Written: May 20, 2007

Rating: R

Pairing: Buffy/SuperSecretMysteryWoman

Timeline: Season Three

Summary: It's midday at Sunnydale High, and for Buffy, that means only one thing: Rendezvous time.

Disclaimer: I don't own them, nor do I make any money from them.

Buffy sat in the school library, anxiously playing with the hem of her shirt as she waited for 12:30 to arrive.

She sat alongside Willow, smiling absently as Xander cracked random jokes. Cordelia sat on the book check-out counter, fixing her make-up and applying her trademark chocolate-covered cherry lip-gloss. She couldn't bring herself to sit among the 'outcasts' as she referred to them. And Faith . . . well, Faith was across the room, watching Buffy with a smirk.

It was just like every other day at Sunnydale High School.

And just like every other day, Buffy was eager to escape the library as inconspicuously as possible. It wasn't like she could exactly let Willow or Xander tag along with her where she was headed.

She waited for the perfect moment to excuse herself; a moment when Xander wasn't mid-joke, when Willow wasn't busy bringing Giles' attention to some random book, when Cordelia was too busy fixing her hair, and when Faith was antsy enough to get out of there as well.

Buffy took a quick glance around the dusty old room, checking to see if it was her chance to escape. Faith was doing the exact same thing.

"Well, thanks for the entertainment and all, but the other libraries I ritually visit are gonna get jealous if I spend all of my free time being bored in this one," Faith commented as she neared the exit.

She spun around and faced the gang, smiling as she caught Buffy's gaze.

"I'll see you soon, yeah B?" She asked, her smile growing as Buffy gave her a small nod. And at that, she spun around on her heel and made her way through the double doors.

"I really think she's warming up to us," Xander said, his gaze still locked on the place that Faith had just stood. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't hide the crush that he had on her.

Cordelia scoffed and rolled her eyes.

"I'm sure she's missing you already. Oh, wait . . . no she's not. High School boys are about as miss-able as the plague."

"You know," Xander began, "some people find the plague very interesting. They study it and learn about it . . ."

Buffy realized that this was her perfect opportunity to make her escape. Xander was busy defending himself while Willow was eagerly waiting to point out useless facts about the plague.

She stood up and grabbed her bag, easily flinging it up and over her shoulder.

"Speaking of the plague, I have to stop by the school nurse to fill out some form or another," she explained quickly, hoping no one would ask any questions. "I'll meet you guys back here after final period."

Before anyone could respond though, she was out the same doors that Faith had just passed through moments before. She walked quickly down the empty hallway, stopping for a moment to go into the girl's bathroom.

The large square mirrors were full of water spots and streaks, but they were good enough for Buffy to give herself the once over before she went to her secret meeting. She tucked a few stray strands of hair behind her ears, smoothed out her shirt, and did a last minute breath check before walking out of the bathroom and heading down the hallway again.

When she finally reached her destination, she stopped and looked up and down the long hall, making sure that no one was around. Sure that she hadn't been followed, Buffy smiled to herself and walked through the door marked "Janitor".

The large metal door shut heavily behind her, closing out all but a few remaining traces of light which shone in through the door frame. Buffy made sure it was shut tight, then focused her eyes and glanced around the dark space, using her enhanced vision to seek out who she was looking for.

"I thought you weren't gonna show," a female voice said from the corner, the darkness doing nothing to disguise neither her voice nor the lustful look in her eyes that Buffy knew was there.

"Have I ever not showed?" Buffy asked, taking a few steps closer toward the girl.

"Not yet," the girl answered. "But who knows when you'll find something better. Or when I'll find something better. Or maybe Angel will get a less finicky soul and he'll be able to give you a big happy again. What happens then?"

Buffy smiled.

"Then," she began, pausing to pepper a few soft kisses on the soft skin of the girl's neck as she tangled her hands in long brown hair, "we have to be extra careful about not getting caught. We might need to invest in stylish wigs and trench coats. We'll be undercover, under the covers."

A soft laugh. A soft kiss.

And then soft was gone and they were kissing with everything they had. Tongues sliding wetly against one another, tasting everything that had been forgotten from the afternoon before. Teeth nipping gently at soft lips, then on soft flesh as they left marks on one another that would be hidden from everyone but each other.

It was amazing what a creatively placed scarf could cover, as Buffy could vouch for. And for the other, well . . . no one had ever really been able to see past the clever mask of her long dark hair, and no one ever stared at her long enough to incur her wrath.

Minutes passed by, soft gasps and moans escaping from their lips as they kissed and touched all of the places that they weren't allowed to in plain view of everyone else.

Not when it was so taboo, at least to their clique of friends.

When finally the bell rang and the sound of students leaving their classes filled the hallway, the two girls separated, taking a few moments to fix their disheveled hair and clothing. They waited until the sound of the students died down before the girl went to the door and opened it, peeking carefully into the hall to make sure that they could make their exit.

"Tomorrow? Same time, same place?" She asked Buffy as she looked through the small crack in the door.

"I wouldn't miss it even for an apocalypse," Buffy answered, smiling as she saw how the small sliver of light from the door perfectly illuminated the girl's long dark hair. She wanted to run her fingers through it again and pull her in for another kiss. . . but it would have to wait until tomorrow.

"You know . . ." the girl began but paused for a moment, ". . . I could really get used to this."

And before Buffy could respond, the door had opened and closed and she was stood alone in the darkened janitor's closet.

Smiling, she brought her fingers up to her mouth and softly touched her kiss-swollen lips, pressing them together gently.

Cordelia's chocolate-covered cherry lip-gloss tasted nothing like chocolate-covered cherries.

The End.

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