Pairing: Buffy/Faith, Kennedy/Satsu, Buffy/Faith/Kennedy/Satsu

Rating: R

Timeline: Post-Chosen

Summary: Sequel to Training Wheels and Third Wheel. Being trapped on a two-day train ride doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing when you're in a group of four hot chicks with superpowers.

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, nor do I make any profit from writing this.

The train station was bustling with activity, snow crunching loudly under the feet of everyone who passed by the group of four girls huddled together near the back of the platform. Their puffy jackets and knit caps did nothing to protect them from the blistering cold that whipped through the station as another train approached – hopefully theirs this time.

Buffy's face was mostly hidden beneath the collar of her jacket and the part that was left exposed was pressed against Faith's shoulder, trying to shield itself from the freezing cold. Faith wrapped one arm around her back and rubbed it up and down to generate some heat though it was mostly futile. They all knew that being in Moscow in the dead of winter didn't exactly give way to much warmth.

"This better be our damn train already," Kennedy grumbled.

She stomped her feet to get some feeling back in them and nearly fell over when her boots skidded on the now compacted snow beneath her. The only thing that stopped her fall was the arm that looped through hers at the last moment and tugged her back upright. When she found her footing, she smiled appreciatively at Satsu and gave her linked arm a little squeeze, then leaned in for a quick kiss.

"Don't blame the train," Faith said, chewing loudly on a mouthful of some kind of meat-on-a-stick that she'd bought from a toothless little old woman wearing a babushka. She tossed the now empty stick into a nearby trash can and wrapped her free arm around Buffy so she was effectively hugging her. "We shoulda been here almost a day ago and then we woulda been on time for our original train."

"That wasn't my fault!" Kennedy replied, frustrated. "Nowhere on the ticket site did it say anything about needing special documentation to travel through Belarus. Being directed through Kiev was a royal pain and a total time-sink, I'll give you that much, but if you hadn't had a craving for that fucking rancid tube o'meat in Warsaw, we could have come here right from Berlin anyhow!"

"It was kielbasa, and it was worth it," Faith defended.

"Any dyke that craves sausage as much as you do has a serious problem. That's all I'm sayin'," Kennedy said with a shrug.

"I can't help it. I loves me some meat," Faith replied with a grin, stealing a kiss from Buffy who looked up at her and smirked.

"I don't think we should be blaming each other, especially since we're going to be trapped together on yet another train for two more days," Satsu said, her teeth chattering as she spoke.

"Exactly," Buffy agreed. "It's the ash cloud that has us grounded. Let's blame Iceland and its inconvenient volcanic activity."

"Yeah, fuck Iceland!" Faith said enthusiastically.

An old woman who had been walking by them stopped and waved her arm around at Faith, yelling in a language that could only be described as . . . Icelandic. She said a few more words and then spat at Faith's feet before waddling away.

"Um, that's not what I . . . I didn't mean . . . sorry!" Faith called after her and the old woman held up her hand as she walked away, giving Faith an internationally known one-finger salute.

"That's my girl, making friends with the locals," Buffy said, giggling when Faith pinched her sides.

The train that approached came to a full stop with a loud hiss and the doors opened, allowing a handful of passengers to exit through multiple doors. While Buffy, Faith, and Kennedy scanned the side of the train for some kind of information that showed it was theirs, Satsu tapped the shoulder of a soldier standing nearby and smiled politely.

"Do you speak English?" she asked him and when he nodded, she continued. "Is this the train to Novosibirsk?"

The man looked at the train and then up at the schedule board before nodding again. "Yes. You have, ah, business in Novosibirsk?" he asked, his voice heavily accented.

"We're just traveling through."

It was a lie but if he could tell, he didn't let on that he did. In fact, no one that had asked them about their travels questioned them on their destination. Their lie was a good one – they were traveling across the Trans-Siberian railway as tourists. They couldn't exactly come out and tell people they were there to slay hellhounds and haxil beasts that had been running amok in Siberia for over a month now.

"Good," he replied. "Do not get off of the train when it stops at stations until you reach your destination. There have been some evacuations as of late; farmers and peasants have been going missing from dachas in the countryside."

By now Buffy, Faith, and Kennedy were paying attention as well. Any information they could get was helpful, especially since standard intel was down due to the ash cloud traveling across Europe.

"But the main cities are safe?" Buffy asked.

"Novosibirsk is the capital of Siberia and the third largest city in mother Russia; crime is already rampant there, as with most other big cities. Just be wise when you travel. Stay in groups. Have a man accompany you for protection."

"We don't have any men," Faith said, offering a sickeningly sweet smile. "Poor, unfortunate us."

"Just be cautious," he replied. "The criminals responsible haven't yet breached the cities but they are getting closer, testing their boundaries."

"Thanks for the info," Kennedy thanked him. The soldier nodded and offered a brief smile and, after taking a quick glance at everyone in their group, stepped toward the edge of the platform to join his mates. "I take it this is our train then."

"Sounds like," Faith replied. She gave Buffy's back one more quick rub and then gave her ass a slap before bending down to pick up some luggage.

Buffy shivered at the sudden loss of warmth but quickly followed suit, grabbing the rest of her luggage and heading toward the edge of the platform. A man in a long red jacket helped them load their locked – and disguised – weapon chest into a storage spot, then helped Satsu and Kennedy as well while Buffy and Faith boarded the train with their smaller luggage in tow. They were used to traveling light but with having to pack bulkier winter clothing, they'd ended up with more bags than they'd bargained for.

There were already numerous people on the train, most of them reading magazines or books or generally ignoring all of the new people stepping on. There was a restaurant car, a full bar and even a car where kids could go to play.

Seeing as that ground travel was so busy due to the closing of airports from the ash cloud, there had only been one suite left when Kennedy had booked their tickets. After a coin toss, it was decided that Buffy and Faith would take the suite while Satsu and Kennedy stayed in economy class. As they passed by the economy class section though, all four girls came to a stop as they took in the scenery.

There were no walls or dividers; no sense of privacy whatsoever. The car was filled with uncomfortable looking seats, rows and rows of them, and most of them were occupied by screaming kids and locals who looked none-too-pleased to be there. Kennedy dropped her bag and looked like she was about to have some kind of meltdown. Faith snickered and both Buffy and Satsu tried to see the optimistic side.

"At least we don't have to be out in the cold," Satsu said.

"And it's only for two days," Buffy added, laying her hand on Kennedy's arm. "Maybe Faith and I can switch for a night."

The scoff that Faith made didn't bode too well on that front though.

Kennedy looked pissed off for a few moments but eventually relaxed enough and bent to pick up her bag. When she stood up straight, she had a small smile on her face.

"It's okay. I can deal. There's a bar and I have a Council credit card. I'm gonna need lots of drinks if I have to sit next to that."

They all looked over to where she nodded and grimaced when they saw a robust man, easily over three-hundred pounds, leaning across their seats to look out the window. His shirt had pulled out of his pants as he leaned and he had a major case of plumber's crack going on.

"Oh yeah, the drinks are on the librarians tonight," Faith agreed.

They all laughed and continued to make their way through the cars until they reached the suites. Calling them suites was really misleading. They were basically just walk-in closets with two bench seats and a small table that folded down between them to create more room. Not that the extra foot of space really helped; once the four girls and the luggage were in the room, there was barely space left to sit or even turn around.

"This is cozy," Faith said sarcastically. Suddenly the expression on her face changed and she furrowed her brow in confusion. She looked over at Kennedy and asked, "Are you touching my ass?"

"No!" Kennedy replied.

"I think I might be," Satsu admitted, her voice muffled.

"And possibly me too," Buffy admitted.

"Oh, well in that case," Faith began, a big smile on her face, "proceed."

"Sats baby, hands where I can see them," Kennedy said and Satsu smiled guiltily as she held her hands up, much to Faith's dismay. "Better. Alright, so we obviously ain't hangin' out in here. Let's put the bags on one side of the suite and head out to . . . well, I don't care what we do. Let's just go somewhere with more room."

"Restaurant car it is," Faith replied. "I could eat a horse."

"And what exactly do you think it was that you were eating on that stick?" Kennedy asked, smirking. "There was just one thing the lady at the ticket pick-up window told us not to do – buy food from vendors at the stations – and what was the first thing you did?"

Faith thought about it for a moment and then shrugged. "What can I say? I like to live on the edge. And hey, if that was horse? Giddyup kids. Serve me up some more."

Between the laughing and the groaning, they made their way out of the small suite and into the narrow hall, hoping to find a place with a little bit more room to stretch and a little bit more fun to find.

Many hours had passed and the girls had wandered from the restaurant car to the bar where they'd been for most of the evening. Numerous passengers came and went but only the four girls remained as mostly everyone else had decided to try to find sleep on the crowded train now that it was late at night. The bartender happily obliged the girls, pouring them shots and drinks as they requested and collecting the ample amount of rubles they kept leaving on the bar for him.

American tourists were never quite smart when it came to currency conversion rates but he wasn't about to let his last group of customers for the night know that.

"Another round of Stolichnaya, Dmitri," Faith said, her words slightly slurred as she waved him down the bar with her arm.

"Noooo, no more Stoli-cha-cha," Buffy said, trying her best not to wobble on her stool.

"Okay, fine. Another round of Putinka!" Faith corrected.

Buffy screwed up her face. "Aren't they just fancy names for the same thing?"

"Pretty much," Satsu said, sliding the glasses over so that one was in front of each of them. "Vodka is vodka is vodka."

"Maybe, but Russian vodka is the best there is," Kennedy said. Dmitri cheered at that statement and poured them another round of the clear liquid, on the house. She happily accepted the shots and divided them up amongst their small group. "Now where were we?"

"Your turn," Faith pointed out.

"Oh right," Kennedy said, then paused to think for a minute. Suddenly her lips turned up at the corners and she smiled. "Okay, I've got one. I've never been caught having sex in the supply closet."

Faith and Buffy glared at her but took their shots nonetheless, smirking at the memory.

"I remember it like it was just last week," Faith said.

"It was!" Kennedy laughed.

"My turn," Satsu said happily. She cleared her throat and tried not to smile. "I've never slept with Buffy."

Grinning, Kennedy tipped back her shot, as did Faith. Buffy surprised them all by tipping back her own glass as well, swallowing her shot down with a quiet hiss. When Kennedy and Satsu raised their eyebrows at her, she smiled embarrassedly.

"Sometimes Faith likes to watch when I . . ." she cleared her throat, "sleep with Buffy."

"Hell yeah I do," Faith replied enthusiastically while Kennedy and Satsu tried their best not to fall off their stools as they laughed.

She flagged Dmitri down again and indicated for him to leave the bottle this time, dropping a handful of rubles on the bar. He happily scooped up the money – more than enough to buy three bottles of Putinka – and left the bottle. They'd all be passed out soon anyhow, he figured.

Filling the glasses back up, Faith made sure everyone had two sitting in front of them before setting the bottle back on the bar.

"Alright, I've got one," Faith said. "I've never had a foursome."

And despite their one time together months before, neither Buffy or Kennedy – or Faith for that matter – could drink on that one. They were all surprised, however, when Satsu picked up her shot glass and downed the contents in one go. When she opened her eyes to find them all looking at her in question, she smirked.

"What? You all thought that just because you've all slept together that I was the innocent one here?"

"Babe!" Kennedy said in shock, then grinned. "I'm . . . impressed, actually."

"It wasn't really a big deal," Satsu replied, smiling. "You'd be surprised some of the things the slaying squads get up to when you higher-ups send us out to remote locations." Seeing the still surprised looks on their faces, Satsu laughed quietly. "Oh, come on. You can't tell me that you guys haven't thought about having a foursome at some point."

"Um, is this something we have to drink for?" Buffy asked warily.

Satsu shook her head no, "Drink-free question."

"Oh." Buffy opened her mouth to speak but then shut it and pressed her lips together. "Actually, I think I'd rather just answer like this."

She grabbed the shot in front of her and quickly drank it down, grimacing as she placed the empty glass on the bar. Faith and Kennedy watched her with their eyebrows raised and, after sharing a look and realizing that Satsu was waiting for their response, quickly followed suit and knocked back their shots.

They all shared yet another laugh and continued to play the game until the bottle of Putinka was empty, as were their shot glasses. Despite the fact that they were all fairly drunk at that point, they all found themselves looking longingly out the window of the train, feeling the night pulling at them, calling their inner-slayer to come out and play. It was a call they'd have to resist for another day and a half though.

Faith wrapped her arm around Buffy's waist and let her thumb slide under the back of her shirt, just softly rubbing her warm skin. She knew what effect it would have on Buffy – hell, she knew what effect it was having herself – but she didn't exactly care. They were young, they were in love, and they had their own private closet – make that suite – to christen.

"You wanna call it a night?" Buffy asked, obviously thinking the same thing.

Faith nodded and stood up, eyes fixed on Buffy's as she held out her hand to help her down from her stool. Buffy gladly took it and shared a little grin with Faith, just as eager to get back to their suite as Faith was.

"We should probably go and find our seats," Satsu said to Kennedy.

Neither of them was exactly looking forward to cuddling up with the general population. Especially not the plumber's-crack man.

"Probably," Kennedy replied glumly. "Gonna be nice when we get that private suite tomorrow night."

"Keep dreaming, Kenny," Faith said. "Me and B are about to turn the sleeper car into the shaggin' wagon. If the train starts a-rockin', well . . . buckle up your seatbelts and ride out the turbulence."

"You know," Kennedy began, "if anyone else said that to me I'd be ten shades of pissed. Crazy thing is? The imagery ain't exactly bad."

Her grin was huge and before Buffy and Faith could respond with anything besides a grin of their own, Satsu took Kennedy's hand and started leading her toward the economy class car.

"Stop drooling, Kennedy," she said, smiling. "We haven't been invited."

It wasn't what she'd said but the way she'd said it that made Buffy and Faith share a look, eyebrows raised in silent question and shoulders shrugging in response. Even Kennedy seemed to be dragging her feet, slowing their exit.

Even if Satsu hadn't put the idea out there on purpose, it was definitely hanging there now, just waiting for someone to act on it. And of course, it was Faith who finally spoke the words that everyone seemed to be waiting for.

"So this pretty much counts as a remote location, right?"

Okay, so maybe they weren't the exact words they'd been waiting for. Still, what they hinted at was evident enough: slayer squad, remote location – imagine the things they could get up to, at least by account of Satsu's earlier admission.

"Well, it's not like I can look out my kitchen window and see Russia from my house," Buffy said vaguely, testing the waters.

"And we are kind of a slayer squad," Kennedy said, looking from Buffy and Faith to Satsu.

In fact, all three girls were looking at Satsu now, waiting for her response. She looked to Kennedy and when her lips turned up in a playful grin, the decision seemed to be made.

"So about that invitation?" Satsu asked.

Faith grinned and started walking backwards toward the exit, pulling Buffy along after her with Satsu and Kennedy lingering behind and waiting for a response.

"The two of you are welcome to come with us," she said, the double meaning not lost on Satsu and Kennedy who quickly caught up with them.

They all laughed and tried to be as quiet as they could as they walked through the few passenger cars between them and their suite, getting shushed again and again by annoyed passengers. There was a bit more flirting than usual but that seemed perfectly acceptable in their slightly inebriated state, especially knowing what was likely to happen once they reached the suite.

Faith led the way and Buffy grabbed onto Kennedy's hand, linking all four of them as they made their way down the narrow hall in the sleeper car. The door was locked but Faith opened it after fumbling around with the key for a few moments. The room was just as small as it had been when they'd left, no surprise there, but suddenly the lack of space around them didn't seem all that bad.

In fact, space was bad for what they'd had in mind.

While things could have taken a turn for the awkward, everything just seemed to flow naturally. Buffy leaned over the tiny table to close the curtain – not like any livestock would mind getting an eyeful anyhow – and Faith grabbed her from behind, easily slipping her fingers under the hem of her shirt and lifting it off over her head. Buffy turned in her arms and sought out her mouth, kissing her slowly and teasingly as she tugged Faith's shirt out of her jeans and over her head as well.

"You have to admit that's pretty hot," Kennedy whispered to Satsu as they watched Buffy and Faith. They were both smiling appreciatively as they watched.

"Oh, it is. It definitely, definitely is," she said, then leaned in and whispered conspiratorially, "but I think we get just as many gold stars in the ‘hot' category as they do."

Their eyes met as her hands slid over Kennedy's sides and crept just under the waist of her jeans, pulling her shirt out slowly but surely as they began to kiss.

They had no problem getting started on their own, hands exploring and trying to remove clothing in the confined space. When they were both down to their bras and pants, Satsu put her hands on Kennedy's chest and gently pushed her down onto one of the bench seats. No one was more surprised than Kennedy when the seat slid down so that it was twice as wide, sending the luggage tumbling down onto the floor below.

"That's . . . convenient," Kennedy said, smiling up at Satsu. "Think that other one slides down too?"

"Only one way to find out," Buffy said.

She copied Satsu's move and pushed Faith down onto the seat, laughing when it slid down and Faith nearly slipped onto Kennedy's lap as the two cots nearly joined in the middle with only a foot of space between them. It left both Buffy and Satsu trapped in the middle but neither girl seemed to be complaining.

"Hey, brute!" Faith laughed, not trying to get away from Kennedy like she usually would. Instead she sat up as much as she could and grabbed Buffy around the waist, pulling her down onto the now flat cushion.

Buffy didn't struggle for dominance but instead let Faith lay her back, smiling up at her with nothing but adoration, love, and a whole lot of lust in her eyes. It was apparent to even Kennedy and Satsu who were still watching, still drawn in by Buffy and Faith's interactions.

Kennedy looked up and saw Satsu watching in wonder. She didn't feel jealous; not in the least bit, which should have been worrying but it just wasn't. She knew what Satsu saw; she'd gotten to experience it first hand at one point. Instead of encouraging Satsu away, Kennedy raised up her foot and gave her a soft push forward, sending an unexpecting Satsu down onto the other cushion with Buffy and Faith who were busy kissing and touching, totally wrapped up in one another.

Satsu's downward momentum made Buffy and Faith part, laughing when they realized that Kennedy had pushed her. Seeing Satsu blush, Faith took her hand and pulled her closer, brushing her now mussed hair away from her face.

"Don't be embarrassed," she told her.

Satsu smiled and shook her head. "I'm not embarrassed about this," she said, indicating the various states of undress that they all were in. "Just not feeling very suave about my crash-landing."

"It ain't no thing," Faith said easily.

She looked down at Satsu's lips and back up to her eyes, then over to Kennedy. She raised an eyebrow in question and when Kennedy just smiled and stretched out to get comfortable, Faith grinned. She looked back to Satsu and pulled her close, tasting her lips for the first time.

Satsu hummed against her lips as they kissed and Buffy smirked, ignoring the small plume of jealousy that tried to flare up. They were grown women, responsible adults, and slayers; this could be a very fun once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Or, you know; twice-in-a-lifetime if it went really well and they ended up going on the trip to Brazil that Giles was planning for them the following month.

Still smirking, she looked over to Kennedy and curled her finger, making Kennedy chuckle and shake her head as she crawled over on the thin cushions. Her mouth tasted just like she remembered and she laid back, pulling Kennedy down with her right next to Faith and Satsu.

It wasn't long before they found themselves with their rightful partners, hands caressing and lips nipping and sucking endlessly. The night went on for hours and when daylight started to sneak in around the thick curtain, the girls were still sweaty and writhing, hips rolling and breathing hard.

Some time after dawn, they collapsed in a heap on the cushions, trying hard to catch their breath. They ached in all of the right places and not one of them wasn't smiling contentedly.

"That was wicked," Faith breathed.

"I'll second that," Kennedy replied.

"I still can't feel my legs," Buffy said, in a daze.

"I think that might be because I'm laying on them," Satsu offered. She rolled off of them and to one side of the cushions where Kennedy joined her, putting some space between the two couples for the first time in hours.

"So long as they start working by the time we arrive in Novosibirsk, I think we're okay. I'd hate to have to explain to Willow and Giles why I wasn't able to slay due to my inability to use my legs."

"Yeah, but it was totally worth it," Faith replied with a grin. She pulled Buffy close to her and kissed her softly, smiling against her lips.

Kennedy followed suit, giving Satsu a light kiss before she pulled back the curtain to look out the window. The sun was shining, making the white snow especially bright. She lifted up her hand to shield her eyes and . . .

wait . . .

"The sun is shining!" she pointed out.

"Guess that means the ash cloud is finally gone," Buffy said as she gazed out the window. "We'll be able to take a plane home."

"That's if we can book tickets," Satsu said. "With the amount of people stranded in airports, we might end up back on the train."

They were all quiet until Buffy finally shrugged and replied, "I can think of worse things. Besides, the train hasn't been all that bad."

"True," Kennedy agreed. "We turned it from a boring train into a shaggin' wagon."

"I believe the term you're looking for is Sin Wagon," Satsu corrected, making everyone laugh. "I for one won't be too crushed if we end up back here."

"And Siberia is a pretty remote location," Buffy added, grinning.

"Wait, wait, wait," Faith said, interrupting them. "You chicks are taking the whole ‘wheel' thing way too far. First B and Ken lost their training wheels, then we were a tricycle of funness, and now we're a sin wagon?"

"I like the wheel analogy," Buffy defended, letting the curtain fall back.

"It's great babe, it is, but if we're gonna play the Remote-Location Slayer Squad game to get our naughty on again, we need to aim higher this time."

"How high?" Kennedy asked, her brow furrowed.

Faith grinned and reached down between the cushions to the floor where her pants had ended up. She pulled her cell phone from the pocket and opened it, then tossed it over to Kennedy when she saw that she finally had a signal.

"I'm talkin' mile high. Call the airline and book us some tickets for the day after tomorrow. Time to ditch the wheels and grow some wings, ladies."

The End.

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