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"Greetings and welcome to the Vampire Chronicles if you havenít guessed yet I am Lestat and this site is the collaboration of myself and three of the most powerful and close to my heart vampires being Louis de Pointe du Loc, Marius de Romanus and the dark angel Armand. Within these pages you will find free Vampire email accounts, Vampire Audio, The Night Island Message Boards and Merchandise. Chat with curious mortals and vampires at Darculaís Daughter. Vote on my Video game poll at the Night Island. I and my immortal friends hope you find that which it is you seek and most of all have a good time!"

"Bon jour! Welcome all you can navigate the chronicles using the pull down menu above, I see Lestat has briefed you on what we offer and I look forward to meeting you on a more personal level at the Night Island. "

"Picture perfect why canít everything be as a painting? Utterly within the control of the artist, well enough with the random thoughts I am here to welcome you to the Vampire Chronicles and so I shall enjoy! "

"So much has changed in the years that have stretched to form my life and for the better it seems now more than ever are vampires able to interact with mortals without fear we are even admired, loved and believe your love is returned I welcome you all I amÖ "
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