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(Confessions of a Bugs-a-holic)

What DIDN'T I learn from Bugs? No matter what the occasion, no matter what you are up against... look no further than Bugs Bunny and Friends !

What can you learn, you ask? Oh, you sad, sad souls...

Yosemite Sam is the one to look to when you have anger management issues.

  1. When you want to swear but can't, be like Sam and utter some nonsense instead!!! Sam favors things like "Sassafrassin' rickin' hossa frappin'", but that is just to be used as a guide line. Don't be afraid to get creative. Steal liberally from movies, song lyrics (scat works well), or babbling babies. Some of my favorite non-explatives include "Mother Puss Buckets !", "Caca Poopie !", "Son of a Motherless Goat!", and the ever popular "POOK !".
  2. Sam also makes it clear that anger gone unchecked = disaster. If you do not control your temper...you, too will suffer the indignaties of having cliffs sawed out from under you and being shot by the wrong end of a cannon. Learn from Sam, people.

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Foghorn Leghorn is the one to look to for Alpha-Male issues.

  1. Observing Foghorn teaches us that just because you rule the roost, that doesn't mean that you know anything. As the alpha, of course, you should always act as if you are in complete control at all times. Ignorance can be bliss.
  2. Foghorn also makes the mistake of not listening to a child just because he IS a child. And he usually ends up paying for it. Listen to children because sometimes they are smarter than you are. If you fail to do so, you may end up ruffling your own feathers. Or having them burned off...

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Pepe Le Pew shows us all how to love.

  1. Pepe knows that true love transcends all. Race, creed, and color don't matter...hell, you don't even have to be the same species !!
  2. Everyone should be like Pepe ! Don't be afraid to be a hopeless romantic. Shower your beloved with flowers, candy, poetry and affection. Have confidence in yourself and always believe that the object of your affection will want you as much as you want them. But if you do get rejected, Pepe shows us, denial is the answer. Take comfort in the thought that your love was just too much for the poor thing to handle. And live to love another day.

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Daffy Duck teaches us how to, and how not to deal with conflict.

  1. One of the best lessons we can take from Daffy is his 'Never Say Die' attitude. Even when he is clearly losing and there is NO hope of success, Daffy stays in there to the bitter end. True, sometimes he loses all dignity, and true, he often loses his beak in that sad little spinning-around-his-head way...but aren't we all inspired by his stupidity...I mean, bravery?!?!
  2. One of Daffy's less flattering traits is his enormous jealousy. It is clear that jealousy is an ugly thing and, as typified by Daffy, is often the result of biting off more than you can chew. Daffy constantly challenges his mental and emotional superiors to a fight and is usually left in a small heap of soot as a result. But life is unkind even then. Even in that state, Daffy teaches us, our eyeballs are left intact...left only to blink at the top of a soot pile that once was our life. Left to blink and stare at our own folly...

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Elmer Fudd shows us the dangers of passive/aggressive behavior.

  1. Elmer puts up with so much abuse and always tries to be the nice guy. He never says a word...that is until he explodes and becomes...
  2. The out of control madman. Once in this state, there is little hope of reasoning with him or calming him down. He (and we) need to find the happy medium ! In the passive state, you get walked all over and end up with flowers growing out of your head. In the aggressive state, you are the raving lunatic who shoots yourself in the butt. We should all strive to be assertive, people, not passive/aggressive.

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Wile E Coyote exemplifies how smart people can be really REALLY stupid !

  1. Wile E is a genius...nay, a super genius. Why, then can he never seem to triumph ? Well, that may be because while he has the brains to invent or assemble a high powered rocket, he does not have the common sense to realize that it is probably not a good idea to strap said rocket to his ass and light it. Herein lies the problem. You can have all the IQ points of a super genius, yet absolutely no streets smarts. Without these, you, too, will plunge headlong into a painted wall thinking it just may be a real tunnel. Very sad.
  2. The other problem with Wile E is his obsessive/compulsive behavior. He cannot stop and do anything else besides trying to catch furry or feathered creatures. His obsession keeps him from having a life ! He'll never have a friend, he'll never see the Pyramids. Our hearts go out to you Wile E....

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Tweety Bird shows us that nice guys finish first.

  1. Tweety is the perfect mix of innocence and attitude. He may be innocent of evil, but he is no dope. Tweety uses his sweetness to get the support of others. He is not above batting his eyes and squishing up that adorable wittle face into a pout when it will serve his purpose. Works every time. You don't have to be the biggest or strongest...just use what God gave you.
  2. Another helpful hint from Tweety...don't be afraid to talk to yourself outloud. Sometimes, you may be the only friend you have. And when talking isn't enough...sing, sing, sing !!!

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Speedy Gonzalez is the one to look to when you don't know what to do with your talents and gifts.

  1. Speedy teaches us to rely on our gifts to get what we want. If you are lucky enough to have a special skill - use it often and unabashedly. You never know when it might come in handy. Go and get that cheese !
  2. Another great thing about Speedy is that he is not at all selfish with his gifts. He helps those less fortunate and less talented than himself...and doesn't ask for anything in return ! Now THAT's the way to win friends and influence people (or mice...)!

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The Tazmanian Devil is a disastrous mixture of appetite and ignorance.

  1. Taz is a wild man with a voracious appetite. Most of the time, that works for him. But brute force only intimidates. The second Taz comes up against someone who is not afraid of him...he is lost. He ends up getting fooled by the simplest of ruses. We have to be more than strong and scary...we have to have a brain in our head. Otherwise we will also end up confusing a bunny rabbit for Sigmund Freud.
  2. Watching Taz also makes one thing perfectly clear...if you act like a beast...your woman will beat you into submission. Don't even fight it...

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Porky Pig is a lesson in stuttering sarcastic skepticism.

  1. Watching Porky reminds us all to be a little more open-minded...or at least to believe our own eyes. Whether it's ghosts or talking dogs...if you SEE it - it's real. Don't refuse to accept something just because you don't understand it, people.
  2. Porky also is a great example of keeping a level head. Once he does figure out what is going on...he takes it in stride as much as possible. And so should we. For example, if a talking duck tears your house apart trying to sell you life insurance (happens to me all the time), remain calm and leave him to fate. Works for Porky...

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Sylvester the Cat is an example to all who have problems dealing with fear, desire, pride, and/or addiction.

  1. Sylvester is the very definition of "fraidy cat"...and it doesn't take much to scare him. A shadow, a kangaroo, the very thought of humiliation. He wastes much of his life jumping at shadows and trying to make himself look good. Rule your fear and pride, people...don't let it rule you. Or be like Sylvester and look like a right ninny.
  2. Another thing we can learn from Sylvester is that while it's good to have interests (eating birds, perhaps...), there is such a thing as taking it too far. Do not sacrifice your emotional, mental, or physical well-being just to feed an addiction. There are support groups out there. And if you do join one...listen to your sponsor. They are there to help...

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Marvin the Martian is a study in selfish ambition.

  1. Marvin teaches us all that when you dream, you might as well dream big. If something stands in your way (the planet Earth, for example), just blow it into little tiny bits. But know that brains beat brawn. You may have an army of freeze-dried aliens on your side, but they are no match for the quick witted. Know what you are doing before you do it.
  2. Marvin also shows us that the best laid plans of mice and Martians often DO go awry. He demonstrates that being too single-minded does not allow for the disruptions that are always inevitable. Expect the unexpected and be willing to adjust your thinking as necessary. And remember, just because you want something doesn't mean that you will (or should) get it. You must think of the well-being of others or you WILL lose !!!

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Bugs Bunny IS the ultimate role model !!!

  1. The best, and most consistant lesson that Bugs teaches us is this: "If you can't dazzle 'um with brilliance, baffle 'um with BS !" He shows it time and time again. Monsters, beasts, hunters, rednecks, idiots, and geniuses alike... they all fall for a well placed load of hooey. It's a universal theme...and noone does it better than Bugs.
  2. Bugs also shows us that even the most street-wise among us is, and should be, a FOOL for the opposite sex. Fall fast and hard. Even if you know it's a mistake (like falling for a robot, say)... ALWAYS follow your heart !!!

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As you can see, Bugs Bunny and Friends is not just a cartoon or cultural icon...it is a way of life !!! Live it , Love it, Learn it !!!

Ebdya, ebdya, ebdya...