While In Cleveland
by Hayley

Chapter Six

I'm waking up alone and I don't like it. Yesterday I woke up with Faith next to me after a night where we had amazing sex and this morning I have nothing.

I didn't even see her last night. When Will and I got back to the house Faith and Xander were there but they weren't joking around. Faith had heard some rumors when she was out that sounded like vampire attacks so we set up areas to patrol and Faith and I split up. She went with Xander and I went with Willow.

Will and I get back kind of late, after midnight, but Faith and Xander hadn't gotten back yet. We called Xander since Faith hadn't bothered to turn on her cell but he told us they were fine so we didn't worry, much anyway. I admit to worrying a little about Faith now.

I tried to wait up but I had to get up and go to work in the morning so I knew the responsible adult in me needed to sleep. It sucks because Willow had it right. I am falling for her so I missed seeing her and I really do have it bad. That's so not good, too, since I still don't know much about Faith. She avoids that topic. She hasn't so much as told me her last name.

Might as well get up since I know I'm not sleeping any longer. It's only eight-thirty and I don't have to work until noon but I'll get bored just lying here. Instead I get up and walk to Faith's room. Since I didn't hear her come home I wanna make sure she's okay.

I open her door quietly and sure enough she's in there sleeping. She's naked, too. The sheets are covering most of that gorgeous body of hers but I can still tell. She's on her back, arms thrown around, hair wild. She also has a cut just below her collarbone and I know that's from last night. I would have noticed something like that when we were all naked the night before.

I walk over to her quietly as I can and kneel down by the side of the bed. The cut's not bad, only a scratch for a slayer, but I still reach out and touch it lightly. Of course, the moment my fingers touch her skin her hand is on mine and her eyes pop open.


"Hey." I smile at her. "Didn't see you last night . . . wanted to make sure you're okay." I move my hand out of hers and run my fingers along her injury. "You got cut."

"That's not the only one either," she says, turning so she's more on her side, facing me. "Asshole vamp cut up my shirt and one of his buddies got Xander on his blindside but we got 'em all."

"Xander's okay, right?" I can't stop the concern from coming out in my voice. Willow and I didn't face anything like that.

"Yeah, just got a bruise along his jaw." Her eyes roam my body and I think she's scanning for injuries. "You okay?"

I nod. "We just had a stray vamp here and there. Nothing organized."

"Good." She puts a hand on the back of my head and pulls me to her, kissing me lightly. "I was disappointed you were asleep when I got home. I was all worked up and wanting you."

"Yeah?" She smirks and nods and I kiss her back. I can't help myself. "I missed waking up with you."

Damn, I didn't want to admit that just yet. I don't want to get too attached right away. It all seems to be going so fast and the last thing I want is to get hurt. The only thing thought helping me is that deep down there's a part of me that knows Faith won't hurt me. I'm clinging to that thought right now.

"Maybe you should get in here then."

I grin and she moves so I can climb in next to her. We rest on our sides, facing each other. I look down her body and can already see she's got a cut a couple inches below her breasts. That vamp better have got his ass staked.

"You got this vamp, right?" I ask, putting my hand over the cut on her stomach and moving over it lightly.

"Xander did." She grins and all I wanna do is kiss her as she flashes those adorable dimples. "The guy was swiping his knife at me and Xander got him in the back. That's when another one got the drop on him." She puts an arm around my waist and pulls me closer. "He's a pretty good fighter."

She's right. When we set up here, Xander started training. At first, he did it when no one was around but one day I came home early and caught him. He said he needed to do something because he didn't want to simply be the research guy with one eye. Even though he would never be that in my eyes, or Will's for that matter, I liked the idea of him training. It's made him a much better fighter.

"Yeah." I kiss her and my body's pressed against hers. The feel of it makes me wish I was naked right now but if I do I won't want to leave and I eventually have to go to work. "I wish I could stay in here all day."


I nod. "All afternoon. What are you doing?"

Faith grins and slides her hand under the tank top I wore to bed. "I thought I could hit a couple coffee shops, pick up a girl or two."

"Be serious," I laugh even though I feel the slightest amount of jealousy. She better be kidding.

"Nah, I have an interview."


"Some local auto dealership. Part time receptionist," she says with a sigh. "It's shitty."

"No, it's not." I kiss her tenderly, loving the feel of her lips. "Could be worse."

She gives me this playful little smirk. "Doublemeat Palace worse?"

She had to bring that up. That's the one thing I really want to forget about Sunnydale. I mean, talk about a depressing job. "I never told you about that."

"I quizzed Willow about a lot of things in LA and while we were fighting the First. I picked up other bits and pieces from Dawn and the girls."

"So you know all about me and I know nothing about you?" I run my nails lightly down her side and smile as she shivers.

"I guess so."

Neither of us says anything for a moment. This is the part where she's supposed to say something, anything about herself that I don't know. She doesn't say anything though and that's really frustrating, like on a super, gigantic level. I don't want to have to beat it out of her.

"Faith, this is the part where you tell me something about yourself."

"I know." She has this smirk on her face and I don't know whether to kiss her or smack her.

"So are you going to tell me anything about yourself ever?"

She sighs and looks a little defeated. "What do you want to know?"

I look at her for a second before saying anything. Faith looks a little uncomfortable even though I'm moving my hand over her skin, caressing it and trying desperately to keep her relaxed. "Anything, Faith. I'm not looking for something intense or anything. At least, not right now. Just something simple like what's your last name or your age or even your birthday. I don't know any of those things and we've been going out for almost three weeks."

"Okay." She kisses my nose playfully and I smile. "My last name is Lehane which I thought you knew 'cause you kept trying to look over my applications. I'm twenty-three so you're finally dating someone younger than you and my birthday's in February. The 28th."

That couldn't have been that hard for her and I'm okay with only knowing that much, for the moment anyway. I'll ask more questions later. "Was that so hard?"

My girlfriend shrugs. "I'm kind of private, B."

"I get that but you can trust me," I say easily.

We start kissing again and it quickly becomes passionate. I pull her more on top of me and I'm quickly becoming more and more turned on. My hands are gliding over her skin and I know if this goes on much longer I'm not gonna be able to leave. More importantly, I'll be naked because Faith is trying to strip me of my shorts.

"Faith." I try my best to break away even though that's the last thing I want. "I should really get up, get ready, you know."

"You're no fun."

Against my better judgment I wiggle out of Faith's arms and get out of bed. My body's screaming at me to go back to her but I have to go to work. We're definitely finishing this later though.

"I'll see you downstairs."

Faith only groans in response and I walk out of her room and back to mine, set on getting ready for the day. Of course, I feel so stupid the entire time. I just left Faith in the next room naked and wanting me.

The day cannot go by fast enough.

I'm starting to get real frustrated: with work, the hellmouth, with everything that's stopping me from spending any alone time with Faith.

Faith got the job at the auto dealership and I think she's still in shock. She swears the only reason she got it is because the owner's wife ran the interview and hated her until Faith accidentally let it slip she had a girlfriend. The way she tells it once the wife knew she swung the other way and therefore would not go after her husband, the job was hers.

The hellmouth has also been more active, too, so there have been zero nights off and Faith and I have yet to patrol alone. We either have to split up or patrol in a group with Xander and Willow. I don't mind patrolling with them but I can't really talk to Faith when we're in a group. She's all sarcastic and full of one-liners, never serious. It's impossible to get her to talk about herself either. She barely shares anything with me so I know she's not gonna be all deep and meaningful with an audience.

So it's been another two weeks without another date and more importantly, no sex. You'd think there would be awesome after-slaying sex somewhere in there but we're either gotten home at different times or have been way too tired due to the countless vamps and demons.

Tonight better be different. Our last patrol slowed down in a major way and I'm demanding a night off. I don't care if I go out or stay in but I'm doing something with Faith, just the two of us.


"Yeah?" She has her laptop in front of her and I'm not sure she's really paying attention. I've been sitting at the kitchen table with her for about fifteen minutes and she hasn't looked up once.

"I was thinking you and Xand could handle patrol tonight."

Ah, that gets her to pay attention. "Huh?"

"You and Xander can handle patrol, right?"

She raises an eyebrow and gets this knowing look on her face. "Why would you want a night off?"

I narrow my eyes at her. "I would really like to spend some time with Faith without needing to kill something."

"You just want to have sex," she says as she laughs at me, probably because I'm not even pretending to look shocked.

"I just want to go on a date but having it end in sex would probably be for the best."

She continues to laugh at my expense and I'm finding it more annoying than funny. "I don't know. Xander and I kinda of like watching you and Faith squirm."

"That's just cruel." There's got to be a way for her to agree without more laughing at my expense. "What if the two of you take tomorrow off and Faith and I cover alone?"

"Would Faith be okay with you scheduling patrols for her?"

I hope she's okay with it. "She'll be fine with it."

"Careful, Faith. They're plotting against us."

I turn around to find Xander and Faith walking into the kitchen. Xander's been working at a site close to where Faith works so they've been carpooling. Faith smiles at me when we make eye contact and I return it easily.

"We're not plotting. Deal-making yes, but no plotting."

Faith raises an eyebrow. "What kind of deal-making?"

Will speaks up before I can. "Buffy is trying to get the night off. You and her get tonight off and Xander and I will get tomorrow off. Sound good?"

Xander and Faith look at each other for a moment before he speaks up. "I don't know about Faith but I'm okay with that."

"That's okay," is all Faith says.

I grin and do a little happy dance, in my head of course. Everyone would think I'm crazy if I just got up and danced a jig in the kitchen. "It's settled then." Everyone stares at me for some reason, maybe because I'm happy, and I stand up. "Come on, Faith."

No one says anything else and Faith and I walk upstairs and into Faith's bedroom. It really does look like hers now. She's taken all of Dawn's stuff down and got some more things of her own. The only thing she's kept up were the pictures Dawn left behind. I haven't asked her why yet.

I sit down on the bed while she changes. She doesn't really have a dress code at her job but she's wearing a more formal top today and she hates it so it's off as soon as the door closes.

"So where are we going on our night of freedom?"

I shrug as I ogle her body. I better get some action tonight. It's taking less and less to get me worked up. "Doesn't matter to me."

She pulls a t-shirt over her head and looks at me with a grin. "You don't have anything planned? I'm a little disappointed, B."

"I'm sure we can figure something out."

Faith pulls me up and puts her arms around my waist. I only grin as she leans in, kissing me almost sweetly. It only lasts a few seconds before we break away and she rests her forehead against mine.

"I guess we should start planning then."

I can only smirk in response and we kiss again. I know tonight's gonna be fun no matter what we do.

"B, pizza's here."

I run downstairs to see Faith pay the pizza guy and close the door. "Right on time."

As boring as it sounds, we decided to stay in and order pizza. We knew we could go out and have a nice dinner or go to a club but we never have the house to ourselves. That's the problem with roommates but I could never bring myself to move out. Xander and Willow are too important to me. I can settle with a night here and there instead.

Once we decided to stay in, Faith went out to pick up a few things and she ordered the pizza while I took a shower, changed and called Dawn. I hadn't had time to call her in a few days so I wanted to catch up with what she's doing. She's also been giving me a hard time about dating Faith but she's starting to get over it. It's been over a month so she should start. I know I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

I follow Faith into the kitchen, watching her set the pizzas on the table and grab a couple beers from the fridge. "What'd you get and why'd you get two?"

"One's for me and one's for you." She grins as she hands me a beer. "You like pepperoni, right?"

I nod. "Yeah."

She keeps her grin as she opens her bottle. "Good 'cause that's one of the toppings on these."

I shake my head and attempt not to laugh but fail miserably. "You think you're so funny."

"Pretty much."

I don't say anything else as we load up our plates with pizza and move into the living room with our food and drinks. We settle in on the couch, sitting next to each other. I wanna put my head on her shoulder I resist the urge for now. It would be hard to eat that way.

"Did you pick up a movie?"

Faith shakes her head as she swallows. "I couldn't decide what to get then figured we could find something on TV. We have cable." She smirks. "Or we could entertain ourselves."

There's no way I can disagree with her. I've been itching to explore her body. I haven't gotten the chance since the one night we've had together. It's the main reason I bargained to get this night off but that doesn't mean I'm not nervous. If the night goes as planned we're going to end up in one of our rooms having incredible sex. What's making me nervous is that tonight is planned. The last time was completely spontaneous, for me anyway, so I just went with it. Tonight I'm thinking and that is so not good.

We eat mostly in silence and Faith tries to find something on TV. I try to eat while she does but she keeps distracting me. The facial expressions she's making while flipping channels is too cute and I bet she'd probably get so irritated if I said so. She's seems to wanna be thought of as hot and sexy, not cute and adorable.

I'm sure I should be a little surprised at the very least that suddenly I'm thinking all these things about Faith but I'm not. I'm pretty sure I've thought them before but Faith was always so unstable in the past so I wouldn't allow myself to think them. There wasn't an opportunity to act on any of my thoughts anyway. By the time we became anywhere near close she'd killed the deputy mayor and everything went to hell.

"You okay with the pizza, B? I knew I should have asked what you wanted."

Oh, I haven't been eating. I look over at her and she looks a little concerned, like she thinks she's done something wrong. "No, it's good. I was thinking."

Faith continues eating as she starts to smile. "'Bout what?"

"That is none of your business," I say and smile, taking another bite.

"Oh, I think it is." She takes a drink and nudges me with her elbow. "I'll get it out of you."

I only shake my head as we continue to eat. There's no way I can come up with a response anyway. She could probably get me to admit to anything right now. I wanna at least eat before we get into anything that would possibly embarrass me.

We finish the pizzas, most of them anyway, and finish our beers as we watch the movie Faith settled on. I'm not sure what it is, just that there's a lot of explosions and fighting. Leave it to Faith to skip over any chick flick and comedy to settle on a movie with little plot and lots of fighting.

"Here," Faith says as she hands me another beer as she sits back down. She actually volunteered to clean everything and told me I needed to relax.

"Are you trying to get me drunk?" I take a sip and smirk at her. I'm trying so hard to play everything cool but I probably look like an idiot.

"I didn't know I needed to."

"You don't."

Now that we're done eating I can get closer to her and I definitely take advantage of it. I put my head on her shoulder and I feel her arm wrap around my waist in response. She tickles my side lightly and I can't help but giggle.

"You know I'm ticklish." I squirm a little but Faith has a good hold on me.

"I like to hear you giggle," she whispers into my ear and I try not to blush because her voice is turning me on so much.

"I'll have to do it more often then," I say and move into her so that any further and I'd be on her lap.

She doesn't respond, only lets out a slow breath and keep her arm around me. We sit and watch the movie in silence for a while, though I'm not really paying attention. I can't get over how safe I feel with her arm around me. I've never felt like this with anyone else, not as intense anyway.

That scares me just a little bit. See, there's still that small part of me, that voice in the back of my mind that's telling me this shouldn't be happening. That I'm not supposed to feel this secure with Faith. Of course, the little voice has been getting quieter every day. It goes along with the fact that I see more and more of a different Faith every day. She keeps showing me a side she didn't when we first met and I love it.

I put up with the movie for a few minutes before I turn my head to Faith. "This movie is awful."

"I don't know." She meets my eyes with a smirk. "It's not terrible but I don't understand why all these movies need to have the daughter of the hero be kidnapped."

"Let's watch something else."

"Or . . ." she draws it out but she doesn't need to. I know what she's going to say. "We could do something else."

Knew it. I move away from her enough to see her better and almost laugh because she looks way more nervous than I thought. Of course, if I had the outcome would not have been good. "What do you wanna do?"

Faith puts her lips to my ear. "I was thinking we could go upstairs and I could fuck you."

I know I'm blushing and I can't seem to stop. I don't think she's holding back anymore. The whole time we've been dating I thought it was a little weird some of her crassness wasn't there. She must have been holding back because she didn't know how I'd respond.

She doesn't even wait for me to respond this time, getting us to our feet instead. I put a hand on the back of her head and pull her to me, kissing her as deep as I can. I need to take some control now since I know it's gonna be a harder later. Faith probably doesn't like losing control but right now she doesn't seem to mind. She slides her tongue seductively along mine and I'm instantly wet. I have no idea how she does that but it can't be good for me in the end. I'm going to ruin a lot of panties this way.

We separate and Faith looks at me so intensely that I have to fight not to shiver. "I really wanna get you naked."

The feeling is definitely mutual. I want to feel her naked body against mine. I've only had the experience once and it was far too long ago.

I don't say anything to her, only smile and take her hand, pulling her with me as I leave the room and walk up the stairs. Faith has the good sense to turn off the TV before she follows me completely, already starting to grope me as we reach my room. We walk in and Faith shuts the door behind us.

She turns to me and smiles. "Nervous?"

Do I look nervous? I guess I am a little but I don't want Faith to notice. "No."

"You don't need to lie to me, B." I want to respond to that but she keeps going. "I will never hurt you."

"I know." I smile and put my hand on her cheek. I realized when we were fighting the First she would never hurt me again. I haven't thought otherwise since.

At least she believes me when I say that which I know by the grin and adorable dimples on her face. "Let's get it on then."

I'm about to laugh at how geared up she looks but Faith leans in and kisses me before I can. There's so much passion in it and I never thought anything could be that strong. I've certainly never felt anything like it before.

The only response I can come up with is to pull her as close as possible and begin to move us toward the bed. She gets the hint and moves with me as her tongue explores my mouth. What she's doing feels so good already and I know it's going to get better. Faith seems to know exactly what she's doing here.

We break apart as my legs hit the edge of the bed and Faith immediately brings her hands to the hem of my top, pulling it over my head. She tosses my shirt aside quickly before running her hands down my arms. I again have to fight not to shiver.

"B, you look so good right now."

I only smile as she reaches around and unclasps my bra. I let her take it off but before she can move to the bed I start to take her shirt off. There has to be some back and forth here and that's the place to start.

Faith lets me undress her and I can feel her eyes on me the entire time. I take everything off slowly, studying every inch of flesh I expose. Her skin is so smooth, so soft everywhere. The only marks she has on her skin is her tattoo on her right upper arm and the scar on her stomach. The one I gave her. Once I get her lacy black bra off, I move my hands over her skin, stopping at her scar.

"I forgave you a long time ago." Our eyes meet and I can see she's sincere. That alone blows my mind.

I can only wrap my arms around her in response. There's nothing I can really say to that without getting into a discussion or all emotional and now's not the time. Right now, we need to get on the bed.

Faith seems to be thinking the same thing because she actually picks me up. That catches me by surprise, so much so that I almost jump out of her arms. I control myself so that it's nothing more than a squirm and she only laughs it off.

We lie down and I turn on my side to face her. She's grinning and her eyes move everywhere before looking into my eyes. "Still nervous?"

Could she be any sweeter? My wonderful girlfriend's first thought is that I'm okay. Of course, if I wasn't she wouldn't get laid so I guess it's in her best interest that I'm wanting this as much as her. "I'm okay."


It almost feels like we're moving in slow motion as we kiss. It's so slow and deliberate. Faith runs her tongue gently along my lower lip and I part my lips enough to let her in. Her tongue begins to explore my mouth and again I'm wet. She must have a gift or something.

Our hands aren't exactly still while we kiss. Her hands are everywhere, moving every inch of exposed skin. My hands are doing the same except they stop once they near her gorgeous breasts. I can't seem to get the courage to do what I want and I wonder if Faith notices that.

She rests a hand on my shoulder and gently pushes me so I'm now lying on my back and she's hovering over me. We break away and she begins kissing and even licking down my neck. I put a hand on the back of her head to keep her right where she is 'cause what she's doing feels incredible. Then she hits my pulse point and I can't help but moan.

I can feel her chuckle against my skin but she doesn't stay there. No, she keeps moving downward, placing kisses everywhere. I get the feeling she's trying not to go too fast, almost like she thinks she might scare me off. I kinda want to tease her about it but I know it'll ruin the moment and that's the last thing I want.

Before I realize it, Faith's reached my breasts. Her lips make their way to one while her hand cups the other, almost kneading it. She kisses all around my breast before taking my incredibly hard nipple into her mouth and begins to suck lightly. Now I can't stop the moans and sighs from coming out of my mouth at this point and I really don't want to.

I keep my hand on the back of her head because I definitely don't want her to stop doing what she's doing. She doesn't disappoint either as she starts to suck on me more enthusiastically, letting her teeth lightly graze across my nipple. That is an incredible feeling and it's like each second is better than the last.

Faith moves from one breast to the other, kissing and licking her way over. Her fingers play around with the nipple she's not sucking on, keeping it almost painfully erect. The whole time it's all I can do to keep breathing it feels so good.

As much as my hand tries to keep her where she is but Faith eventually breaks away, moving down to my stomach. Her hands continue to move along my sides as she peppers light kisses everywhere. No one has ever paid this much attention to me before while having sex but Faith is exploring every part of me. She's making me feel so special.

My hands move to her shoulders, massaging them as she kisses to the edge of my jeans. Once she runs out of skin, she lifts her head up to look at me.

She smiles. "You are so beautiful, Buffy."

"So are you." Her eyes are so black with lust and they're so intense it's hard to keep the stare.

Faith breaks eye contact and begins to take off my jeans. I really hope she takes hers off, too, but right now I'm mesmerized at how she's concentrating on what she's doing. I lift up for her and suddenly I'm completely naked.

"Faith." My voice almost cracks as I get her attention. "Take yours off, too."

She grins as she stands at the edge of the bed. "I can't say no to that."

I watch as she does what I ask and I can't get over how amazing her body is. I would say I could just look at her all day but that's not true. The need to put my hands on her is too great.

Faith must notice that I'm looking over her body. Once I meet her eyes she winks at me. "Like what you see?"

"Do you really need to ask that?"

What's weird is she gives me a look that makes me think she thought she did need to ask that. It's only there for a split second though and my mind refuses to dwell on it because Faith begins to place light kisses on my legs, moving upward. Her lips feel so good against my skin.

"Faith, that feels so good."

By now she's kissing my thighs and she looks up, smirking. She's on the bed now, hovering over me and running her fingers along my side. "Your skin tastes amazing." She quickly moves up my body so her eyes are level with mine. "I wanna eat ya, B."

I try so hard to keep my eyes from bugging out of my head and thankfully, I succeed. It might seem real strange but no one has ever done that before. Hell, no one has ever even offered before. I don't know what to say.

"B? You okay?"

I nod. "Yeah."

"It's okay if you don't want to." Faith puts her hand on the side of my face, caressing my cheek with her thumb.

"No one's ever . . ." I can't even say it. God, that's embarrassing.

The best thing is she doesn't laugh or look shocked or anything. She only smiles. "Well, let's try something new then."

I smile back. "Okay."

Her smile becomes a grin and she gives me a hard, quick kiss. "Trust me?"

"Yeah." If I didn't trust her, we wouldn't be here.

Faith doesn't say anything, only moves down my body with lightning speed. Once she's level with my pussy she lowers her head and places a feather light kiss right on the top. I'm already so wet, even more so when I see her lick her lips as she looks at me.

I try to prepare myself but I guess nothing could since the first feel of her tongue on me sends me bucking into her and crying out into the room. She puts her hands on my hips to keep me in place and slowly continues to move her tongue around. Everything she's doing right now is so gentle and it even borders on tender. I'm getting more wet with every move of her tongue but it's nothing compared to the feeling I get when Faith swirls her tongue around my clit then wraps her lips around it, sucking lightly.

"Shit." I manage to mumble out and my hand grips her head. I'm so overjoyed at this point. I've just made the realization that Faith's my first. Right now I wouldn't have it any other way.

Even though I really want her to keep sucking on my hard clit, she stops and moves her tongue down. I know I'm already so close to coming all over her face and I'm a little nervous about that. I feel like I should warn her or something but all those thoughts go away when she thrusts her tongue into me. I cry out again and thrust up into her face. I swear the only reason I haven't bucked Faith right off the bed is that she has slayer strength and has the ability to keep my hips in place. I'm so excited I can't seem to control myself.

Faith cautiously moves a hand off my hip and begins to rub my clit slowly while thrusting her tongue in and out of me as deep as she can. It's too much for me and I come hard.

"Fuck! Faith!" I writhe uncontrollably against her tongue as she continues to move her tongue in me.

I can safely say I've never felt anything like this before and I've never come this hard before. After a couple minutes I begin to calm down as Faith continues to lick at my pussy, effectively cleaning me off. She moves to my inner thighs, licking them clean. She's being so deliberate about everything. It's amazing.

"Faith, baby, come here."

Instead of instantly moving up to me, Faith slowly kisses her way up to me. It's like she wants this to be the best experience for me and I have to say she hasn't disappointed me in that department. Once she reaches my lips she gives me a soft, tender kiss and I can taste myself on her lips. My first instinct is to pull back but I stop myself even though it's strange for the first couple seconds. After that's passed it's just a huge turn on.

We break apart and Faith lightly kisses me a couple more times as we split. She runs a hand through my hair and smiles down at me.

"How was that?"

I smirk at her. "You couldn't tell?"

"I want you to say it."

I place my hand on the back of her head and rest her forehead against mine. "That was amazing. You are amazing."

She grins, showing off her dimples and I can't help but run my thumb over one. We stare into each other's eyes and I think I see something in hers other than lust and want. I can see she genuinely cares about me. I want her more than ever now.

I know exactly what I want to do right now and I really hope Faith lets me. She's kept control this entire time and while I was more than okay with it then now I hope she'll let me explore her body a little.

After a minute of Faith simply resting against me I make my move, flipping us so she's on her back and I'm hovering over her. She doesn't look as tense as she seemed that first morning but she doesn't look nearly as comfortable as she did just a moment ago.

"You okay?" Now's my turn to ask, I guess.

Faith nods and smirks, raising an eyebrow. "What are you planning here, B?"

I have no idea but I don't want to tell her that. Right now I'm concentrating on the feel of her skin on mine and I can tell she's wet for me. "What do you want me to do?"

"Whatever you want."

That's an answer I like to hear. At least I know she's going to let me have a little control. I smile at her then lower my head to kiss her tenderly. Her arms wrap around me as we kiss but I don't want to linger too long. There are so many other parts I want to feel.

I move away from her lips and place light kisses along her jaw back to her ear. She moves her hands slowly over my back as I kiss behind her ear. Faith lets out a quiet hiss at that and I make a mental note that I've hit a sensitive spot. She lets out a few more sighs as I kiss and lick my way down her neck. I adjust so I'm more on her side and it's easier to move my hand over her beautiful body. Once I reach her pulse point, I suck more and she moans out.

"That feels so good, baby," she says, putting a hand in my hair which I feel is a good sign.

I suck on her neck more enthusiastically but I don't want to leave any mark either of us can be made fun of later so I make myself stop before I get too into it. Instead I continue to make my way downward and probably slower than Faith would like. She's giving me only positive signs but my impression of Faith had always been that she was all about the action. That's probably the last thing I should be thinking about though. I don't want to think about the past.

Now I'm starting to lick her skin more. It tastes so amazing that it's quickly becoming addictive. Of course, I'm inching closer to her breasts now and that's a little nerve racking. There's this feeling I have that if anything could be done wrong, I'll do it.

As best as I can, I push all those thoughts out of my head and reach the swell of her breasts. I feel Faith rub my back lightly with one hand while the other is still buried in my hair. I look up to gage her reaction to what I'm doing but when I do her eyes are closed. Guess I can take that as I good sign.

Okay, back to my mission here. I quickly move to her nipple, finding it already rock hard for me. Getting up all the confidence I have, I tentatively wrapping my lips around it and suck lightly.

Faith moans out loudly and her hand grips my head. "That's it, B."

That's really all the encouragement I need and I throw everything I have at the moment into what I'm doing. I suck on her a little harder and lightly graze my teeth along it. That gets her arching up into me and I'm kind of proud of myself right now. I let my fingers play with her other nipple but not for long 'cause I move to suck on this one, too. I'm really digging the quiet sighs and moans coming out of Faith. It's so hot that I'm the one causing it.

The next thought that enters my head is if she wants me to go down on her. I don't know if I'm ready to do that, not tonight anyway. I hope she's not disappointed when I don't.

I almost laugh when she groans as I move away from her breasts. At least I'm doing everything right so far. Her stomach is so flat and smooth as I run my hand over it. I place kisses on it, taking some extra time to kiss her scar. She says she forgives me but that doesn't stop me from feeling guilty. I don't know that it ever will.

When I look further down her body I can see her glistening pussy and I know it would just be so easy to bury my face in her but not tonight. No, tonight I wanna see her face as she comes all over my hand.

I move back up her body and rest mine on top of hers. She sighs but I don't know what exactly is going through her head since her eyes are closed. I lean down and kiss her carefully, trying to figure out what she wants next. Faith responds almost instantly, keeping her hand firmly on the back of my head. She deepens the kiss, too, and I'm more than happy about that.

While we're kissing I slip a hand between our bodies and speed down to her pussy. At least I've kinda done this part before so I'm slightly more sure of myself. My fingers slide right in there and Faith moans into my mouth. The vibrations I feel from that almost make me come on the spot.

My fingers move around her clit, teasing her, before I rub against it. She breaks away when I do that and I can she's biting her lip to keep quiet. I don't think she needs to since we're probably still alone. There's no way Xander and Willow are back yet.

"That feels so good, baby." I love it when she calls me baby. "I'm already so close. Go inside me, baby."

I definitely want to do whatever makes her come. I want her to feel good more than anything. I do as she asks and move my fingers off her clit and down to her wet hole.

She's just soaked and my fingers are coated in her juices. I don't even tease her at all, just plunge into her with two fingers. There are no words to describe how it feels to be inside Faith and it's a huge ego boost to see how much she likes what I'm doing.

I move my fingers in and out, slowly at first, and move my body with it. Faith moves with me, thrusting her hips to meet my fingers, and starts to moan out with each thrust.

If I took the time to think about it, it would seem surreal that at this moment I have two fingers knuckle deep inside of Faith and she's only a few thrusts from coming. That's the last thing on my mind though as I bury by face in the crook of her neck, kissing and sucking as I thrust harder.

"Fuck, B . . . I'm almost there. I'm gonna come all over you."

I move my head up to face her again and give her a hard kiss while moving even faster. We're both sweating now, our bodies sliding against each other. I rest my forehead against hers and thrust as hard and deep as I can. Faith damn near screams out into the room and I feel a gush of fluid soak my hand. She arches into me and I can feel her scratching at my back. That's such a turn on, too. Let's face it: everything about Faith is a turn on.

When her inner walls stop clutching at my fingers, I slowly remove them and Faith lets out a sigh but it's a good one. I take this as a sign and start to roll off her but she stops me, keeping her arms around me.

"I like you right here."

I grin and we kiss. "I'm gonna crush you."

"No, you're not." She runs her fingers through my hair before shifting us so we're on our sides.

I reach down and cover us with the sheets we've kicked aside. Once we're covered, I wrap my arms around her and she does the same. We don't say anything else to each other because there are no words. To say anything would ruin this wonderful moment. Instead, we simply drift off to sleep in each other's arms.

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