While In Cleveland
by Hayley

Chapter Four

"You didn't."

"I so did."

Faith is trying to convince me she slayed a whole bar full of rough and tough vampire/cowboys in Texas without any help. I totally think she's over-exaggerating but she swears there were dozens and dozens of them.

It's been about two and a half weeks since we went on our first date. We've been on two dates since then and both were fantastic. I chose something very cliché and we went to dinner and a movie on our second date. We went clubbing last weekend and Faith still has all the moves she did when we were teenagers. She had everyone in the club drooling, including me.

Now it's in the middle of the afternoon on a Wednesday and we're hanging out in a park while Willow and Xander are both working. Faith's starting to look for work, too, but isn't really serious about it right now. She asked Xander about working with him every now and then at a construction site but after his experience with me a few years ago he turned that down pretty quickly. Now she's just trying to find something she isn't going to hate.

"I don't care what you say. I'm not going to believe you," I say, a smile on my face as we sit on a couple swings.

She shrugs. "Whatever. It was a wicked awesome night."

I laugh. "You realize we should be researching, right?"

"I hate researching."

Her and me both. Giles said we should be on the lookout for an influx of vamps because of a prophecy that a powerful group of them would try to overtake the hellmouth. I think it's nothing but Will feels we should review some of the volumes we have at the house to see if there's anything to back up the prophecy. Faith and I went through some books for about fifteen minutes before we blew it off.

"We deal with more demons than vamps right now anyway," she adds.

"Maybe there's a reason for that." I look around at the park. There are a few kids with their parents but other than that it's quiet. "We should probably get back."

"You're no fun, B."

I stand up and move to stand in front of her, putting my hands on the chains on her swing. "Come on. Maybe researching will help us have an active night . . . get a good workout."

Faith stands up and is instantly inches from me. "There are a lot of ways to get a good workout."

She's been doing that a lot the last few days, hinting that we should be doing more than the heavy make out sessions and groping we've been doing. I think she's not actually saying it because she doesn't want to seem pushy. I'm definitely getting the hint though.

"I'm sure there are." I smirk at her as I take her hand and pull her away from the swings.

I've been thinking about sex with Faith almost constantly but I'm nervous about the topic. My brain goes from being nervous about the fact I'm still trying to get to know Faith and sex might mess that up to the fear of having sex with a girl for the first time to not wanting our first time to be the product of post-slay hornies. The only saving grace about it is that my brain switches on what to worry about enough that I don't have enough time to fully freak out about any of them.

We start to walk the three blocks to the house and Faith moves into me lightly. "What's the plan for tonight?"

"Research and patrol, probably."


I know she wants to say something but she's holding back for some reason. Maybe it's because she's waiting for us to get back or because she was expecting me to want to go out again.

"We should wait to plan the night with Willow and Xander."

"Just don't have me team up with Willow again 'cause after an hour we run out of things to talk about and then it gets awkward."

I don't respond right away; only continue to walk with her on the sidewalk. Things are still a little iffy with her and Willow but I think that's only because they haven't really gotten to know each other again hence the nothing to talk about. I sure it'll just take some time and then they'll get along.

We make it to the house and instantly crash on the living room couch. There are about a dozen books on the coffee table in front of us but neither of us makes a move to pick one up. Let's face it. I hate researching just as much as Faith and ever since Willow did that spell that made bunches and bunches of slayers all the prophecies Giles has dug up have turned out to be nothing.

"You and Will patrolling together can't be that bad." The last three nights we've been going out in different teams of two. Xander and Willow had a close call a few nights ago so we decided to have two teams with a slayer on each until it calms down a little.

"Whatever." She moves a little closer to me. "I was hoping to go out later."

I grin at her. "You have a date tonight?"

"Trying to but she's starting to play hard to get."

"I am not." I move so our bodies are touching as we sit next to each other. "I mean, I'm right here."

She shifts so she's facing me more and when I turn to her she's got a huge grin on her face. We close the remaining distance between us and kiss easily. We've gotten really good at the kissing part over the last couple weeks.

I put an arm around her and she moves into me so she's really close to being on top of me. Our kiss is becoming deeper and Faith runs her fingers through my hair. We break away only to breathe only when we definitely have to and then Faith moves to my neck, place kisses there and making me so hot. It takes a minute but soon I realize we're almost lying on the couch with Faith on top of me. I panic a little but mostly because I don't want anyone to walk in on us and Faith must think that, too.

She kisses my lips softly. "Let's move this elsewhere."

"Uh . . ." I move away from her as much as I can, which isn't very far. "Maybe we should start researching so it looks like we've done something."

Faith looks irritated and I think she's a little confused as well. "What's up with you?"


Before I realize it, she's moved us so we're sitting up. We're still almost pressed against each other and our arms are still kinda around each other. She still looks a little confused. I don't think she believes me.

"Really, nothing's up with me." I know what she's getting at but I want her to say something first.

"You're a liar." Faith is suddenly looking very serious. "Do you even like me that much?"

How can she ask me that? Did I not just let her stick her tongue down my throat? I encourage it, in fact. "Of course I like you."

"Okay." She shifts around and I know she's uncomfortable that I'm making her participate in something resembling a relationship talk. "So when am I gonna get laid?"

I can't help but laugh at that one. "Very smooth."

Faith lightly kisses me a couple times. "I mean it, B. We've gone on a few dates. We've made out for hours but every time we get somewhere we get interrupted or you stop us."

"I don't think it's always like that."

"Yeah, it is." Faith moves so she's only an inch away from me. "Are you scared?"

That was the last thing I expected to come out of her mouth and I don't know how to answer. I am a little but it's more than that. "I don't know."

"You don't need to be. It's not like I'm going anywhere. I mean, I got too much shit now to lug out."

I look into her eyes and they look sincere though she's being sarcastic. "I don't think you're going to leave or anything. I just . . ."

"You just what?"

I might as well say it. "I don't want the first time we have sex to be 'cause of the slay and I don't want it to ruin anything."

She leans in and we kiss tenderly. It's like she's trying to reassure me but she's really just turning me on. "Don't think about it like that. In fact, don't put much thought into it at all."

We kiss again but I break away after only a couple seconds and laugh quietly. "You only want me to go along with whatever you want."

"It would make everything a lot easier," she laughs as I swat her arm.

I shake my head and move out of her arms. Faith moves to lie back on the couch, folding her arms over her chest. She looks so good, always does, and I'm sure if I wasn't thinking as much as I am we'd be up in one of our rooms right now. It'll happen soon though. I know it will.

"Come on." I pull at Faith to get her to sit up. "Let's make an attempt to research."

"Fine." She sighs and picks up a book. "We're going out later."


The walk from the street to the house has never seemed so long as it does now. I'm so worked up that my legs are shaking.

After Willow and Xander came home we all ate together and then researched until we decided the prophecy was crap and Faith and I went on patrol by ourselves. That might have been a mistake though. We ran into not one but four gangs of vampires and now I'm incredibly horny and have had to spend the entire time trying not to jump Faith.

I'm sure she's feeling it, too. She's practically racing into the house ahead of me which sucks 'cause watching her ass as she rushes into the house is only getting me more worked up.

I walk into the house to find Willow and Xander lounging on the couch. Both look confused. "What?"

"What's with Faith? She ran upstairs without anything. Did you have some trouble?"

"No, Will. No trouble slaying or otherwise. Just an active night." I pause as I look at the two of them. "I think I'm gonna crash."

"Okay. Goodnight."

"Goodnight," Xander echoes with a smile.


I walk up the stairs, noticing Faith's door is closed. She must have retreated to her room already but she didn't say anything to me and I'm a little irritated about it. I would hope she would at least have said goodnight since she's kind of my girlfriend and all but as I pass her door it opens and she pulls me inside.

Faith grins as she shuts the door behind me and presses me up against it. In less than a second her mouth is on mine and her arms wrap around me. I follow her lead, mostly out of instinct than anything else. She's caught me off guard and I'm sure she knows it.

I break away from her gasping and she moves her lips along my jaw and down my neck. "Is this a goodnight kiss?"

"I was hoping it would be more than that," she breathes into my ear.

"Mmm . . . you're only worked up 'cause of the slaying." I move my hands to her face and rest her forehead against mine. Her eyes are so dark.

"Maybe a little," she admits. I'm surprised by that but before I can respond to that admission she continues. "Everything else is all you."


She nods slightly and at this point that's the best answer I could have gotten. I press my lips against hers tightly and manage to step away from the door. Her arms are still tightly around me, so much so that I'm sure with anyone else it would be suffocating.

We break away and look into each other's eyes for a moment. I think she's looking to see if there's any doubt in my eyes. There's none but I think it's incredible that she's making sure I want this. I wonder if the old Faith would have bothered but I don't think I'd have been in this situation with the old Faith. We would have never spent as much time together as we do now.

We kiss again but it's softer and we slowly make our way to the bed. I move my hands along her back and concentrate on the feel of her lips against mine. They're so soft and I still haven't quite gotten over that. I'm also noticing the delicate touches she's making on my back, my shoulders, my arms. Faith is really good at seduction though I don't think she has to try this hard.

Our legs hit the edge of the bed and we break apart to sit down. We look at each other and she smirks at me.

"So, are you only here 'cause of the slaying?"

I laugh. "What do you think?"

"That I know the answer." She looks up and down, deliberately licking her luscious lower lip as she does. "You're totally here 'cause of the slaying."

She always has to be funny and maybe she's doing it because she thinks I'm nervous and she would be right about that. I am nervous but I'm not about to back out or anything. She has to know that.

"Come here." I pull her to me again as we both smile.

The kissing this time is much more tender but Faith's hands are on a mission. They're under my shirt, already gliding over my skin. After about a minute I attempt to do the same. The only problem is her shirt is tighter than mine and I'm a little out of practice so my hands start to fumble . . . a lot.

Faith starts to giggle into our kiss and it's so cute to hear. I don't know that I've ever heard her giggle before. She moves away from me and moves her hands as well but only to the hem of my shirt.

"Maybe we should make it a little easier for you." She's smirking and I'm so happy she finds my clumsiness funny.

I can't help but laugh a little anyway. It's not like I can get mad at her. She's about to get me naked. She starts to pull up my shirt and I let her. It's off in seconds and before I can do the same to her she pulls her own shirt off, tossing it aside.

I shake my head at her. "What if I wanted to do that?"

Faith grins but doesn't respond as we put our arms around each other again. She goes straight for my neck this time, nipping and sucking, and while I should possibly be concerned she's trying to give me a hickey I'm not. Instead, I love the fact I can put my hands all over Faith's smooth skin.

In the last couple weeks we've felt each other up but as odd as it sounds it's been almost exclusively over the clothes. I had figured Faith would step up and try to at least get some of my clothes off at the first opportunity but I guess I always stopped whatever we were doing before she could.

I let out a small sigh as she nips at my pulse point and she grips me a little tighter. Her muscles ripple slightly under my touch as my hands move over her back. They move until they reach the clasp of her bra.

This is the first opportunity I've had to make the next step in anything we've done. As she moves back up to kiss me again I bring both my hands to the clasp and thankfully am able to undo it easily. That's a relief, too. I didn't want to look completely inexperienced tonight.

Faith moves away from me and allows me to take off her bra. I put it to the side and eye her ample chest. She is so gorgeous and the way she looks is indescribable. I reach out to touch her but she stops me.

"Just a sec, B." She smiles at me and before I can even think of something to say she takes off my bra.

Her eyes seem to be everywhere at once and I blush instinctively even though I try not to. She only smiles though and caresses my cheek.

"Maybe we should lie down."

I grin. "I'm more than okay with that."

Both of us laugh quietly and move up on the bed. I move to lie back on the center of the bed and Faith rests on her side next to me.

Faith rests her hand on my stomach then slowly moves it up my body, moving up between my breasts and resting on my cheek. "Okay?"

"More than okay."

I pull her down to me, bringing her lips to mine. She moves so she's more hovering over me than on her side and one of her legs slips between mine. Our bare chests begin to press against each other and I can't help but moan into her mouth at the feeling.

It's so strange that we're taking this as slow as we are. We just had a very active night so I would have figured we would be moving a whole lot faster. I'm not about to change anything right now though: everything's too perfect.

"You're so hot," Faith whispers as she starts placing kisses down my neck and toward my breasts.

I keep my hands moving over her shoulders and back, putting my fingers in her hair every once and awhile. That's really all I can do right now. Faith's taken control and I'm more than happy to let her.

Faith's lips reach my breasts and she begins to pepper them with kisses. The feeling's incredible, especially since every move she's making is so deliberate, but it's nothing compared to the feeling I get once she wraps her lips around a nipple and starts to suck.

"Oh, God," I moan out and put a hand on the back of her head. I really want her to not even think of moving right now.

If her sucking on me wasn't fantastic enough she brings her hand up and starts to play with my other nipple, making it nice and hard. I moan out again and I can feel her smile against me. I really wish I could do more to her but that thought leaves as soon as she moves her lips to my other nipple.

I'm not sure long she's been sucking on me, only that it wasn't nearly long enough, but soon she's kissing and licking my stomach. Her hands reach the top button on my jeans and before I even realize it my zipper's down. She's about to get me completely naked and I haven't done a thing.

Just as she's about to pull my jeans down, I take hold of her arms and pull her up to me, kissing her before she can say anything. My tongue slides easily into her mouth and we battle for dominance for a minute. I try to flip us as we kiss but at the moment she's not letting me.

Her hot breath hits my face as we break apart, gasping for air. "You got me so worked up, baby. We need to get your jeans off."

Did she just call me baby? That's a first and I got to say I like it. "Only if you're getting naked, too."

She kisses me and laughs quietly. "That's a given."

She moves away from me again and this time I let her finish undressing me without trying to stop her again. Faith's eyes seem to burn into my skin as she concentrates on each section of skin she exposes. She tosses my jeans and panties on the floor and gets off the bed, not taking her eyes off me as she strips. Her body is so amazing. She's always been one of the most beautiful women I'd ever met and I'm about to know everything that body can do.

"You are so beautiful."

Faith grins and it's kinda dark in here but I think she may be blushing. That's so adorable and she'd probably hate I think that. "You're fucking hot."

She climbs back on the bed and on top of me. I wonder if she's gonna let me take control at all and I'm guessing no since I try to flip us again and she keeps us right where we are.

I put a hand on her cheek and lift my head up to kiss her lightly. "When am I going to get to have my way with you?"

Faith grins. "Just relax, B. We've got plenty of time."

That sounds okay and I nod in agreement. She flashes her dimples and fully lowers herself onto me for the first time. It feels so amazing and for the first time I can feel how wet she is for me. I feel kind of proud of that.

We keep kissing and I spread my legs apart, allowing Faith to fit between them. For the first time, I can feel her wet pussy on mine and I almost come from that feeling alone. I break away and we both moan out into the room. Faith moves to suck on my neck as she maneuvers a hand between our bodies and moves it down my body to my pussy. She easily slides her fingers into my folds and I bite my lip so I don't cry out. The last thing I want for tonight is to put on any sort of show for my two best friends.

I hear Faith groan and she moves to kiss my ear. "You already feel so amazing."

Her fingers feel amazing. She slides them around in my juices and while that feels incredible once her fingers hit my clit I almost lose it. My hips thrust into her hand as her fingers begin to rub against it.

"Faith . . ." I can't really say much else and I'm sure she knows it. She moves back to hover over me again and looks into my eyes. I'm overjoyed she looks as turned on as I feel. "Kiss me, Faith."

She smiles and lowers her lips to mine. As we kiss she moves her fingers off my clit and slides them to my wet entrance. She pauses for a second then thrusts two fingers into me. I cry out into her mouth, thankfully muffling most of it, and she stills her fingers inside me.

Faith slowly moves her fingers in and out of me, starting a rhythm and my body moves with it. It's been so long since I've had sex and I'm so worked already that I don't know how long I'm gonna last. The only problem is I'm doing nothing to her and I don't want to be selfish.

Using all the concentration I can muster while still kissing her, I move one of my hands that have been gripping her back down her body and move around to her front. My fingers reach her pussy easily and we both moan again as I reach her clit.

"Fuck, B," she mumbles against my lips as I rub against her clit.

I'm not too sure what I'm doing so I try to mirror what she's done to me 'cause that feels so good. She's so wet my fingers slide around easily and I move them off her clit. I really wanna go inside her and it doesn't take very long before I thrust two fingers into her at the same time she does to me. We both cry out and continue to move against each other. I'm mesmerized by how she feels around my fingers. Faith's right: it feels amazing.

Faith rests her forehead against mine, leaning down to kiss me lightly. "It's too much. I'm gonna come."

"Me, too." I want this to last much longer but I can feel that I'm close to coming all over Faith.

We start to speed up, knowing that both of us are so close. She curls her fingers inside me slightly and I do the same to her. Both of us cry out in response and come hard and fast.

I can feel Faith explode all over my hand and that feeling is almost as good as the fact Faith just made me come. I can't begin to comprehend how great that feels.

Faith collapses on top of me and I remove my hand from her pussy once her inner walls have stopped pulsating around my fingers. She does the same but doesn't move off me, staying on top of me instead. It seems almost possessive but I don't mind. Her hot, sweaty body feels so good pressed against me. I wrap my arms around her and I feel her nuzzle my neck playfully.

I laugh quietly and I hear her do the same. "That was . . ."

She moves so she's hovering over me. "Choose the next word carefully, B."

I smirk up at her. "Okay, I guess."

She shakes her head lightly. "You're a liar."


We kiss softly and Faith rolls us so we're on our sides. She keeps her arms wrapped around me tightly and it's almost like she's afraid I'm gonna leave now that we're done. I don't think I can move anyway. I'm exhausted and before I realize it, I'm falling asleep with Faith pressed against me.

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