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Part Thirty-One

"Well luv, I suppose I should go up and see Angelus. It is why we're here after all."

"Okay, I'm gonna go apologise to Buffy. Yell if you need me."

"Sure thing pet."

"Oh, and don't stake the bastard. Wes would be upset and I kinda like the guy."

Spike quirked an eyebrow at Xander.

"Should I be worried luv?"

"About Wesley? Hardly. I only want you, Spike. Forever."

Spike groaned and pulled Xander against him. He kissed him hard.

"You have no idea what you do to me, Xan. I want you forever too luv. But it's too soon for that. You need to be sure before we mate. Once it's done its not reversable."

"Okay. I'll think it over. But Spike? It won't change my mind. I love you, and I want to love you forever."

Spike kissed Xander again and then headed for the bathroom to see Angelus. He wasn't looking forward to this but he had to know it it was true, if his princess really had restored Angelus. And which version? The original or that crazy bastard that had shown his face a few years ago?

As Spike opened the door Angelus closed his eyes and feigned sleep. Spike aproached the tub warily and took a good look at the vampire inside. You couldn't tell the difference between Angel and Angelus while he was asleep. As Spike got closer Angelus shot his hands out, grabbed the blonde vampire and dragged him forward until they were face to face.

"Hello William. Long time no see?"

"Angelus. Nice place you got here. Enjoying your stay?"

Angelus narrowed his eyes at Spike.

"If I were you boy, I would watch what you say to me. See the way I look at it, with Dru gone, your ass belongs to me now. And I've been dreaming about that ass for over a century now. I've thought up lots of ways to make you suffer and bleed."

Spikes' eyes got real big and he couldn't repress the shudder that ran through him. Why now? Angelus had never been interested in the past.

"Oh, I know what yer thinking boy, you want to know why I never touched ya before, back then. Don't ya?"

Spike nodded his head mutely. If humans had managed to hurt him as badly as they had, he didn't want to think what a 250 year old demon who had been thinking about hurting him for over a century would do to him.

"Darla was a possessive sire, boy. She allowed Dru because it pleased her, and you were only allowed to touch me because it was her will, an' it was the one thing she was incapable of doing. I couldn't touch you because she was a jealous woman. Afraid I'd spend too much time torturing you and less time fuckin' her. But that's all changed now, Darlas dead, Drusilla is dead. Both killed by their childer, well in my case, it was the soul. All the same, I own you now. And I plan to take you."

Spike struggled to free himself from the older vampires grasp. He didn't want Angelus anywhere near him, he wanted to get away, as far away as possible and he wanted Xander. Now.

"No. Nonononononono NO!"

Spike wrenched himself away from Angelus and fled the bathroom, he ran down the stairs, into the kitchen and flung himself at Xander. Buffy and Giles looked on in awe as Xander pulled the shaken vampire onto his lap and held him.

Xander didn't know what had happened upstairs but he knew that look on Spikes face when he ran in. It was the same one he got after a really bad nightmare, the same one he got when confronted by one of his rapists that night in the cemetary. Xander was going to hurt Angelus. Very badly. Just as soon as he calmed his lover down.

As Xander was soothing Spike, Buffy and Giles left the kitchen to give them some privacy. Buffy was quite shook up over what she had just seen. Spike was the toughest guy/vampire she'd ever met. Hell, he'd survived the Initiative in one piece.Angelus must have done or said something pretty bad too stir him up like that. What confused her though, was Xanders quiet acceptance of it. Like he was used to doing that. What the hell could be so bad that it would scare a 130 year old master vampire? Buffy was going to find out.

"I'm going to see Angelus."

"No. I don't think that is very wise."

"But what he did to Spike, Giles did you see his shirt? It was torn."

"I know. But you aren't strong enough right now. Leave him be."

"Fine. I'm going to call Janices' and check on Dawn. I'll see if she can stay there again tonight."

"Good idea. I don't think it would be wise to have her around here right now."

In the kitchen Xander continued to hold and rock Spike as he tried to calm them both. He knew that the vampire could sense his anger and frustration and it wasn't helping. He needed to get Spike somewhere more private, home would be good but with it being light out they were stuck.

"Come on, lets go lay down together. Okay love?"

Spike merely nodded and allowed Xander to lead him from the kitchen. As they entered the living room Xander told Giles that he was taking Spike up to the spare room and would he please see that they weren't disturbed.

About fifteen minutes later Cordelia and Wesley showed up. The pair looked as though they hadn't slept well at all. Giles made them all some tea and briefly explained that yes, Angelus was indeed in control of the body now, but was still restrained in the tub. Giles told them that he had somehow gotten a hold of Spike and that Xander and Spike were ensconced in the spare room and didn't want to be disturbed.

Giles decided that it would be in everyones best interest if they stored Ethan somewhere out of sight as well, as his presence was a constant reminder of their weakened state.

After making sure he was still tied securely and placing a gag in his mouth, Wesley and Giles lifted the chair with the passed out wizard in it and began carrying it to Giles bedroom. As they passed Buffy, Ethans head lolled back and she saw the two distinct puncture wounds on his neck. She knew they hadn't been there last night.

"What the hell is that?!"


"He's been bitten! Who bit him? Cause I'm thinking there are two vampires in this house, one of which is chained in the tub. So tell me, Giles. How the hell did Spike bite Ethan?"

"I will answer your questions just as soon as I get him put away upstairs."

Giles and Wesley continued their journey to his bedroom. Once inside they set the chair in the far corner and then left. Giles was hoping to let Xander and Spike tell the others about the chip but it looked like it was up to him now. Two sets of angry female eyes set on him as he entered the room.

"What are you glaring at me for? I'm not the one who de-chipped him."

"Who did? Was it Xander?"

"Yes Buffy, it was. I don't know why, he only said he had his reasons and they were personal."

"But he could kill us all now."

"He won't. He actually likes us it seems. He loves Xander and to kill any of us would hurt him. He said we were all safe from him."

Cordelia interuppted before Buffy could speak again.

"Well, that's all lovely for you guys but what about Wesley and me? He doesn't like us."

"Actually, it would seem you earned his respect by torturing Ethan. He's quite impressed. He also said he wouldn't hurt either of you as well."

"And you believe him?"

"Yes Cordelia, I do."

"Okay. But if he kills me? I'm so haunting you!"

The others couldn't help but chuckle at her statement. Cordy just glared at them.

"What? I was serious! I can and will do it. Just ask Dennis."

Part Thirty-Two

By the time Willow and Tara got there, everyone had pretty much accepted the fact that Spike was able to hurt them but wouldn't. Giles had explained his part in Ethans being bitten, namely that he had told Spike to do it. Buffy was shocked at Giles actions but she could understand his reason for doing it. Ethan and Dru had violated them, stripping them of their powers and leaving them in a weakened state. She likely would have told Spike to bite him as well.

"Wh - where are Xander and Sp - Spike?"

Everyone turned to look at Tara but it was Giles who answered her.

"They are in the spare room, there was a bit of an incident earlier, with Angelus."

"Oh. Is - is everyone okay?"

"I'm sure they're fine, just a bit shook up is all."

Tara and Willow joined the others, sitting down with a cup of tea. Tara was curious to know if they had gotten any information from Ethan but since she didn't see him she assumed they hadn't. She figured it would be all up to her so she swallowed her fear of addressing large groups, squeezed Willows' hand for support and spoke.

"I have something to tell you all."

As Tara explained about her medallion, and why she was unaffected by Drusillas' spell the others listened in silence. When she finished, explaining that if her assumptions were correct, their only hope was Angel or Spike. Giles began polishing his glasses as he spoke.

"We were told the same thing by Ethan, after Cordelia and Wesley er.... persuaded him to talk. Only he never mentioned Spike, only Angel. Why do you believe that Spike could undo the spell?"

"Because Dru was his sire, they have a blood conection. Angel would be a better choice as her sire, but I think, with a bit of help, Spike could do it as well. I'm just not sure he will. I mean, he's made it pretty obvious that he doesn't like any of us, so why would he?"

The group couldn't help but smile. They were sure that Spike would help them, even if he hadn't admitted to liking them, he loved Xander so he would do it for him if nothing else. Buffy jumped up and hugged Tara.

"Thank you thank you thank you! Don't worry about Spike he'll help."

"Um, you - you can't beat him into helping us this time, Buffy. You aren't strong like that anymore."

Tara ducked her head and blushed as Buffy gaped at her. Did she really come off as a violent person? As she thought about it she realized she did. Buffy smiled sheepishly and sat down.

"I wasn't going to hurt him. I just meant that you guys weren't here for the whole 'Spike has his bite back but isn't going to hurt us because he actually likes us' speach."

Both Willow and Tara shot up out of their seats. Willow practically bounced as she spoke.

"Spike is fixed? Who fixed him? How?"

"Yes, he is capable of violence toward humans again, Xander, and he used an electro magnet."

"An electro magnet? Of course! It's so simple it would have to work. I can't believe I didn't think of that! And I call myself a geek?!"

Everyone giggled at Willows outrage expression. It was a rather simple solution to a very complex problem, no wonder they hadn't thought of it. Although, none of them were sure they would have done it even if they had figured it out.

"Can we go see Spike? I want to ask him if he will help us."

"Actually, Xander asked that they not be disturbed. Spike was rather..... upset."

While everyone else was downstairs discussing the spell and whether or not they could teach Spike to cast, the vampire himself was lying in bed being held by the only person in the world who made him feel safe. Even with Angelus just down the hall, Spike was content as long as Xander was holding him.

"What did he do to you Spike?"

"I don't want to talk about it, kay pet?"

"No, but I'll drop it for now. I just wanted to know what I'm hurting him for, not that I really need details. He hurt you, I hurt him."

Spike couldn't help the warm glow he felt, Xander wanted to take on Angelus' for him. He held his lover tightly, if Xander wanted the truth he would tell him, it was the least he could do.

"He told me that he owned me, now that Dru's gone. That he wanted to hurt me..... rape me."

The last part was whispered so softly, Xander almost missed it, but not quite.

"I'll kill him!"

Xander leapt from the bed and stormed out of the room. Spike followed, bare chested as his shirt had been torn. Xander walked straight to the weapons cabinet withdrew a crossbow and a water pistol and went straight back upstairs. Spike slumped on the sofa, unable to bring himself to follow, he wasn't ready to face Angelus again, not yet.

Tara got up and quietly followed Xander, Wesley and Cordelia behind her. Willow went to Spike and gently tugged him into her arms. She stroked his head in a soothing fashion as she told him not to worry about Xander, that he wouldn't do anything rash. Spike was too stunned by Willows gentle touch to respond. Besides, they had no idea what he had been through, what Angelus had said to him, to understand why Xander was acting the way he was. Spike was content to just allow the witch to hold him, he'd always liked her.

As Xander slammed into the bathroom Angelus turned to address him, a bored expression on his face.

"Well well, if it isn't the do-nut boy. Come to yell at me for upsetting your little fuck-toy?"

Xander answered him by squirting him in the face with holy water. He then raised the crossbow and aimed it at the vampires chest as Angelus howled in pain. When the vampire quieted, he spoke.

"Spike, is not my fuck-toy. He is my friend, my lover, and my claimant. I will not allow you to hurt him again. You're damn lucky that I like Wesley, and that I don't want him to suffer. Otherwise? Soul or not, I'd have dusted you. I don't like you, I've never liked you. Come near him again, and I will dust you. You got that deadboy?"

When Angelus remained silent, Xander fired the bolt at him. It stuck in the middle of his chest, just under the heart.

"I believe I asked you a question? Do you understand? Spike is mine! You will leave him alone or else."

Angelus glared at the boy but grunted an affirmative and gave a terse nod. Xander put down the bow and stepped forward. He raised the water pistol and aimed it at the vampire. He reached for the bolt.

"No funny stuff, or the bolt stays in."

Xander grabbed the bolt and twisted it hard as he pulled it free. Angelus screamed in pain, it was most satisfying. Xander examined the bolt.

"I think I'm gonna keep this, souvenir you know. Maybe I'll hang it on my living room wall. Makes a nice conversation piece"

That said, Xander walked out of the room, past a shocked Tara, an impressed Cordelia and a very upset Wesley. Xander stopped in front of Wesley and rested a hand on his shoulder.

"I didn't do anything permanent. He'll be fine, eventually."

"I - I understand. Thank you Xander."

"Don't thank me, I still might kill him. It's up to him now, he comes after Spike again...."

"I know, perhaps we should join the others in the living room. Tara thinks she has found a solution to part of our problem."

"Which part?"

"The first spell, the one that bound our magics, and weakened Buffy."

Xander nodded and followed Wesley back to the living room. He couldn't help the smile that crossed his face when he saw that Willow was cradling his lover to her chest and whispering soothing words in his ear. If she weren't gay, and very much in love with Tara, he would have been jealous.

Part Thirty-Three

Xander sat down next to Spike and Willow looked at him with concern in her eyes. Xander merely shook his head and frowned at her. She knew better than to push him for information, but she was worried about him, and Spike as well. Spike shifted from Willows embrace and sat up. He was done acting like a soppy git in front of these people. He needed to at least act like he was okay.

"So, you done torturing Angelus then?"

"For now. So long as he behaves himself."

Buffy asked the question everyone wanted to know, well everyone other than Wesley, Cordy and Tara.

"Xander, what did you do to him?"

"Gave him a face full holy water and shot him in the chest with a bolt."

Spike sat up a little straighter and looked at Xander with awe. The man never ceased to amaze him, he acted like it was nothing, but the firm squeeze he gave Spikes' hand told the vampire otherwise. It told him that he would have done anything he had to in order to make Spike feel better, to make him feel safe.


"Not now, Buffy. I had my reasons, that's all I'm going to tell you. Besides, don't we have more important things to discuss other than Angelus? Like how Tara thinks she can break this spell for instance?"

Tara filled Spike and Xander in on the details, namely that Spike was going to have to be the one to cast the reversal spell. It was decided that they would do it the following evening to give them time to gather all the needed supplies as well as train Spike.

Xander got up and went to Giles bedroom, he returned with a shirt which he handed to his lover. He didn't like all the attention that Spikes' bare chest was drawing. Spike gave Xander a knowing look but he put the shirt on anyway. After all, he wasn't exactly comfortable with all the attention either. Although it was kinda cute the way the witches kept sneaking looks at him and blushing.

Everyone decided to go back to their own place or hotel to rest now that they had a plan to work with. Xander invited Tara and Willow to drop by that evening to train with Spike. Eventually the only ones left in the apartment other than the captives were Giles, Buffy, Xander and Spike. Giles sent Buffy to lay down in the spare bedroom before ushering Spike and Xander into the kitchen.

"I er, I wanted to say something to the two of you."

Xander and Spike exchanged a worried glance. Xander set his jaw and looked the older man right in the eye.

"Alright. Go ahead."

Giles took a deep breath, pulled off his glasses and began to wipe them with his shirt tail. The gesture only made Spike and Xander that much more tense. If the man was polishing his glasses it couldn't be good news.

"I think I have some idea of what has being going on between the two of you. Now before you interrupt, I haven't said anything about my suspicions to any one else. I assume this is a personal matter and I will treat it as such. Just know that if you need anything I'm here for you, both of you."

"What is it you think you know watcher?"

"I suspect Spike, that you were attacked by humans, raped by humans. That Xander helped you, and that the two of you have been together since. I also assume that is the reason Xander incopasitated your chip. Am I correct?"

Xander gaped and Spiked growled. Giles raised a hand to the vampire.

"I understand this is something you would like kept from the councils files, and I have no intention of telling them."


"Xander? The boys in the park, were they the ones?"


"Who shot that boy? Was it you?"

"Yes. There was a struggle. The gun went off."

"Yes I understand that. Were they the only ones?"


Giles was getting a bit tired of 'yes' and 'no' answers.

"Xander please! How many others?"

"Two others, they ran off after the gun fired. I haven't seen them since. Lucky for them."

Giles could see the threat in the young mans eyes, it was obvious that what he felt for the vampire was genuine, that this struck a nerve with the boy. He wondered if Xander had been through something similar and that was why he and Spike had .... bonded. He could also see that this was not the time to persue this topic.

"Alright then, you two should get some rest. Go home, sleep."

"Sure thing Giles. See you later on tonight."


"Well yeah, someone still has to patrol right?"

"Of course. What with all the drama, I had forgotten."

Xander and Spike left, taking the tunnels back to their apartment. Giles looked in on Angelus, who seemed to be sleeping and then went to lay down himself. As he stepped into his room he remembered that they had stashed Ethan in there earlier. With a heavy sigh, he made his way back down stairs and flopped onto the sofa where he tried to sleep.

Willow and Tara went back to the dorm and crwled into bed. Neither girl had slept well the night before. They lay together curled up under the blankets. Tara got an evil gleam in her eye and whispered to her lover.

"So, you and Spike looked pretty cosey earlier. Something I should know?"

Willow lurched up into a sitting position and looked down at her girlfriend, who looked up at her with innocent eyes.

"No! I mean it's Spike. You know, grrrr vampire. And so what if he has really nice skin , or that he has all those amazing muscles and his hair is really soft even though he bleaches it and he looks like some marble statue of a greek God come to life. Oh Goddess, I'm gonna shut up now. I love you honey, you know that right?"

Tara took pity on her lover and smiled up at her.

"Of course I do, and just because I'm not attracted to men doesn't mean I don't see how good looking Spike is. I mean, did you see his chest? Wow. Xander sure is one lucky guy."

Willow looked at Tara and saw the tiny mischevious smile on her face.

"Why, Tara! If I didn't know better, I'd say you played me."

Tara just smiled at Willow and pulled her into her arms.

"Sleep love, we have alot of work to do tonight."

Part Thirty-Four

Spike was quiet the entire walk back to the apartment, Xander knew his lover was still upset over the incident with Angelus earlier and Giles finding out their secret wasn't helping matters. He wished that the entire world could just be put on hold so he could spend time with Spike alone. Unfortunately, they had spells to break and patrols to do. Sleep would be good as well.

Spike aparently had other ideas. No sooner were they in the door when Xander found himself being pressed into the door with soft lips attached to his neck. He couldn't supress the moan that escaped his mouth as Spike kissed and licked at his mark. It was a very erotic feeling, Xander had no idea that a bite could be so pleasurable. It was no wonder Buffy had a thing for vamps.

"God yes, Spike that feels so good."

"Want you luv, want to be in you. Can I?"


Spike Continued his oral assult on Xanders neck as they stumbled toward the bedroom. It was a good thing they both knew how to get around the apartment with their eyes closed as they were too wrapped up in each other to pay attention to anything as trivial as watching where they were going.

When they reached the bedroom Spike began undressing Xander with trembling hands. It was taking all his control not to simply shred the offending garments. Xander returned the gesture, undressing Spike as quick as he could while taking time to touch and kiss each new piece of flesh as it was revealed.

By the time the last articles of clothing were removed, both men were kissing and touching with wild abandon. How they managed to actually get to the bed was beyond them. Xander pulled Spike down on top of him and began thrusting upward in desperation. Spike got caught up in the rythem and gave himself over to it. Within moments the apartment rang with the sounds of their passion as each found release simultaneously.

Spike collapsed on top of Xander as strong arms wrapped around him. He nuzzled into the crook of his lovers neck and licked over his mark once more. He felt Xander shudder beneath him.

"Keep that up, and sleep will be a long way off."

"Told you luv, I want to be in you."


Spike crushed his lips to Xanders and drew him into a slow, sweet kiss.

"Did I tell you how hot you looked storming off to defend me, pet? How I wanted to throw myself at you right there in the watchers front room?"

Xander moaned and made an incomprehensible sound.

"No? Did I forget to tell you that I got hard just hearing what you did to him? What you did to him for me? Made me want to climb onto your lap and impale myself, ride you hard and fast. Make you scream for me."

Spike lifted Xanders legs as he teased him with his words, he ran his fingers over his puckered entrance. Xander thrust back toward the questing digit. Spike grabbed up the lube from the table beside the bed and slowly began to prepare Xander for entry.

Xander was going insane. He couldn't believe how turned on he was getting by Spikes words. Then when he started touching him, so damn gently, he was ready to scream. He wanted Spike to hurry, to get inside him.


"Yeah luv? You want something?"

"You. Fuck me, Spike. Now. Please?"

"No, not gonna fuck you Xan. I'm going to make love to you."

Spike withdrew his fingers and positioned his shaft at Xanders opening. He slowly pressed forward as the man beneath him wrapped his legs around his waist and drew him closer. Once fully sheathed Spike stilled. He looked Xander in the eye and spoke.

"I do love you Xander. I want you, for as long as I can have you. How long that is, is up to you. But think about an eternity of feeling me inside you, filling you, loving you. Think about an eternity of me enveloping you, taking you into myself, feeling your heat warm me from the inside. That's how much I want you Xander, that's how much I love you."

Spike slowly withdrew and then pushed forward again. Xander stared at his lover with wide eyes that reflected love and desire. He pulled Spikes head down and kissed him passionately, as the vampire quickened his pace. He could feel the orgasm building within himself he wanted to hold back forever, just live in this moment, where he knew without a doubt that his life was complete. But his body could not stand the assult from his lover, as his climax was ripped from his body, Xander cried out.

"Spike! God yes, forever yours, always. Please!"

And then Spike was pounding into him lost in his own climax, he reared his head back and howled, yellow eyes wide and vacant. Xander felt the razor sharp teeth in his neck before he realized the vampire had moved. He was overwhelmed with sensation as Spike marked him again.

Spike withdrew his fangs from Xanders neck and punctured his own wrist. He held it out toward Xander who suckled at it without question. He knew sharing blood was the most intimate of acts for a vampire and the fact that Spike wanted to share this with him was further proof of his love.

Xander let his head fall back on the pillow with a satified smile on his face. Spike curled himself around Xander, layed his head on the mortals chest and began purring. The last thing he felt was the touch of his lovers lips on the top of his head before he drifted off into a deep contented sleep. Xander wasn't far behind him.

Part Thirty-Five

Xander was woken to the sound of knocking on his front door. He slipped out from under Spike and pulled on a pair of sweat pants before padding to the door. He opened it to find two witches bearing gifts. Gifts of the pizza and beer variety. They were very welcome to come in.

Xander relieved the girls of their burdens and ushered them inside. He took the food and beverages into the kitchen and got plates and glasses out while Willow and Tara made themselves comfortable in the living room.

Spike heard the girls come in and decided he should get up as well. Without realizing it he dressed himself similar to Xander, just pulling on a pair of sweats and stumbling out into the brightly lit hallway. He made his way into the kitchen rubbing the sleep from his eyes and kissed his lover gently on the mouth. He didn't realize the two women were watching them.

Willow and Tara watched as the two half-naked men embraced, they were both too shocked for words. They were beautiful together, Xander was so dark against Spikes pale skin. The contrast between them only added to their beauty. Willow wished she had a camera, and that vampires could be photographed.

Eventually the men parted and Xander returned to his task of loading pizza onto plates while Spike heated his blood and snagged a slice for dipping. He sniffed it carefully and then called out.

"No garlic?"

Willow smiled.

"Of course not! Would we bring garlic into your home Spike? That wouldn't be very friendly of us now would it?"

"Sorry pet, shoulda known you birds were better than that."

Spike had a goofy grin on his face, Willow had just referred to this place as his home. He knew it was, and Xander had made it very clear to him that it was as well, but it was something else to hear it from someone else, someone who wasn't his lover.

Xander slipped his arms around Spikes waist and rested his chin on his shoulder. He gave Spike a gentle squeeze.

"Come in and eat with the rest of us, we don't bite."

Spike quirked an eyebrow at Xander.

"Alright, they don't bite. And I promise I won't unless you ask me to."

Spike groaned at the idea of Xander biting him, sinking his teeth through his flesh, tasting his very essence. He grew hard just thinking about it.

"Well I can't now! Got me bloody hard just thinkin' about it!"

"Mmm, we could.... go get some shirts on?"

Spike gave Xander a puzzled look and then the lightbulb went off.

"Right! Shirts. You tell the chits I'll be in the bedroom."

Xander carried two of the plates into the living room along with two glasses of pop. Tara looked up at him and smiled.

"Where did Spike go?"

"He went to get dressed, if you'll excuse me ladies I'll go and do the same."

Xander practicaly ran from the room. He rushed through the bedroom door and was immediately tackled to the bed. Spike wasted no time in pulling Xanders sweats down and climbing onto his lap. He straddled his lover and slowly sank down on Xanders hard shaft. Xander looked up at him in a mix of lust and fear.

"No worries pet, got meself ready while you talked to Red and Glinda."

Xander smiled, now that he knew Spike wasn't going to be hurt by this he thrust up into the wonderful coolness of his lovers body. Spike moaned and rolled his hips until he had just the right angle before pulling up again.

Xander bent his legs up to give Spike something to hold on to and braced himself as the vampire rode him hard and fast. He was reminded of what Spike had said earlier. About wanting to do this at Giles place, it just made him harder, more desperate for release.

Xander reached out and wrapped his hand around the marble column of flesh in front of him. Spike faltered his pace for a second but quickly adjusted to the new sensation.

"So close luv, gonna cum. Cum with me Xan."

"Yes Spike! God harder, now! Uuuunnnggghhhh"

Spike released his cool seed across Xanders hand and and he felt it drip down onto his abdomen. He felt Spikes muscles clench around his shaft and he was gone. He spilled himself inside of Spike, marvelling once again at how his seed felt so hot against the coolness that surrounded him. Xander pulled Spike down to him and kissed him.

Xander was content to just lay there with Spike sprawled across his chest, but Spike chose that particular moment to bring the world crashing back around them.

"You think the girls know what we were just doing?"

Spike chuckled as he felt Xander tense up underneath him, he could hear the boys heart beat increase as well. Then Xander just relaxed and held Spike a little tighter. He kissed him softly and smiled at his lovers look of confusion.

"I don't care. I love you. If I want to sneak off and have sex with my lover in our home then I'm allowed too."

"True. But the witches are here to do spells, and I don't think this is the kind of "spell" they had in mind."

"Is that a complaint?"

"Never. But we should get up and entertain our guests. Though I suppose we could ask 'em to watch, that'd be quite entertaining I'd reckon."

Xander giggled at the thought of Willow and tara watching them. It was so ludicrus, two lesbians watching a couple of men have sex.

"Come on blondie, lets go learn you some spells."

"Learn me some....? Bloody hell Xander, is that the way they teach you to speak in American public schools? No wonder the place is going to hell."

Xander just laughed as he wiped himself down and got dressed. Spike followed suit and they headed back out to greet the girls.

Part Thirty-Six

Out in the living room Willow and Tara sat and ate their pizza and tried to ignore the sounds coming from the bedroom. It wasn't easy with them being so loud.

"Maybe we should turn the TV on?"

"Good idea. Let's do that."

Tara turned on the TV and they tried to focus on what Ross and Rachel were arguing about instead of the fact that Spike and Xander were having sex in the next room.

"Do you think Spike will be able to do this?"

"I'm sure he will. He spent a century with Drusilla didn't he? He must have picked up a few things about magic."

"Yeah, I guess. I'm just scared that I'll never get my power back."

"Oh, honey. Don't be scared, I promise you'll get better."

"Thanks Tara. You always know just what to say."

Willow gently kissed her girlfriend, but it turned into something a bit more than an innocent kiss. They pulled apart both flush and panting.

"This isn't a good time for this."

"No, it isn't."

They both leaned in and began kissing again. They were so lost in the moment they didn't hear the bedroom door open or the sound of footsteps walking toward them.

Spike and Xander took a moment to appreciate the view in front of them before retreating to the kitchen. They made sure to make enough noise that the girls would hear them. They didn't want to embarrass them at having been caught. Spike reheated his blood while Xander grabbed some pizza for them both and open a couple beers.

Spike grimaced at the tast of the pigs blood, it was bad enough in the first place but reheated pigs blood was horrid. He gulped it down quickly and then bit into a slice of pizza to get the foul taste out of his mouth. Xander gave him an understand smile and pulled him toward him.

"When we patrol tonight, we'll see if we can't find some low-life scum you can syphon a couple pints from, okay?"

"Thanks pet. You know I still can't get over the fact that I'm whole again. That you did that for me."

"Told you, I love you."

"Yeah pet, I know. I love you too. Let's get on with this then. I need to go kick some some ass."

The spell session lasted for just over two hours. Spike picked up on things rather quickly, it turned out he did have some remedial skills in casting. By the time they finished both girls were confidant that Spike would be able to perform the spell the following evening. The foursome headed over to Giles to team up for patrol.

On the walk over Spike dropped back and waited for Xander to fall into step with him. Once they were far enough behind the girls he put his hand in Xanders and gave it a squeeze.

"You think Rupert will keep his mouth shut?"


"About.... earlier. In the kitchen?'

"Oh, yeah. He won't say anything. I'm sure of it. But I won't be surprised if he wants to talk about it somemore."

"I'm not discussing this. Period."

"Not you. Me. I think he's starting to figure a few things out."

"Oh. Xan?"


"Have the cops found out about the other night yet?"

"Don't think so. My mom won't be back for a couple of days yet."

"You want she should find them like that?"

"Yes. I do. She knew, Spike. She knew and she didn't stop it. Let her find them."

"Right then. Let's catch up to the girls."

Xander and Spike quickened their pace untill they were beside Willow and Tara. The four of them made small talk until they reached the apartment complex. Willow opened the door and they filed inside.

Inside the apartment all hell was breaking lose. Buffy insisted that she be allowed to patrol, that Cordy and Wesley stay behind and that just because she was without her strength didn't mean she wasn't still the slayer.

Cordelia and Wesley were both protesting being treated like children. They informed Buffy, none too quietly that they regulary helped Angel to take out demons in LA and they would not remain behind.

It wasn't helping that Angelus was shouting from the bathroom about how useless they actually were and they were in the way more often than not. Incited that the only reason soul-boy kept them around was because Cordy had the visions and was a pretty face to present to the clientelle, and that Wesley was good at research and a half decent lay.

Ethan was hollering about mistreatment and how not once did anyone offer him food, drink or a trip to the facilities. Giles stood in the middle of the room, his jaw clenched, his eyes squeezed shut and he was polishing his glasses so hard he had popped the lens out.

Xander and Spike looked at each other, then at the girls, and they backed quietly out of the apartment. As the door closed they let out a collective breath.

"Well, that was intense."

"You said it Wills, I don't think I've ever seen Giles so upset before."

"Well I for one am NOT goin' back in there. Come on luv, we'll go patrol and leave those tossers to sort themselves out."

It was Tara who offered a solution.

"I could silence them? I know a spell."

The other three nodded approval and they reluctantly entered the apartment again.

Part Thirty-Seven

Once inside Tara waved her hand around the room and uttered a quiet incantation. The apartment fell into complete silence and everyone began looking around frantically. Tara touched Willows shoulder and whispered something to release her from the spell. She then repeated the process on Spike and Xander.

The four of them, being the only ones capable of speech began telling the others to sit down and to pay attention. Tara released Giles from the spell as soon as she was able to make her way across the room to him. He smiled up at her from the chair he was sitting in.

"Thank you. I think if I'd had to endure another moment of that I may well have slaughtered the lot of them."

Tara smiled fondly at him and handed him the missing lens to his glasses.

"I think you may have lost this."

Giles accepted the lens and shook his head in exasperation as she walked back toward Willow. The silence was a blessed relief from the earlier chaos, but he knew it was only a temporary reprieve. He could see the others glaring at each other. He needed to take control of the situation before they were able to speak again. Although, he'd be quite happy if Ethan and Angelus never spoke again. Damn vampire was NOT helping matters.

"Alright, here is how this is going to go. Wesley and Cordelia will patrol together, as will Buffy and I, and Xander and Spike. Tara and Willow will remain here to watch after Angelus and Ethan and also to finish preparations for tomorrow. Is that understood? Please nod if you are unable to answer."

Spike, Xander, Willow and Tara all answered vocally while the others nodded, reluctantly in Buffys' case. Giles smiled at Tara.

"I think you can release them now."

Tara set about the room releasing each person individually. She could have done them all at once but it would have released Angelus and Ethan as well, and seeing as how Willow and her would be there by themselves she wanted them to remain silent.

"Well I would just like to voice my opinion....."

"Enough Buffy! We all heard your opinion. It's settled, we go out in pairs."

"But Giles."

"I said it's settled."

Spike could see that Buffy wasn't going to let this go so he decided to help her change her mind. He darted across the room and had Buffy against the wall, hand around her throat and squeezing before she even saw him move. She looked at him with wide panic-stricken eyes, and just as he was about to release her he felt the sharp point of a stake in his back.

"Drop her Bleach boy."

Cordelia Chase had a stake at his back and a gleam in her eye. Spike swallowed and slowly lowered the slayer until her feet were on the floor once again.

"No need to do anything rash there, luv. Wasn't goin' to hurt her, just proving a point."

Cordy lowered the stake and smiled at Buffy,

"So was I."

Xander let out the breath he was holding as he stood behind Cordy, ready to defend his lover from his ex-girlfriend.

"Don't threaten my lover again Cordelia."

"Oh chill, Xander. It's not like I'd actually stake the guy over Buffy. Sheesh!"

"See slayer, you do need back up. I'm not at full strength, and I could have killed you just then. Let the watcher go with you. Let the man do his job."

"Fine. But this is so not over between us, Spike."

Giles hung his head and pinched the bridge of his nose. He wondered when his life became such a mess. Vampires in his bath tub, Chaos wizard in his bedroom, witches everywhere and the head of the Sunnydale High cheerleader squad threatening a master vampire with a stake in his living room. Oh yes, of course. It was when he was appointed Buffy Summers' watcher.

"If we are finished with the theatrics, may we go now?"

The group loaded up on weapons and filed out into the night. Willow and Tara sat down at the table and began going over the list of spell components they would need.

Once outside the three teams split up and headed out to patrol their section of town. Spike and Xander volunteered to patrol the worst parts of Sunnydale as Spike was alot stronger than the slayer was at the moment. Buffy wasn't happy about it but she did understand why he was the better choice. Not that she would admit it.

Patrol was actually slow that night, there was a surprising lack of vampires and no other demons were seen at all. Buffy and Giles had gotten exactly two vampires, one each. Cordelia and Wesley had gotten three. The former cheerleader dusted one while the ex-watcher got the other two. Spike and Xander fared better than the rest with a total of five. Mostly because their patrol route went directly near Willy's. Spike had even managed to find a mugger to snack on. The not killing wasn't so bad, at least he was feeding again.

Xander was so happy that Spike hadn't killed the mugger that he decided to reward him for his behaviour, after all he wanted him to continue with the non killing. He waited until they were passing a dark alley, as soon as Spike gave the all clear Xander pushed him into the alley and up against the wall.

"Hey, now. What's all this then?"

"Shhh. Want you."

Xander plundered Spikes mouth, kissing him with as much force as he could muster. Once Spike relaxed into the kiss and Xander was sure he had control of the vampire he deftly undid Spikes' jeans. He took the vampires semi-erect cock into his hand and began stroking it lightly. Spike moaned into the kiss and thrust against the warm hand enclosed around his shaft.

Xander used his other hand to get himself out as well. He took both their cocks in hand and began stroking once again. As he was doing this, an evil thought occured to him. He smiled into the kiss before changing tactics.

Spike felt Xander pull away from his mouth and whimpered, he wanted that sweet hot mouth back. As he felt Xanders warm breath gusting across his throat he decided this was good as well. Then Xander bit him, hard. Spike howled and shifted to game face. That was exactly what Xander wanted.

Xander lifted his head and looked into Spikes yellow eyes.

"Don't change back."

Spike opened his mouth to reply but before he could utter a word Xander was kissing him again. He felt the first tentative touch of his lovers warm tongue on his teeth and shuddered.

Xander lightly ran his tongue all over Spikes sensitive teeth, he wrapped his tongue around one of Spikes fangs and sucked. The vampire bucked hard into his hand. Xander wrapped his other hand around their cocks and did it again. Spike began thrusting wildly as Xander repeated the process on his other fang.

Xander was almost as worked up as Spike was. The feel of those razor sharp teeth under his tongue, the fact that he could hold such power over this fierce and deadly creature was almost his undoing. He nicked his tongue against the vampires fang and sped up his hands as he sucked fiercely. He could taste his own blood in Spikes mouth and it only excited him more.

At the tast of Xanders blood, Spike was gone. He came with a howl, shuddering and shaking against his human. He knew Xander was close as well, he just needed a little push. With that in mind Spike pulled back from the kiss and dipped his head toward Xanders neck. Xander, wide eyed with passion, bared his throat to the vampire. He let loose a scream that would have frightened most demons as he felt Spikes fangs enter his throat as he spilled his seed.

Spike pulled back from Xander and licked his lips, he smiled and Xander could still see traces of his blood on Spikes fangs. He kissed him again and licked at the blood. Spike shuddered and began growing hard again. Spike eased Xander away from him and smiled.

"Time to go luv, we need to report back to the watcher and then I'm going to take you home and... take you."

Xander nodded enthusiasticly and did up his pants.

"Come on then, the faster we get back to Giles place, the faster we can go home."

"I do like the way you think, luv."

Xander and Spike practicly ran back to the apartment complex to check in with the others.

Part Thirty-Eight

When Spike and Xander arrived the others had already returned. They gave their report to Giles and were headed out the door when they were intercepted by Buffy.

"Where do you think you two are going?"

"Uh, home, Buff. Why?"

"Home? Uh uh. No way! Xander, it is your turn to stay with Giles tonight. I'm going home."

"But ... Aw man! This sucks!"

Xander could tell that Spike was just as disappointed as he was. They had plans. Plans that involved being naked, sweaty, and maybe even covered in chocolate sauce. Xander was just getting a good pout going when Wesley approached.

"If you would rather not stay, I will. I mean, it's no secret that Spike and Angelus have... history. Perhaps it would be better if they were not forced to be around one another right now."

Xander was so happy he could have kissed Wesley, actually he did and just hadn't realized until he heard Spike growl.

"Oops. Sorry about that Wes, just ... thank you! Thank you so much. Come on Spike. We are so out of here."

Xander Dragged Spike out the door and toward their apartment. Wesley turned back and saw that everyone was staring at him in shock.

"What? Did I do something wrong, or would you rather put up with watching those two groping each other all night?"

Cordelia started to laugh at the bewildered expressions on the others faces.

"I think it's because Xander just kissed you. That and the fact that Spike let you live."

"Oh. Well I can't say it was expected or even wanted, but it happened. Get over it. Now I suggest that we all try to get some sleep tonight. Tomorrow will be stressful enough as it is."

The others filed out leaving Giles and Wesley alone to watch over their 'guests' for the night. At least they would still be silent as Tara was kind enough to leave the spell on them.

Giles looked over at Wesley who was slumped down on the sofa looking like a kicked puppy. He began polishing his glasses and sighed. He wanted to help the man, but how? It wasn't as if he approved of his relationship with the souled vampire, he couldn't. It was different with Xander and Spike. Spike was a souless demon, nothing to lose there. He had proved himself to be capable of love and commitment. Giles believed that Spike truely loved Xander, even if though their relationship had started out as victim and saviour.

Angel was a good man, however he was a horrible demon. The proof of that was shown when he tortured Giles, killed Jenny, and terrorized the children. He didn't trust the vampire, and he was proven right. The powers may have made his soul permanent, but it wasn't fool-proof. Drusilla had managed to bring Agelus to the fore, making the souls presence the weaker of the two identities and if they didn't find some way to break that spell the powers warrior would be forever trapped in his body with Angelus in charge.

"We will figure this out. Tomorrow after Spike performs the spell, we will have our abilities back and we will find away to restore Angel."

"Thank you Rupert. You must think I'm such a fool, getting involved with a vampire."

"It is none of my business who you are involved with. We cannot chose who we fall in love with, I have made greivous errors in that department myself."

Wesley looked up at the older English man.

"Was it the wizard? Ethan Rayne?"

"Yes, sadly I was not always the respectable British watcher. We were involved along time ago, when we were in our teens. I was a very different person then, wild, unrestained. We got into dark magics, raised demons, got wasted. Typical teenager stuff."

Giles smiled at Wesley and was relieved to see the man smile back at him.

"Thank you Rupert. I think I shall try to get some sleep now."

"Take the spare room, I shall sleep out here."

"Are you sure? I don't mind the sofa."

"It's fine, I was going to try to relax with a cup of tea and a book for a while anyway."

"Very well then, goodnight."

Giles put the kettle on for tea as Wesley went up to bed. He had no idea how they were going to help Angel, without the original spell they had no way to know how to counteract it. He only hoped that Willow and Tara had some ideas, because he was fresh out.

Cordelia went back to Buffy's house with the others. Since Dawn was staying at her friends house all weekend there was an extra bed and it was safer if they all stuck together. The four women were sitting around the table in the kitchen drinking hot chocolate. Buffy started to giggle and the others looked at her strangely.


"Why are you laughing Buffy?"

"I was just thinking, I mean how strange is this? Both me and Cordy's ex's are getting it on with men."

Cordelia snorted.

"At least your ex is a vamp. I mean they're known for having no sexual preference. Xander is human, and was very much straight when I dated him."

Willow grinned and started bouncing in her chair.

"Oooo, and don't forget about Wesley. Didn't you guys have a thing for each other back in highschool?"

Cordelia mock-glared at Willow, and Buffy started laughing harder.

"Maybe it's Cordy? She turns the men-folk gay."

"Hey! I do NOT make men GAY! If anything, I'm so irrisistable I ruin them for other women."

Cordelia grinned and they all burst out laughing. It was good to lighten the mood, things were too serious at the moment. When the laughter died down Cordy frowned and asked the others what they thought about Spike and Xander as a couple.

"I don't know, they seem to be in love. I know, me being the slayer and all I should stake Spike for Xanders own good but he's not a normal vampire. He loved me once, I remember how that felt. I know he won't let anything or anyone hurt Xander so I'm okay with it."

Tara and Willow smiled at each other, they both were remembering the sweet kiss they saw them exchange in the kitchen at their apartment.

"Yeah, and you should see them together, I mean wow. I didn't know Spike could look so hot in sweatpants."

"Willow! Aren't you gay now? And when did you see Spike in sweatpants?"

"Earlier, Tara and I went to Xander and Spikes to teach him how to cast. They had just woken up and they were both wearing nothing but sweatpants. They kissed in the kitchen, it was so sweet I wished I had a camera."

Buffy and Cordy were looking at the other two with curiosity.

"Sweet? Somehow I just can't picture Spike, 'Mr. torture my boss with hot pokers' doing anything sweet. Sexy? Hell yes, but sweet?"

They laughed again. Buffy shook her head.

"What do you suppose they're doing right now?"

Willow and Tara giggled. They had a very good idea of what they were doing, and they had the soundtrack of it running through their heads. Cordy gave Buffy a 'duh' look and patted her on the shoulder.

"What do you think they're doing Buffy? They tore out of Giles place like the devil himself was after them. I bet they didn't even make it home before they were all over each other."

The girls were all picturing Spike and Xander together and smiled. It was a nice visual after all.

Part Thirty-Nine

About half way home Spike pulled Xander into a dark alley and pressed him against the wall. Xander closed his eyes, he could feel the weight of the vampires body against him from the chest all the way down. It was exciting, but different from usual. Something was off about the way Spike was holding him there. He opened his eyes to see the yellow eyes of a demon staring at him. He swallowed hard and reached out to trace the pattern of his lovers scar with his fingertips.

Spike was angry, he didn't want to be but he could not hold back the feeling of rage that he felt seeing Xander kiss Wesley. He knew it was innocent and meant nothing but his demon was howling at the disrespectful actions of its intended mate. He needed to make the human understand that he belonged to him, no one else.

As Xander opened his eyes, Spike waited for the fear to assult his senses. It didn't come. Instead, he watched tranfixed as the man reached out to him, tracing lightly over his scarred eyebrow and across his brow ridges. As Xander continued to pet him, Spike was able to calm the demon within and get a better grip on himself.


The word was spoken with such love, such longing that Xander shuddered.

"Spike, what's wrong? You're so tense, so ... "


Spike growled and swooped in and kissed his love possessively. Xander gave himself over to the kiss and pulled Spike closer. When they parted Xander was gasping for breath and the only thing keeping him upright was the pressure of Spikes body holding him against the wall.

"Yours. Always yours."

Spikes lips were on his again, softer this time more of a kiss than a claim as the last one had been. Xander wasn't sure exactly what was going on in his lovers head, but he did know something was wrong. They needed to get this dealt with before it got worse. Xander pulled back from the kiss.

"Spike, talk to me. What's this all about?"

"You kissed the ex-watcher. I didn't like it."

Xander had the intelligence not to laugh at the jealous vampire even though he desperately wanted to.

"Spike. I don't want Wesley. Only you, always you. I'm yours, see this?"

Xander pulled his collar down and showed Spike his mark.

"This means that I'm yours. I asked for this mark, I wanted it. I want you. Please don't be angry at me, or Wes. I didn't mean to kiss him, I was just so happy that we didn't have to stay there. I wanted to be alone with you."

Spike smirked at Xander. Seeing his mark and hearing the boys words had gone a long way toward soothing his rage.

"Had plans for me, did you luv?"

"Oh yeah."

"What kind of plans? Tell me, what do you want to do to me?"

Xander swallowed and looked the vampire in the eye. He pulled him in and kissed him before whispering in his ear.

"I want to take you home, undress you, and lay you on the bed. I want to touch you, kiss you, taste you. I want to cover every inch of you in chocolate and lick it off your pale smooth skin."

Spike shuddered at the mental picture Xander was painting.

"What else?"

"Hmm, I want to drive you so insane that you beg for me to take you, I want to have you writhing beneath me as I slowly thrust into you. I want to hear you howl my name as I bring you off. I want to bite you, right here."

Xander leaned in and nipped at Spikes neck.

"Mark you as mine, just as I am yours. I want to taste your blood on my lips as I cum."

Spike growled and dragged Xander out of the alley and towards their apartment building, he wanted Xander to touch him that way, to bite him, mark him. It was all he could do not to cum in his pants listening to Xanders words, smelling his arousal, feeling his hardness pressed against him.

After a few blocks of dragging the boy, Spike gave in to his urges and scooped Xander up into arms before running towards home. Xander just laughed and held on tightly. He was just as eager to get home as Spike was.

Buffy showed Cordelia to her sisters room before heading off to bed. The past few days had been rough on her both physically and mentally. It was hard realizing that the one thing you thought you always wanted ~ to be normal ~ wasn't what you wanted after all. Buffy missed being the slayer, and all the responsibilities that went with the job.

The other thing that was bothering her was what had happened with Angel. Not so much the fact that he was with Wesley, it did freak her out some what but it was his admission about Giles that her thrown for a loop. Angelus had entertained sexual thoughts about her watcher. Buffy tried to convince herself that it was Angels feelings toward Giles that were bothering her, but she knew deep down it was her own confused emotions that were causing her to act out. She was mortified at the way she had behaved. Calling Angel a pervert and stomping off like a spoiled brat. She loved Angel, she always would but she knew now theirs was a doomed relationship from the start. He is a vampire and she is a slayer. It never would have lasted.

The real problem was her feelings toward Giles. At first she thought of him as her stuffy but likeable watcher. Those feelings eventually deepened into a platonic love for the man who was a mentor and a friend to her, but lately she had found herself thinking of him as a man, not a watcher, a mentor, or a friend. She admitted to herself that Xander was right back in highschool. What she needed was a man who knew who she was and what she did, and was okay with it. But was Giles that man?

Buffy groaned and pulled the pillow over her head. She was never going to get any sleep if she didn't stop thinking.

Part Forty

Spike barely stopped to lock the door behind them before carrying Xander into the bedroom and tossing him on the bed. He kept thinking about the things Xander had said, about wanting to bite him, to mark him. He couldn't remember ever being so turned on before. He stripped out of his clothes quickly and then stripped Xander as well. Once they were both naked Xander pulled Spike down ontop of him and then rolled them over.

This was exactly where he wanted to be. In bed with his lover. He wanted to be inside him now but he had said that he was going to make him beg to be taken. So with that in mind, Xander began gently touching every available inch of that pale smooth skin. He grazed his fingertips across one pale pink nipple and smiled when his lover gasped and arched into the touch. He wasn't sure who would give in to the need for more contact first but he was going to hold out for as long as he could. He loved the way Spike looked when he was like this. Naked, hard, glowing in the pale light of the moon. He was so sexy, panting for unneeded breath and shifting in and out of game-face.

Xander suddenly remembered something and stood up. Spikes eyes flew open when he felt Xander withdraw from the bed.

"Where are you going?"

"Forgot something. Stay there. Don't move."

Xander ran out of the bedroom. Spike waited, none to patiently for him to return. He didn't move but he wasn't happy. He was quite enjoying Xanders exploration of his body even though the slow pace and light touches were driving him insane.

"I got it!"

Xander bounded back into the room, one hand behind his back and smiled at Spike.

"Got what?"

Xander held up a bottle of choclate sauce.

"I told you I was going to cover you in chocolate and lick you clean."

Spikes eyes lit up in anticipation and he leered at his lover.

"Get on with it then."

Xander crawled back onto the bed and straddled the vampire. He pulled his hands up above his head and told Spike to hold onto the headboard and not to move. Spike did as asked and waited for Xander to start.

Xander sat back on his heels and studied the canvas before him. He couldn't decide where to start. After a few minutes of deliberation, and a warning growl from Spike, Xander uncapped the chocolate sauce and began drizzling it on Spikes chest.

The sauce was warm, that in itself was a treat as far as Spike was concerned. He could discern a pattern in what Xander was doing but he wasn't sure what it was.

Xander looked at his work and smiled. He knew Spike didn't have a clue what he had done but that was okay. He leaned down toward Spikes chest and began licking the first letter of chocolate away with his tongue.

Spike definately felt what Xanders tongue was doing. He payed rapt attention as every last trace of chocolate was cleaned from his chest. Once finished Xander sat up and smiled at him.

"I love you too."

"Figured it out did you?"


"Did you like it?"

"Yeah. Do it again?"

"Of course. There are still lots of places I haven't tasted yet."

Xander went back to his task of drizzling warm chocolate on his lovers skin and then licking it away. He rubbed the chocolate around each pale nipple before sucking them clean. He filled Spikes belly button and then scooped it out with his tongue. Of course he couldn't resist holding the vamires erect cock so that it stood uright and pouring the syrupy substance onto the tip, watching as it dripped down onto the smooth white skin of his shaft. He watched it pool in the coarse hair around the base before he began slowly cleaning it off with soft, short licks.

He bent Spikes knees up to his chest and drizzled the sweet liquid onto his balls, letting it run down across his perenium. He swooped in and stopped the flow just as it reached the entrance to the vampires body. Xander began lapping at the tiny pucker, making sure it was completely devoid of chocolate before working his way back up and cleaning the rest of his lover.

As much as he was enjoying the taste of his lover drenched in chocolate, he wanted to taste him without it. Xander put the bottle of sauce on the night stand and leaned in to kiss Spike.

Spike moaned happily as he was kissed by sticky sweet lips. He growled approvingly as he felt a slippery finger enter him, it was soon followed by another. By the time Xander had worked three fingers into him, Spike was begging to be taken. And just as Xander had said he would. he thrust into him slowly.

Spike was indeed writhing beneath Xander. Every stroke was a pure pleasure, he wanted it to last forever, but at the same time he was desperate for more. He tried to reach out, to touch Xander but his hands were returned to their previous position, gripping the headboard hard enough to break it.

Eventually, Xander began to increase his pace, he removed one of Spikes hands from the headboard and guided it to his own erection. He covered Spikes hand with his own as they began to pull Spike in tandem to Xanders thrusts.

Xander let go of Spike and began to pound him hard and fast. He leaned in and nudged the vampires head to the side, revieling the smooth expanse of his throat. He kissed the spot he wanted to mark and then sank his teeth in to the smooth silky skin. He drew a small amount of blood and then pulled back to look at his lover.

Spike was in complete game face, he almost came the minute Xanders teeth broke his skin but he wasn't ready for this to be over with yet. When he saw his love with blood on his lips, his blood, it was too much for him and he howled as he came. Xander mashed their lips together as he joined him.

Spent and exhausted, Xander lay sprawled across Spikes chest breathing in harsh bursts. Spike wrapped his arms around him and held him there. He began to purr softly and Xander lifted his head to look into his eyes.

"I love you."

"I know, I love you too."

"Spike. . ."

"Yes, pet?"

"About this Mating thing?"


"Can we do it soon? I mean if you still want to that is."

"I'd do it right now if I could luv. But we need things first, and we'll have to ask one of the witches to help."

"Oh. Uh, what kind of things? And why do we need Wills or Tara?"

"I'll explain later, but right now... I need a shower. Some one got chocolate sauce in my short hairs."

"Mmm, guess I should help you get cleaned up then shouldn't I?"

"Sounds like a bloody good plan to me luv."

Part Forty-One

The following evening they were all to meet at the old burnt out highschool. Tara thought it would be better to cast the reversal at the sight of the original spell. Her and Willow had gotten there first to set things up. When they came across Drusillas' ashes Tara was unsure of what to do.

"Sweety? Should we get rid of these? I mean I don't want Spike to get upset when he see them, this will hard enough for him as it is."

"Good idea, but we shouldn't just sweep them away, I mean he might want them... or something. Right?"

"Uh huh. I have a jar in my bag. We could put them in there and give them to him later."

"See? This is why I love you so much. You always have exactly what is needed."

Willow kissed her girlfriend and then the two of them scooped up Drusillas' remains into the empty jar. They went back to their task of setting things up for the spell. Not too long afterwards Giles, Wesley, Buffy and Cordelia joined them.

Xander and Spike were the last to arrive as they had to wait for sunset. The spell itself wouldn't take very long to perform but it had to be done right the first time, there was no second chance. If Spike screwed it up, they would be powerless for the rest of their lives. They didn't tell him that, or the others. Only Tara and Willow knew that little bit of information. They thought it would be best to keep it to themselves, no point in adding any pressure.

Spike took up his place in the circle and then closed it around himself. The others waited in absolute silence as he chanted the spell and lit the herbs. When the fire died out and the chanting stopped Spikes head snapped up and his eyes glowed white. A strong wind began to blow throughout the room, it wrapped around the vampire and then flew out in every direction knocking those affected by the spell to the floor.

Spike collapsed and Xander rushed toward him. Tara grabbed him and told him to stop. She explained that he couldn't enter the circle until it was broken and that only Spike could do that.

The others gradually picked themselves up off the floor. Buffy was the first to try out her powers by lifting Giles up and then Wesley. She smiled in satisfaction.

"It's good to be me again. How about you guys? everyone back with the mojo?"

Willow looked over to the corner of the room where there were some old books and paper scattered about. She concentrated on levitating one of the books. It worked. She smiled and then levitated another and another. Then she made them dance around in a circle. She was smiling the entire time. Tara smiled with her and squeezed her hand.

"Well it seems that Miss Rosenburg has her power back. I should like to test mine as well but I think I'll wait until we are away from the hellmouth."

"Yes, that is a good idea, Wesley. Perhaps we should go back and check on our.... guests."

Wesley and Giles said their goodbyes and left for Giles place. Willow, Tara, Buffy, Cordelia and Xander remained with Spike who was still out cold in the circle. Eventually Buffy got bored and headed out to patrol. Cordy went with her.

"How much longer is he going to be out?"

"I don't know Xan, that was a pretty powerful spell. It could be a while."

"Yay, so we get to spend the evening on the hellmouth. What a treat."

"We'll stay with you, we want to talk to Spike when he wakes up anyway."

"Thanks Wills. What about?"

Tara and Willow exchanged a look with each other before Willow answered.

"It's kinda personal. We'd like to talk to Spike first, okay?"

"Sure. No problem."

They heard a muffled 'bloody hell' from inside the circle and looked over to see the vampire struggle to sit up. Tara told him he had to open the circle before he could leave it. As soon as it was finished and he stumbled out, Xander gabbed ahold of him and held him tight. He dropped kisses on his face and neck and rubbed his hands up and down the vampires back.

"M'fine luv, really."

"I know, it's just.... you were out for a while. I got kinda scared."

Spike smiled into Xanders chest. The boy went up against Angelus for him but a little unconciousness scared him. Humans were odd beings at times.

"Don't worry. I'm the Big Bad after all. A little mojo ain't gonna take me out."

"I know. The girls want to talk to you, so I'm gonna make myself scarce for a bit. Okay?"

"Sure pet. Just don't go too far eh?"

Xander kissed his vampire and then walked away. As he was leaving his saw something shiny on the floor a ways over and went to investigate. It turned out to be a knife, so he picked it up. It was nice looking blade so he decided to keep it, maybe he'd give it to Spike.

Spike looked at the two witches and wondered what had them so flustered. Had the spell not worked? Were the slayer and her minions still without their powers?

"Alright, out with it."


"Look Red, I can see something is bothering you, just bloody well tell me already. Did I bollocks up the spell? Is that it, cause we can try again if it is."

"No. No the spell worked fine, and we couldn't try again anyways. It was a one shot deal."

"WHAT!?! And you didn't bother to tell me that?"

"We thought it would be easier on you if you didn't know. No pressure?"

"Right then. I get that. So, if the spell went off without a hitch what are you and Glinda so worked up about?"

Willow looked over at her lover and smiled when Tara stepped closer to Spike and reached into her bag.

"We wanted to give you this."

Tara pulled the jar out of her bag and held it up.

"It's Drusillas' ashes. I hope we aren't out of line. We just thought .... "

Spike grabbed the girl and hugged her tightly. He had wondered what had happened to his princess' remains. He was glad that the witches had thought enough of him to do this rather than just sweep her away.

"Thank you luv. I'm glad you thought of it."

Willow approached the pair and put her hands on her hips.

"Hey! Don't I get Spike cuddles? I helped too."

Spike looked up and saw Willow pouting at him and he smiled.

"Of course luv. You know yer one of my favorite witches."

He pulled Willow into a hug as well. That was how Xander found them when he returned. The three of them standing together, Spike hugging the two women tightly. It was nice to see his friends treating his lover so well.

"Hey, you vixens better not have any ideas on stealing my vampire!"

Willow smiled against Spikes chest and lifted her head.

"But Xander, we're best friends. Don't best friends share with each other?"

Xander spluttered as he thought about what that could mean. Spike laughed and Tara pouted at her girlfriend.

"Then does that mean that I get Xander?"

Xander smiled. He was glad to see Tara act so comfortable around him. She was a really great girl and he was happy Willow had found her. Spike got an evil glint in his eyes as he looked at Xander.

"Well pet, we do have a king size bed. I'm betting the four of us would fit just fine."

This time the girls both spluttered as Spike and Xander laughed.

Part Forty-Two

Xander and Spike walked the girls back to Buffy's place before heading home themselves. Spike was exhausted both physically and emotionally. The spell had been hard on him but it was the little glass jar in his pocket that was wearing him down.

He was extremely grateful to the witches for doing that for him but on the other hand it just brought everything back to the surface. He had dusted his sire. He had dusted her and all that was left of her was now in a plain glass jar in his pocket. He hadn't told Xander what the girls had wanted to see him alone for, he couldn't find the words yet.

He was overwhelmed by that simple action. It meant that they had accepted him into their lives as more than just Xanders' lover. They considered him a friend. He'd never had friends before, it was a nice feeling. First Xander, then the watcher, and now the girls. He didn't even care that it had taken horrible circumstances to get him to this point. It was worth it. Xander was worth it.

When they got inside the apartment Xander found himself pressed against the door and kissed with such passion that it left him weak at the knees. Spike began pulling at his lovers clothing. As Xanders coat fell to the floor a clanking sound drew Spikes attention. He looked down and saw the dagger that Xander had found at the school. Spike bent down to retrieve it.

"Where did ya get this luv?"

"Oh yeah. I found that at the school. It's nice eh?"


"I thought maybe you would like to have it."

Spike was looking at the blade in his hand. There was something about it that was nagging at his senses. Something familiar but ... off. He brought the blade close to his face and sniffed at it. Blood. Not just blood, Angels blood. Angels blood and something else.

"Aw hell! Get yer coat on luv. We have to see the watchers."

"Huh? Watchers? Why?"

"This knife. It's the same one Dru used to cut Angel."

The walk over to Giles place was made quickly and in silence. Spike was trying to figure out what the other scent on the blade was and Xander was still trying to figure out what had Spike in such a strange mood all night. He knew it had something to do with what Willow and Tara had said to him. He wanted to know what was going on but he wouldn't push. Spike would tell him when he was ready.

Walking into Giles place, Xander immediately noticed that something was wrong. Both Wesley and Giles stepped away from them and Wes pulled a cross out of his jacket pocket. Xander and Spike exchanged a look.

"Giles? What's going on here?"

"Please, Xander. Step away from Spike and come here."

"I'm thinking ... no. I won't be doing that."

Xander took a defensive position in front of his lover and looked questioning at the two men across from him.

"What's this all about? What is going on here?"

"Xander, your mother called here earlier looking for you."

Xander sighed and relaxed a bit. At least now he knew what this was about.

"Yeah, and?"

"Your father and your Uncle are dead. Tortured and drained."

Xander felt Spike take his hand and squeeze it reassuringly. Xander looked indifferently at Giles.

"Yeah? And what? I'm supposed to be upset over this? I think you know better Giles. You're not stupid."

"You - you knew? You knew and you didn't stop him?"

"Why would I? They deserved it! I was ten Giles, ten years old when it started. I'm only sorry that I didn't stay and watch."

Xander started to shake and Spike pulled him into his arms and comforted him.

"Shh, luv. It's okay. They can't hurt you now. I made sure of that. Come on, sit down."

Spike pulled Xander over to the sofa and sat down. He continued to reassure his lover and comfort him. Eventually Xander calmed down and Giles took a seat in the chair beside the sofa.

"Spike, what you did .... I understand the reasons behind it but I can't condone the slaughter of humans. Did you even think this through? What if Xander becomes a suspect? Did you consider that before you killed them?"

"Of course I did! I'm not an idiot, regardless of what you lot think. I was planning on asking you to give the boy an alibi. Don't look at me like that, I know you're far from innocent yerself there Rupes."

Giles seemed to consider this for a moment. He took off his glasses and polished them before speaking.

"Very well. I'll need the date and the exact time. If asked, Xander was at the shop helping me with inventory. But Spike? This will NOT happen again."

"Doesn't need to. Was a one time gig, can't very well kill them again now can I? Boy wouldn't let me turn them and torture them some more."

Wesley, who had remained silent up to this point stepped closer to the other ex watcher.

"Rupert, surely you don't mean to keep quiet about this?"

"Yes I do. And so will you. It makes no sense what so ever to do otherwise. Xander did not kill them, Spike did. It's not as if justice is going to be served in this case. What would you have me do? Call the police? Have Spike arrested? Not bloody likely!"

Spike smirked at the younger of the two former council members.

"'Sides, if you do that, you'll never figure out how to fix 'Mighty Mousse' up there."

Wesley perked up at that. He turned a serious gaze on the vampire.

"You know what happened to Angel? Do you know how to fix it?"

"No, not yet anyway. Xander found the knife that Dru stuck Angel with. It smells off. Thought you two might be able to figure out how to fix the poof if you knew what was on the knife."

Wesley looked hopeful for the first time in days. Xander smiled at him reassuringly. Spike handed the knife over Giles who looked at it closely.

"I don't see anything on it. But you say you could ... smell something, Spike?"

"Yeah. The poofs blood is on it but there's something else as well. I figure whatever the 'something else' is, it's what put Angelus in control."

"I should call Willow and Tara. See if they'll come by tomorrow morning for research. Thank you Spike."

"No need. Believe me, no one wants Angelus gone more than I do."

Spike couldn't suppress a shiver when he thought about the things his bastard grandsire was likely to do to him if he ever got his hands on him. Xander noticed and immediately held his lover. They got up at the same time.

"Well if that's it, I think Spike and I will be going now."

"Yes. Have a good evening, and Xander? Call your mother."


"If you don't wish to draw suspision, I suggest you call your mother and act surprised."

"Oh, right. Yeah, I'll do that."

After they left, Giles turned to Wesley and watched the man closely. He wasn't sure if he were doing the right thing by telling him everything but if it kept him from telling anyone about Xanders familys deaths, it be worth it.

"Lets go into the kitchen and have some tea, I'll tell you a little story about Xander and Spike."

Wesley looked at Rupert curiously and then followed him into the other room.

Part Forty-Three

"So, you're telling me that Spike was brutally raped by a bunch of college frat boys and Xander saved him?"

"Essentially yes."

"And this is how they became a couple?"

"As far as I know. There is more to the story of course, but they haven't exactly been open about sharing the details of their relationship. Nor would I expect them to be."

"Of course. But are you sure it isn't just Florence Nightingale syndrome?"

"I had thought that as well at first, but since having his chip fried Spike has not only refrained from killing all of us, he has not killed to feed either. I have to trust Xanders judgement in this matter."

"But his father ..."

"Raped him from the time he was a boy. While I might disagree with Spikes' actions, I do understand them. As Xanders mate, he would feel the need to avenge him."

"Mate? I hadn't realized it was that serious. My God, Rupert. Does he know what he's gotten himself into?"

"I don't know if they are mated yet, I haven't had a chance to speak with Xander about this. As for knowing what he's getting into? I'd have to say yes. He knows Spike, better than any of us I'd guess."

"But to pledge yourself to a vampire ... a souless demon?"

"Pot and kettle, Wesley. That isn't Angel tied up my bath now is it? If this has proven anything, it is that Angels' soul, while it is a permanent fixture, it is not fallable. His soul is there but the demon is very obviously in charge. Can you honestly say that the thought of waking up beside Angelus doesn't terrify you? Because I assure you, Xander knows exactly who he will wake up with in the morning. Can you be so sure?"

Wesley closed his eyes briefly and took a deep breath. When he opened his eyes he seemed to be in complete control of himself once again.

"My relationship with Angel is no ones business but mine and Angels'. I will not discuss it with you or anyone else for that matter."

"Fine. Speaking of Angel, is it not time to go feed his demon?"

"Yes I believe it is. Would you mind holding the crossbow?"

"It would be my pleasure."

It was no secret that Giles had never fully forgiven Angel for Angelus killing Miss Calander or torturing him. Wesley was not at all comfortable with the other man pointing a deadly weapon at his lovers body while he fed him but he had little choice as they were the only ones present.

The vampire in the bathtub smirked as he heard the two former watchers approach. He had heard every word they had spoken, and he took a certain measure of glee that the soul had overheard as well. Wesley wasn't near as confident as he pretended to be and that hurt Angel very deeply. Angelus chided his soul for falling for a watcher to begin with. He would never understand why Angel would purposly seek lovers who knew exactly how to destroy him. First a slayer, now a watcher. Even Spike had better sense, at least his human fixed him.

There were so many things that Angelus wanted to say to the man who was crouched in front of him holding a mug of pigs blood. Unfortunately, those two witches had not restored his speach yet. Therefore he would have to resort to leering at the man and making subtle yet obvious gestures toward him. Remind him that he knew everything about the man ... intimately.

Wesley was grateful to leave the bathroom and Angelus behind. There was nothing worse than looking at the face of the man you love and seeing a monster there instead. He wasn't sure he'd be able to face Angel again when this was over. How could this ever work when he hated Angelus as much as he loved Angel? Hadn't that been what drove him and Buffy apart? Suddenly, Xanders' life was looking enviable. At least he knew exactly who and what his lover was. Spike would never hurt Xander. But Angelus would surely tear him apart given the chance.

"I'm going to fix something for Ethan and then take it in to him. Would you care for more tea?"

"Thank you but no, I think I'll just turn in if it's alright with you."

"Of course. Uh, Wesley? What I said earlier, it wasn't because I wish to interfere with what you and Angel have together, it's just... I know from personal experience what Angelus is capable of. I don't want you to be hurt."

"Thank you Rupert, I understand."

Giles turned back to the stove and turned off the kettle. He finished preparing the tea and made a sandwich. Once everything was finished he carried the food up to his bedroom to feed his other reluctant houseguest. Come tomorrow, he would have the girls put a binding spell on him and then he would release him. He would be happy to never see Ethan Rayne again, the man was nothing but trouble.

Giles opened the door to his bedroom and went inside. He crossed the room to where his captive glared at him from the chair he was bound to.

"So, enjoying your time here in Sunnydale Ethan?"

Giles smirked at the wizard as he set the plate and the cup down on the table beside him.

"I brought you something to eat, it's liverworst on rye bread. I know how much you hate it but it's all I have in the house at the moment. I assume since you haven't eaten for quite some time that it will do?"

Giles held half of the sandwich out to the man and then snickered when he looked at it with apparent disgust.

"Come on now, you have to eat after all."

Ethan bit into the sandwich and swallowed as fast as he could. He made a passable impression of Buffys' 'eeww' face and then nodded toward the tea. Giles took sympathy on him and held the cup to his lips.

"See there? Not so bad now is it?"

Ethan just glared at him and continued to eat the sandwich and drink the tea. He was not a happy wizard.

Once Ethan had finished his meal Giles took the dirty dishes back down to the kitchen and put them in the sink. He was just about to turn in for the night when the phone rang.


"Giles? It's Cordelia. Is Wesley there?"

"Yes, I believe he's sleeping. Should I wake him?"

"No it's okay. I had a vision and I'm heading back to LA. Gunn, Fred and I can handle it but I didn't want to leave without telling him. WIll you tell him in the morning?"

"Certainly. Are you sure you don't need any help? I'm sure Buffy or Xander would be willing to go with you."

"And spend hours in the car with Spike and Xander macking on each other? Uh uh. No way. As for Buffy, she's needed here. We'll be fine, we've done it with out Angel before."

"If you are sure."

"I am. Thanks Giles. I'll call in tomorrow and let you know that we're okay so you don't worry."

"Thank you Cordelia, I would appreciate that."

"Goodnight Giles."


Giles sighed and took off his glasses. He wondered when it was that his children had all grown up. Two of them were involved in same-sex relationships, one of them with a vampire, Buffy was caring for a teenager all on her own and Cordelia Chase just thought about someone elses feelings. He suddenly felt very old and very tired. He wanted nothing more than to crawl into his bed and sleep for a week. Unfortunately, Ethan was in his room and the children would be by in the morning.

Giles laid down on the couch and pulled the throw over top of himself. He was tired enough that even the couch seemed comfortable tonight.

Part Forty-Four

Spike and Xander entered their apartment while kissing madly and pulling at each others clothes. They somehow managed to get the door closed and locked before they were completely naked.

"Xander, want you luv."

"Yes, Gods yes."

Spike pushed his lover to the floor and covered his warm body with his own. This was all he ever wanted, for eternity. The fact that Xander would be his, warm and alive for ever was almost his undoing.

"Tonight, luv. I want to mate you to me tonight."

"I thought we needed Wills or Tara?"

"No, just us. I got Tara to teach me the spell already. Can we luv?"

"Yes, yes please. Want to be yours, Spike. Always."

Spike groaned and got to his feet. He picked Xander up and carried him to their bedroom. He placed him gently on the bed and gathered the few things he would need to complete the bonding as well as getting the lube from the bedside table. Xander watched Spike walking around all naked and hard. He was desperate to have Spike inside of him. He clenched his jaw and gripped the sides of the bed in anticipation. Spike came back to the bed as soon as he had everything they would need. He placed a vial of green liquid on the nightstand and lit several candles. He then placed the candles around the bed before laying down beside Xander.

"Are you certain, luv? It can't be undone after this."

"I'm sure, Spike I love you. I want to be with you forever."

"Good, 'cause I love you too an' I don't ever want to lose you."

Spike rolled ontop of Xander and began kissing him slowly. He felt Xander thrust up toward him and he grinned. He lifted away slightly, denying Xander the friction he was so desperately seeking. Xander whined and thrashed his head from side to side.

"Spike, please! I need you. Now!"

"Shh, luv. You'll have me, just wait."

Spike Quickly lubed his erection and then pushed one of his slippery fingers inside Xanders hole. He added a second and third finger shortly after. When he was sure that Xander was ready he removed his fingers and entered his lover in one smooth stroke. Xander arched off the bed and moaned loudly. He was already so close to cumming, if Spike would just hit that spot a couple more times....

"Not yet luv, you have to wait 'til I tell you."

Spike clamped one hand around the base of Xanders cock, preventing him from orgasm. Xander shook underneath him and tried to calm himself. He knew he had to do what Spike said, he wanted this to work so badly. Spike picked up his thrusts and began chanting. He stopped briefly to bite into his wrist and press the wound to Xanders mouth. When he felt Xander begin to draw on his blood he resumed his thrusting faster as he finished the chant. He pulled his wrist away from Xanders mouth and embedded his fangs in Xanders throat. He swallowed a mouthful of Xanders blood and then sucked a little more into his mouth. He then pressed his lips to Xanders and pushed the blood into his lovers mouth.

"Don't swallow yet."

Spike picked up the vial of greenish liquid and dribbled some onto the wound in Xanders throat. He then drank half of the remaining liquid. He lifted Xanders head and poured the rest into his mouth.

"Swallow it luv, almost finished."

Xander swallowed and then lay back on the pillow. Spike kissed him possessivly, licking every trace of blood from his mouth before pulling away. Xander smiled up at him and wiggled a bit.

"Right. Now we finish this."

Spike pressed his wrist back to Xanders mouth.

"When you cum, bite hard and drink."

Xander nodded and Spike grabbed a hold of his cock and began stroking it as he pounded into him relentlessly. As soon as Spike felt Xanders teeth in his wrist, he sped up his pace and sank his fangs into Xanders neck again. As they both climaxed a faint green glow enveloped them both and then dissapated.

Spike collapsed ontop of his mate. He was utterly exhausted, Tara had warned him that the spell would take alot of energy and might leave him feeling weak afterwards. She was right. Spike could barely move but he did manage to lift his head long enough to kiss Xander.


"Yours. Forever."

Spike growled softly and rolled off of Xander pulling him into his arms. He held his mate close, purring softly and drifted off to sleep. Xander lay awake for some time afterwards. He was still trying to decide if he felt any different. Spike had told him that they would both benefit from the bond, but other than the not aging ever, Xander didn't think anything was different. He wondered what sort of benefits Spike would get. Not turning into Spike flambe in the sunlight would be great. But hey, even if it just gave him the ability to withstand crosses and holywater it would be a big improvement. Figuring that he wasn't going to get any answers tonight anyway, Xander snuggled into his mate's arms and fell asleep. Answers could wait for morning.

Part Forty-Five

Willow and Tara stood outside Giles apartment door. They were unsure of why they had been summoned to come over this morning. All Giles said was that it was of 'the utmost importence' and would they please come as early as possible. That was why they were standing outside his door, with coffee and pastries, at 7:45am.

The door swung opened and the girls saw a very disheveled and bleary looking Wesley Whyndam-Price blinking at them. They smiled at each other and waited to be invited in. Wesley shook off his morning confusion and stepped back from the door.

"Please, do come in. I apologise, it has been a very long night."

"That's okay, we understand. Do you know why Giles asked us to come over?"

"Uh, yes. Spike and Xander were here last night. It would seem that they found a knife, the one Drusilla used to ... cut Angel. Spike thinks there might be a connection between the knife and Angelus' reappearance. He said it smelled 'off'. Whatever that means."

Willow looked at Tara who nodded at her in return. They had been practising making potions lately, so they weren't surprised by this. Of course, Wesley was more of a spell-magic user like Giles, so potions probably hadn't occured to him.

Willow wasn't a potion user either. She had very little knowledge of them at all in fact. Tara knew alot more than she did about potions. What Wesley had said made both girls pretty sure there was a potion involved. If that were the case, it could be tricky. Spells were alot easier to counter-act than potions were. You had to know exactly what was used in a potion and what it's intended use was before you could counter it.

"Is Giles here? We brought him a lemon danish. We got one for you too, we weren't sure what you liked."

"Ah, yes, he's upstairs just now dealing with Mr. Rayne, he should be down shortly. Ah, thank you for bringing breakfast. I'll just start some tea."

Wesley headed into the kitchen to put on the kettle, Tara followed in behind him. Willow set the box of pastries on the dining room table and then joined her lover in the kitchen. She wasn't surprised to see Tara watching Wesley with a look of concern. She knew there was something wrong with the man, but Tara was better at reading people than she was.

"Are you okay, Mr. Whyndam-Price? You look kinda pale, and your aura is all ... splotchy."

"You can call me Wesley, and yes I'm fine. It's just been a long couple of days."

"I understand. If you want to talk about it, I'm a very good listener."

"Thank you, but I'm fine."

Both girls knew he wasn't fine but they let it go for now. If Wesley decided he needed to talk to someone they would be there for him, but they weren't about to push him.

"Has Angelus ... been fed this morning?"

Wesley hung his head a bit and shivered. Tara noticed how his aura darkened at the mention of his lovers alter-ego. This couldn't be easy for him, seeing a monster with his lovers face.

"Not as of yet. I was hoping to have tea before ... facing him."

Tara and Willow exchanged a look. Willow nodded to her girlfriend to go ahead and speak.

"We'll do it. We don't mind."

Wesley looked up at the two of them and gave a small smile when he realised that they truly wanted to help him. He nodded his assent and continued making tea while they heated up the blood and gathered up the weapons.

In the bath-tub, Angelus smirked as Angel cringed under the words of his lover. He was sure that Wesley would never be able to trust in him again. Their relationship would be forever tainted by the sudden reappearance of the demon within himself. He knew that he would never have with Wesley what Spike had found with Xander.

Angel was of two minds concerning Spike and Xander. Firstly he was concerned. Xander had never been his favorite person but he was worried that the young man had not thought through what he had done. He had essentially released a dangerous and blood-thirsty demon back into society. A demon who had on numerous occasions threatened to kill him and his friends in very painful, if not creative, ways.

On the other hand, he was insanely jealous. He knew that Spike wished to take Xander as his mate, and that it was likely Xander would accept. That gave them eternity together. It also gave Spike added benefits that Angel was sure Spike wasn't even aware of. Like the sun, eventually. It was something that Angel could never have. In order to bond with a human, the demon had to love the human. As much as Angel loved Wesley, as much as he had loved Buffy, the demon - Angelus - was incapable of love. Most vampires were. He could never have forever. Not with a human.

Angelus was almost giddy, the more the soul - Angel - wrapped himself in misery, the stronger his hold on the body they shared became. He was disappointed that the witches were coming in to feed him rather than Angels lover. He did so enjoy taunting the man. Even without words, he could make it very clear that he knew the man ... intimately.

Giles found Wesley in the kitchen, head down on the table, sobbing quietly to himself. He knew all too well how embarassing it was to be caught weeping by someone, so he quickly left the room before he was noticed. He went to the living room and picked up the phone. He dialled Xander's place hoping that the young man and his lover were not sleeping.

Upstairs in the bathroom, Willow held the mug of blood in front of the vampire while he slowly drank through the straw. Tara kept the crossbow pointed toward his crotch. She didn't want to kill him, not only because Angel was a good man and a champion for the light, but because his death would destroy the man he loved. Besides, from what she had heard about Angelus, being shot in the balls with an arrow would hurt his pride far worse than it would his anatomy.

Part Forty-Six

Ring. Ring. Ring.

Xander rolled over and picked up the phone.


Ring. Ring.

Xander opened his eyes to see why the phone was still ringing. He couldn't help but chuckle as he saw that he had 'answered' his alarm clock. He reached out and snagged the telephone receiver from its cradle.


"Xander, it's Giles."

"Hey, G-man. What's up? It's like not even eight o'clock yet."

"Sorry. It's Wesley. He's not taking this thing with Angelus too well."

Xander snorted. He could totally understand why Wesley would be having a hard time with it. Permanant souls just weren't as permanant as they should be.

"Understandably. What d'ya want me to do?"

"Er, well I was hoping perhaps ... Could you maybe speak with him?"

"Sure Giles. I'll be over later today, Spike and I have news we want to share anyway."

Giles was almost sure he knew what the news was, and he wasn't sure he wanted to know for sure.

"Alright then, we'll see the two of you later on then. Goodbye Xander."

"Later Giles."

Xander hung up the phone and rolled back into his mates arms. Spike was still sleeping, but he automatically gathered Xander into his embrace. Xander smiled and kissed the vampire softly before snuggling back into his arms and drifting back to sleep.

Tara had lifted the silencing spell from Ethan so that he could be further questioned as to the reason behind the spell put on Angel. Other than repeating the information they already knew he didn't offer anything of use. Wesley was wishing Cordelia had not left as he was certain she could make the man talk.

Giles, having already decided that Ethan was too much of a threat to be turned loose with his magic intact, had begun gathering components for a binding spell. He would have preferred not to do this to his one time friend, but felt he had no choice. The man had attacked him, not only him but his children as well. For that he had to be punished.

Wesley was at his wit's end. He needed to know what exactly had been done to his lover, and if there were any way to reverse it. He knew Angel would rather die than allow Angelus to hurt someone again but he didn't want to even consider staking him unless they had exhausted all other options first. He lit upon an idea and went to talk to Giles.


"Yes Wesley?"

"Do you think ... Would Spike be willing to ... talk ... to Mr. Rayne? Perhaps he could be persuaded to speak with the right motivation."

Rupert Giles, former watcher and ex-librarian, was showing alot of 'Ripper' in the smile that adorned his face. He clapped his fellow ex-watcher on the shoulder and led him from the room.

"I think that is a very good plan, very good indeed. Shall I call him and ask or would you like to do it?"

"I, er well. Perhaps you should do it, he doesn't know me, so I'm hardly in a position to ask a favor."

"I doubt that he'd see it that way. We'd be doing him a favor by asking, he doesn't get to torture people these days."

Once again, there was a very 'Ripperish' smile on the mans face. Wesley, having been told about Ruperts past, wisely stepped back from the man. He didn't feel comfortable in the presence of this aspect of Ruperts personality.

Buffy chose that moment to show up. She opened the door and took in the faces of the people around her. She knew something was up, something to do with magic, otherwise she would have been called to be here.

"So, who is doing what spell on who?"

Tara and Willow, who had just entered the room as Buffy came in looked at each other and then at Giles. They remained silent and let Giles explain what was going on to Buffy. One look at his slayer and all the 'Ripperish' aspects of his personality were gone. She was the one person he would never hurt, could never hurt. He wouldn't allow the baser nature of Ripper to taint the purity of her soul. He loved her, and would never hurt her.

"Buffy. We were just about to cast a binding spell on Ethan, that way he wouldn't be much of a threat to anyone."

"Cool. Anything I can do to help?"

"No, it's a rather complicated spell. We have to gear it in a way that only the combined efforts of all four of us can break it. That way there is no chance of him ever regaining his power."

"Okie dokie. Hey, where are Xander and his blonde shadow?"

"Xander and Spike are not here, they will be joining us later. Xander said they had news to share with us. I was actually just going to call Spike and ask if he might be interested in ... interrogating our friend."

"How come? If he needs to roughened up, I'm your girl!"

Buffy gave Giles one of her million dollar smiles and he couldn't help but return it. She was the best thing he had in his life, and he was grateful that his past hadn't cost him her trust and friendship.

"Unfortunatly Buffy, Ethan is well aware that you would never take a human life. What we need, is for him to believe that he will die if he dosen't give us the information we want. That is where Spike comes in handy. He has no such moral limitations. Ethan is much more likely to fear for his life if William the Bloody is the one asking the questions."

"Okay, I see your point. But what is it that you think he knows?"

Giles took Buffy into the kitchen and explained about the knife Xander had found, how Spike had said it smelled off to him and that they were sure there was a potion of some sort on the blade. He told her that without knowing what the potion was supposed to do, it could take a long time to perfect an antidote, if it were even possible.

"And without this information, Angel could be trapped in his body with Angelus in control forever?"

"Essentially, yes."

"That's horrible! Giles, we have to help him. Angel would rather die than let that monster loose."

Giles felt a flare of jealousy thinking about how the souled vampire still had a place in his slayers heart, a place he would never have. He stomped it back down as soon as it flared up. He was her watcher, her friend. Nothing else. He had to be content with what he had God knew it was more than he deserved.

"I know, Wesley has already said the same thing. Don't worry, Buffy. We will find a cure for him."

"I know. If anyone can do it, it's you. Thank you Giles."

Buffy hugged Giles briefly and went back out to the living room where the others were preparing the spell. Giles stood in the kitchen for a moment just remembering the feel of her arms around him. He had it bad.

Before all of this, he had fooled himself into believing his was a fathers love for a child. After what had happened the past few days, losing his magic, Buffy losing her power, he couldn't fool himself any longer. He could have lost her. If any of the demons in town had learned of their predicament, she would have been killed. The fact that Spike had not only kept their secret, but was instrumental in proving to Buffy that she needed help was still mind boggling. He had little choice but to trust the vampire now. He had proven himself to be on their side, and if what he suspected were true, then he would remain on the side of good for Xanders sake, forever. That in mind, he picked up the phone.

Part Forty-Seven

Giles shook his head and put the receiver down. He had just spoken with Xander not that long ago after all. It would be just as easy to ask Spike when he got there. Besides, he had a spell to perform.

When he went back into the living room he saw that the girls had already set things up and all that was left to do was to bring Ethan down and begin. He headed toward the stairs, Wesley close behind him.

Between the two of them, they carried the wizard, still tied to the chair, back to the living room and set him in the center of the circle. Willow finished closing the circle as Tara lit the candles. Wesley picked up a silver bowl of herbs and lit them as Giles began to chant.

Wesley joined the chant next, followed by Willow and then Tara. As their collective voices grew louder, a purplish mist began to surround the wizard. The mist became denser and drew closer to him as the four spell casters continued to chant.

Ethan struggled uselessly as he was bound tighter and tighter by the magic. He pulled at his bonds but it was useless. The mist enveloped him so tightly he could barely breathe. Then it was done. The purple cloud thinned and then disappeared all together. He looked at the man he had once called a friend and lover and vowed to get revenge, some how he would get even for this. Xander woke up starved. He carefully extracted himself from Spike and slipped out of their bed. He quietly left the room and closed the door behind him. He didn't want to wake Spike, but he was hungry.

Once coffee was started, Xander began cooking breakfast. He was in the mood for scrambled eggs, sausage and toast. He made enough for two, just in case Spike woke up.

Spike did wake up. The smell of the sausage cooking pulled him from his sleep and he stumbled toward the kitchen. He sat down at the table and was handed a cup of coffee which he drank gratefully. He was not a morning person, even when he was human he wasn't at his best when he first woke up.

Xander smiled at the sight of his sleep rumpled vampire and put some blood in the microwave to heat. He dished out breakfast and carried the plates to the table before retrieving the mug from the microwave.

Spike sniffed at the animal blood and made a face. After tasting human blood again, it was hard to stomach the pig blood he had been surviving on. Xander gave him a sympathetic smile and shook his head.

"Sorry about that, we don't have any muggers in the kitchen."

"Ha ha, very funny pet."

Spike dunked his eggs into the blood and slurped them off his fork. Xander tried not to grimace but wasn't entirely successful. It wasn't that the blood bothered him anymore, it was the slurping noise that got to him.

Spike grinned, downed the rest of the mug and then tucked into his breakfast. The food was good, and it covered up the taste of the nasty pig blood. Xander was a pretty good cook for a guy who thought twinkies were gourmet treat.

"Giles called. He wants me to talk to Wes. He doesn't think he's handling this situation very well."

Spike snorted.

"Really? And just how IS one supposed to handle the fact that their lover has turned into a homicidal, murderous, suck the world into hell, monster. Hmm?"

"Exactly. But I told him I would see what I could do. Besides, we need to go over today anyway. I can't wait to tell them what we did."

Spike gaped at Xander, and then grinned like an idiot. He still couldn't believe that Xander was his, and would be his forever. The fact that his boy had never once tried to hide that they were together, that he wasn't ashamed of their relationship, still boggled his mind. Add to that, the fact that he had destroyed his chip ... Well, it left him completely speechless.

"Finish eating luv, I'll go start the shower."

"'Kay, I'll be right in."

Spike started the shower and then stripped off the pants he was wearing. He turned toward the door to tell Xander hurry up when he saw something move out of the corner of his eye. He whipped his head around in full game face and ... screamed like a girl.

Xander heard Spike scream and ran for the bathroom. What he found was enough to make him fall over laughing. Or at least it would have been if his lover hadn't looked so distraught.


Spike didn't answer, instead he continued to growl at the mirror, and his reflection within it. It reminded Xander of the first time Miss Kitty Fantastico had seen herself in the mirror. He, Willow and Tara had laughed as the small kitten hissed and spit at her reflection before charging the mirror and bashing her head.

Xander stepped behind Spike so that he was reflected in the mirror as well and put his arms around him. He squeezed him gently and then petted the ridged forehead of the still growling vampire. Spike began to calm at the feel of his mates touch. His game face melted away and he stared fascinated at the face he hadn't seen in over a century.

"Xander, my face."

"Is beautiful, Spike. Even when you're all grrr."

The shower was forgotten as Spike continued to look at himself in the mirror. Xander turned off the water and dragged the vampire out of the bathroom and back into their bedroom. He stood Spike in front of the full length mirror on the back of the door and smiled as Spike got his first look at his entire self.

"This is how I always see you, beautiful, powerful, sexy. I look at you and wonder how I ever got so lucky to have you all to myself. You could have anyone you want Spike, I mean ... Look at you. But you want me, and that just blows me away."

Spike just stood, staring at his reflection and listening to his mate tell him how beautiful he was. He was still in shock at seeing himself. He had never seen his game face before. He changed and looked at himself more carefully. He wasn't sure what he expected but it wasn't this. He had seen a lot of vampires in his lifetime, but to see himself this way was strange. Maybe that's why they didn't have reflections, they'd spend too much time looking at themselves.

Xander nibbled lightly at Spikes neck and ran his hands around to stroke his lovers flat belly. He smiled as he felt Spike shiver in his arms. He knew exactly what he wanted to do now. He stroked his hand lower until he found the hard length of Spikes cock and wrapped his fist around it. He stroked him lightly and slowly.

"I love to touch you, like this, see your eyes flutter as you try not to close them. Keep them open. Watch yourself as I make you feel good."

Xander trailed wet sucking kisses down Spikes back and then gently nudged his lovers legs apart so that he could kneel down between them. Spike was still watching, fascinated at his reflection. He gasped as he felt Xander part his cheeks and lick his hole.

"Keep your eyes open, don't close them."

Spike nodded mutely and Xander went back to what he was doing. He licked Spike again and again. Finally, he gently pushed his tongue inside and felt Spike shudder. He heard his roughly whispered name.


Spike couldn't believe what was happening. He was looking at himself, his face that he hadn't seen in over a century, while his boy, his sweet wonderful boy, was doing very nice things to his body. He could see himself as he grew hard in Xanders hand, he watched his own face as it showed his pleasure. He wanted to know what he would look like as Xander fucked him.

"Xander, please."

Xander knew from the tone of Spikes voice that he was ready, more than ready. He stood and quickly got the lube from the bedside table and then returned. He watched Spike in the mirror as he gently inserted two fingers into him. Spikes eyes rolled back and he moaned. Seeing himself like this was almost his undoing.

"Open your eyes Spike. I want to see it all. I want you to see yourself the way I see you."

Spike obeyed and fixed his gaze on his reflection once again. Xander began stretching him as he kissed his neck and continued to lightly stroke his erection. He looked over at Xander in the mirror and their eyes locked.

"I love you, Spike."

Xander removed his fingers and pushed the head of his cock past the tight muscle and then stopped. Spike whined and tried to push back, tried to get more of his mate inside him.

"Wait. Watch yourself, love. See how good I make you feel."

As soon as he was sure Spike was watching, Xander slowly pushed himself all the way in. He pulled back out just as slow and then pushed back in a little harder. Spikes eyes flew open wide as Xander nudged his prostate. He started panting and thrusting back toward his mate. He watched himself as he did it, it was extremely erotic to say the least.

"Do you see? Do you see how fucking gorgeous you are? How sexy and beautiful you look like this? This is how I see you, how only I get to see you. I love that, that I'm the one that makes you moan and beg, that I get to hear you breathe my name and make those soft growl noises when I stroke you just right. No one will ever love you like I do, Spike. No one."

Xander began thrusting faster, harder, pounding into Spike with abandon, he knew that Spike was close and he wanted them to cum together. There was just one other thing he needed to do.

"Are you ready? Don't close your eyes Spike, remember to keep watching."

Xander nudged Spikes head to the side and bit hard into his neck. Spike howled and slashed cum across the surface of the mirror. Xander came at the same instant, filling Spike with his warm seed.

Xander lifted his head to see piercing blue eyes watching him in the mirror. He slowly pulled his softened cock out of his mate and the turned him around. Spike kissed him possessively before shifted to his vampire visage and sinking his fangs into his mark on his mates neck. After a few seconds, he pulled away and licked the wound closed.

"I love you Xander. No one has ever made me feel so wanted, so loved. I would do anything for you, anything. Just name it, and it's done."

"Kiss me again?"

Spike growled and then covered Xanders lips with his own. The watcher and the others could wait. He wasn't going anywhere, any time soon.

Part Forty-Eight

By the time Xander and Spike made it to Giles house it was past noon. They hadn't wanted to run the risk of sunlight so Spike spent the trip over in the back of Xanders car under a heavy tarp. Giles, Buffy, Willow and Tara were all sitting in the dining room reading through spell texts. Buffy looked like she would rather be doing anything else. Giles looked like a man who hadn't had a decent nights sleep in a long time, and the witches were both looking extremely worried. It was that part that put Spike on edge.

"Where's the other watcher?"

Giles and Buffy both shook their heads but it was Tara who answered.

"He went out for a while. I think he needed some space."

Spike and Xander shared a look and then Spike nodded. Xander kissed him and headed for the door.

"I'll try not to be too long."

"Take yer time, pet. Just no kissing. Or I'll have to kill him."

Xander smiled goofily at his lover and shook his head.

"No kissing. Besides, I think we're both a little too warm for each others tastes."

Spike smirked, Giles polished his glasses and tried to pretend he hadn't heard that, Willow and Tara both giggled and Buffy shuddered and made a quiet eww sound. She still wasn't all that keen on Angel and Wesley. It just seemed ... wrong to her.

Once Xander had left, Giles caught Spikes attention and nodded toward the kitchen. Spike followed the ex-watcher into the other room and took a seat at the small table.

"What's up Rupes?"

"Please, do not call me that. Xanders G-man is bad enough, I don't need ... this ... from you."

"Okay, Rupert."

Giles sighed and took off his glasses again. It was no wonder the protective coating never lasted, the way he was always rubbing at them. He really needed to find another way of dealing with his stress.

"I wanted to ask a favor. It seems that Ethan may know more about what the spell on Angel was intended to do, well, other than putting Angelus in control. I was hoping to persuade you to, er ... talk ... with him. Get him to tell you what he knows."

Spike grinned ferally. He hadn't tortured a human - other than Xanders relations - in too bloody long. This was going to be fun.

"Sure mate. Seeing as you asked so nicely and all."

Xander found Wesley in the coffee shop, sitting at the same table as the first time he'd found him here. He got himself a cup and then joined his new friend.


"Hello. Did Rupert send you to find me?"

"Nope. Thought you might like some company. You know, a friendly ear."

"Ah. So it's sympathy then."

Xander sipped his coffee and then looked Wesley straight in the eye.

"No. Not sympathy. I don't pity you, Wes. Mind you, I still don't understand the attraction to Deadboy, but that's your call. I just thought you might want to talk to someone who won't judge you. We don't choose who we fall in love with. Do you think I would have picked Spike, if that were true? I mean, he's moody, sarcastic, self centered, egotistical ... The list goes on."

Wesley smiled a little and picked up his cup. He took a long swallow of the rapidly cooling brew and then looked at Xander with curiosity.

"If he's like that, and also evil - you did forget to mention that - why are you with him?"

"Because, he is also smart, funny, loyal, giving, protective, sexy as hell ... He loves me, like no one else has. He makes me feel better about myself, he accepts me for who I am, who I really am. I don't have to wear a mask around Spike. I can be me, and it's enough for him. Does that make sense to you?"

Wesley sighed and shook his head.

"I understand. I can't say it makes sense to me but I do understand. You accept him, all of him, and he accepts you. I had thought I had that with Angel. I can now see that isn't so. While I do accept Angel ... "

"You don't accept the demon. Just the soul."


"It's understandable, Wes. Angelus isn't exactly the cuddly type."

"No he isn't. Unless of course, he were squeezing the life out of you, literally."

Xander chuckled, and Wesley joined him.

"I just don't know how I'll ever be able to trust him again."

"Okay, and this goes no further than this table but ... Angel is a good guy. There I said it. I'll deny it if you ever repeat it. I understand what you're saying, but I don't think trusting Angel is the issue here. Angel hasn't done anything wrong. If anything, it's the 'Powers' that you should be wary of. You were led into a false sense of security. You believed, as did everyone else that Angelus could never come back. That's not Angels fault."

There was along moment of silence before Wesley spoke again.

"But how can I sleep at night not knowing if my lover will be the same man in the morning. How do I know I won't wake up to find Angelus in bed with me instead of Angel?"

"You don't. Life isn't full of guarantees, Wes. Hells, I dated an ex-demon who spent a milennia torturing men in ever new and creative ways. Do you think I never wondered what she would do to me if she got her powers back? But, I loved her. The risk was worth it. Is Angel worth the risk to you?"

Xander finished his coffee and waited while Wesley thought over what he had said. It was wierd, sitting here defending Angel to his lover. Xander almost chuckled at the thought of the look on the vampires face when he heard that he was responsible for talking Wesley around.

The urge to laugh fell away quickly when he remembered the things that Angelus had said to Spike. Maybe they'd all be better off if he just staked the bastard. Spike would be safe, Wesley could get on with his life, no one would have to fear Angelus' return ever again. But the powers would lose their champion, and with his luck, they'd take Spike as Angels replacement.

"Yes. He is."

Wesleys voice broke Xander out of his contemplation. He grinned and then stood.

"Well, lets go see if we can't fix him then."

Wesley stood and followed Xander out of the cafe.

Part Forty-Nine

"Ow! Bloody hell! Stop it!"

The sounds coming from Giles bedroom were loud enough to draw everyones attention. They all tried to ignore the fact that an unchipped Spike was in that room with a human being beating him for information.

Buffy was edgy. She knew that Spike was one of the good guys now, but he was whole again, and he could kill Ethan. The slayer in her said to save the human and slay the demon, but the girl in her said to let Spike have the miserable wizard. Just get the infomation they needed first. Both Willow and Tara were bothered by the noise, but not because of the fact that Ethan was human or that Spike could kill him. They just couldn't concentrate with all the screaming and yelling. They knew Spike wouldn't kill Ethan. He'd been asked not to, and they trusted the vampire.

Giles was probably in the most discomfort. He was disturbed by the noise, it made it really hard to read. Then there was the fact that Ripper wanted nothing more than to go in there and help the vampire torture the little shit who had stripped him of his power. He was finding it extremely difficult to keep Ripper in check. Each scream, every moan of pain, brought Ripper closer to the surface.

Giles slammed his book shut and stood up. He walked away from the table and headed to the stairs. The girls watched him in a mix of fascination and utter disbelief as he picked up the lamp that Wesley had rewired, as well as the ball-gag and whistled on his way up the stairs. It was Buffy who eventually broke the silence.

"Well, helllooooo Ripper."

On the way back to the apartment complex Xander and Wesley tried to keep the mood light but things kept coming back to Angel and Angelus. Eventually Wesley got around to telling Xander what was truely bothering him.

"Angel and I will never have what you have with Spike. The way I understand it, the demon has to love in order to take a mate. Angelus does not love me, he isn't capable of that emotion."

Xander was stunned. He had no idea how Wes knew about him and Spike, they hadn't told anyone yet.

"Wes? How did you know? We only did the bonding last night and we haven't told anyone yet."

"Oh, well I was just assuming ... Rupert and I were talking, he said it was possible that you two were mated, that he didn't know for sure ... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pry."

"No worries. We were gonna tell everyone today any how. What else did Giles tell you?"

Wesley, unaware of Giles breach of confidence, told Xander what the other man had told him. He knew he had done something wrong when Xanders eyes flashed and he growled low in his chest.

"Did I ... Have I done something wrong?"

"No. You had no way of knowing. What Giles told you, was supposed to be kept a secret. It wasn't his place to tell you anything."

"Oh. Well, in his defense, he was trying to make me believe in Spikes commitment to you. I was a bit sceptical after hearing about ..."

"Yeah, well it still wasn't his place. Where did you guys talk?"

Wesley was confused but answered anyway.

"In the kitchen. Why?"

"Fuck! Well now Angelus knows everything. Damn vampire hearing. I swear to God I will stake that bastard if he comes after Spike again."

Wesley stopped dead in his tracks and began muttering to himself and slapping his forhead. "Stupid. Stupid. Stupid."


"He heard everything. If Angel is still concious, then he would have heard everthing Rupert and I discussed. He knows that I had doubts. I'm afraid I've hurt him terribly. What am I going to do?"

Xander put his arm around Wesleys shoulder and began walking them toward Giles place again.

"You talk to him. You tell him everything, tell him that you were scared, tell him that you're sorry and that you still love him. Tell him that you won't give up on him and tell him that he has to fight. He needs to stay strong until the others figure this out."

"Thank you Xander. You've grown into a fine man and I am honored to call you a friend."

Xander grinned at Wesley and then chuckled, then burst out laughing. When he finally calmed enough to speak again he told Wes that he was just thinking about the look on Angels face when he invited them on a double date with him and Spike. Wesley couldn't help but laugh either. It was a good, mood lifting experience. The rest of the walk back was made in easy banter and Wesley felt as though the weight of the world had been lifted from his shoulders. Too bad it fell back on him as soon as they entered the apartment door.

Part Fifty

Inside Giles apartment, all hell had broken loose. Spike and Giles were arguing - quite loudly - over who had the right to beat information out of Ethan. Spike said that it was him, because he had been asked to do it. Giles said that he obviously wasn't doing a very good job since they still hadn't learned anything. They were inches from each others faces and yelling loud enough to wake the dead. Xander and Wesley stood in the doorway watching, frozen in their tracks but what they were seeing.

"Honestly, I think you're out of practise there Spike. Perhaps you should consider changing your name? You certainly don't live up to your reputation any more."

"You bloody well take that back! The only reason I haven't decorated the room in your entrails is because Xander'd bloody well kill me."

"You afraid of a human, Spike? Since when does William the Bloody take orders from a human pet?"

Spike was growling and shaking and three seconds away from ripping the watcher a new orifice.

"Xander is not my pet, he is my mate. And you're damn lucky he likes you, cause right now? I don't."

Spike struck Giles hard enough to knock him out and then none to gently placed him on the couch. Xander and Wesley stared after him as he flew up the stairs toward Giles Bedroom.

"You should go after him, I'll check on Rupert."

"Thanks. I wonder where the hell Buffy, Willow and Tara are? Shouldn't they be refereeing?"

Wesley wondered that himself but just shook his head and went to check on his passed out former collegue. Xander took the stairs two at a time and stopped outside Giles door. He listened for a minute but when he didn't hear anything he opened the door.

Spike was lying back on Giles bed, smoking a cigarette and clenching and unclenching his fist. Xander knew Spike was aware of his presense so he sat on the end of the bed and waited for Spike to speak.

"The bloody watcher is insane! Off his fuckin' nut, he is! Asks me - ME, to torture that git for information and then has the gall to come in here and critisise my technique!"

Spike got up and began pacing.

"No, no Spike. You're doing that all wrong, the pins should go under the nails. Like I haven't been torturing people longer than he's been breathing for fuck sake! Then, THEN, he bloody well starts burning the fucker with my lighter! On his nads!"

Xander winced in sympathy. He didn't like the chaos wizard but that HAD to hurt.

"So then, the room fuckin' stinks of burnt hair an' flesh. His solution? Open the bleedin window! Never mind the highly combustable vampire in the room. The vampire who was asked to be in here in the first place. He could have set me on fire!"

"Giles? Giles did all that?"

"Yeah well, he's more Ripper than Rupert today, I'd say. He's bloody lucky I love you, or I'd 'ave fed him his bollocks to shut him the fuck up!"

Xander Stood and pulled Spike into his arms. He held him and tried to calm him the only way he knew for sure would work. He slipped his hands under the material of his shirt and rubbed along his muscular back. He sucked on his neck, leaving a mark before trailing wet kisses up to his ear and biting gently on the lobe.

Spike hissed in pleasure as he felt Xanders teeth on his earlobe. He pulled the boy closer and nuzzled into his neck. He licked across his mark and felt his mate thrust his hips against him. He pulled back and looked at Xander with his demon face and was rewarded by having a warm hand reach up to pet his ridges.

Spike purred and rubbed his face against Xanders hand. Xander slid his other hand around to the front of Spikes jeans and began popping open the buttons. He had gotten pretty good at undoing them single handed. Once he freed Spikes cock he began stroking it gently, continuing to caress his mates face. Xander couldn't decide if he found Spike more attractive this way or in human guise. He didn't really care, Spike was beautiful either way.

"Xander, fuck pet. Don't stop."

"Wasn't planning to."

Xander leaned in and gently kissed Spikes lips, he slipped his tongue insides his mates mouth and licked his fangs. Up one side and down the other. Spike began panting and his eyes rolled back in his head.

Xander withdrew his tongue and smiled at the broken wail of protest Spike made. He dropped to his knees and quickly took as much of Spikes erection into his mouth as he could and sucked hard. Spike growled and shot his cum down Xanders throat. Xander licked him clean before standing back up to kiss him.

"Have I told you how much I love you today, Spike?"

"Might have mentioned it a time or two, luv."

"Well, I do. Thank you for not killing Giles, even if he was irritating the hell out of you."

"Wasn't easy."

Xander chuckled at his mates pout. He looked around the room and then back at Spike.

"Ah Spike? Where is Ethan anyway?"

"You just noticing now that he aint here?"

Xander smiled sheepishly and nodded.

"So you thought he was here and you still sucked me off?"
"Er ... yeah?"

Spike burst out laughing and hugged Xander to his chest.

"You're one of a kind, pet. The witches had to take him to see a doctor. Seems ole Ripper gave him a nasty set of third degree burns. Red said there was no way she way touching him there to fix him up. Glinda just shook her head and backed outta the room. Should have been here, it was funny as hell."

"So where the hell is Buffy then?"

"School called, nibblet's not feeling well, slayer had to go pick her up."


"So, how went things with the poofs watcher?"

"They went. Can we talk about that later though, vamp hearing and all that?"

Xander motioned toward the bathroom across the hall and Spike nodded.

"Sure pet. I'm about ready to go home now anyway. If I have to deal with Ripper again today, I might just tear him a new arse hole."

"Okay, just let me check on Wes and then we'll go. We can come back later tonight if they need us."

Wesley closed the door behind Xander and Spike and looked toward the stairs. The conversation he had earlier with Xander - about talking to Angel - was weighing on him heavily. He wanted to assure his lover that he still loved him and would still be here waiting for him when this was all over. But at the same time, he was truly frightened of being virtually alone in this place with Angelus, he knew that the vampire couldn't hurt him but he also knew that he wanted to. Figuring that he would never get the opportunity to speak with Angel in private again, Wesley gathered his courage - as well as the water pistol - and headed for the bathroom to speak to Angel.

Inside the room, Angelus was lying back in the bath tub, knees bent and eyes closed. Wesley stood just out of reach of the vampire and cleared his throat. When Angelus opened his eyes and glared at him Wesley almost lost his resolve to do this.

"Angel ... "

Angelus snarled at him at shifted to his demonic visage. Wesley swallowed down his fear and continued.

"Angel, I know you can still hear me and there are some things I need to say to you. I realize that the circumstances are less than ideal but this cannot wait until you are yourself again."

Wesley took a deep breath and really looked at the vampire, searching in those brown eyes for some sign of the man he loved.

"I love you Angel. I admit this has thrown me for a loop, but no more so than it has you I'm sure. I handled things very badly, I panicked and I allowed others to dictate my actions. It is no secret that Rupert has no tolerence where you are concerned but I didn't think about that. I just allowed his negetivity to cloud my own thoughts and feelings."

Angelus continued to glare at Wesley, but he continued anyway.

"It is quite humorous actually, I have Xander to thank for making me realize what I was doing. He's grown into a strong, sensitive young man. He told me that whether I realized it or not, I was hurting you. I don't want to do that. We will find a way to fix this, to restore you. I need you to be strong, to fight Angelus. I'm not giving up on you, Angel. Please don't give up on me, on us."

Wesley leaned close enough to run his hand through the vampires hair before quickly withdrawing. He paused in the doorway and turned back once more.

"Remember, Angel. I love you. We will get through this."

Part Fifty-One

Giles woke with a headache and staggered to the kitchen for some water and painkillers. Wesley watched him from the chair in the living room where he was reading over some notes that Tara and Willow had made about their research.

He hoped that the girls would return soon as he wasn't exactly comfortable being alone with his fellow ex-watcher. Rupert had a tendency to bring up his relationship with Angel. Something he was no longer willing to discuss with the man. After finding out about Xander and Spike from him, and then learning that Rupert had betrayed their confdence by telling him, he was reluctant to tell him anything in fear that it would end up public knowledge.

He was almost relieved when the door opened and Ethan Rayne was pushed inside followed by a scowling Willow and her girlfriend. He put down the papers and looked up at them.

"I take it he'll live?"

Willow turned a hate filled glance on the wizard before replying.

"Not for long if I can help it!"

Tara laid a soothing hand on her lovers arm and Willow calmed a bit. Tara kissed her gently on the mouth before pulling away and leading Ethan back up to Giles room. Willow growled softly and flopped down on the sofa.

"I hate him! I'd like to turn him into a rat! An ugly, nasty sewer rat!"

"I take it he was less than co-operative at the doctors?"

"Gee, let me see. Giles went all Ripper and burned the mans balls, he had to see a less than human doctor because we couldn't take him to the hospital, and then he complained the whole way back here. Where is ole Ripper anyways?"

"Rupert is in the kitchen. He probably has a nasty headache after Spike knocked him out."

Willow gaped slightly and then smiled. She saw Tara come into the room and held her hand out for her to join them. Once Tara was sitting Willow turned back to Wesley.

"Spike hit him, huh? Wish I could have seen that. He was really over the top, you know. I've never seen Giles act like that. I kinda wanted to hit him myself."

Tara squeezed Willows hand and smiled.

"M me too. He wasn't helping, he only made things worse. I I think Spike was starting to get somewhere before he interupted. I just want Angelus gone, he scares me."

Giles came back into the room and saw the girls sitting on the sofa. He looked at them and smiled somewhat sheepishly. He was quite embarrassed by his earlier behaviour.

"I am terribly sorry about the way I behaved. There are many things in my past that I am not proud of, Ripper is one of them. Ethan just seems to bring my worst qualities to the surface. I hope you can forgive me."

Willow and Tara both smiled at him and nodded. He turned to Wesley who was looking at him somewhat harshly. He almost stepped back from the accusation in the younger mans eyes. He knew that at some point Wesley was going to have words with him. He just wasn't sure why.

"Where is Buffy?"

Willow looked from Giles to Wesley figuring one of them would know.

"She had to pick Dawn up from school, apparently she is not feeling well. Xander took Spike home, I doubt that they will be back here tonight. Perhaps we should get back to the research?"

Wesley stood and made his way to the table where the books and papers were still laid out from earlier. What he really wanted to do was to go up to Ruperts room and beat the wizard til he talked. He wanted Angel back, and he wanted to go home.

Xander and Spike were laying on the sofa watching 'Passions' together. Xander didn't really care for the show, but he liked snuggling up with his lover so he put up with it. Besides, it was amusing to hear Spike yell at the TV. Once the show was over, Xander pulled Spike around until he was facing him.

"What's up pet?"

"Nothing, just wanted to look at you."

Spike smirked.

"Like what ya see, do ya?"

"Oh yeah."

Xander leaned in and kissed him. He did want to talk to him about Wesley and Angel but that could wait till later, this was much more fun. Spike responded to the kiss by rolling them so that Xander was pinned beneath him on the couch. He slid one hand between them and caressed his mates hard cock through his jeans. Xander bucked up into the touch.

"Like that do ya?"

Xander just groaned in reply and continued to thrust gently against Spikes hand. Spike kissed his way down Xanders neck to the collar of his shirt. He bit off the top button and spat it across the room before tasting the skin that was revealed.

Each button got he same treatment as Spike slowly made his way down Xanders chest to the waistband of his jeans. Then he popped the button open and slid down the zipper. He growled low in his throat when his lovers cock sprang free.

"Going commando, pet? Naughty."

"I I thought y you liked naughty?"

"That I do. What ever shall I do to reward you?"

Before Xander could reply, Spikes cool wet mouth was sucking him in. He thrust up unwillingly and Spike grabbed his hips to hold him still, vampire he may be but he wasn't experienced at this enough to take that kind of force yet. Xander was losing his mind, he had been half hard ever since sucking Spike off back at Giles place. He was hoping to get his lover into bed when they got home, but Spike had other ideas. Ideas involving soap operas and cuddling. Not that he was complaining about the cuddling, but this was nice too.

Part Fifty-Two

Angel was feeling hopeful for the first time since this whole mess had started. Wesley still loved and wanted him, he hadn't given up on him - on them, so neither would he. He would fight Angelus for control of his body. There was no way he was going to just stand back and let the demon ruin the lives of his friends and family.

Besides, he was pretty sure that if things didn't get turned around soon, they would get ugly. Angelus couldn't be contained in this bath tub forever and Angel was all too well aware of his plans for Spike and Wesley both. He knew that if Angelus succeeded in harming Spike, Xander would have no compunctions in dusting him. In a way he was grateful for that knowledge. He didn't want anyone to be hurt because of Angelus.

Wesley was trying to read through the text in his hands but he was getting no where with it. He knew that the answers he was looking for were in the head of a certain chaos wizard in Ruperts bedroom. It would be so much simpler if the man would just tell them what they wanted to know. It wasn't as if he was going to go anywhere until he did.

With a growl of frustration Wesley slammed his book shut and headed for the stairs. It was time to end this foolishness once and for all. If Ethan wasn't going to talk, then he had no further use for him.

Willow and Tara exchanged an uneasy look as Wesley stormed away from the table. Willow stood to intervene but Tara put her hand up and shook her head.

"I think we should let him do this."

"Tara, he's so angry. He could kill him."

"He won't. But I think he's the only one that can get the information. He has the most to lose."

Willow sighed, but realized that Tara was right. Besides, if it were Tara that had been taken over by a demon, she would want to beat the hell out someone too. She smiled at her lover and silently thanked her Goddess once again for bringing them together.

Giles unlocked the door of the Magic Box and stepped inside before closing and relocking the door behind him. He had volunteered to go and pick up some spell ingredients just to get away from Wesleys accusing stare. He wasn't sure what exactly he had done to piss the man off but he sensed that some space was definately in order.

He would be glad when Angel was back to normal and they could go back to LA. He was never comfortable around the dark haired vampire as it was and having him imprisoned in his bathroom was not helping matters.

Giles took his time gathering the ingredients on the list that Willow had given him, he picked up a few books that he thought might be of use as well. They were getting no where with Ethan and it was extremely frustrating. His little outburst earlier had not helped either. He only hoped that when this was all over and done with, that Spike would not hold a grudge. Once again he had to wonder how he had survived his youth, he was surprised that all he had gotten from Spike was a good shot to the head after the way he had antagonized him. He all but called the vampire a pathetic shell of his former self. Whatever self preservation Ripper still had was all that kept that remark from passing his lips. Damn, but he would be happy when this was all over.

Willow was growing increasingly frustrated as the minutes ticked by. They had several potions in mind that might restore Angel but without knowing exactly what the original was intended for they couldn't pick the right one and they couldn't just test them all out for fear of causing further damage. She was just about to throw the book she was looking at when the phone rang and startled her. She smiled at Tara who had jumped as well and then headed for the kitchen to answer it.


"Willow? It's Cordelia. How's everything there?"

"Oh, lovely. Lets see, Giles went all Ripper on Ethan and Tara and I had to take him to a doctor, Spike knocked Giles out cold after being insulted, Xander took him home and I don't think they're in any hurry to come back here and help, and oh yeah, Wesley looks about ready to kill Ethan. I think that's everything. How are things in LA?"

There was a pause on the other end of the phone before Cordy started to laugh. Willow was livid at first but then she too began laughing. It was just what she needed to release some of the stress.

"See? Everthing happens after I leave. So tell me, what did Giles do to Ethan? And why did Spike hit him? And don't leave anything out, I want details!"

Willow grinned and began filling Cordelia in on everything that had happened since she'd left. Ethan watched as Wesley paced the room in front of him. There was something unnerving about the man. It was strange to him to feel so bothered by this former watcher when he had withstood both a vampire and Ripper earlier that day. He knew without a doubt, that whatever Ripper did to him he wouldn't kill him, and niether would the vampire. He also knew that the lovely Lilah could, and would kill him - slowly and painfully - if he talked.

The problem was, he believed the man in front of him was even more dangerous than she was. A fact that proved true as the man pulled him from his chair and dragged him from the room. He wasn't sure where he was taking him until the door to the bathroom was opened and he was uncerimoniously shoved inside.

Angelus looked up from the tub at the two men as they entered. He was somewhat impressed by the rage and anger that was pouring from his souled halfs lover. Frankly he never thought the human had the stones to pull off something like this. His grin turned feral as he watched the man he knew intimately wrench the wizards head back and drag him toward the tub.

Ethan finally knew fear. There was no doubt in his mind that Wesley planned to feed him to Angelus. He had hoped to get out of this unscathed and without giving up any information. That idea was quickly squashed as he saw the demon lick it's lips in anticipation. He had only one hope, he had to tell what he knew and hope like hell he could get far enough away from LA and Lilah Morgan before she found out.


Wesley frowned at the man and continued to drag him toward Angelus.

"Why should I? You helped to bring this monster back into being. Now you can reap the benefits of your labour."

"I'll tell you everything. Just please, don't let him kill me."

Wesley stopped and considered it a moment. He nodded and pulled Ethan back a step before leaning in and whispering in his ear.

"You had better make sure that you do, Mr. Rayne. Because if you don't? Well, just look at him, does he seem the type to give you a quick death? Or do you think he would draw it out, make you suffer until the last shuddering breath escaped from your body? I'm willing to bet it would painfull and I would enjoy watching you die."

Ethan swallowed hard and nodded. He was grateful when he felt the other man pull him from the room. If he never looked upon Angelus again it would be too soon. He was sure his nightmares would forever haunt him with images of those yellow eyes and sharp fangs, and the look of hunger in those golden orbs made him shudder. It wasn't just hunger for blood, but for violence, pain and death as well.

Spike was drifting off into a contented sleep wrapped in the warm embrace of his lover. He had almost forgotten the stresses of earlier that day as Xander held him. Nothing could bother him as long as he was here, at home with the only person that mattered to him. The person who was keeping him from sleeping by whispering his name in his ear.

"Xan, luv. Go to sleep, m'comfy."

Xander giggled at Spike's whiney voice but he knew he couldn't put this off any longer. He needed to tell Spike what he'd learned from Wes. He knew his mate would be pissed and hoped the fact that the sun was still out would keep him from rushing off to kill Giles before he had a chance to calm him down.

"Spike, we need to talk, I found out a few thing today when I talked to Wesley. Things you won't like, things I didn't like when I heard."

Spike lifted his head from Xanders chest and rested his chin on his clasped hands so he could look him in the eye.

"What kind of things luv?"

Xander told Spike about his conversation with Wesley, about how Giles had told him about the rape, and about how Xander had found him, took him home and helped him to heal. He held his lover close as he shook with rage and growled out threats to kill him in creative, but painfull ways. Eventually Spike calmed enough to sit up without Xander fearing that he would run off and hurt someone.

"Can we trust this one not to go to the council with this?"

"Yeah, I believe we can."

"You sure? Because I will kill him if I have to, this never makes it into the bloody council records. I mean it Xander, I love you, but I can't have anyone know about this."

Xander was positive that Wesley would keep his mouth shut but all the same he made a decision to talk to him again. He would make sure Wes knew what would happen if he decided to speak of this, to anyone.

"I'm sure, but I'll talk to him again. Don't worry, Spike. He won't say anything."

Spike nodded and pulled Xander up off the couch.

"Come to bed, the couch is too small and I want to hold you."

"How can I refuse, when you put it that way?"

Xander kissed Spike and let him pull him into their bedroom. He'd wait till dark to talk to Wes.

Part Fifty-Three

By the time Wesley had come out of the bedroom, Giles had returned from the shop. He was sitting at the table with the witches going over their notes. If they ever found out the information they needed they could have the potion ready in no time. All the ingredients for any of the ones listed were now in the apartment, as well as several different kinds of containers to hold it.

Wesley gave Giles a dark look and then sat down on the farthest seat at the table he could get from the man. He noticed how the older man seemed to shrink in on himself and he smiled. It served him right, after the way he had behaved. Betraying a friends trust was unforgiveable.

"I have the information about the spell used on Angel. I think we should call Xander and Spike, as well as Buffy. I don't want to repeat myself so I will answer any questions when they get here. In the mean time Willow, Tara, could you begin preparing this potion here. It's the one we need to restore Angels control over the demon."

"Sure. We can do that."

Willow and Tara got up and left the two English men alone in the dining room. Giles stood and headed for the kitchen as well but was stopped by Wesleys voice.

"Rupert, if I could have a word with you?"

"Of course. What is it?"

Wesley motioned for Giles to take a seat. Once he was seated, Wes took off his glasses and set them on the table. He looked Giles straight in the eyes and then Spoke.

"You disgust me. You told me things that were not your business to tell. What happened to Spike, while appaling was none of my business. I do understand your reasons for doing so, but the ends do not justify the means. Xander and his mate trusted you to keep their confidence. You didn't. I had a talk with Xander today, he's a remakable young man, Rupert. He told me not to give up on Angel, and that if I wanted Angel to fight for me, I had to be willing to fight for him as well."

Giles said nothing but he did look sufficiently chastised. That wasn't enough for Wesley though.

"You know that Angelus could overhear every word you spoke. That he knows what was done to Spike. Of course you do. You have had the priveledge of keeping a vampire in your tub before. So you also know, that everytime you baited me, made me doubt my feelings for Angel that he could hear that to, that Angel could hear it as well. Did it please you? To know you were hurting him? He's not Angelus, Rupert. He's not the one who murdered your girlfriend, who tortured you until you broke. But you know that as well. Don't you?"

"Yes. I know that."

Wesley put his glasses back on and pounded his hand down on the table.

"Then damn it man! Why do want to hurt him?"

"Because Buffy loves him. Because she will never love me the way she loved him. Does that make you happy? Are you satisfied now?"

Wesley closed his eyes and shook his head. He stood up and headed for the door. Before he opened it he turned back to look at the defeated man sitting slumped at his table.

"Rupert, you are a blind fool. Anyone can see that the girl loves you. Open your eyes before you lose any chance you may have her. Oh, and you should pray that Spike is as forgiving as I am."

Once outside, Wesley pulled out his cell phone and dialed Xander and Spike's house. He wanted to get everyone here as quickly as possible and get this over with. The sooner he was back in LA with Angel the better off he would feel. The phone was answered on the forth ring.


"Spike, it's Wesley. We've found the cure for Angel. Can you and Xander come back?"

"Is Ripper gonna be there? I have a few things to ... discuss with him."

"Rupert is aware of the ... situation. And yes he is here."

"We'll be there in a bit."

"Thank you Spike."

"Sure mate. The sooner Angelus is gone the better right?"


Wesley hung up with Spike and dialed the Hyperion.

"Angel Investigations, we help the helpess."

"Isn't that supposed to be hopeless Gunn?"

"Hey, English! How are you doing?"

"Good, good. Things should be settled here by the end of the night. With any luck, we'll be in LA by morning. Even if I have to put Angel in the trunk to do so."

"Damn. That bad huh?"

"Let's just say, cordelia at a shoe sale is more fun."

"Now I know you're shitting me. Nothing could be that bad!"

Wesley and Gunn shared a laugh. It was exactly what Wes needed. to touch base with his co-workers and friends in LA. Being in Sunnydale made him feel everybit the insignificant little puppet he had been when he was sent here to be Faith's watcher. He had grown up alot since then, he was nothing like that pathetic little man, anymore. In LA he made a real difference in the fight against evil, he had alot to contribute and his collegues took him seriously. No one here seemed to see that. Except Xander, and possibly Spike. Of course he was pretty sure Rupert was beginning to figure it out.

Giles had called Buffy while Wesley was outside. She said she would make arrangements for Dawn to stay with Janice and her Mom and then she'd be there as soon as she could. After Giles hung up the phone he made tea and then watched as the girls finished adding the last ingredient to the potion. All they had to do now was let it sit over a low heat for thirty minutes. By which time, hopefully Buffy and Xander would have gotten there. Giles was not looking forward to seeing Spike anytime soon.

Spike was grinning when he hung up the phone. Visions of bloody mayhem flashed through his head. Oh, he knew he couldn't actually kill the watcher for his indescretion but he could make him squirm, make him think that a proper thrashing was headed his way. If he'd learned anything from Angelus, it was that a good mind-fuck could be just as rewarding as physical torture if done properly. And he planned on doing it properly. He'd let the man stew in his own imagination, wondering what kind of torture was awaiting him.

Xander knew that look. It was the look Spike got when he was being particulary sneaky. He didn't envy Giles at all right now, he knew his lover was planning something to get back at the man. He wasn't worried, he trusted Spike not to hurt him. At least no more than he deserved.

"Planning something Blondie?"

"Just a little revenge, a little torture, nothing much luv. Why do you ask?"

Xander chuckled.

"You have that evil glint in your eye. Makes me want to do naughty thing to you."

Spike leered at his mate and then tossed him his jeans.

"Keep that thought in mind, we have to go to the watchers. It's time to set things right with Angelus."

"Cool. Let's go then."

The two were dressed, out the door and in the car in minutes. Xander wasn't waisting anytime, he wanted Angelus gone yesterday. The sooner the dark haired vampire was soulfull and back in LA, the better as far as he was concerned. Angel never brought anything but trouble when he visited. Even though it was nice to get to know the new Wesley, Xander was looking forward to the minute they left.

Once everyone had gathered at the apartment, plans were made to administer the antidote to Angelus. Spike was all for stabbing him again, a procedure that Xander silently agreed with. Hell, he'd volunteer to stick the bastard if he thought anyone would let him do it. In the end, it had been Wesley who suggested that since it was administered through the blood stream in the first place, the cure would need to be given the same way. Spike smiled maniacally.

"I simply meant, that a needle would suffice, Spike. I know how dissapointed you must feel."

Spike couldn't help but chuckle at Wesley. The man was a bit uptight, and he still had issues with Xander kissing him, but he had a dark sense of humor that Spike could appreciate and he had knackers on him to take up with Angel, especially knowing that this sort of thing could happen.

"Won't say I'm not, I'd like a chance to stick the bugger but so long as you get him all soul-having and out of my town I'll live with the disapointment."

The bathroom was not big enough for the entire group to squeeze into, so Wesley, Buffy, Xander and Willow went to administer the potion and guard the vampire. Xander trained his crossbow on him while Buffy held a stake at the ready. Willow stood at the door, ready to cast a protection spell if anything should go wrong. Wesley slowly approached the growling vampire with the syringe.

Angelus was not a happy vampire. He could tell that his time was up, and he hadn't even caused one death. The only guilt he would cause his soul to remember was the torment of his lover and his childe. It wasn't enough, not by a long shot. Wesley injected the potion into Angelus' arm and stood back. They four watched as the vampires eyes rolled back in his head and he slumped down into unconsiousness.

"Was that supposed to happen?"

"I'm not sure Xander, potions were never my strong suit. Miss Rosenburg?"

Willow looked at the still form of the vampire and scrunched up her nose in thought.

"Maybe, Tara knows alot more about this than I do, but vampire physiology is wierd. Sometimes you can't predict the side effects of a spell."

Buffy wasn't impressed. She had finally gotten over the pull Angel had on her, and now she just wanted him gone. Her life was just so much easier when he wasn't here. She still loved him but not in that way anymore, he was her first love, her first lover and she would always feel something special for him, but her affection lay with someone else now.

"Lets move him downstairs."

Buffy didn't wait for a response, she just dragged the vampire from the tub and hoisted him up. Wesley grabbed his legs and together they carried Angel down to the livingroom and put him on the sofa. Tara, Spike and Giles looked at him skeptically.

"Should he be passed out like that?"

Giles hadn't expected the vampire to be comatose. Neither had Tara.

"I, I don't think so, maybe we should look at the spell again?"

As Giles and Tara headed for the kitchen, Angelus sprung up off the couch and lunged at Spike. He was the closest, and Angelus really wanted to teach a Spike a lesson. Before anyone could react, Xander was between the two vampires and hit Angel hard enough to send him flying back toward the couch.

Wes was stunned, he hadn't even seen Xander move, he was that fast. Buffy was torn between attacking Angelus or Xander. Both were setting her slayer senses on maximum. Xander had his bow in his hand once again and was aiming it at Angelus with deadly accuracy. Spike, still in shock merely held onto Xander and tried to figure out what the hell had just happened.

"Well, that was certainly interesting. Xander, how did you do that?"

"Spike and I have some news, we were hoping to tell you guys earlier but with all the bullshit, well ... we didn't. Sorry Wills."

It was Giles awed exclamation that broke the news.

"You're mated! You've taken on aspects of his demon, such as speed and strength. My Lord, I knew it was possible, but to see it ..."

Buffy spun to glare at Xander and then Spike.

"Does this mean he's a demon? Cause I warned you not to hurt him, and turning him, I think counts as hurting."

"Buffy, I'm not a demon. Still soul having still breathing and everything. We'll explain it all later okay? Right now we have a vampire to contain."

The vampire in question began thrashing and howling as the potion took effect. Angel fought his demon for control, he fought for his freedom and for his lover. Wesley had given him the strength to hold on, to fight back. The others had done what they could, it was up to him now.

Part Fifty-Four

It had taken a geat deal of effort to put Angelus back in his cage. The demon was not happy relinquishing control back to the soul. After it was finished, Angel was exhausted.

Wesley watched his lover struggle to overcome his demon with worry and anticipation. He had missed Angel terribly and the things he had said and done only made him all the more eager to have his lover back so they could talk. Speaking to Angelus was one thing, but Wesley wanted to tell Angel to his face how sorry he was.

Xander was still clenching the bow in his hands. If Angelus made another move toward his mate, he was going to regret it. The last time had been to close, if it weren't for the interesting new abilities he'd developed, Spike could have been seriously hurt, or killed. He wasn't taking any chances.

Spike started to come around after the shock of seeing Xander move like a vampire. He hadn't expected that to happen, at least not this soon. From what he knew, it took years to develope the bond to that point. Hell, if things were moving along this quickly, he might see the sun sooner than he thought.

He was momentarily distracted by the thought of seeing Xander in the sunlight. Watching the golden rays highlight the boys hair, running his hands along the warm sun-kissed skin. He wanted to strip him down and make love in the heat of the afternoon sun. It was a nice fantasy, but one better left for another time he thought, as Willow's voice broke through his lust addled mind.

"I think it worked. He's stopped howling."

The others all turned to look at the dark haired vampire, some with hope and others with fear, some with indifference. Angel lifted his eyes and sought out his lovers face. He smiled wearily at him and then hung his head back down. Tara whispered the spell to allow him to speak again and everyone waited.


Just one word but to the bearer of the name it meant so much. He knew it was Angel that had spoken his name, and not Angelus. Before anyone could interfere he was at his lovers side and pulling him into his arms.

Angel leaned into the embrace and soaked up the love and comfort that was given to him. He had truly missed this closeness that they shared. All he wanted was to go home, tumble Wes into bed and stay there for a week. He hated this town, it had brought him nothing but trouble.

Willow and Tara went to the kitchen to make tea, dragging Buffy with them. They wanted to give the men some time to work out their issues. Willow wasn't sure what was going on but she could clearly see that there was alot of hostility in the room. A few moments later, Giles - not wanting to deal with Spike - joined them.

In the living room, Xander was still holding the crossbow and watching Angel warily. He still didn't trust the vampire, and wouldn't feel secure until he was out of Sunnydale and back in LA. Knowing what Angelus had in store for Spike just gave Xander more reason to dislike Angel. Although, he wasn't too imprssed with these Powers That Be people either. How the hell could they just let something like this happen to their champion?

Angel remembered everything that Angelus had said and done while he had possession of their body. He was thankful to Tara for the silencing spell, or things might have been alot worse. As it was he was surprised Wes was still there with him, and that Xander hadn't simply killed him. Although, he wasn't so sure Xander still wouldn't.

"Xander, we need to talk."

"I don't think so Deadboy. I think you need to get your things, go bck to LA, and stay the hell away from Spike and Sunnydale."

"I know what he did to your father and Uncle."

"Yeah, and I know what you did to those lawyers back in LA. What's your point?"

"Xander, he's a demon. A monster!"

"No, he's my mate. My lover, my friend, my eternity."

Angel shook his head in exasperation as Xander turned his head and kissed Spike softly on the lips. He couldn't understand why this was so dfficult to explain to him.

"Xander. He killed your family."

"Angel, if you know what he did then you know why he did it. Tell me Angel, did any of those lawyers rape their own kids? Did they beat them and fuck them and leave them for dead? Did they use their bodies to pay off drinking debts to their brother in laws? Well, did they?"

Angel didn't have an answer for that, he honestly didn't know, but he didn't think so.

"Probably not, right? But you still left them to die by the hands of your 'family'. Tell me Angel, who's the monster? 'Cause when I look at Spike I don't see a monster, I see a man who loves me enough to do anything to make sure I'm never hurt again. He killed the monsters, just like I do every night. Having a soul doesn't guarantee that a person is good, just like not having one doesn't guarantee they'll be bad."

Spike wrapped his arms around Xander and kissed the side of his neck, right over his mark. He loved this man more than anything in his life, more than he'd ever loved anyone or anything. Hearing him defend his actions to Angel with out remorse or the slightest regret made him wish they could just go home and be alone together. He wanted to wrap himself around his love and hold him close.

"One other thing Angel."

Xander disengaged himself from Spike and crouched down beside the dark haired vampire. He smiled apologetically at Wesley and then glared at Angel.

"If Angelus gets loose again, he better not come anywhere near Spike. I know what he wants and I'm warning you that I will kill him, no regrets, no hesitation. Spike. Is. Mine. Angelus lays one finger on him and I promise you it will hurt for days before I kill him. No one will stop me."

Xander stood and went back to Spike. He pulled the blonde into his arms and kissed him possessively. He was delighted when Spike melted into the kiss and held him tighter. He needed Angel to understand what they meant to each other, that his threats were real.

Wesley understood Xanders position, in his place he would no doubt have behaved the same way. All the same he still felt that it was high time he and Angel headed home. He was desperate to get out of this town and away from the problems attached to it. LA was no picnic but at least he was on his own turf there, and Angel wouldn't have to look at these people who Angelus had hurt so badly.

"Angel, do you feel well enough to travel? I'd like to head back home as soon as possible."

Angel nodded his head and allowed Wes to help him to his feet. He had no desire to stick around either. Home sounded good. He just wanted to say goodbye to Buffy and Willow before he left.

After saying goodbye, the souled vampire and his lover were headed back to LA. Xander finally put his weapon away and let out a breath of relief. If he never saw Angel again it would be too soon for him.

Giles was still avoiding Spike like he was the plague. He released Ethan, giving him a bus ticket and telling him to stay away from Sunnydale in the future. He was looking forward to sleeping in his own bed tonight. If only he could convince the rest of them to get the hell out of his flat.

Part Fifty-Five

It had been several days since Angel and Wesley went back to LA and the scooby gang was slowly coming back to themselves. Giles had spent the time worrying about what Spike was going to do to him - what Xander would allow him to do to get even, and trying to find the courage to tell Buffy how he felt about her. If Wesley was right, and she did love him as well, he didn't want to waste what time they could have together.

That was why he had asked her to meet with him tonight. He was going to take a page out of Rippers book and do what felt good for a change. He only hoped he didn't make a fool of himself.

Buffy was nervous on the way to Giles place. After the events of the past weeks she had finally come to understand how she felt about her watcher. She was in love with him - had been for a long time, she just hadn't relized it until everything in her life went crazy. Having Angel come back to town, finding out he was involved with Wesley, that the Powers had made removed the happiness clause from his curse, knowing that he chose to be with Wesley over her, it had all made her take a hard long look at her life.

As with everything else, her first instinct had been to over react to the situation by being petty and immature. Calling Angel names and storming off in a huff had not been her finest hour, no doubt. Not that Giles had been a poster boy for maturity and restraint throughout the whole ordeal. Ripper had definately come out to play on more than one occasion. Actually, she kinda liked that side of the normally stuffy man.

Buffy stood outside the door debating on whether she should knock or just walk in as was customary. Something about the way he had sounded on the phone made her think that this was more formal than a research session. She knocked. Giles answered the door and looked at Buffy in confusion.

"You knocked?"

"Hey, I can do polite."

Giles chuckled and ushered her inside.

"Of course, I was just surprised is all. I think that's the first time you have ever knocked on my door when it wasn't locked."

Buffy shrugged her shoulders and smiled at him. She sat on the sofa and waited for Giles to join her. When he sat down next to her on the couch, rather than in the chair he usually occupied Buffy was surprised. When he took her hand in his she was shocked. When he lifted it to his lips and kissed it, she smiled and moved a little closer to him. Giles smiled back and then leaned down and kissed her.

Angel looked over at Wesley as the younger man once again seemed lost in thought. He knew that what happened in Sunnydale wasn't simply going to resolve itself, no matter how much he wished things could just go back to the way they had been, it wasn't going to happen.

Angelus had damaged their relationship, more so than even Angel had thought at first. Since they'd been home, Wesley had fallen into a state of depression, almost outbrooding Angel himself. Even Cordelia had called him on it. When Angel tried to talk to him about it, Wesley would listen to what he said, but offered nothing in the way of explanation. In short it was driving him crazy. He better understood what his friends had been trying to tell him for years now, the broody thing was annoying.

"Wes, I'm worried about you. You've been quiet since we got home. Are you having second thoughts ... about us? Do you want to stop ..."

The words were barely out of Angels mouth when Wes was out of his chair and standing in front of him. He placed his finger on Angels lips, silencing what he was about to say.

"No. No second thoughts, I love you Angel. I've just been in mourning for something I can never have. I'm sorry, I hadn't meant to worry you."

The confusion must have been evident on his face for Wes took one look at Angel and began to explain.

"It all started when when Xander told everyone about him and Spike. I was insanely jealous that he was so open about their relationship. And then when Angelus took over, Xander and Spike were both instrumental in getting the information we needed. Xander and I became friends."

Wesley took off his glasses and rubbed at his eyes before replacing them and continuing his explanation.

"It was Xander who made me aware of what Rupert was doing, making me doubt you, our relationship, getting me to voice my fears so that you would hear them. He's become a fine young man, and Spike is very lucky to have found him, or to have been found by him.

I guess, I'm jealous of what they have, the very fact that they have mated proves that Spike loves Xander, other wise it wouldn't be possible. I know that is something that we'll never have. Angelus hates me, and I feel no love for him either. Spike and Xander have eternity to be together where as I will grow old and die, and you will live on long after I'm gone. That is what I've been mourning, the chance we'll never have."

Angel pulled Wesley into his arms and held him. He kissed his head and rubbed soothing circles on his back.

"You're right, we won't have forever together, it isn't possible. But don't dwell on what we can't have, think about what we can. Shansu Wes, I'll get my redemption, become human again. We can be alive together, in the sunlight. Isn't that enough?"

Wesley looked up at Angel and smiled. It was more than enough.

Xander looked at the naked form of his sleeping lover. It was hard to believe that not so long ago this man - vampire, had been his bitter enemy. It just went to show that things changed, people changed. Him and Spike were living proof. Xander walked to the end of the bed and bent down to lick Spikes foot. It was one of the few ticklish spots the vampire had. Spike wriggled his toes and moved his foot away from Xanders mouth. Xander chuckled and repeated the act on Spikes other foot.

The vampire mumbled in his sleep and rolled over so he was lying on his back - which had been Xanders goal all along. He crawled onto the foot of the bed and began softly rubbing his hands up the insides of Spikes legs. He grinned when the vampire spread himself wider in his sleep.

Soon, lips replaced hands and Xander kissed and licked his way up the silky white thighs until his face was between Spikes legs. He couldn't help but notice that Spike was awake now - he was hard. Xander nuzzled into the vampires crotch, tonguing and licking his balls before sucking them one at a time into his mouth. Spike began to pant.

Xander felt Spike thread the fingers of one hand into his hair and tug ever so slightly. He smiled and moved up to do the vampires bidding. He licked Spikes cock - once - from rot to tip and then blew across the tip. Spike growled and thrust up involuntarily.

"Not nice to tease luv."

Xander grinned and then bent back to his task. He slowly pulled Spikes forskin back revealing the smooth pink tip. He wrapped his lips around it and dipped his tongue into the slit, tasting the first drops of his lovers juices. He hummed in pleasure and Spike cried out.

"Xander! Bloody hell, do that again!"

Xander hummed again and then sucked Spikes shaft further into his mouth. He placed one hand on the vampires hip to keep him still and slowly worked his throat open until he had swallowed Spike down to the root.

Spikes eyes rolled back in his head and he cried out again and again as Xander swallowed around the head of his cock. He knew he wasn't going to last as he felt his balls draw up and the tingle of impendidng orgasm started at the base of his spine. He tried to warn Xander, to tell him he was cumming, but when he opened his mouth the noise he was capable of making was an animalistic howl.

Xander heard his mate howl and seconds later his throat was flooded with the taste of Spikes juices. He swallowed and then let the softened member slip from his mouth before licking his lips.

"Mmm, nummy. Morning Spike. Sleep well?"

Xander smiled as Spike lifted his head, opened golden eyes and tried to focus on him before giving up and flopping back down to the matress. He smiled again when Spike reached out for him and went willingly into his arms.

"What about you pet? You want me to take care of that?"

Spike gripped Xanders obviously erect shaft and grinned when his mate groaned and thrust into his hand. Xander covered Spikes hand with his own and together they brought Xander to climax. Spike licked their fingers clean and then pulled Xander on top of him and held him close.

They drifted in and out of sleep for a few hours, both happy and content to just be here, alone and together. They had forever to do this, to hold and be held, to love and be loved in return. Spike lay in bed holding Xander in his arms and feeling like he was the luckiest demon to ever walk the earth.

He may have had to go through hell to get to where he was but it was worth it. In this case, the ends did justify the means. He wasn't back to his old self yet, but with Xanders help he would be. Because of his this man, his mate, he was healing. Hell, he might even let the watcher off the hook.

The End

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