Pairing: Buffy/Faith, Buffy/Faith/Kennedy

Rating: NC17

Timeline: Post-Chosen

Summary: Sequel to Training Wheels. Kennedy finds that being a third wheel with Buffy and Faith isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, nor do I make any profit from writing this.

The afternoon sun beat down through the high windows of the gym, bathing the young slayers in a bright warm light. It didn't seem to bother them, especially with the air conditioning system blowing on high, but their skin still glistened from the effort of their workout. Faith and Kennedy were resting back on some mats at the side, Faith drinking from a bottle of cold water and oblivious to the fact that Kennedy was staring longingly out towards the crowd.

"I don't know how you did this for so long and you're still alive. I'm so horny I think I might explode," Kennedy said blankly.

Faith had to put the back of her hand over her mouth to stop herself from spitting water all over. When she finally collected herself, she swallowed the gulp of water and followed Kennedy's gaze out to the sea of glistening, tanned bodies on display before them.

"It's definitely a lesson in restraint. Took me a long time to figure out how to deal with it."

Kennedy scoffed and finally moved her gaze from the other slayers to Faith.

"I call bullshit. You haven't figured out a way to deal with it; no one has. How many times have you and Buffy been caught in closets and random rooms throughout the school?"

Faith smirked as she played out each and every one of those sexily forbidden moments in her mind.

"Seven and a half." At Kennedy's raised eyebrow about the half, Faith continued with a grin, "Know that blind slayer Karen? She walked in on us in the towel closet once but yunno; doesn't fully count if she didn't see anything."

Kennedy rolled her eyes but continued on with her previous train of thought.

"But you see what I mean, right? You guys have been slayers forever but after six weeks together, you can't keep your hands off each other. What the hell are the rest of us who aren't shacked up with our honey supposed to do? One-night flings aren't really ideal when you live and work with your hook-ups."

"Pretty sure I know of at least one fling you've had," Faith said, grinning as she watched Kennedy from the corner of her eyes.

Kennedy put her arms up in mock surrender and looked back out at the crowd.

"Hey, that was way before you guys started anything. I know my boundaries."

That was certainly true. Even though Kennedy had experienced a night of slayer-sex with Buffy just before Buffy finally got together with Faith, she hadn't looked back or even thought about a second round.

Well, maybe that was a lie. She'd thought about it, sure, but she knew that wasn't a road they'd ever go down again. They were friends, closer now than even Buffy and Willow were, and the one night they'd spent together had been something they both needed. They'd made the decision as mature adults who could help one another out, and luckily for them their friendship hadn't suffered for it.

Kennedy had been pretty sure that her face would suffer for it though when Buffy told her she'd clued Faith in, but it never happened. Faith was surprisingly cavalier about it, even going so far as to pat Kennedy on the back for getting there first.

There was, of course, a hidden warning with the tight handshake Faith had offered; it said congratulations, but it warned not to try for a repeat performance. If Kennedy was anything – besides horny since being dumped by Willow – it was smart. She wasn't going to tread on Faith's territory now that it had been publicly claimed.

"I'm just razzin' ya kid, no worries. It's all water under the bridge."

"Good, cos Buffy's my friend. It'd be kinda shitty if something in the past crept up and bit me in the ass and ruined that."

"Like I said, water under the bridge, Ken. God, if we were all held accountable for our sexual exploits, I'm pretty sure I woulda been kicked outta the Scooby gang years back."

"Who's getting kicked out of the Scooby gang this time?" Buffy asked as she walked up and plopped down on the mat between the two of them, stealing a sip of water from Faith's bottle.

"I vote Andrew."

"I second that," Kennedy said in agreement with Faith.

"C'mon B, third it and we can send the weenie to the New York school once and for all."

"I think you're forgetting who does your laundry Faith," Buffy said, planting a quick kiss on Faith's lips.

"Dammit, you're right. No one gets my clothes smelling as good as he does. He's gotta stay, so I'm voting for Satsu. Chick gives me the creeps."

"Hey, don't bag on Sats," Kennedy said, her gaze moving across the floor to see Satsu sparring with another girl. "I'm goin' out with her tonight. If she hears us talkin' about her she might cancel and then I'm left taking my digits for a spin again."

Faith rolled her eyes as she stole the bottle of water back from Buffy, who quickly turned and faced Kennedy with a huge smile on her face.

"You finally asked someone out?" she asked excitedly.

"It's a date, Buffy, not a marriage proposal. Don't wet yourself over it," Kennedy said, trying not to make a big deal over it.

"I'm not! I'm just happy that maybe you'll finally get to stop talking about how horny you are. I mean, really . . . it's getting a little bit old, Ken."

"Yeah, well we'll see what happens. We're going to Roxy's tonight to dance or whatever. Keep your fingers crossed for me."

"Fingers, eyes, toes, legs . . ." Faith cleared her throat and Buffy corrected herself, "okay, not legs. But I . . . wait. I have a great idea. Why don't we make it a double date?"

Faith and Kennedy stole a look at one another, both trying to gauge the other's reaction. Kennedy raised her eyebrow and Faith shrugged, very typical of their communication with one another.

"That'd be okay, I guess. I'll run it by Satsu just to be sure." She turned her attention to the gym again and cupped her hands around her mouth. "Hey Satsu!"

Satsu – and most of the other girls – quickly turned in Kennedy's direction to see what the shouting was about. One of the only other people who hadn't stopped what they were doing was Satsu's sparring partner who couldn't quite abort the flying kick she was half way through delivering when Kennedy had yelled. Distracted, Satsu caught the kick right on the side of her head and promptly fell to the floor like a stone.

Kennedy winced along with Buffy and Faith as a medic ran over to the prone girl to check her out.

"Think I'm gonna have to reschedule that double-date," Kennedy said flatly. "Dammit."

Faith snickered a little at the unexpected turn of events and Buffy nudged her with her elbow to make her stop. If there was one thing Buffy knew about Faith, it was that she was incorrigible when it came to teasing Kennedy.

"Well, we can still go out, the three of us," Buffy suggested, looking to Faith for approval. "It'll be fun. Some drinkage, some dancing."

"Sounds fun to me," Faith said with a shrug.

Frankly she didn't care so long as she got to spend time with Buffy and they ended up at home together at the end of the night.

"Sounds horrible to me," Kennedy said with a grimace. "No way am I being a third wheel."

"You won't be a third wheel!" Buffy said enthusiastically.

"Buff, I'm gonna lay this out for you nice and easy: one couple plus one straggler equals a bike with a third wheel. It's awkward."

"It doesn't have to be. We can be a tricycle. A tricycle of funness. Faith, doesn't that sound like fun?"

Faith shrugged again, "So long as I get to be the big wheel, I don't care what you call us."

"Kennedy?" Buffy asked, waiting for a reply.

Kennedy quickly thought it over. It could prove to be a good evening; Buffy and Faith were pretty fun to hang out with – so long as they wouldn't abandon her to find a closet somewhere – and maybe if she was lucky, she'd find a partner of her own at the club.

Honestly? Anything was better than spending another Friday evening with her fingers. Was it possible to get arthritis this young?

"Yeah, fine. What time does this ‘tricycle of funness' head out?"

She stood up from the mats and wiped off the back of her pants before facing Buffy and Faith.

"Ten sound okay?" Faith asked, looking from Buffy up to Kennedy.

"Yup. I'll meet you guys out front. Yunno, where Willow has less of a chance of seeing you guys doing me a solid cos I'm all pathetic and dateless."

Buffy frowned and was about to scold her but Kennedy shot her a wink and a winning smile before heading across the gym and to the showers. Buffy waited until she was well out of ear range before turning to Faith and giving her another soft kiss on her lips.

"Thanks for playing along. It'll be good to get her out, even if only for a night."

"Whatever, B. You know I'm up for anything so long as I get to do it with you."

"And that's why you're gonna get so lucky tonight when we get home. Might even make Dawn vacate the apartment."

Faith grinned appreciatively, holding back from flipping Buffy over and having her way with her right there only because there were nearly fifty slayers in the gym with them.

"Sounds awesome, but you know I'm all kindsa impatient when it comes to my rewards. Supply closet off the locker room. Gimme a two minute head start?"

She planted a quick kiss on her lips when Buffy nodded at her and then took off across the gym, leaving Buffy grinning in her wake. Dating Faith definitely had its perks.

It was shortly after ten o'clock when the three girls entered the club. Luckily the bouncer hadn't given Kennedy a hard time with her fake ID. Sure she was turning twenty-one in just a few months but she hardly looked the twenty-five that the ID listed as her age.

The club was packed and Faith grabbed Buffy's hand to lead them through the crowd toward the bar. Buffy grabbed Kennedy's hand too so the girl wouldn't get lost in the sea of bodies and turned to offer her a smile when Kennedy gently squeezed her hand in return. Buffy knew that Kennedy wouldn't say the words, but the squeeze was a silent thank you for taking her there.

For being her friend.

When they finally reached the bar, Faith had to shout their order to the bartender over the loud music. They didn't have to wait long; between Faith's cleavage and her opportune flirting, the bartender made his way right over to them. He quickly poured the six shots of Crown Royal that Faith had ordered and then popped the tops off of three bottles of beer before sliding them across the bar to Faith. On the house, of course.

Both Kennedy and Buffy's eyes widened at the drinks placed before them and Faith just smiled that impish smile that made Buffy's stomach tickle.

"It's just to get things started. We can slow down when the buzz is on."

She easily downed both of her shots and was working on her beer before Buffy and Kennedy could take their shots from the bar. Kennedy handled the shots well but Buffy's eyes bulged as she swallowed down the amber liquid, then let out a loud wheeze when she went to take a breath. A large swallow of beer barely put out the fire in her belly but at least the wheezing was gone.

"I thought you said we were gonna try something different than that other stuff you made me drink last time we were out."

"Hey, you said I wasn't allowed to give you Jack again so I didn't. That's why I gave ya Crown."

"This was just as bad!" Buffy complained.

"That's because they're both whiskey," Kennedy said, laughing. "I'll get you something you'll like better. Hold up."

She leaned against the bar and stood on her tip-toes, flagging the bartender back over to them. He leaned in close and she said something in his ear that neither Buffy nor Faith could hear. He put three shot glasses on the bar and filled them half way with Butterscotch Schnapps, then to the top with Bailey's Irish Cream. Sliding them to the edge of the bar, he plopped a cherry in each glass before grinning at the girls and walking away again without collecting any money.

"What is it?" Buffy asked as she took the glass and sniffed it suspiciously.

"It's a Slippery Nipple," Kennedy said with a grin.

"It's a chick drink," Faith said distastefully.

"Does the job though."

Kennedy clinked her glass against Buffy and Faith's and they all shot the drink back at the same time. Buffy's reaction was much more sedate this time. She licked her lips and smiled, staring at Faith while she chewed on the cherry. Faith waggled her eyebrows and stuck the remaining stem of the cherry out on the tip of her tongue. It disappeared back in her mouth for just a few seconds before it reappeared again with a knot in it.

"Impressive," Kennedy said, laughing.

"You have no idea," Buffy replied, her eyes never leaving Faith's.

Kennedy was suddenly starting to feel like that third wheel she knew she'd end up being but it didn't last for long. They quickly finished their beers and took off to the dance floor where they remained for the rest of the night, laughing and dancing and fighting off more guys than any of them cared to deal with.

They took turns dancing with one another and sometimes all three at a time. It didn't start out overtly sexual; Faith always found a way to dance right along with Buffy while Buffy was sure to hold Kennedy's hand so they could still talk over the loud music.

**(Suggested Listening: 3 by Britney Spears)

It was hours later when the drinks were flowing and the mood was good when a new song started playing, the infectious beat immediately bringing all three girls together. Buffy was sandwiched between Faith and Kennedy, Faith's warm breath on the back of her neck while Kennedy did her best to keep up with them. The people around them had long before stopped paying attention when they realized that the girls weren't biting, so no one seemed to notice or care just how closely they were dancing now.

The way Buffy was moving her hips was driving Faith insane; the blonde's pert backside rubbing against the seam of Faith's pants was causing the most delicious friction. Unable to keep her hands in ‘safe places' any longer, she slid her hands from Buffy's hips down to her thighs before dragging them up towards her abdomen, pulling Buffy's shirt up a little way with it.

Being pressed so closely to Buffy, Kennedy could feel the sensual touch between them. Her eyes met Faith's and then Buffy's, waiting for some sign that it was time for her to leave. She never got that sign though. Instead Buffy turned her head back and looked over her shoulder at Faith, giving her girlfriend an open-mouthed and noticeably French kiss. Buffy moaned softly into the kiss and it seemed to reverberate through all three women, making them grip on just a little bit tighter.

Kennedy knew that she should leave; that it wasn't her place to be between Buffy and Faith. She was very clearly on the outside of the Buffy sandwich though, and that couldn't count as being between anything, could it?

Horny logic was awesome.

She did her best to act as if this was perfectly normal; grinding up against Buffy while she made out with Faith. Friends did this kind of thing, right? She was pretty sure that it was somewhere in the Close Friends Handbook, not that she'd actually ever read such a book, but she was determined to abide by it now.

Her eyes were transfixed on Buffy and Faith as they kissed and she hadn't even realized that her hands were moving until they were snugly trapped between Buffy's back and Faith's front. She felt Faith's hardened nipples brushing against the back of her knuckles and heard the throaty sigh that Faith exhaled into the kiss.

Buffy and Faith broke the kiss but stared into one another's eyes for several long moments, having a silent conversation with one another. She felt Faith's hand leave its place wedged between her and Buffy and then saw Faith's fingers running down Buffy's arm while they continued to stare into one another's eyes. Suddenly Faith's hand was guiding Buffy's hand up Kennedy's taut stomach, stopping just short of her breast.

Kennedy's breath caught in her throat as she saw Buffy smile and nod to Faith. Then a pair of intertwined hands were softly moving up over and cupping her right breast. A strangled sigh left Kennedy's throat. The hum of the slayer connection, the blur from the alcohol, and the haze in her mind at what was happening was completely starting to overpower her.

She saw Faith's lips move to Buffy's ear and whisper something but she couldn't hear the words; her senses were too overwhelmed to let her focus on the breathy sound. Buffy nodded and stole another kiss from Faith and then smiled a devilish smile at Kennedy. Suddenly Buffy was close – almost too close – and Kennedy felt those delicious pink lips press against the outer shell of her ear.

"Are you in?"

And despite the little voice inside of her screaming that it was a bad idea, Kennedy pushed that voice out and listened to a different voice – the one in her pants – that thought this was a very, very good idea.

"Hell yeah I am."

Now that they were back at Buffy and Faith's apartment, things seemed to be moving more quickly along than anticipated. Faith lived up to her previously requested title of big wheel and seemingly took the reins, directing just how everything was going. No one spoke; it was almost as if any spoken words would break the sexy kind of harmony they were sharing.

No one knew what was allowed and what was taboo, but that didn't seem to stop things from heating up more and more. Finally when Kennedy's back was against a wall and Buffy was pressed against her; when Faith was behind Buffy and guiding her hands to all of the nice places except the one Kennedy really wanted touched; that was when everything seemed to come to a head. This was really happening, or about to happen anyway, and someone had to make that first move.

Containing her excitement as best as possible, Kennedy slid her hand around from Buffy's back until it was snug between them. She tried to slip her hand down the front of Buffy's lavender panties but found her hand quickly held tightly at the last moment.

"Nuh-uh-uh," Faith said between kisses on Buffy's shoulder. "That prize is all mine."

Kennedy felt both of her hands being moved up along the wall until they were pinned just above her head. She wasn't used to being a submissive lover, but she was being pinned against the wall by two hot and horny slayers that were making her feel things Willow had never come close to. She wasn't about to argue; she'd sit back and be a good girl until they kicked her out on her ass.

And she was just fine with that! So long as someone would just touch her . . .


Buffy slid her hand down Kennedy's stomach and into the confines of her panties, smiling when Kennedy gasped against her lips. She found a pool of arousal waiting for her and didn't waste any time coating her fingers in it so she could easily slide over Kennedy's quivering flesh.

Not one to play silent observer for too long, Faith held both of Kennedy's wrists up with one hand so that her free hand could join in the fun. She slipped her hand between Buffy and Kennedy and pinched Buffy's nipples, earning a soft moan from her girlfriend. Buffy stopped kissing Kennedy long enough to turn her head and capture Faith's lips in a wet kiss, their lips nipping and tongues exploring even when Faith slid her hand down Buffy's stomach and into her panties. She could feel Buffy's fingers moving over Kennedy and mimicked the movements on Buffy, speeding up and slowing down when Buffy did.

When Buffy threw her head back and closed her eyes, Faith took advantage of the situation and leaned in to cover Kennedy's mouth with her own, hoping to silence some of the moans escaping the girl. Sure they were alone in the apartment but that didn't mean that the apartment next to them was empty.

They moved as one, Kennedy pumping her hips forward as Buffy slid over and around her clit, Faith caressing Buffy in time with Kennedy. Faith was rubbing herself on Buffy's backside and had considered letting Kennedy's hands free so that she could ease some of the pressure in her panties, but she knew that could wait until later.

She wanted to see how this was going to end.

Buffy came first, unable to hold back any longer under Faith's expert touch. Faith kissed the back of her shoulders and neck as Kennedy sucked on her lips, swallowing down her moans. Kennedy wasn't far behind and was so close, oh so close to tumbling over into ecstasy. When she felt Faith's hand on the back of Buffy's pushing harder against her, she was done for and started to come – hard.

They were so wrapped up that they didn't hear the knocking on the door, nor did they hear the spare key being used and the door knob twisting open until it was too late.

The sound of Willow and Diana's gasps as they entered the room with Dawn in tow was definitely enough to get their attention though. No one moved; actually, that wasn't completely true. Willow's mouth opened and closed like a fish until Diana finally yanked her out of the room over a now unconscious Dawn.

Buffy, Faith, and Kennedy stayed completely still until several moments later when Faith started cracking up, Buffy and Kennedy joining shortly thereafter.

A tricycle of funness they certainly were, and they'd just plowed right over their friends with their little spectacle.

Kennedy couldn't help but grin to herself. There was certainly something strangely fulfilling about being the third wheel on that bike ride.

The End.

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