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Bad Thing


"This is just too gross. move it Spike."

"Fine where it is, leave it be"

Two black eyes stared into the darkness, as fathomless as time and as deep as the pits of hell.

Xander could see the outline of the creature in the shadowy room. Still as death, watching. "Come on, it's creepy.. It's, like, following me with its eyes."

Spike grunted, bloody hell! It's not following you with it's eyes, the room's nearly pitch black, an' anyway; where's it gonna follow you? You're not bloody moving!"

Xander couldn't help it, he stared; he could feel the creature's malevolent gaze boring into him, it was almost hypnotic! Licking his suddenly dry lips, he pulled a shaky breath and felt his heartbeat accelerate. "It's evil, I can feel it's evilness. and it doesn't like me Spike." Xander wiped a shaky hand across his sweaty face.

"Don't be a pillock, it likes you, it's just not used to people," Spike tried to ignore the annoying human and get back to work. All these bloody distractions. he'd have to start again, bugger! He climbed back up, right. . . where was he?. . .

Xander could feel the creature's scrutiny, cold and heavy, weighing down on him. And in the stillness of the room, a slow pant started, accompanied only by soft rustlings and quiet slurping noises. Xander's heartbeat was racing, building faster and faster; pulling at his chest and drumming around his body, every wet gulp, every slow suck, driving it onwards. "Spike?" he panted, his voice coming out strained, low. "It's a bad, bad thing. make it go away.?"

Spike ignored the interruption, enough with the interruptions already!

"Spike?" Xander's wined, his voice pained, almost desperate.

Spike resisted the urge to hit something, this was too much. and pulling up with an almost inaudible pop, sat back on his haunches, reaching behind him to stroke the fur covered creature of Xander's waking nightmare.

Petting it's ears, he earned a slow, rough lick to the back of his sticky hand. "For Christ's sake, Xander.. It's a kitten, now do you want a bloody blow job or not?"

The small black kitten rubbed its face against Spike's hand and started to purrrrrrrr.

The End

The Spander Files