Rating: NC17 baby!
Disclaimer: Not mine. But oh, how I wish they were!
Summary: Spike gets a surprise.



Part 2

Part One

He was blind. Not permanently, though. There was a silk scarf wrapped around his head, effectively cutting off his sight. It felt nice, soft against his skin.

He was deaf. Again, not permanently. He could feel something - cotton possibly - plugging his ears. He wondered why whoever it was that had him had gone to all this trouble.

He could smell menthol, like the stuff you rub onto your chest when you are ill. It was all he could smell. By the faint burning sensation on his upper lip, he assumed that someone had put it on him, effectively blocking out his sense of smell.

He was gagged, but not uncomfortably so, with another silk scarf tied around the lower portion of his head, trapping his tongue inside his mouth - rendering him unable to even moisten his dry lips.

He was bound - incapable of moving. He could feel the rub of soft leather around his wrists as he tried to move his arms. His legs were similarly restrained, leather cuffs around his ankles as well.

But he could feel. He was thankful for that. Especially when he felt warm liquid being poured onto his back. Soft touches from hot hands spread the liquid over his lower back. Sweeping strokes rubbed up the length of his spine and over his shoulders. The knowledge of how he must look - naked, helpless, at the mercy of an unknown assailant - was unbelievably erotic.

He moaned as the hands left his back, he felt the loss of sensation like a knife in the gut. He felt utterly bereft, adrift in a void of nothingness.

Then there was the warm liquid again, oil he assumed by the slick feel as it was worked into his skin. The hands came back, smoothing it into his skin. Over rounded buttocks, down firm, nearly hairless thighs. The hands swept down his calves, rubbing the arches of his feet before trailing back up again.

The hands were inside his spread thighs now. Light, teasing carresses almost touching where he needed them to touch, but not quite. He tried to move, to make those tormenting fingers touch him.

Then they were there, spreading his cheeks and gently pushing against his opening. He would have shouted out his victory if he were able. Then the fingers abandoned their post, moving down, over the patch of highly sensitive skin below. He felt more of the oil being drizzled along his cleft, dripping down over his hole and onto his swollen testicles. He knew he was moaning and thrusting - as much as he was able in his restraints.

Fingers back now, spreading the oil, dipping inside, making his eyes roll back in his head behind the blindfold. The other hand came into play, rubbing the oil into his balls, moving up and underneath him, slicking his straining flesh. He felt his features shift, fangs tore through the scrap of silk in his mouth. Not enough to destroy it, though.

The hand underneath him continued to pump his cock as more fingers were inserted into his slick channel. He was thrashing his head from side to side, growling out his frustration. Why wouldn't the person just fuck him already!

The hand left his body and he cried out behind his gag. He felt tears build up behind his closed eyes, it was torture. He was beyond the point of stopping, he needed to cum. He was ready - willing - to beg if only his tormentor would come back, touch him again.

He felt the heat of another body cover him. Something much larger than fingers pressed against his slick opening. He thrust back as much as he could, begging with his body the way he couldn't with his voice.

Then he was filled, stretched almost beyond his endurance. It was heaven, it was hell. The man remained still - buried deep inside him but unmoving. He wanted to shout at him, order him to get on with it already. He could do no more than growl his displeasure. His tormentor must have understood because he began to move.

He was being split open and fucked raw. He hadn't realized how much he missed this until now; it had been decades since he'd been with a man, longer than that since he'd bottomed. It was almost perfect, he only needed one thing.

The hand was back on his cock, stripping it with forceful strokes. He cried out as he came, the last thing he felt before darkness claimed him was the man's hot seed spilling inside of him.

When he awoke again, he was free of the restraints. His eyes were unbound, and the gag was gone. He could tell by the smell that he was in the Slayer’s basement. He touched the skin of his back, his ass, and his legs. He didn't feel the slickness of the oil. In fact, he was almost ready to imagine he had dreamt the entire thing.

Except he could now smell what he hadn’t been able to smell before. The faint scent of cinnamon still clung to his skin from the oil, and beneath that was the heavy scent of the man who had taken him.


Oh, he was going to have fun with this.

Rating: NC17 baby!
Disclaimer: Not mine. But oh, how I wish they were!
Summary: Spike turns the tables on Xander.

Part Two ~ Payback

It was dark. He couldn't see, not even his own hand in front of his face. Or he assumed as much, seeing as he couldn't actually move his hand. Neither of them.

He knew he was naked; he could feel the softness of the silk sheets beneath him. He wondered where Spike had taken him - he had no doubt that it was the vampire who had arranged this. Although he didn't understand how Spike had figured out it was he. He had been careful, blocking out all the vampire’s senses. He even washed him down afterwards, removing the oil and other fluids from his body.

He called out for his abductor; the sound echoed in the darkness. It didn't exactly make him feel safe, not knowing if he was alone or not. For all he knew, the blonde could be standing right in front of him and he wouldn't know. It was scary, but at the same time exciting.

He felt the air move around him, causing his hair to stand on end. Years of being a Scooby - as well as a couple of possessions - had given him finely tuned senses.

A sound off to the right had his head whipping around, eyes straining into the darkness for any sign of movement. But either the vampire had stilled again, or there was nothing there to begin with.

A light touch to his ankle startled him and he bit down on his tongue to keep from screaming in fright. He tasted blood in his mouth and knew that Spike would smell it as well.

He heard a low growl just before the bed dipped and a cool mouth plundered his own. He felt suction on his tongue and he moaned as he realised that Spike was drinking from him, tasting his blood and taking it into himself.

The mouth left his own, trailing down his chin to his throat. Fangs lightly scraped across his Adams apple, making him groan and buck underneath the demon.

"Please," he whispered. He wasn't even sure what it was he was asking for. He just needed something, anything to ground him, to keep him from floating away in a sea of unsated bliss.

He was tied down, at the mercy of a demon, a demon whom he had taken without asking only a few days before. This had the potential to go very wrong. There was no chip to keep Spike from killing him, only a soul. Angel had a soul, and Xander had never trusted him. So what made Spike any different?

"You beg nicely, pet." A deep, rumbly whisper in his ear. It made his cock throb with need and he couldn't keep himself from bucking upwards again, desperate to get some friction.

Cool hands on his hips now, holding him still. Spike's cool tongue was tracing circles around his nipples, never quite touching them, and making him crazy with lust. He wasn't above begging - not if it got him what he wanted, and what he wanted was Spike. "Please, Spike. Oh God, please."

"Please what, pet?" Was whispered against his skin and Xander shivered. "Anything." He felt the chuckle that erupted from the vampire more than he heard it. "Anything, Xander? That's an awful big risk to take when offering up to a demon, love. You sure about that?"

Fangs scraped across his chest, one sharp point piercing his nipple making him gasp out loud as his cock twitched in response. He felt hot blood trickle out and run down toward the centre of his chest before a cool tongue flickered out and lapped it up. Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, the blood-play only made him want Spike more. "Still want to go with anything, pet?"

"Yes." It came out as a husky moan, and had Xander been able to see, he would have registered the look of surprise on the vampire’s face before it was quickly replaced with smouldering lust. "Remember you said that," was the cryptic reply he received before clever fingers were dancing over the head of his cock, spreading the moisture that had gathered around the bulbous head.

"Answer me a question, pet. What were you thinking about when you pulled your little game with me?" Spike asked in a smooth, inquiring voice. "Was it just to fuck with my head? Or did it mean something to you?" The vampire walked his fingers down the length of the human’s shaft, trailing circles around his swollen balls.

"Not a game." Xander panted as he desperately tried to keep from cumming as the cool fingers moved farther down between his legs, ragged nails dragging along the skin of his perineum. "Wanted you."

"So, why the subterfuge? You could have just asked." The conversational tone of Spike’s voice was a sharp contradiction to his actions as his fingers began entering the opening to Xander’s body. "Never know, I might have said yes."

Xander groaned as the tip of one finger pressed just inside his anus, making him jump. A cold hand clamped around the base of his cock preventing his imminent orgasm. He wasn't sure whether to be thankful to Spike for his interference, or angry with him.

"Didn't want to risk it. You might have said no, or worse." Xander whispered the last part, but not so quietly that Spike didn't hear him. "Worse, love?" Xander turned his head away from the voice. He might not be able to see Spike, but he knew the vampire could see him just fine. "You might have laughed at me."

"Ah, so that's it then. You're right, I might have done. Not now, though; took guts to go after what you wanted." Xander’s head snapped back and he cursed the darkness that kept him from seeing the truth in the blue eyes of his abductor. "How did you figure out it was me?"

Spike chuckled. "Almost didn't. You did a fine job of masking your scent while you... had me." The blonde chuckled. "But you didn't quite get the clean-up right. Once my senses were working again, I could smell you on me, in me." Xander could hear the leer in Spike’s voice and he shook his head fondly.

"Now, do you want to talk? Or do you want to fuck?" Spike accompanied his question with a firm stroke to Xander’s cock. The man arched into his fist and panted raggedly. "Fuck. Please."

No sooner were the words out of his mouth when cool, satiny-soft lips pressed to his own; he parted his lips in invitation and moaned as the vampire’s tongue darted inside. As breathing became difficult, Spike withdrew from the kiss, stopping to bite down softly on Xander’s full bottom lip before licking a path up to his ear.

"Want me to turn you over for this, love? Be a bit easier for your first time." Xander blushed and stammered a bit, eventually managing words. "Wh-what makes you think it's my first time?" Spike bit his earlobe softly, then replied. "I can smell it; 'sides, I tasted it in your blood, pet. So, do you want me to turn you over?"

Xander nodded, knowing that Spike would see it. He was surprised when Spike kissed him again before undoing one of the cuffs that were holding him to the bed. He rolled onto his stomach and waited for the cuff to be replaced and tried not to grind his cock into the mattress beneath him. The silk sheets felt wonderful against his over-stimulated flesh.

"On your knees, pet." The soft words tickled his ear and he struggled to comply. It would be easier without the cuffs but he was loath to ask for freedom; he was afraid he would chicken out, and he desperately wanted this.

"You should see yourself, love. You look bloody gorgeous this way. Can't believe you want me to be your first." Spike shook his head, ignoring the feeling of wonderment and just concentrated on getting Xander ready for him. "Relax now, love. I won't hurt you."

Xander moaned as the first finger slid inside him. It was a strange feeling, but a good one. Then Spike did something that made him see stars. "Shit! Do that again, please!" Spike chuckled and rubbed his finger over Xander’s sweet spot again, eliciting another plea for more.

"Like that do we? Then you're gonna love this." Spike added another finger and began to pump them in and out of Xander’s ass, continuosly stimulating the boys prostate.

"Oh, God. Gonna cum, Spike." Xander thrust back against the vampire’s fingers and whimpered as they withdrew from his body. "Easy, pet; not ready for you to go off just yet. I want to be inside you when you cum." Xander groaned. "You keep saying things like that, and I won't be responsible for my actions."

Spike left the bed and Xander heard him moving around on the other side of what he assumed was a room. "Spike?"

"Hang on, pet. Just getting something to make sure you don't cum ‘til I say so." The vampire was suddenly beside him and Xander yelped as a cock-ring was quickly - and expertly - fastened around him. "Now, where were we?"

Xander opened his mouth to reply but all that came out was a startled yelp as two fingers were quickly thrust back inside of him. "About here, I believe?" Spike said as he rubbed over Xander’s gland. "Uh huh. There, oh God, right there."

Spike could hardly believe how responsive Xander was; he wondered for a moment if he shouldn't have gotten himself a strap while he was fetching one for the boy. If he was this close just stretching the young man, he wondered how fast it would be over once he was fucking him.

Three fingers and Spike couldn't wait any longer. He had to be inside Xander. Had to feel him hot and tight around him. He spread the boy’s thighs a little farther apart and positioned his cockhead at the slick and ready entrance. "Just relax now, Xander. I'm going to take you slowly; I won't hurt you."

"'Kay. I trust you." Spike ignored the fluttering sensation in his stomach that those words produced and slowly pushed forward. "Try to push me out, love; it'll make it easier." Xander complied and Spike slid easily inside him and then just froze.

The heat was almost unbearable, the tightness like nothing he'd ever felt before. He was pretty damn sure that if Xander so much as breathed, he was gonna cum and ruin the whole thing. "Shit, love. Don't move; you're so bloody tight I'm about to pop."

Xander struggled to obey, not wanting this wondrous new feeling to stop anytime soon. Eventually though, he had to do something; he was going insane just holding himself still. "Spike, please. You have to move."

Spike nodded against his back and sat up. He held Xander’s hips in a vise-like grip and slowly withdrew his penis until just the tip remained inside before plunging back in. Xander moaned brokenly and Spike’s features shifted. "More, please more," Xander begged, and Spike gave in to his pleas.

Pumping his hips almost brutally, Spike drove himself into Xander again and again. He could feel his balls tingling and knew he was going to cum soon. He reached around and snapped open the strap on Xander’s cock and began fisting him in time to his rapid thrusts. Xander rocked back against him, meeting each lunge of his hips and babbling praises and pleas for more.

As his orgasm crashed through him, Spike leaned forward and buried his fangs in Xander’s shoulder, muffling his cries. Xander screamed and splashed his own completion over the vampire’s hand and onto the bed below him. His knees buckled and he fell face first onto the mattress, taking Spike down with him.

A few seconds later, Xander felt Spike’s softened cock slip from his body and he instantly mourned the loss. Then the cuffs around his wrists were undone and he was pulled over to lie on Spike’s cool chest while the vampire carded his fingers through his thick, dark hair.

"Xander, can I ask you a question?" Xander tried to lift his head but gave up after the second try. "Sure." He mumbled against Spike’s skin.

"What happened with you and Anya? I mean, I know what you two did in my cot last week. So why this thing with me?" Xander wasn't sure what he was hearing in Spike’s voice but it almost sounded like he was afraid to know the answer to his question. Xander forced himself to sit up. He looked in the direction of Spike’s voice, hoping the vamp could see the sincerity in his eyes before he answered.

"That was goodbye. Anya and I, well, we've never exactly had a normal relationship, so it kind of made sense that we should end it with sex. We both knew that it wasn't going to work out; this way at least, we're still friends." Xander chuckled. "She knows about you. Actually, she helped me set everything up. She even slipped you a Mickey and kept the others busy so I could sneak you in and out of the house."

Spike blinked in shock, then he shook his head. "So, what now? I mean, you've had me - I've had you, now what?" Xander sighed and ran his hands through his hair. He really wished he could see Spike. "Now? I don't know, Spike. The world could come to an end tomorrow and I just didn't want to go out without knowing what could be. Anya made me realise that we have to take chances, see what can happen. I can't say that I love you, but I can say that I'd like to know if it's possible. I think it might be. What about you, Spike? What do you want?"

"I think you gave up a very smart bird, Xander. But I also think your loss is my gain. I'd like to see where this could go, too. I'm not saying that I love you either, but it would be very easy to do so." Spike pulled Xander to him and kissed him softly. When he drew back he quirked an eyebrow in confusion and then asked, "Um, so if you wanted me, then who was Demon-girl wanting?"

Xander chuckled, then he laughed out loud and shook his head at the unbidden image that popped into it. "Let's just say, that a certain stuffy ex-librarian is soon going to learn what a thousand years of experience has to offer." Spike grinned wolfishly and joined his new lover in the laughter. "Poor ole Ripper won't know what hit him."

The End

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