply.

“Oh, my GOD! Spike, do that again.” Xander reached his hands back, grabbing the vampire’s head and pressing him closer. Spike growled again, and again, sending the human into orbit. Feeling the muscles in Xander’s hole contract, Spike hardened his tongue and plunged it in, twisting in and out like a corkscrew.

Spike shot his tongue in straight, then curled the end slightly before bringing it out. He imagined he was giving his mate the fuck of a lifetime, and judging by Xander’s reaction, he might not be wrong. Shifting quickly into gameface, Spike used the added length to his tongue to hit even deeper depths, all the while making low nummy sounds in the back of his throat.

When he had his tongue in as far as it could go, Spike reached between his mates legs to wrap the silken erection in an iron grip. Back and forth, he stroked Xander’s cock, matching the rhythm he had set with his tongue.

No longer needing to hold Xander’s asscheeks apart, Spike used his free hand to reach up under the human’s chest once more. Seeking out, and finding a rigid nipple, Spike gave one quick, painful twist.

Xander’s entire body froze, his muscled tensed up. Then as if by magic he slumped back down onto Spike’s hands, letting out an ecstatic moan as he shot his cum into the vampire’s hand.

Spike turned Xander onto his back, licking his way up his mate’s body. When he reached the human’s neck, he nuzzled a moment before proceeding on to lick at the entrance to his favorite part of his nummy mate’s body. Xander opened his lips, taking Spike’s tongue into his mouth. And with it, he shared his load with his vampire, both tasting the human’s cum, passing it back and forth, moaning and gasping for breath.

“That was incredible Spike.”

“Who said we’re done, pet?”

“Not finished yet? But I thought you had already…”

“Nope, saved it. Now I get to show you why they call me Spike.”

Later That Day

Xander grabbed Spike's head between his hands, pushing up until their eyes met. "I thought you were called Spike because you had an unnatural love for railroad spikes."

"Nah, that's just what we let the watchers think. Couldn't tell them the real reason, could we? Give the poor blokes a heart failure." All the time he was speaking, Spike pressed against Xander's hands, trying to grasp at his lips with his teeth.

"So, what's the real reason?" Xander stuck his tongue out, just barely brushing it across Spike's. His eye's slowly closed, a rapturous expression crossing his face.

"When you let go of my head, you'll find out." He'd barely gotten the words out of his mouth when Xander's hands disappeared, his head falling forward to land in Xander's neck.

Xander giggled as Spike's hands traced feathery patterns down his sides, uncapping the tube of lube he kept hidden underneath the pillow. Still nibbling along Xander's jaw line, Spike squeezed out a palm full of the lube, coating his hands with it, and pulling Xander's ass cheeks apart.

With a shuddering sigh, Xander felt Spike slide a finger into him, slowly pressing deeper until it was buried fully within him. The blond moved his finger in and out, pressing a little harder with each thrust. At Xander's moan, he pulled out completely, scratching his nails along the sensitive outer ring, before pressing back in with two fingers.

Spike whimpered, feeling the tightness of Xander's ass squeezing his fingers. He closed his lips around Xander's mouth, tracing its outline. When Xander opened his mouth, welcoming Spike's tongue inside, he refused, teasingly. He pulled his fingers out, lifted his head, locking eyes with the man beneath him. Quickly moving into position, Spike ran a still lubed hand along his cock, then pressed its head against Xander's opening.

"I love you, Xan." Spike whispered the words. Eyes locked together, Spike thrust inside Xander, burying himself in the heat of his human.

Xander locked his arms around Spike. One hand splayed against the base of his spine, the other on the back of his head, he pulled the vampire down, matching the rhythm of Spike's thrusts into him with his tongue. Ending the kiss only because of the need for air, Xander dropped his head back down to the bed, eyes rolling back into his head. "Spiiiike. Oh god."

Spike continued his thrusts. Hooking Xander's knees with his elbows, he pulled the younger man's legs farther up, increasing the speed and depth of the thrusts. Spike arched his back, feeling Xander's nails dig into the flesh of his back, bringing just enough blood to the surface to draw a deep, guttural growl from the vampire.

With the scent of blood in the air, Spike let his demon come to the fore. He looked down, locking his glowing yellow eyes with Xander's now nearly black orbs. Speed and intensity increased as Xander urged Spike toward completion. Breaking the hold his lover had on his legs, Xander locked his ankles behind Spike's back, digging his heels into the vampire's ass, pulling them closer together.

This new position, along with the arch of Xander's back, brought Spike's cock into contact with that little spot inside Xander that was the human's new best friend. He alternately gasped and screamed out with each thrust. "God, Xan. So good, so tight."

Xander looked back up at the face of his lover. At the moment their eyes locked, his orgasm hit. His spine straightened as if a bolt of lightening had hit him and he screamed through clenched teeth. He once more dug his nails into Spike's flesh, leaving perfect imprints of his fingertips in the vampire's shoulders.

The slight pain was enough to bring Spike to his own end. He drew his legs up and out, using the new leverage to increase the force of his thrusts. He pounded into Xander as his cool semen shot out of him. Once spent, Spike looked down to see his lover's drowsy face staring back up at him.

Xander reached out to take Spike's hands in his own, bringing the vampire down on top of him. Linking their fingers together, Xander brought one hand to his mouth to lick away the sweat and semen covering them. Spike started to roll off his lover, but Xander pulled him back into position. "Stay."

Leaning down, Spike brought his lips to Xander's, teasing with light, playful kisses. "Meant what I said, Xan. I love you."

Xander looked up into those beautiful blue eyes. He smiled softly. "I know. I love you too."

The End

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