A Really Neat Trick:

You will have to do a little math for this, but don't let that stop you ! You'll be amazed by my psychic ability...

First, pick a number. any number.

Now, multiply that number by 2.

Add 8 to your new number.

Divide that number by 2.

And lastly, subtract your original number.

This is your number.

Take that number and match it with the corresponding letter (Example: A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, and so on)

Now, think of any COUNTRY in the world that begins with that letter.

Take the letter that comes next in the alphabet, (For example, if you had the letter "B" you would now use the letter "C") and think of an ANIMAL that begins with that letter.

Now think about what color that animal is.

You should be thinking 3 things now:

1. The color of the animal

2. The type of animal

3. The name of the country

Think it REALLY hard so that I can read your mind.

Harder !!!

Now quickly push this button.