While In Cleveland
by Hayley

Chapter Five

I open my eyes slowly and look around, not quite knowing where I am. It's still kinda dark out and when I look over at the clock on the nightstand to see it's only five in the morning so that makes sense.

I turn my head and see Faith lying next to me. We've moved apart while we've slept and she's more on her stomach now but still kinda facing me. She pulled the covers over us as we fell asleep but they've moved down during the night so they're to our waist. Her exposed back looks fantastic as the light that's seeping through the window hits her.

The bad part about all this right now is the more I look around the room the more I start to wig. Faith didn't change the room much since she's been here and a lot of Dawn's stuff is in here. From the picture of me and her on the nightstand to some of her clothes I see in the closet to the cheesy poster on the wall and some books she left, it all reminds me this was her room. So instead of thinking that I just had sex with Faith for the first time, all I can think is that I just had sex in my little sister's room. I gotta get out of here.

I slowly get out of bed, not wanting to wake Faith. It's probably gonna look bad that I'm leaving before she wakes up but I'm really wigging. I'm feeling dirty that I've had sex in here and not in the good way. I tiptoe my way to the door but I hear Faith groan as I put my hand on the knob.

"What are you doing?"

I smile sheepishly at her as she rubs her eyes. "Uh, going to my room?"


I knew I forgot something. I look down and see that I am indeed very naked. "I guess I forgot about that."

She laughs quietly and turns to lie on her back, sitting up to rest on her elbows. I can tell she's a little nervous though and I really don't want her to be. "Why are you going to your room?"

Might as well be honest with her. "I'm wigging."

"Why?" she asks, looking a little concerned.

I sigh, knowing what I'm about to say will sound stupid. "'Cause a lot of Dawn's stuff is still here and it feels like I just had sex in my little sister's room."

Faith shakes her head with a small grin. "But it's not." She gets on her knees and moves toward me, extending her hand. "Come here."

I reluctantly move toward her and she takes my hand. "Faith . . ."

She stops me from saying anything by pressing her lips gently against mine. We separate after only a few seconds and she puts a hand on my cheek. "Come back to bed, B."

"Umm . . ." I start, not knowing what else to say at this point.

Faith doesn't wait for me to answer, just pulls me back to the bed. We lie back down and she pulls the covers over us. I'm sure it's warm outside but we have the air conditioning on and it's leaving a chill in the air, making it pretty convenient to cuddle.

"So," Faith starts as she grins and waggles her eyebrows. "Does this mean the next time we have sex we'll be in your room?"

I lift an eyebrow in response. "Next time? You think there's going to be a next time?"

"There's going to be a next time." She gets as close to me as possible and places a hand on my waist. "I've been dreaming of all the things I can do to you." She kisses my nose. "And of everything you can do to me."

I smile and lean in, giving her a light kiss. I'm trying really hard not to blush because my mind is running through what she might be thinking of but I'm also a little excited. At least she might think last night was awful. That is my greatest fear right now.

Faith breaks away from me, a grin still on her face. She really has the cutest dimples and I caress her cheek, moving my thumb over one of them. Her grin becomes wider at that.

"I'll get the rest of Dawn's stuff out of here tomorrow . . . today, I mean." She laughs then looks into my eyes. "Are you okay with that?"

It's so sweet that she would ask me that. "Yeah."

"Good 'cause I definitely want to get to know you better, know what I mean?"

"I think so."

We both laugh then kiss a little more. I am getting tired though. We've only slept a few short hours and I'm sure we have a long day ahead of us.

I move away from her luscious and kiss swollen lips and snuggle into her more. "I'm still a little tired."

"Yeah. We'll probably have a lot of questions to answer, huh?"

"That's a given. It's knowing what not to answer that's tricky."

Faith puts her arms around me and pulls me more on top of her. "I won't give Xander any details, no real ones anyway."

"I'll only give the basics."

"Just say how incredible I am and leave it at that."

I laugh and rest my head on her shoulder. "We'll see about that."

She doesn't respond but I know she's grinning. She only kisses the top of my head and I feel all her muscles relax. I'm starting to fall asleep again, too, and I think it's because Faith has her arm around me.

I think I'm really starting to fall for her and I hope that doesn't come back to bite me. My mind can't be bothered with that right now though. I'm too tired.

Waking up for the second time around isn't bad at all. I open my eyes to light starting to come through the window and I stretch out a little. Faith's arm is still kind of around me but she's moved my head so it's on the pillow, not her shoulder. It feels so natural to be with her like this and it doesn't freak me out at all.

I'm still a little freaked about the room though but now that I can feel Faith next to me it's better. We really will have to take Dawn's stuff down and put it away if we do anything else in here. It's just a little creepy to me, almost like my sister is watching and that's all sorts of gross.

Faith is still sound asleep. I turn to face her more and she looks hot even when she's sleeping. That's just unreal but I guess it could be because I like her. I wonder if she thinks I'm hot at all times, too.

I can't quite believe we've had sex. Years ago if anyone told me I'd end up fucking Faith I probably would've knocked them unconscious. It would have been too out there. Now I can't imagine not because last night was so unbelievable.

Her skin is so soft and I can't help but run my fingers along it, tracing patterns on her flat stomach. Next time I hope she gives up a little more control so I can really explore. I want to find out what she likes and I hope she knows that. She shouldn't think this is all on her.

God, I hope she doesn't think last night was awful. I had no idea what I was doing and I'm sure it showed. She didn't say anything specific last night but she might be trying to spare my feelings. I can see her doing something like that, especially with how she's been acting, all sweet and girlfriendly.

She moves a little in her sleep and tightens her hold on me. I move and kiss her shoulder, tasting her skin. I kiss her again and keep my hand moving on her stomach. I want her to wake up so I can get up. I don't want to just leave. If I do she'll probably think my freak-out a few hours ago was simply me wanting to leave, not just a room freak-out.

"B," she mumbles, "quick trying to cop a feel and let me get some sleep."

I run a finger up from her stomach between her breasts and along her collarbone. "But you should wake up, baby."

She groans quietly and shifts again, almost like she's trying to ignore me. That's so not gonna happen. I know how to get attention. I pull myself up so I'm more level with her but as I do I make sure my body's pressed against hers. I'm feeling nothing but pride when I feel her shiver just that little bit and I add to that shiver by softly kissing her cheek.

"Is there an actual reason I need to get up or are you just trying to torture me?"

"Little of both," I whisper into her ear. I kinda like waking up with someone and being able to be playful. It's finally making me feel like the twenty-four year old I am.

Faith grins and I feel that's a victory for me. She turns to me and finally opens her eyes. "Do you have to work today?"

I shake my head. It's obvious where this is going.

"Do we have to do hours and hours of wicked boring research?"

Another head shake.

"Then maybe we should get to know each other better."

She leans in and I close the distance, trying not to get too overexcited. Being able to have good morning smoochies with someone is something I've missed, too. What makes it even better is that Faith has a masterful tongue.

Our tongues dual with each other lightly and our kissing becomes more intense until I need to breathe. I take a chance and move so I'm more on top of her while kissing her again. Faith lets me take the small amount of control I'm trying for and I do an internal cheer. Everything is new to me and not 'cause I'm with a woman but 'cause I'm with Faith. I'd be stupid to think she's issue-free.

"B," she says, putting a hand on my chin, getting my attention. "Now that you've got me up, wanna get some breakfast?"

Wow, she let me have control for a matter of seconds. I'm not moving though. "I don't know. Maybe we could stay here."

I lean in and place a couple kisses on her neck. You know, I never really got to do much of this last night. That was all about giving in to what I was feeling from our first date on. So Faith pretty much held the reigns last night and I really want to make up for the fact she initiated it.

"Buffy, come on. Let's get some food."

Why's she using my full name? I move so I'm straddling her and sit up a bit. Now I can see her face better and I think she's attempting to hide whatever it is she's feeling and doing a good job, too.

"Something wrong?"

"No, B. Just thought we could get up."

I know I shouldn't but now I'm feeling self-conscious and the fact she didn't specifically state how she felt about last night is making me nervous. I feel so stupid because up until a few minutes ago Faith was all smiles but now I'm panicking.

"Was last night not okay?"

She looks confused now and I'm not sure if that's good or bad. "Why would you think that?"

"Well . . ." I have no idea how to respond now. I should've been more prepared.

Faith sits up, moving me so I'm straddling her legs. I look down and take in her naked body. Damn, she's hot and I'm so distracted she has to put a hand on my face again, getting my attention.

"Don't ever think that 'cause it's so not true." She looks sincere and she smiles at me almost sweetly.

I feel a little better but that doesn't explain her urgency to get up. Now that we've experienced acts of nakedness together I want to know I can initiate anything with her. "So why do you wanna get up so quickly? What if I wanted to explore you a little? I didn't get a chance last night."

"We've got time for all that, right?"

"Yeah." That's so not an acceptable answer. "That doesn't answer my question."

She sighs and I hug her to me. It's really weird but we don't hug all that much. Maybe we should start and Faith seems to think so, too, since she's holding me back tightly.

"You're not the only one who's nervous here, B."

I kinda figured that. "That's okay."

"Doesn't feel okay." She's holding me so tight right now but I can take it. I think it's making her feel better. "Feels kinda shitty."

I laugh quietly. "I bet we can make it feel better."

Now it's her turn to laugh. "I'm sure."

This is so weird. I'm the one comforting Faith and telling her it's okay to be nervous. How the hell did that happen? I figured the roles would be reversed since she's the one who asked me out. Shows how much I need to learn about my girlfriend.

Hmm, I have a girlfriend. I pull away from Faith and look at her with a smirk firmly on my face. "So are you my girlfriend?"

She flashes those dimples at me and I try not to melt right here. Between that look and being pressed against her naked I'm getting all wet again. "I thought we were just fooling around."

I shake my head and try not to smile but I'm failing miserably. "You're a liar."

"Yeah." She grins and kisses me lightly but only for a few seconds. She places a hand on my cheek. I think she does that to make sure I'm paying attention. "Let's get some breakfast and face the firing squad, okay?"

I think about that for a moment. I get that she's nervous, as nervous as me anyway, and that does explain why she's full of confidence with me one minute and closed off the next. There's more to this than nerves though, I'm sure of it, but we'll talk later. Or we'll attempt to talk later.

"All right, let's go." It's going to be bad if she starts to have this much sway over me.

"So you had sex with Faith?"

"Yes, Will."

She's asked me that about fifty times, no lie. I'm not sick of answering yet but I know I will be soon so she better get over it. It's not like I'm suddenly gonna say that I'm kidding.

Faith and I lucked out this morning because when we went downstairs we found that we were alone in the house. Apparently Xander and Willow both had to work this morning so they'd left already and therefore weren't around to hassle us. I was a little disappointed about that since I had prepared myself for whatever they would throw our way.

Not that it was bad we were alone but it wasn't like we went back upstairs and had amazing morning sex. No, that was only a fantasy of mine. Instead we got ready for the day, partially consisting of a cold shower for me, and went out for breakfast.

I still have so many questions I want to ask Faith but I know better than to ask them all at once. If I do that or start to cling to her, she'll run. I know it. That seems to be what she does when she backed into a corner and I don't want to do that. I like having her around too much.

After breakfast, we went through some job applications for her, or I watched her fill them out and failed to read what she was writing down, and just hung out. We really didn't talk all that much. At least, nothing deep and meaningful, just a comment here and there while watching TV.

"I just don't believe it."

I shake my head. Will and I went to a coffee shop to talk while Faith went job hunting and to check on Mrs. Rice. It's so sweet she thinks to do something like that. It shows how much she's changed from the angry and out of control teenager I met and had issues with years ago.

"Believe it, Will. What did you think I was doing in her room all night?"

She laughs. "I was trying real hard not to think about it."

Oh, God. The last thing I want in my head is that my best friend could hear me having sex. That's a very big ew. I look away from her and to the floor, trying not to blush. "Let's change the subject."

"Okay." I look up and she's smirking. "How was it?"

Now I know I'm blushing. I can feel it. "It was . . . different."

She laughs again and I'm sure it's because of how embarrassed I look. "And would that be a good different?"

Damn it, I need to stop blushing. I drink some coffee to try to stop but it only partially works. "Yes, it was a good different. It was beyond good."

Willow leans forward, probably hoping I'll give her more details. "So don't leave it at that. Give me some details."

I knew it. "I'm not going into everything with you, Will."

"Come one, give me something. You're the one dating now. I must live vicariously through you."

"That's kinda sad." I smirk and we both laugh. "I don't know. Faith was more . . . gentle than I thought she would be. It was nice."

Will kind of looks me over, like she's expecting something to be different about me. "You're falling for her."

I look away from her again. That is the one thing I've been thinking about since Faith and I first went out. She's so much more than I ever thought already and I still barely know her. And since I barely know her I don't want to say that I'm falling for her. Not yet.

"I don't know, Will. I really like her."

My best friend takes a sip of her drink but keeps this grin on her face. "You so are."

I laugh, mostly because she's right. I am falling for Faith. "Don't say anything, okay?"

"Who am I going to tell? Xander? I'm sure he's trying to get all the juicy info from Faith anyway."

"She won't tell him anything. We had that discussion this morning."

We giggle and drink some coffee. I miss having this time with my friend. There's always so much going on that we never get a chance to just hang out. One of us is always at work or we have a hellmouth crisis or something else pops up. Sometimes being an adult sucks.

"Xander will be so disappointed."

"He'll get over it."

We laugh some more and finish our coffees. It's getting late in the afternoon so we probably need to get back to the house soon. I'm sure Xander's probably done with work by now and hopefully Faith will be back, too. Maybe she got a job and we'll have something to celebrate.

"You're thinking about Faith, aren't you?"

I smile. "Why?"

Willow smirks. "You just got all smiley there."

"Whatever." I look around the shop then to the clock on the wall. "We should go. We still need to plan out the night."

She groans. "Why do we live on the hellmouth again?"

"I guess we're just responsible."

We laugh because that sounds so weird coming from me. I'm responsible but I usually need to be reminded. And Willow's usually doing the reminding.

In the end, it doesn't matter. There's always too much to get done. That's why I can't be lazy and not have to worry about vampires and demons. It's also why Willow and I are going home instead of hanging out in a coffee shop all afternoon.

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