Story Began: November 7, 2007.
Story Completed: March 25, 2008.

Rating: NC-17 ish

Pairing: Buffy/Faith

Timeline: Post-Chosen.

Summary: Willow sends Buffy and Faith to a parallel dimension to retrieve an artifact that was lost when Sunnydale collapsed. Wackiness ensues when they run into their otherworldly selves, despite Willow's warnings.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters used in this story, nor do I make any profit whatsoever in writing about them. No copyright infringement intended.

Dedication: For Cousin Joe. You were taken from this world far too soon and I miss you more than I can possibly say. Maybe in another world, you don't have a disease that is killing you slowly. Maybe in another world, you've found love and acceptance among your family and friends. Maybe in another world . . . you're happy, and you've found peace. You're forever on my mind and in my heart. I love you, Joe-ah.

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Chapter Seven

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