Twas The Night Before Christmas

Note: Just a random poem from the mind of Faith. Merry Christmas, everyone! (Read to the tune of "Twas The Night Before Christmas")

It's the night before Christmas
And all through the house
Not a slayer is stirring
. . . thank fucking christ.

B's stockings are hung
From the lampshade just there
And her panties on the doorknob
Though she don't seem to care.

We're nestled all sweaty
And warm in my bed
With visions of what just happened
Replaying in my head.

B was in the kitchen
Making some pie
She'd just bent over
As I walked by.

She'd caught me leering
And dropped her pie platter
I shoulda been embarrassed
But it didn't seem to matter.

Into my arms
She flew like a flash
And we kissed like crazy
'til we made a mad dash

Up the living room stairs
And down the long hall
'til I had her pressed
'gainst my bedroom wall.

When what to my wandering eyes
Did I notice her skirt
Pulled it down to her ankles
And unbuttoned her shirt.

With a little maneuvering
And a whole lot of giggling
We'd made it to the bed
Just in time to start wriggling.

Quicker than lightning
We were sweaty and moaning
She felt so damn good
I couldn't help groaning,

Oh Buffy
Oh Baby
Don't stop
Right there!

Go slower
Now faster
I'm coming
I'm there!

We rolled over together
Sated and tired
'til she kissed my neck
which just stoked my fire.

It went on for hours
You can probably guess
It was so fucking sexy
With a capital 'S.'

Now that she's sleeping
It's time to wake her just right
Merry Christmas to all
And a good fucking night.

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