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In keeping with our goal to promote Art and Performance in our community, NERVE DEAF will be featuring new bands for your listening pleasure. We will be updating frequently, so bookmark this page.

Now that NerveDeaf is headquarted in Cincinnati, we felt it was high time to update this page to include some of the awesome artists this city has to offer, in a variety of genres. Here are just a few. This list will continue to grow, we're sure.

The Mylene Sheath is an independent record label dedicated to the preservationn of vinyl. Run by Cincinnati residents Lindsay Palmer and Joel Proper, they strive to present and support their artists in a nurturing, ethical environment. Check out their growing roster of artists. You'll find some really awesome stuff.

Jerry Oliver is a singer/songwriter, guitar teacher and poet who originally hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota where he spent several years as a fixture in the Midwest music scene. Jerry made his mark playing with The Cherokee Rose Band and his own original rock band Peculiar Red. After the demise of Peculiar Red in 1998 Jerry began performing and writing with his wife Sheila as the duo Pushin' Daisies, who were featured on the 1999 CD compilation of Minnesota's best songwriters "Minnesota Homegrown" which was compiled by the weekly paper Pulse Of The Twin Cities and released by Coldwind Records. For the next few years Jerry built a loyal Midwest following with Pushin' Daisies and as a solo artist. Now making Nashville, Tennessee his home, Jerry is a frequent performer on the Cincinnati Scene.

From Covington, Kentucky come The Turkeys. Chris Cusentino started The Turkeys in 2003, and through a few personnel changes, has struck gold with the current lineup. Since adding Kyle Knapp in fall of 2005, the two have developed a recognizable vocal style and compiled a long list of original tunes with varied styles. His Bluegrass roots show through in his singing and songwriting. Kyle Knapp moved to Covington from Lexington, KY in 2005 and quickly established himself as a staple in the local music scene. Performing as a solo acoustic act, he became a popular fixture of the Mainstrasse where he and Chris met. He was the songwriter and harmonizing voice that the Turkeys needed, and has put his stamp on the band with his original tunes. Harold Kennedy came to the Cincinnati area from Splunge, Mississippi by way of Nashville where he played lead guitar for Hank Williams III, Montgomery- Gentry, and Del Shannon. He established himself as a Bluegrass picker in Cincinnati before revealing that he was the best electric guitar player in town. His consummate professionalism and immeasurable talent have given The Turkeys instant credibility in a number of musical genres.

Guitar Oriented, Lyric Driven, Bass Pounding, Drum Bashing Hard Rock, Melodic Metal with audible lyrics and hooks. From Cincinnati/Dayton, that is The Mighty Swine.

A Tribute to 70's Classic Arena Rock ! Featuring the music of: Queen * Led Zeppelin * Pink Floyd * Styx * Grand Funk * Elton John * Deep Purple * Bob Seger and an Assortment of Great One Hit Wonders! Plus Classic tunes from Guitar Hero and RockBand! Complete with Walls of Vintage Red Marshall Stacks, Vintage Guitars ,Huge Keyboard rigs, Cool Clothes and Long Hair! Yeah... remember when bands looked like bands? That's the Midnight Special, a cool cover band out of Cincinnati.**(note from Giuliana)** Why am I including a cover band? Because my roots are in Classic Rock, and I like them, that's why.

Here's Ultrasuede, the best little blues band in Beaumont Texas. Check out the voice and playing chops on their keyboardist, Susan Pierce, on "Blind Woman with a Gun." What Susan really is, is a blind woman with a big voice, who knows her way around a keyboard. I haven't been able to coax the band up to Cincinnati yet, but I'm working on it.

Hailing from the northeastern seaboard, i.e. Pittsburgh, and New York City, to New Orleans, comes the voice of 21st century blues. You find yourself in a crowded, smokey room. Everyone around you is soaking in the sweat of the Delta, you anticipate a great energy on the horizon. A lone figure, in flaired denim and long dark hair, approaches the mic. The sound of glass slide and a pounding boot, fill the midnight air. Then the voice, that "voice"....the one that made your father gasp, and your mother sigh. The sound of the Delta, the sound of old Nashville, the sound of rock-n-roll, the sound of a man's inner-soul, that voice, you hear it surround the room. You, my friend have just experienced Domenic. Come and see what CHECKPOINT CHARLIE, KERRY'S IRISH BAR and LOUNGE LIZARDS in New Orleans, already know...............DOMENIC is 21st century blues, cosmic country,and rock-n-roll........this music is real!

Room Service - An excellent Garage Band out of New Orleans.

****AVID, the first self- produced CD from LinZ,(Giuliana's very talented daughter) is finally completed. Click below to enter LinZ's homepage for MP3 samples and info on upcoming projects.****

Congratulations, LinZ on you and your crew placing 3rd in Universal Studio's 48 Hour Film Festival- 2004, with their entry- "AN EYE FOR AN EYE". Way To Go LinZ!!


High Energy Alternative Rock, out of Hampton Roads, Virginia. Check Out RED METRIC


Out Of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and featured at two NERVE DEAF Shows, KALI YUGA




Progressive/Gothic/Ambient, out of Mobile, Alabama, ANALOG MISSIONARY



Great Cover Band, out of New Orleans, BROADCAST




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