Pairing: S/X

Rating: NC17

Disclaimer: Still not mine, but I'm trying!

Summary: Vague season seven spoilers, Xander and Spike in a haunted house.

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A/N: Many thanks to Alex, the fastest beta in the west!



Part One

"I still don't see why I had to come with you." Spike may have been souled but he was still a snarky pain in the ass. It wasn't Xander's idea to bring him along on this little mission and he told him so.

"Because Buffy, she who is better than the rest of us, told me I had to take you with me. So just shut the hell up, Fangl..." Xander trailed off as he remembered that the vampire was now chip-free.

"Just shut up, Spike."

"Oh, what's the matter, pet? Just figuring out that I can hurt you? No worries, wouldn't bite you if you were the last warm-blooded mammal on the planet. And don't give me any of that moist and delicious crap either." Spike made an appropriate 'eewww' face at Xander and stalked ahead of him.

"Well, I am. Anya even said so." Xander muttered to himself as he followed along behind the vampire. He still wasn't sure why exactly he and Spike had been sent on this little recon mission to begin with. Buffy had overheard some of the students at school saying that some 'nasty, freaky shit' had happened at this old house over on Bathurst Drive, so here he was off to scope out the sitch with his sometimes-roomie.

As the two approached the house, Xander felt an overwhelming sense of dread. "Spike, I don't think this is a good idea." The blonde scoffed at him and reached for the doorknob.

"What's the matter, Shaggy? 'Fraid some nasty little ghostie is haunting the place?" Xander glared at the smug vampire and squared his shoulders. He refused to look like a wimp in front of Spike. If Spike was going in, he was too. "Fine. Let's go."

The house was dark, dusty, and a bit worse for wear. After carefully making their way around the main floor they headed upstairs to check out the upper level of the house. It wasn't any better, at least not until they reached the master bedroom.

Spike opened the door and let out a low whistle. Xander stepped up behind him to look into the room. His eyes grew large as saucers as he took in the sight. The room was immaculate, clean linens on the bed, flowers in vases, candlelight and soft romantic music. Spike hesitated at the doorway but Xander egged him on.

"What's the matter, Spike? 'Fraid some nasty little ghostie is haunting the place?" Xander sneered. Spike shoved off the doorjamb and sauntered into the room. He turned defiantly and dared Xander to follow him in. Xander did. That was his mistake.

Both vampire and human jumped when the door slammed shut and the temperature in the room dropped. Spike shifted faces and took a fighting stance. Xander pulled his dagger out of his coat and prepared to fight as well.

Simultaneously, both men fell to the floor screaming, their bodies jerked as they were taken over. They fell silent and still for long minutes before Xander sat up and turned toward Spike.

"My love, are you alright?" He reached out and helped the blonde to stand. Once on his feet, Spike pulled Xander into his arms and kissed him.

"As long as you are with me, I'm fine." They kissed again, both men getting as close to each other as physically possible. Spike started to unbutton Xander’s shirt as he walked them toward the bed.

"We have all night, what's the hurry love?" Xander pulled away and looked into the blue/yellow eyes of his lover.

"This body already holds two identities, I don't know how long I can keep them dormant - as it is, they are aware of everything that is happening." The vampire resumed his task of undressing the body in front of him. "How is your host? Is he aware?"

"Strangely, yes. I feel... remnants of someone, or something else in here; it's confusing. The host is not at all happy with current events. There is much eeww-ing and death threats. It's kinda cute actually." They both smiled and kissed again.

The two men were soon naked and stretched out side by side on the bed. Xander leaned over Spike and looked into his eyes before kissing him deeply. He rolled on top of the smaller man and began gently rocking his hips. Spike moaned into his mouth and thrust up against him.

"In me, please, love. Now." Spike begged and spread his legs wide, hooking his arms under his knees and pulling his legs to his chest. Xander chuckled and lowered his face to the tiny pink pucker and licked.

Meanwhile, trapped inside his own body, unable to control a thing, Xander freaked out. Kissing Spike was bad enough, being naked was beyond tolerable, but putting his tongue there? This was way beyond 'butt-monkey'; he'd never be able to look at Spike again.

Spike wasn't exactly pleased either, except that he figured he had blackmail material on Xander for the rest of his life. The kid wouldn't be able to get away with taking the piss with him anymore.

"Oh God! So hot, so good, more. Please, more!" Spike heard his own voice begging and was somewhat reluctant to agree that it did feel rather pleasant, and while shy sweet William was sure he would die - again - of humiliation, the demon was howling with pleasure. It didn't care who was fucking him, just as long as they didn't stop anytime soon.

Xander tried not to pay attention to what he was doing, what he was feeling. The very idea that the sound of Spike begging was making him hard... well, that was just the thing that had possessed him. Had nothing to do with him at all, even if he was enjoying the sound of the breathy little moans his tongue inside Spike was producing.

Spike had barely a moment to register that he was about to be buggered by Xander's body before he felt the long, hard, hot shaft enter him, stretching him open and making him purr in delight. Both the things occupying himself and Xander were wide-eyed with shock before accepting the strangeness that was vampire physiology and resuming their lovemaking.

As the two beings coupled slowly and sensually, Xander focused on the different sensation of being inside a male body, a vampire body. It was cool, and tight and so incredibly different yet arousing. He almost forgot that he wasn't supposed to be enjoying this. That he was in fact supposed to be fighting this, trying to stop it, but... it just felt so good inside Spike, like nothing he had ever experienced before.

Spike felt his face change as his orgasm approached, the demon was howling for blood with his sex. He felt his arms move, his hands gently moved Xander’s head to the side. The thing inside him was going on instinct now, the demon’s instinct. He felt his fangs penetrate flesh and tasted the sweet blood as it flowed into his mouth. All in all, as possessions went, this one wasn't so bad.

Xander felt the fangs enter his neck and thought that he was going to die. He wasn't prepared for the overwhelming pleasure that the bite gave him. He forgot entirely that this wasn't supposed to be happening and gave himself over to it. It was rapture, it was bliss, it was... Spike sucking on his neck!

"Stop!" Apparently the thing in charge realised what was happening and pulled away. Thank God. He watched as Spike's tongue came out and licked his lips clean. It was damn sexy.

"Wouldn't have killed him, love. The vampire didn't want him to die either," rumbled Spike's voice, husky with desire, and then they were moving again, frantic, desperate movements. Faster and harder, until finally, with a shudder and a roar, they emptied themselves and fell still. Minutes passed while Xander and Spike waited to see if they would be released now that that the spirits had used their bodies to fulfil their desires. When Xander felt Spike harden once more beneath him, he knew he would have no such luck. He screamed out inside himself that this was not allowed to happen, that no one had ever been there before and it was going to stay that way. He heard himself chuckle and then whisper in Spike's ear.

"The boy here is a virgin, love. Think we should fix that for him? You know you never could pass up a virgin." Xander felt the vibration of Spike's husky laugh and then he was suddenly flipped onto his back.

"It'll be just like our first time. I'll make you feel so good." Xander felt his cock encased in a cool wet vacuum and realised that Spike's body, Spike's mouth, was sucking him off. "Ohh, cold. Good cold."

Spike noted that Xander seemed to babble even when it wasn't him. He wondered if it was ingrained in the body, or if the spirit inside was just a lot like the whelp. He couldn't believe he was sucking Xander Harris' cock. So much for the blackmail.

By the time Spike's body was pushing into his own, Xander was a writhing mass of need and want. He no longer cared that this was Spike, that this was wrong on so many levels. He was trapped, unable to stop anything that was happening but able to feel every touch, every lick, every nibble; he needed to cum and he needed to cum now.

Spike felt his own eyes cross as his cock was slowly encased in the wet heat of Xander’s body. He had no idea where the spirits had gotten the slick from, and rightfully he didn't care, he was just going to enjoy the ride as long as it lasted. It had been far too long since he'd gotten his end away.

Spike wasn't sure when it was that the spirit had left his body, but he knew without a doubt that he was now in control again. He was still buried to the hilt inside Xander and hard as a rock. He froze. Looked into shocked, panic-filled eyes and knew, knew that Xander was back in control as well.

Xander closed his eyes and groaned in frustration. He was so close to cumming. Spike was still hard inside him; his hand was still wrapped around his hard cock. All it would take would be a couple more thrusts, a couple more pulls and he'd be finished. And God he wanted to finish. But he couldn't ask Spike to keep fucking him; no way was he going to do that. So he just closed his eyes and hoped Spike would take that as permission to continue.

Spike was of two minds; his newly restored soul was appalled at what had happened. The Spirits had purposely vacated their bodies at this exact moment, surely just to play mind games with them. The demon part of him, however, was howling to be allowed to finish.

Spike took Xander’s silence as permission to go on. Surely the boy was as bad off as he was. He could finish this quickly, bring them both off and be done with it. The evil little voice in the back of his mind reminded him that he could also keep them both on the edge for a very long time and prolong this exquisite torture. It was tempting, far too tempting to pass up.

Spike slid slowly out of Xander until just the head of his cock was inside him before slowly pushing back in. He held the base of Xander's cock in a tight grip to prevent orgasm. He wanted to hear Xander beg for him. Xander's eyes snapped open and he stared in shock at the smirking vampire above him.

"Decided to join me then, eh?" Spike slowly slid out and then back in again. He watched as Xander’s eyes rolled back in his head as he brushed over his prostate ever so gently. "We finish this, it's mutual. I won't have the slayer coming after me with a stake for taking advantage. Your call Xander, do you want me to keep fucking you?"

Xander cursed inwardly at the unfairness of it all. Why couldn't Spike just do it without asking questions? If it weren't for the flecks of gold in his eyes, Xander would have thought that Spike was unaffected by all of this. At least he knew he wasn't in this alone. Spike growled and dropped his forehead to Xander’s and looked him straight in the eyes.

"What's it going to be, Xander? Stop or... " Spike finished his question by thrusting into Xander hard. Xander moaned and arched his back, his legs clamped tighter around Spike's waist and he closed his eyes.

"Don't stop." It was barely a whisper, but Spike heard it loud and clear. "Thank bloody God. Don't know if I actually could have." The vampire felt Xander chuckle and he smiled.

Deciding to be less than evil, Spike set a rapid pace, designed to bring them both off quickly. As he felt Xander's hot cum splash over his hand, his muscles spasm around his shaft, Spike once more sank his fangs into Xander's neck as he came and was rewarded by Xander cumming again as well.

Neither man spoke as they cleaned up and got dressed. They blew out the candles and made their way silently downstairs. At the front door, Xander took a deep breath and turned around to look at Spike.

"We never speak of this." He stared long and hard at the vampire and was relieved when he nodded his assent.

"Never happened, mate." Spike watched as Xander reached for the door and pulled it open. He stepped up behind him and quickly spun him around. Before Xander could protest, Spike covered his mouth with his own and kissed him. It was a soft, sweet kiss. A kiss that left Xander stunned and confused.

"Spike? What was that for?" The vampire shrugged. "Seemed only right, we did shag, figured we should have at least kissed once." He smiled at the confused-looking young man in front of him. "Don't worry, that never happened either." Spike strolled out the door, Xander not far behind him. "So what do we tell Buffy then?" Xander was surprised he was able to actually think of something other than Spike's lips on his, Spike's body on him, in him. His life was never dull, that was for sure.

"Nothing. We tell her that we hung around all night and nothing happened. Unless you want to tell her that a couple of naughty homosexual spirits took us over and had a bit o' fun with our bodies. But I can't guarantee she won't stake the both of us if you do." Xander swallowed and shook his head.

"Nothing works for me. Nothing happened, no naughty touching with male vampires. By tomorrow I will have successfully blocked the entire thing from my mind." Spike chuckled and looked at his mark on Xander’s neck, he wondered how the boy was going explain that away.

Part Two

In his dreams he is still haunted. Every night since the night it happened he relives the entire thing. He can feel those soft, cool lips on his own, the slide of the silky skin against him as they tumble to the mattress. He tries to deny it, to suppress his desire for the snarky blonde vampire. It doesn't work.

Every night he remembers the feel of sliding into that snug, soft channel, burying himself in Spike's body again and again. He can still taste the vampire's skin, still hear the way he sounded - the way he begged - while he tongued him. He longs to make him sound that way again, when it is him and Spike - not two spirits who had temporarily possessed them.

He remembers blue eyes staring into his own, the way it felt to be stretched and filled and taken. He wants to feel that again - he needs to, and he does, every night in his dreams.

He finds himself daydreaming about him, as well. He closes his eyes at work and sees yellow-flecked eyes filled with lust and longing. Knows that it's Spike looking at him now, the spirits having abandoned them in these final moments. Hears himself saying, "don't stop," feels the cool length of the vampire's cock push into him again and again. He remembers the way Spike kissed him. Soft, sweet, and filled with something that made his knees weak and his dick hard.

He has to hide his hard-on under baggy trousers and long work shirts. Sometimes he has to go into the men's room and relieve himself. But it's always a cool hand in his mind that touches him. Longer, thinner, softer fingers that wrap around his aching flesh. It's always Spike that brings him to completion.

Xander thinks he's losing his mind. He's not sure if that's such a bad thing these days. Everything else is crazy, so why shouldn't he be crazy as well?

On the way home from work, almost every night, he finds himself turning down Bathurst Drive and stopping in front of the house. A few times he's gotten out of the car and gone up to the front door but he's never gone inside. He's always come back to his senses before that and headed home. He's thankful that Spike has been staying in Buffy's basement. He knows he couldn't share a place with him right now. Not with the dreams he's been having.

He still has a scar on his throat. It's not very noticeable if you don't know it is there. But Xander does; he knows it's there, and he has to stop himself from touching it. He had to wear high collared shirts and ties for a week after that night. He doesn't need to hide it anymore, and sometimes, he thinks he can feel Spike's eyes on him. Staring at his neck, at his scar. It makes him hard and he has to leave the room.

Tonight he skipped out of work early. He was supposed to go to Buffy's place - big Scoobie meeting - but instead he wound up back at the house on Bathurst Drive.

Just as Xander was about to step out of his car he saw someone approaching in the newly darkened street. He squinted his eyes and strained to make out the person's features. He smiled. Blonde hair and leather coat over red silk shirt. Black jeans and t-shirt. Spike.

He watched as the vampire came to a stop in front of the house and looked up at the window to the master bedroom. Xander looked up, too. He wondered if Spike was remembering what had happened between them, as well. Not what the spirits had done with their bodies, but what they had done of their own free will.

Xander was so lost in his own recollections that he almost missed the sight of Spike entering the house. He opened his car door and stumbled out onto the street. After locking his car, he walked on shaky legs up to the front door and turned the handle.

The door stood open and Xander peered into the darkness. He wasn't sure why tonight was different - why he was actually going to go inside tonight when every other time he had been here he'd turned and walked away.

That was a lie. He knew why he was doing this tonight. Spike was here. Inside the house. Spike was inside and Xander wanted him - felt drawn to him, maybe just felt for him, period. That was why he was slowly creeping up the stairs. Why he was walking down the hall toward the master bedroom. It was why he was opening the door and stepping into the room.

The vampire was draped across the bed on his belly. He was completely naked and looking at Xander like it was the most natural thing in the world. The man had haunted him every day as he slept. It was all he could do to keep away from him whenever Xander showed up at the slayer's for meetings or patrol. He had followed him one night after he'd left the slayers. He had been pleasantly surprised to find himself being led to this place. Spike had come back almost every night since, waiting for Xander to gather the courage to come inside.

"'Ello, pet."

"Jesus! Spike!"

"Nope. Not even close. So Xan, took you long enough. I've been waiting for weeks now."

Xander looked at the vampire with confusion.

"B-but I just saw you come in?"

Spike smiled. A real genuine smile.

"Not what I meant, git. I've been by here pretty much every night. I've seen you standing out there, looking up at the window. I know what you want, Xander. I want it too. I want you."

Xander moaned low in his throat and stood frozen in place as Spike rose to his feet and stalked toward him. He couldn't help but tremble as those same cool hands he'd been dreaming about reached out for him and began to unbutton his shirt. He toed off his shoes and stepped out of his jeans as the vampire lowered them down his legs.

Spike could smell the man's arousal thick in the air. It wasn't the first time he'd smelled it since the night they had sex. Every time they were in a room together, he could smell it. It wasn't one-way either; just one look at his mark on Xander's throat and he was hard. Christ, he wanted him.

Naked, they stood before each other. Spike took a moment to appreciate the beauty of the man in front of him; the demon in him wanted nothing more than to throw him down and bury both cock and fangs into his warm, soft flesh. But the soul wanted words. William needed to hear that he was wanted, desired.


"Gods, Spike. You look ... "

Xander reached out and tentatively touched Spike's chest. His index finger scraped across a taut nipple causing the vampire to moan and arch into the contact.

"... beautiful."

The vampire smiled again and stepped closer, Xander's hand still on his chest. He cupped the back of the human's neck and brought their mouths together - gently, softly - and kissed him.

"Do you want me?"

"Yes, I want you, Spike."

"Would you call me Wil?"

"If you want me to."

"I do."

"Okay. I want you, Wil."

They kissed again and slowly made their way to the bed. Spike laid Xander down gently and covered his body with his own. He kissed his mouth, his chin, and then spent several minutes mapping out his throat with lips and tongue. Spike kissed his way up to Xander's ear and nibbled on the soft lobe before whispering to him.

"How do you want to do this love? Top or bottom?"

Xander responded by rolling them both over until the vampire was under him. He looked into cool blue eyes and blushed a bit at what he was about to say.

"I-I want to ... Do you remember ... I mean, when the spirits ... "

Spike chuckled and kissed the flustered human.

"I remember all of it, Xander. What is it you want, love? Wasn't a thing that I didn't enjoy."

Xander took a deep breath and lowered his eyes before speaking.

"That thing, with my tongue. You know...?"

"Ah, that. You liked that?"

Xander continued to blush but nodded. Spike lifted the man's chin so he could look him in the eyes.

"I liked that, too."

Xander smiled then. He relaxed his stiff posture and rested against the cool, hard body of the man beneath him for a minute before lifting his head and kissing him soundly. Spike closed his eyes and melted into the kiss. He had been dreaming about warm, full lips. About a soft, probing tongue. He remembered this part so well. Being kissed by Xander was like being worshipped by a god.

Xander reluctantly tore his mouth away from Spike's. He drew in a few much-needed breaths and kissed his way down the smooth skin of the vampire's throat. He nibbled his way across prominent collarbones and then suckled briefly at each nipple until they were stiff little peaks.

Xander shifted down the bed; he dipped his tongue into Spike's navel and mimicked the act of sex. The blonde growled and Xander could tell he had shifted to his true face. He pulled up to catch a glimpse of yellow eyes and sharp teeth before bending lower and licking across the swollen crown of the vampire's cock.

Spike gripped the sheets and willed himself to not thrust into the boy's warm mouth. He knew that Xander had other plans; not that he was complaining about getting a rimming, but he really wanted those lips on his cock.

Xander licked a path down the large vein on the underside of Spike's cock to his balls. He took each one into his mouth and sucked gently. He was gratified by the squeak the vampire let loose. It gave him the needed incentive to continue. He parted Spike's legs further and bent them up toward the blonde's chest.

"Hold yourself open for me, Wil."

Spike groaned in desire and hooked his arms under his knees. He could hear the desire in Xander's voice; and hearing his name, his true name on Xander's lips was making him even more aroused.

"Please, Xander."

"Shh, Wil. Just a minute."

Xander looked at the tiny pink pucker just inches from his face and marvelled at the fact that he had had his cock inside there. He blew across it and smiled as Spike moaned and tried to thrust his ass toward him. He gave into the desire that had been plaguing him for weeks and licked the wrinkled skin lightly.

Spike made happy noises and Xander licked his lips. He leaned in and began to rim the vampire in earnest. He couldn't believe how turned on he was getting by doing this, but the way Spike moaned and thrashed was really making him hot. He grabbed the vampire's hips and pushed his tongue in as far as it would go and wriggled it around. Spike howled and grabbed handfuls of his hair.

"Fuck! Again, Xander. Do it again!"

Xander obliged him and felt Spike shudder all over. He knew that he was doing something right because after a few more seconds of this, the vampire froze and then his inner walls were clamping around his tongue as Spike screamed out his name. Xander pulled his tongue out slowly and looked up to see that that vampire had climaxed. Xander was pretty impressed with himself. By the look on Spike's face, the demon was impressed as well.

"Bloody hell! You sure you've never done that before?"

Xander shook his head and smiled. He then looked down at his still erect penis, looked at Spike's slick open hole and then raised a questioning look to the vampire's face.

"Wanna fuck me, Xander?"

The smirk on Spike's face did little to hide the heat and lust that blossomed in his eyes. Xander crawled up over him and kissed him aggressively. He swept his tongue inside the vampire's mouth and then caught his lower lip between his teeth and bit down gently.

"No. I don't want to fuck you. I want to make love to you, Wil. Can I?"

Spike gasped at the truth of Xander's words. No one had ever wanted to make love to him. He had been fucked in every way you could think of, consensual or otherwise, but never had he been made love to. He wanted to know what it felt like to be made love to. He wondered if he'd be able to tell the difference.

"Yes. Yes Xander, you can."

"Thank you."

Spike was still feeling tremors from the intense orgasm he'd just experienced. In over a hundred years of existence, he'd never had a rimming like that. No one had ever made cum from just rimming him. Then again, he'd spent most of his time with women, and they weren't all that into the idea of it. Dru had tried it a time or two, but she much preferred to be on the receiving end of oral pleasure.

Xander dipped his fingers into the puddle of semen on Spike's chest and slipped them into his opening. Once he was sure that Spike was slick enough, he used the rest of the vampire's cum to slick himself before pressing the head of his cock into Spike's body. Both men groaned at the sensation. Xander bent down and kissed Spike's lips as he slid home.

This was different than anything the vampire had ever felt. It wasn't the hard, frantic fucking he was used to. Xander was taking his time, making sure he had the right angle to stimulate his prostate. He was kissing him and touching him with gentle hands. He could hear soft words in his ear, telling him how good he felt, how beautiful Xander thought he was.

When a warm, work-rough hand wrapped around his cock and began to stroke him, Spike lost the battle to hold off his orgasm. He spilled himself across their bellies as Xander's hot seed filled him.

This was the part he always hated. When the sex was over and his usefulness had run its bounds. Now would be when his lover would pull away from him. They always did - Angelus had merely used and discarded him like so much trash; Drusilla never wanted to cuddle afterwards. She would always leave the bed in search of "Daddy", even decades after he had left them. Harmony wanted to cuddle, but she didn't count. Spike could hardly stand her; she was just one step up from masturbation. And Buffy; she never stuck around. Hell, she left as soon as she got her rocks off, whether he was finished or not.

So Spike was shocked and surprised when Xander gently pulled out of him and then rolled them so that Spike was lying beside him, pressed tightly into his side, head resting on his chest. Even more surprising was the hand that came up to card through his hair, and the kiss that was pressed to his head. The vampire remained tense, waiting for the moment when the human would push him away.

"Wil? You okay?"


A few more minutes passed in silence and Spike gradually began to relax. He wasn't sure about what was happening here. It was uncharted territory for him. Just as he thought he might actually fall asleep in Xander's arms he felt the man shift and start to move away. He called himself a fool and abruptly rolled away from Xander and sat up.

Warm hands gently massaged his shoulders and then soft lips fastened themselves to the back of his neck. Spike couldn't help but moan; his neck was extremely sensitive.

"What's wrong, Wil?"

Spike sighed. He didn't know how to answer this without sounding like a complete nonce.

"You pulled away from me."

"No, I was sitting up. I didn't think falling asleep in a haunted house was a very good idea. I wasn't pulling away from you."


Xander chuckled and got out of the bed. He walked around until he was in front of Spike and dropped to his knees on the floor. He looked up into the vampire's eyes and smiled at the confusion he found there. He looked so much like an innocent, he could almost forget that Spike had spent a century maiming and killing people. One act of kindness, and the vampire was lost.

"Hasn't anyone ever held you after making love?"

Spike shook his head and mumbled something Xander almost didn't hear.

"No one's ever made love to me, let alone held me afterwards."

Xander stood up and pulled Spike to his feet. He gathered the blonde into his arms and held him for a minute.

"Well, I hope you don't mind it, because I'm a big cuddler."


The blonde looked up at him and Xander could see the conflicting emotions in his eyes; hope, suspicion, longing, fear.

"Yeah. Let's go home. I want to hold you some more and I don't want to do it here."


"Yeah, if you want it to be."

Spike gave him a shy smile and started dressing. Xander pulled his clothes on, as well. They held hands on the drive back to the apartment and were still holding hands as they stepped inside. Xander closed the door and pulled Spike into his arms.

"Welcome home, Wil."

Spike smiled and closed his eyes. This was what he'd been looking for, for over a century. And to think it took a haunted house and being possessed to finally find it. Only in Sunnydale.

The End

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