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Hello, and welcome to Zell and Tifa's Fighting Shrine . You're all probably wondering, "Why is she supporting Zell/Tifa rather then Cloud/Tifa or Zell/Selphie" or what not. The fact of the matter is that I do support Cloud/Tifa and Zell/Selphie. But because I love Zell and Tifa the most out of the Final Fantasy Series, I wanted to dedicate a special something to them and their fans.
So all who love Zell Dincht and Tifa Lockhart, Just make yourselves right at home!

About Zell Dincht

Age: 17
Height: 5'5"
Hair color: blond
DoB: March 17
Blood Type: B
Hometown: Balamb
Weapon/Skill: Glove/Duel
Obsession: Hot Dogs

Bio In Manual

An Incredible Martial Artist. Aspiring to become to become like his grandfather who was once a soldier, Zell entered Garden at the age of 13. Not being one to think matters through, he is known to act on impulse rather then reasoning. At heart however, he is an honest young man who takes things seriously.

Interpreted Bio

Zell Dincht is very skilled in Martial Arts and has the moves to prove it. He grew up in Balamb with his Ma Dincht. One of Zell's heroes is his grandpa, who was once a soldier. Zell wants to be just like him when he gets older. Zell became a Balamb Garden student at age 13. At the Garden, he can be mostly seen outside the library practicing his moves, or in the cafeteria where he is constantly in line for hotdogs. In Balamb town, Zell is known as a rowdy young man. Sometimes he tends to act on impulse instead of reasoning. Many people tend to not take him seriously because of his behavior.

Physical Appearance

Zell is a pale-toned boy with a very handsome, cheery and energetic appearance to him. He has golden strands of spiked hair and lightly-toned blue eyes. On the side of his face is etched a large, black tatoo. He dons a black jacket and shirt with tints of blue and red, loose blue jeans that reach a tad bit pass the knees, and a pair of black and red sneakers. His smile is a charming and somewhat dangerous tradmark towards Zell, showing his bubbly but easily angered nature.


Zell is a odd mixture of personalities that one can relate to. He has a quick temper or impulse, a hyper, jumpy and exciting optimistic side, but also paranoid, loving, protective and honest. He's the kind that nobody really notices or even wants to befriend at first hand. However, he's the one somebody could turn to if they need a favor, somebody to rely on, or practically some humorous company. Although his anger may resolve into a few troubles, Zell manages to pull through until the end.

Information of the Interpreted Bio was from "ZCK: Zell's Combat Kingdom", one of my favorite Zell sites.

About Tifa Lockhart

Age: 20
Weapon: Glove
Height: 5'4"
Job: Bar Hostees, AVALANCHE member
Birthplace: Nibelheim
Birthdate: May 3
Bloodtype: B
Color Hair: Brunette
Hobbies: Cooking/Mixing Drinks, Martial Arts

Bio In Manual

Bright and optimistic, Tifa always cheers up other when they're down. But don't let her looks fool you, she can decimate almost any enemy with her fists. She is one of the main members of AVALANCHE. She and Cloud were childhood friends, and although she has strong feelings for him, she would never admit it.

Interpreted Bio

Tifa is the games cheery character and leading female; despite her horrid background she manages to act happy even when it's obvious she's upset. Her main purpose throughout Final Fantasy VII is to give the player a backbone to Cloud's past, and also provide a love interest to him. Although Tifa is beautiful, she has very strong fighting ablilities, and is most useful out of all the females.

Physical Appearance

Very beautiful makes a perfect angel. She has stunning ruby eyes, that attract many. Long flowing brunette hair and wears in a loose ponytail with a red scrunchy. She wears a white top with a black mini skirt, very good for kicking with and physical fighting. And wears sliver tear drop earrings. Her smile is very charming and is a trademark in many of her pictures.


Tifa's personality is unlike any other in Final Fantasy VII. Tifa seems rather shy, but knows how to cheer everyone up when there down. Her optimistic attitude is far brighter than anyone elses, and its strange since Tifa lost both her parents and almost her own at a young age. Tifa is like a mother to everyone, and cares about everyone. She sometimes let's her emotions blur her judgement, and is not a very open person when it comes to telling the one she loves that she loves him *cough* Cloud *cough*. Tifa is very smart, and knows how to run her own business. Tifa also has that maternal instinct, considering she took care of Marlene half the time Barret was away.

Information from Angel Tifa's "Eternal Love" Shrine

About the Site

I wanted to create this shrine for a long time now, but it was difficult because I had never made a website in my life. I've created forums, but never a website. And if anything, I wanted it to be about Final Fantasy and about a couple I wanted to support. I've seen huge and various Cloud/Tifa sites, and I was thinking of making one myself, but I knew that I could never measure up to Eternal Love and Star Crossed and all those other great sites. And then I started to replay Final Fantasy VIII, and almost automatically, I fell in love with Zell Dincht. None of the main character males in Final Fantasy like Cloud or Zidane were really my type, and then Zell came along. Like that, I was a huge Zell fan. So after beating the game and seeing his personality towards the characters and toward himself, and then replaying and beating Final Fantasy VII and seeing Tifa's personality and outlook towards the crisis, I started thinking about how those two would be like together. I was thinking what if they were the couple. What if the players in the game looked to them rather than Squall or Cloud or Rinoa. So without more talk, here's the Zell and Tifa's Fighting Shrine, to all Zell, Tifa and Zell/Tifa fans out there! Enjoy!

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