Chapter Seven

Two months later...

Faith tried to protest when her back hit the doorjamb with a quiet thud but she couldn't quite voice her dissent with Buffy's tongue in her mouth. She groaned into Buffy's mouth and put her arms up in the air to show her protest but soon they found their way around Buffy and under the back of her shirt.

Buffy's palms were flat on Faith's stomach over her shirt and creeping ever so stealthily up towards her breasts to cop a feel when the sound of someone clearing their throat in the cluttered kitchen caught their attention. They separated quickly, embarrassed to have been caught.


Slayer hearing was muted by slayer hormones, apparently.

"Buffy honey," Joyce began, not sparing her daughter a glance as she continued to unload another box into one of the cupboards. "I feel like I did pretty well when you told me that you were dating Faith; I've always known since the moment you were born that I'd love you unconditionally. I think I even get Cool Mom points for letting you stay at the motel with her those three times when you said that she was hurt after patrol, even when she was just fine when I saw her the day after. But I'm not sure I'll be able to retain my Cool Mom status if I have to walk in on another scene like that any time soon."

"Sorry Mom," Buffy said guiltily.

"Yeah, sorry Ms. S," Faith seconded, shooting Buffy a quick glare. It had been Buffy's idea to take a two-minute 'break' from unpacking; Faith had been innocent in the entire ordeal! She couldn't help it if her lips had gotten caught up in the action.

"No need to apologize, girls. I know what it's like to be young and in . . . well, lust, apparently."

Buffy frowned. "Can we not have the talk about your youthful conquests?"

Joyce stopped what she was doing and peeked around the cupboard door to glower at Buffy who quickly changed her tone and smiled apologetically. Seemingly appeased, she went back to work.

"Faith, these dishes should work just fine now until you can pick out something you like. They're only a few years old but I decided to pick out a new pattern after Buffy broke a few pieces when she tried to clean her battle axe in the dishwasher."

"I'll have you know that it was shiny like new when it came out of there," Buffy said matter of factly.

"Thanks a lot, Ms. S," Faith said, ignoring Buffy's comment. "I got pretty used to paper plates and take-out containers, so, uh . . . I appreciate it."

Buffy looked over at her and smiled, then playfully grabbed her hand and laced their fingers together. She stole a glance over at her mother and, finding her still busy loading the cupboard, she tugged Faith toward her and planted a quick kiss on her lips.

"Ugh, again?" Cordelia asked as she breezed through with a few grocery bags looped around her wrists. "Let's let the humans do all the work and heavy lifting while the two super-strength slayers play kissyface in the kitchen."

Joyce peeked around the cupboard door again and gave Buffy a scolding look before smiling at Cordelia. "Were you able to get everything, dear?"

"As much as I could fit in Daddy's Del Sol. Two-seater cars aren't exactly cargo-friendly," Cordelia said evenly as she started to unload the groceries into the refrigerator.

"What's all this?" Faith asked, her brow furrowed.

"Just a few simple groceries; a 'welcome to your new apartment' gift that Cordelia was kind enough to help me out with while I've been busy here," Joyce replied. She closed the cupboard and put the empty box on the floor alongside several others. "You should be stocked up for a week or two, probably less judging by the amount of food I've seen you eat in one sitting."

Faith chuckled and shook her head lightly, then looked down at her feet. "You didn't have to do that. I feel like a creep enough already for having to ask all of ya for help and for taking your hand-me-downs."

"That's what we're here for, honey. Besides, you don't know how happy I am that you're finally out of that god awful motel and into a nice place in a safer neighborhood. I'm still not entirely comfortable knowing you're living alone but I'm sure the gang will keep you company," Joyce said, smiling.

Willow and Xander took that opportunity to step in from the hallway carrying in another box each.

"That's the last of them," Xander announced. "All I have to do is get my Dad's van back to the house before he wakes up from his beer-induced stupor and thinks he left it at the bar again. Wills? You coming with?"

"Unless they still need my help here?" Willow said, looking to Faith and Buffy for her answer.

Buffy smiled, "It's been a long day and I think we all deserve a break. We'll see you guys tomorrow morning?"

"With donuts," Xander replied, smiling.

Faith thanked them both and once they were gone, Joyce looked over at the clock on the microwave and noticed that it was already after seven-thirty. She placed a few of the smaller boxes on the floor into a bigger box to create more walking room and dusted her hands off on the back of her pants.

"I think it's time for me to get home too. I'm leaving for Phoenix tomorrow morning for three days so I need to have an early night. Now Buffy," she said, turning to her daughter, "I've agreed to let you stay with Faith until I'm back only because I don't like the thought of either of you being alone and because I know you're probably going to even without my blessing. Please be responsible. I don't want to regret my Cool Mom decision."

"Responsible is my middle name," Buffy said with a nod.

"We'll see about that," Joyce said playfully. She crossed the small space and gave Buffy a hug, then surprisingly, pulled Faith into a hug too. "Congratulations on your new place, Faith. If you ever need anything, well . . . don't be afraid to ask." She pulled back and smiled at them, then turned to Cordelia. "Can I give you a ride, Cordy?"

"I've still got Daddy's car, but thanks," Cordelia replied. Her smile was big and her parental charm was even bigger, and Joyce left the messy apartment with a big smile on her face. When the coast was clear, Cordelia reached into one of the plastic bags she'd secretly stowed under the secondhand kitchen table and pulled out a six-pack of beer, handing it over to Faith.

Turns out that Cordelia's charm worked on grocery store cashiers too.

"In honor of your new and less shitty place," she said, then pulled out a second six-pack and stored it in the fridge.

Faith's smile was huge and she quickly pulled out three bottles and popped the tops off easily. She handed the first to Buffy, then took a swig from one of the other bottles. Wiping the froth from her lips, she gave the third to Cordelia who happily accepted it.

"I knew there was a reason I was keeping you around, Queen C. Thanks for the brew, and for the help today."

Without thinking about it twice, she leaned in and gave Cordelia a quick and very chaste kiss on the cheek. Cordelia looked over to gauge Buffy's reaction but relaxed when she saw that the blonde was still smiling and holding Faith's free hand.

Thankfully for all of them, Buffy seemed to be taking Faith and Cordelia's continuing friendship very well, especially since she was aware of their fling. In fact, it seemed like Buffy was encouraging Faith to spend more time with the girl. She liked that Faith had her own friends, even if Cordelia was a part of the group. Faith needed someone more than Buffy to confide in and talk to, and Buffy was happy that she felt comfortable doing that with Cordelia.

Why Faith picked Cordelia out of everyone, she couldn't quite grasp, but she was happy for it anyway.

They spent another hour putting away the groceries and doing some general organization but it was getting late and they decided to leave the rest for the next day. Seeing as that Faith's new couch a present from Giles hadn't been delivered yet, Faith headed into the bedroom and plopped down onto her new mattress which was resting on the floor as she hadn't been able to afford a frame yet. Buffy followed after and sprawled out along Faith's side. When she remembered that they weren't alone quite yet, she put a bit of space between them and tried to remember that PDA's were generally frowned upon, especially by Cordelia.

Cordelia appeared at the doorway just a few moments later and rested against the wooden frame, crossing her arms over her chest with a knowing smile on her face.

"Okay lovebirds, I get the message. It's time for some HLA and I'm cramping your style," she said.

Buffy and Faith looked at each other, confused, then back to Cordelia.

"HLA?" They asked simultaneously.

Cordelia grinned. "Hot lesbian action. I might not be in your little club but I can still read the signs, and right now they're big and flashy and rainbow-colored and blinking 'HLA'. I'll just see my way out."

She turned to go but Buffy's playful words stopped her dead in her tracks.

"Oh, I don't know, Cordelia. From what I've heard you've been inducted to the club. You just never came back after your initial visit."

Cordelia stayed completely still for a moment, then turned back around and looked from Faith to Buffy. This was dangerous territory. Even Faith looked a little bit intimidated by Buffy's sudden bluntness.

But if Cordelia knew anything, it was how to be blunt and no one beat her at it.

"It was just a guest pass," she said, her lips curling into a smile.

Chuckling, Buffy pulled another bottle of beer from the six-pack and held it out, waiting for Cordelia to come over and take it. She looked at Cordelia expectantly and, after exchanging another look with Faith, Cordelia shrugged and headed into the room. She took the bottle and, after a short struggle, twisted the cap off. Suddenly unsure of herself, she took a seat on the very edge of the mattress, her knees up against her chest. She took a long pull on her beer and swallowed it down before chuckling quietly.

"If this is some kind of clever ruse for you to get me closer so that you can smother me with a pillow, I'm so unbelievably mad at myself for falling for it."

Buffy laughed and shook her head, smiling softly.

"No ruse. You and Faith are close and I'd like to be part of that equation."

Faith suddenly spluttered as she was taking a sip of her beer and used the back of her forearm to wipe her mouth and chin. "What the hell kind of equation are we talkin' here?" she asked.

Buffy shrugged like it was nothing. "I just don't want you two to feel uncomfortable around me, that's all. Sex was had. It was before any coupleness happened. I'm cool. Buffy The Cool, that's what they call me on the streets."

Cordelia eyed her warily. "To say I'm suspicious of your lack of aggression is an understatement." She paused thoughtfully before continuing, "But I appreciate it. Bruises and I aren't exactly a match made in fashion heaven."

Faith watched the interaction with interest . . . and maybe just a little bit of apprehension. She wasn't quite sure what Buffy was getting at but she was willing to see it through. Just two months in and she was already whupped.

"I can totally sympathize with that," Buffy said. "You have no idea how many fashion faux pas I've had to commit to cover up unsightly reminders of daily slayage."

"Oh ick, I've never thought about that before," Cordelia replied. She seemed truly appalled.

Buffy nodded sadly. "There's nothing quite as bad as wearing a scarf in California summer heat."

In a move very unlike Cordelia, she reached out and put a tentative hand on Buffy's shoulder, patting it in sympathy. Buffy gave her a grateful smile . . . and that was when Faith scoffed and flopped back against her pillows.

Cordelia and Buffy turned to look at her, suddenly remembering that she was there, and Buffy raised an eyebrow in question. "What?"

"Girl talk and bonding? Shit, I thought there might be a good old-fashioned rumble. Half-naked oil wrestling at least."

Buffy laughed and leaned back towards Faith. "You're such a guy sometimes." She bent down and planted a quick kiss on Faith's lips. When she tried to pull away, Faith followed her up, keeping their lips firmly attached.

"In case you're both forgetting, I didn't sign up for some kind of slayer peepshow," Cordelia chimed in.

They pulled apart and Faith rested back on her elbows, her eyes fixed on Buffy. There was no doubt that just a simple kiss from Buffy was enough to get her motor revving and she was kind of starting to wish that they were alone.

"It was supposed to be innocent but that hardly ever happens with this one here," Buffy said, hitching her thumb over her shoulder to indicate Faith. "Since you had to witness that, I guess we should even things up, huh."

Before Cordelia could respond or Faith could ask what she'd meant, Buffy leaned over and planted a fairly chaste but lingering kiss on Cordelia's lips. Cordelia's eyes opened wide in surprise but she didn't pull away. Instead she glanced over at Faith who was watching with an equally surprised expression on her face.

Buffy pulled back after a few more seconds, a flirty little smile on her lips. She ignored the looks she was receiving and picked up her beer bottle from the floor, then took a small sip from it. Realizing that she was still being gawped at, she raised her eyebrows as she set her bottle back down.


"What do you mean, what?" Faith asked. She still looked surprised but the corners of her lips were starting to curl up into a smile in spite of herself. "You just kissed Cordy!"

"And?" Buffy asked, shrugging like it was nothing. "You've kissed her before. We're practically even."

"Practically?" Cordelia asked warily.

"Well, it's not exactly even-steven," Buffy replied, then pretended to look pensive for a moment. "In fact, now that I think about it, I've barely even begun to scratch the surface of evenness."

"How exactly even do you wanna get here, babe?" Faith asked.

She was pretty sure she understood what Buffy was hinting at though. They'd talked about it once or twice not about having a threesome with Cordy but about threesomes in general and Buffy seemed to think that they would never get a good opportunity to try it. Their relationship was young and they were still in the learning and exploring stage, but once they got in deeper, Buffy said that she wouldn't want to share either Faith or herself. Not when deep feelings were involved.

But it seemed like opportunity was right there knocking on the door and Buffy was right there, ready to answer. As far as Faith was concerned, it was pretty much now or never. She was going to let Buffy make the final decision though; she was more than happy to go along with whatever was decided.

So long as she got to be involved, that was.

Buffy thought it over for a few moments, her head tilted to the side as she looked between Faith to Cordelia.

"Well, you've had sex with Cordelia and I've had sex with you," Buffy said, glancing over at Faith and then back to Cordelia. "So since we're all here . . ."

She left the sentence hanging there and waited for some kind of reaction from Cordelia who seemed to be the only one who hadn't responded yet in any way. The reaction she got wasn't exactly what she'd expected. Cordelia raised an eyebrow and looked defiant.

"Oh no, I'm not going to be some kind of third wheel in any relationship. And besides, I have a rep to protect. If you walk around school making moon eyes and playing grab-ass with me, I'll never be prom queen."

Buffy had to laugh at that. Once she'd settled back down, she licked her lips and looked at Faith again who gave her a little nod. Focusing back on Cordelia, she smiled.

"Think of it as a guest pass, Cordy. You're here, we're here; there's beer and one of us has already seen you naked," she said.

"Not exactly naked," Faith interrupted.

"Really?" Buffy asked, distracted. She shook her head though and continued. "Whatever. Short version is, we're here and we're young and we only live once. It could be awkward but it doesn't have to be."

"Could be hot as hell," Faith offered and grinned when Cordelia glanced over at her. "Whaddaya think, C? One night, no strings."

"There are always strings," Cordelia said, still wary but obviously considering the option.

Buffy shook her head, "Not this time."

Cordelia raised her eyebrow doubtfully and then looked away from Buffy and Faith, staring out into the hallway as she took a long pull from her beer. She grimaced a bit at the taste but continued to drink until the bottle was nearly empty.

Buffy and Faith watched her intently, waiting for her reply. They were pretty sure they had their answer when Cordelia stood up from the mattress; however, they knew that they were wrong when instead of walking off, she slipped out of her light jacket and tossed it over the doorknob. She gingerly sat back down on the mattress and began to undo the buttons on her shirt.

"I have to get Daddy's car back by midnight," she said in lieu of an actual answer.

Buffy and Faith simply looked at one another before smiling slyly. That was good enough.

Faith swiftly hopped up to her knees and leaned over to put her beer bottle on the floor, then moved behind Cordelia until they were nearly pressed together.

"Allow me," she said, her warm breath caressing Cordelia's ear.

Cordelia moved her hands away from her shirt as Faith's hands replaced them there, slowly opening each button from the top down. Buffy moved in front of her, knees on the floor so that she was just a little bit lower, and began working on the bottom buttons of her shirt. She met Faith's hands about half-way up and released the last button, letting the soft material fall apart to reveal Cordelia's satiny red bra. Faith's hands glided over Cordelia's chest, pulling the shirt open more and eventually off as she slid it back. Buffy's eyes raked over her tanned skin and then up to Faith who was watching her every move over Cordelia's shoulder.

Faith raised her eyebrows just a little, waiting for Buffy to make the next move. To make sure that she was ready to continue. Cordelia seemed to notice the pause though and made up the decision for both of them. She reached behind herself and unclasped the back of her bra, her knuckles brushing over Faith's breasts as they did so. Faith drew in a quick breath at the unexpected touch but kept her eyes focused on Buffy who watched with wonder as Cordelia's bra slipped from her shoulder and down her arms.

A small smile playing on her lips, Buffy looked up from Cordelia's naked breasts to her eyes and leaned up, giving her a long, deep kiss. Cordelia groaned into her mouth as she felt a pair of hands wrap around her from behind to caress her breasts. Buffy's hands slid down her abdomen and began to undo the button of her pants. Placing her hands on the bed, Cordelia lifted her butt up so that Buffy could slide her pants down and over her hips. She was going to complain when Buffy tossed the pants to the side instead of draping them nicely over a chair but she couldn't seem to find her words when the hands that had been groping her breast gave her nipples a soft pinch.

She gasped softly and then cleared her throat.

"Why am I the only naked one here?" Cordelia asked, her breathing heavy.

"You're not," Faith said against her ear.

Doubting her, Cordelia turned to look and was more than surprised to find Faith behind her in only a pair of black panties. She nearly did a double-take before asking, "How did you do that so fast?"

"Slayer speed," Faith said with a shrug.

What she didn't add was 'lots of practice.' Sometimes when your girlfriend's mom only took a ten-minute shower, you learned to undress and get to the good stuff, fast.

Cordelia turned back around to find Buffy down to her bra while shimmying out her pants and panties. She wasn't surprised to find Buffy wearing matching cotton-candy pink bra and panties; she'd always assumed they'd be all innocent and girly.

Realizing that she'd just admitted to herself that she'd thought about Buffy's underwear before, Cordelia shook her head. God, maybe gay was catchy after all. She was going to have to avoid Faith and Buffy like the plague for the next week to make sure they didn't rub off on her any more.

Then again, the rubbing was pretty good, especially with the way Faith's fingers were sliding over her panties like that ...

Needing something to keep her mouth occupied so that she didn't say something stupid, she pulled Buffy forward by her hips until they crashed together, their mouths instantly finding one another's. Buffy had to move so that she was straddling Cordelia's thighs but neither one of them complained. In fact, Cordelia found herself feeling bold at the prospect of not being completely submissive in their situation. She ran her hands over Buffy's hips and over her ass, pulling her even closer, then slid them up her back to unclasp her bra. It fell easily down her arms and off to their side where it landed in a heap with Faith's. Buffy moaned into her mouth when Faith's fingers, still rubbing over Cordelia's panties, began pressing against her too.

Faith pulled her hands away from between Cordelia and Buffy much to their disappointment and used them to brush Cordelia's hair over one side of her shoulder so that she could kiss and nip over the back of her neck.

"Hope ya don't like those panties too much, C," she murmured.

Before Cordelia could ask why, she felt her panties being tugged near her hip and heard the sound of a short rip. She felt Buffy smile against her lips and for some reason she just couldn't find it in herself at the moment to be upset over a twenty-five dollar pair of panties.

"Scoot back," Faith whispered and Cordelia did, tugging Buffy along with her.

Cordelia sighed against Buffy's lips when she felt fingers dip into her now naked pussy. She'd thought they belonged to Faith but when she felt Faith shifting around on the bed behind her, she realized that they were Buffy's.

Buffy Summers' fingers were inside of her.

God, could this day get any weirder, she wondered.

Realizing that she should be a bit more involved than this she didn't want the reputation of being a pillow queen she tried to slip her hand between them so that she could touch Buffy. But when she felt herself being lowered back to the mattress so that she was lying down with Buffy still straddling her thighs and hovering above her, one hand on the mattress next to her head, she realized that wasn't going to happen.

Faith obviously had other plans.

And obviously those plans involved Cordelia being sub.

Oh well. There were worse things in the world than being submissive to two hot slayers.

Gasping as Buffy's slim fingers slid deep inside her and began moving, Cordelia opened her eyes to see Faith hovering behind the both of them, moving Buffy into a more easily accessible position.

"Move so that you're just straddling one thigh, babe," Faith said and Buffy did as she was told, her fingers not missing a step as they continued to fuck into Cordelia's pussy.

Now it was Buffy's turn to gasp as Faith's fingers slid into her from behind. Buffy had to stop kissing Cordelia and clench her eyes shut, a chill running through her body at Faith's simple touch. Her fingers stilled inside Cordelia too and it was only Faith's soft encouragement that made her start moving them again.

They moved in unison, Buffy thrusting into Cordelia as Faith pushed into Buffy, turning her wrist so that her thumb could press against Buffy's clit.

"Yeah, baby, that's it," Buffy breathed and copied the move, making Cordelia buck up against her hand.

Faith pressed herself down against Buffy, trying to get a bit of friction for herself. Cordelia, hearing Faith's soft grunts, slid her hand over Buffy's ass and under Faith. Faith felt the intrusion of Cordelia's fingers and began to rub against them, biting on her lower lip to contain herself.

They continued to rub and caress and stroke as one, all of them silent except for the sounds of their sighs and moans. Cordelia was the first to start up a chorus of breathy pleas as Buffy's fingers brought her close to and over the edge. She felt her pulsating hole pull Buffy in deeper and she was pretty sure that they were probably going to need to change the sheets, but luckily for her, she wasn't the only one causing the damage. Buffy's pussy was hot and wet against her thigh and she felt a warm gush when Faith's fingers made Buffy come nice and hard. Faith followed soon after, grunting hard a few times before collapsing down onto Buffy, who rested mostly down onto Cordelia.

Their combined weight was a bit heavy but none of them could exactly find the strength or desire to move off.

It was Faith who finally moved first and that was only because Cordelia's cell phone was ringing in the other room. She disappeared down the hallway and into the kitchen, returning with Cordelia's phone and a couple more bottles of beer. She handed Cordelia the phone and plopped up near the top of the mattress by the pillows. Resting back completely naked while she enjoyed her last bottle of beer.

Buffy gave Cordelia a quick kiss on the lips before moving up to join Faith at the head of the bed. They smiled and kissed and whispered while Cordelia cleared her throat, then answered the phone.

"Hello? Yes, Daddy, I'm still with my friends. What are we doing this late?" Cordelia looked over to Faith and Buffy grinned at the question. "We're practicing our cheerleading. Yeah, we're working on a new stunt: a pyramid."

Buffy and Faith fully laughed now and Cordelia threw a pink bra at them to quiet them down.

"I know, but it's not midnight yet," she said.

The pause that followed after was long and tedious, making it obvious that he was rambling on about something or other. She looked over at Buffy and Faith who were having some kind of silent conversation with their eyes. Faith raised her eyebrows and Buffy shrugged, then smiled and nodded. They looked at Cordelia simultaneously and patted the bed between them.

It was pretty obvious what they were offering and Cordelia bit her lip as she thought it over. Feeling the pleasant buzz still coursing throughout her body, she grinned.

"You know what, Daddy? I think we're gonna be working at this until we get it right. I'll stay here tonight and be home first thing in the morning. Yes, the car's safe. Okay, goodnight."

She closed her phone and tossed it onto her pants which were laying crumpled up on the floor. Looking back up at Buffy and Faith, she smiled slyly.

"Does that mean you're not gonna stay and help me unpack some more tomorrow?" Faith asked.

"Yeah right," Cordelia replied easily. "I already got you two together and helped out more than my share today. You owe me enough as it is."

"That so?"

"You better believe it, bub. There might be another shopping trip in the future."

Faith laughed and grabbed Cordelia's hand, pulling her up the bed so that she was on one side and Buffy was between them. Cordelia got a little bit closer and draped her arm over Buffy's hip while Faith's hand caressed up and down Buffy's side.

"B likes shopping too, yunno. Maybe she can come with us next time." Cordelia pretended to be upset but couldn't keep the smile from tugging at her lips. "You guys are gonna get me kicked out of my favorite stores, aren't you."

Buffy sighed as one set of hands started moving lower and another set started moving higher, a blissful little smile on her face.

"Guess we'll just have to stick to window shopping then."

The End.

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