When She Came Back
by Hayley

Chapter Six

The pair continued to lie on the bed even though Buffy had stopped talking at least fifteen minutes ago. During that time, Buffy had pulled the other woman as close as possible and rested her head on her shoulder. Faith didn't seem to mind, putting her arm around her as a response.

"I can't believe you dated other people, B," Faith commented, breaking the silence. "That's almost like cheating."

Buffy laughed, swatting at her stomach playfully. "It's so not. We weren't even talking."

"True." Faith moved her head and pressed her lips to Buffy's ear. "It's still kinda cheating though."

Buffy only laughed again, liking how easygoing they were being. She smiled as Faith kissed her ear lightly before resting her head back against a pillow. She thought for a moment before deciding to break the silence again. "Where did you go?"


"When you left . . . where did you go?"

Faith was silent for a minute so Buffy turned so she could look at her. Faith had her brow furrowed, like she was trying to think of what to say.

"It's not a hard question, Faith."

"Kinda is actually."

Buffy smiled softly at her, hoping Faith could see she could tell her anything. "It doesn't need to be hard. Just be honest."

Faith took a deep breath. "After the fight, I saw how relieved you were that it was over. I wasn't stupid, B. I knew you were only coming to me 'cause of the stress. I knew that was the only reason you were there."

"That's not entirely true." Buffy's response was somewhat halfhearted since she knew Faith was speaking the truth.

"Now you're the one who's lying, B." Faith sighed and continued before Buffy could say anything further. "I mean, I knew I could take your mind off things. I have skills . . . and you know that's true." She winked at her.

Buffy blushed lightly and laughed. "That is true."

Faith grinned. "After that night, I didn't know what that meant for us especially with what had happened the previous night, you staying with me. I couldn't deal, couldn't think about everything so I did the only other thing I'm good at. I hopped the next bus out."

"Where to?"

"I didn't know." Faith laughed quietly at her own words and looked over at Buffy, who smiled back. "When I got there, I looked for a bus I could sneak on 'cause I had, like, no money. When I finally found one, I just got on. It was a couple hours before I figured out the bus was headed to San Diego."

Buffy nodded and put her head back on her shoulder. She liked how relaxed Faith was getting and that she was talking easily about her months away. It made her feel special since she knew the other slayer didn't do this with everyone. "Did you stay there the whole time?"

"No." She paused. "I didn't stay in one place for more than a few days . . . didn't even stay in California."

The older woman began tracing patterns on Faith's stomach with her fingers as she stopped talking, hoping to keep her relaxed. She couldn't see Faith liking the conversation all that much, especially since it was about her. When she realized Faith wasn't going to say anything else, maybe figuring the conversation was over, she turned her head slightly to look at her. "You can continue, you know."

Faith raised an eyebrow. "What more is there to know? I traveled a lot . . . didn't even think I'd ever come back. I wasn't sure how to face you but after a month or so, I knew I'd have to come back eventually. The vamps weren't as plentiful elsewhere."

"That was the only reason?" Buffy asked curiously.

"Honestly, yeah." Faith took hold of Buffy quickly, maybe afraid she'd just upset her. "Hey, don't get me wrong. I missed you but it wasn't enough. I left 'cause I couldn't deal. That hadn't changed."

Buffy moved in Faith's arms, turning on her side again and put an arm around her waist. "Can you deal now?"

Faith looked at her with her big brown eyes and for a moment, Buffy didn't care what the answer would be. She knew that wouldn't be true for long though. One of the answers to that question would hurt no matter how much she tried to convince herself otherwise. She wanted Faith too much now and wouldn't be able to deal with any sort of rejection.

"I don't know." The younger slayer continued to look at her with a mix of curiosity and worry. "Is that okay?"

Buffy looked away, thinking. Her first thought was that it wasn't okay but she knew that wasn't fair to Faith. She could tell what a big step she had already taken, opening up to her, so she didn't want to push for much more than that. At least, not today.

"I think so." She leaned in and kissed her lightly, only having it last for a second. "I won't expect too much."

"Good," Faith responded, "'cause I think you don't know what you're getting yourself into."

Before saying anything, Buffy leaned in and gave Faith another light kiss. When she was about to pull away, the other slayer placed a hand on the back of her head, keeping her there a little longer.

Buffy broke away with a smile and placed a kiss on her forehead. "I wish you wouldn't put yourself down so much."

"I call 'em like I see 'em, B."

"You're wrong though. You're a much better person than you give yourself credit for." Buffy paused. "I hope you can see that."

"I don't know." Faith looked away. "I've always figured nothing I did was good enough 'cause I never did anything right. I always screwed up somehow."

"Not true." Buffy shook her head. "You've helped so much in the last year and even though you left, you came back. You're a good person, Faith." She thought a moment. "If you weren't, I wouldn't want to date you."

Faith raised an eyebrow. "Date, huh?"

"What do you want me to call it? Your hanging out and sex idea?"

"It's much simpler." Faith nodded and grinned. "And I still think this is one of the sex times."

She pulled Buffy as close as possible before rolling them so she rested on the older slayer. She ran her fingers lightly through her hair, smiling down at her before leaning down and kissing her softly.

Buffy couldn't help but smile against Faith's lips, enjoying the mood the younger woman was currently in. She seemed more relaxed and Buffy thought it wasn't completely due to the fact that she was on top of her, guiding what they were doing. She hoped it was also because of the talk they just had.

She wrapped her arms around Faith tightly, not wanting to let her go. She pushed her lips onto Faith's harder, making the kiss less light, and the other woman responded by moving her tongue along Buffy's lips. She got the hint instantly and only a second later, Faith pushed her tongue into her mouth.

As their kissing became more passionate, each of them only breaking away for the occasional and sometimes necessary breath, their hands began to move slowly over each other's bodies. Faith kept one hand planted on the side of Buffy's head, holding herself up, while the other slowly glided over her arm, side and chest. Buffy's hands became more familiar with Faith's back, slowly moving over every inch.

Every time they had been together, with the exception of the night before graduation, had been short and to the point. It was all about getting off and not much else and while that was good at the time, Buffy found that was the last thing she wanted now.

She wanted to know the feel of every inch of Faith's skin. She wanted to know where she was ticklish or even if she was ticklish. She wanted to feel that she could kiss Faith everywhere and that the younger woman would let her. More importantly, Buffy wanted what they were doing to feel like it meant something. That was what she wanted more than anything.

Buffy broke away from Faith's lips, breathing heavily, and grinned as she felt Faith begin to kiss down her neck, stopping to suck once and a while. She let out a quiet moan in response and felt the younger slayer's hand glide along her side, not quite tickling her but making her smile at the action. Her hands quickly slid down and moved her shirt up a little so she could feel the softness of Faith's skin. She slowly moved her hands under her shirt, enjoying the feel, until she felt the other woman move away.


Faith gave her a throaty chuckle. "No worry, B. There's no way we're stopping." She leaned down and gave her a light kiss before sitting up. "Just thought maybe we should lose some clothes."

Buffy smiled. "I have no problem with that." She put her hands on her upper arms gently. "Lets go slow though, okay?"

"Huh?" Faith gave her such a confused look Buffy couldn't help but kiss her softly.

"You're kinda cute when you're confused." She laughed as Faith furrowed her brow in protest. "Lets go slow." She kissed her again, hoping she would get the hint.

Faith closed her eyes as Buffy placed her lips on hers then opened them to find Buffy looking at her expectantly. "Sure, B. Whatever you want."

"That's what I like to hear." Buffy leaned in again to kiss her, already missing the contact.

Their arms wrapped around each other again as they kissed, Buffy sitting up and Faith straddling her knees. Buffy moved one of her hands up and caressed the side of Faith's face. Once they broke apart, she used that hand to keep her head there while she moved her lips to her neck. She placed light kisses down until she reached her pulse point, where she started to suck.

"Oh, that's it, B," Faith mumbled out. She turned her head enough to capture Buffy's thumb in her mouth, sucking on it lightly and swirling her tongue around it.

The action distracted Buffy enough that she moved away from Faith's neck, causing the other woman to groan out. She looked into Faith's eyes and saw her smirk, her thumb still in her mouth. Her eyes were black with lust and Buffy hoped that wasn't all she felt.

Buffy pulled her thumb out of her mouth and without saying a word, brought her hands to the edge of her shirt and pulled it over her head without any resistance. She grinned at the sight, eying Faith's body, before noticing the smirk on Faith's face. She knew Faith always considered herself hot and Buffy couldn't deny that as she stared at her topless body.

"You are so . . . beautiful." Buffy couldn't take her eyes off her body. For some reason, she couldn't really remember how it felt just to see Faith naked. She thought it could be because their time together wasn't about that but she quickly shook the thought away, only wanting to concentrate on what was in front of her.

Faith blushed lightly and Buffy had to stop herself from giggling. She knew the brunette didn't blush all that much. Instead of pointing that out, she reached out and ran her hands over her skin, running up and down her arms slowly. After that, she moved her hands over her chest, cupping a breast in each hand, almost massaging them.

"Shit, B," the younger slayer breathed out, putting her arms around Buffy as much as possible. "You've gotta take off your clothes."

"Hmm." Buffy barely heard her. She was too busy concentrating on Faith's skin, letting her fingers dance lightly over her breasts, circling her nipples. She only looked up when Faith took hold of her hands and began to kiss her tenderly.

"B, lets get you outta this shirt." Faith smirked at the other woman's pout at being stopped at what she was doing and pulled her shirt off. She grinned as she saw Buffy wasn't wearing a bra. "You're fucking hot."

Buffy only smiled at the comment before gently pulling Faith down with her onto the bed. They moaned out as their skin slid against each other. The older slayer looked into Faith's eyes and wondered if hers were as intense. Before she could give it much thought, however, Faith's lips were on hers.

They kissed tenderly, both of them finally realizing there was no need to rush. Buffy moved her hands over the soft skin of Faith's back, resting for a moment here or there but otherwise keeping them constantly moving. The younger woman seemed to be concentrating on kissing her, keeping one hand holding her up while the other rested on the side of her face.

Faith was the first to break away from the kiss, moving her head up just enough to stare down at Buffy, her eyes dark and intense. "Do you want this?"

Buffy realized what the other slayer was doing. She was trying to make absolutely sure they both knew what they were getting themselves into. The older woman also couldn't help but think back to the similar words Faith spoke during their last encounter but these ones had a much different meaning. "More than anything."

Faith grinned widely at the response, her dimples showing, and moved back down to her again. Instead of kissing her lips, however, she placed light kisses behind her ear, causing Buffy to moan out quietly. Faith then slowly made her way down her neck, sucking and biting lightly. Buffy could tell she was leaving marks but she couldn't care less, knowing she wanted to do the same to her.

Faith didn't stop at her neck. She moved further down, kissing along her collarbone, moving her hand from her face to her shoulder. Buffy kept her hands moving lightly on her back and kept her eyes closed as she enjoyed the sensations Faith was giving her. The younger slayer was kissing her everywhere, very slowly making her way to her breasts.

Finally, she reached her destination and lifted her head just as Buffy opened her eyes. Faith winked before lowering her head and placing soft kisses all over her breast, deliberately going around the nipple before taking it into her mouth. Buffy sighed out loudly at the action which quickly turned into a moan as the other woman began to suck and bite at the delicious nipple lightly.

"Faith . . ." Her sighs only seemed to increase the fervor of Faith actions as she continued her actions with one then her other breast.

Once Faith started to move down to her stomach, Buffy decided she needed change the tone a little. She pulled her up to face her then flipped them so she was on top. She grinned down at Faith who looked up at her with wide eyes.

"What do you think you're doing, B?" She smiled up at her.

"Well . . ." Buffy leaned down and kissed Faith's chin. "I think I was getting all the attention and that's not very fair, is it?"

She kissed Faith's full lips lightly then began sucking on her neck immediately, set on leaving her mark on her. She felt Faith grip her back tightly as a response, making Buffy know for sure it was a sensitive spot for her.

"You know," Faith sighed out, "I was fine with giving you all the attention."

Buffy broke away and moved her lips to Faith's ear. "You deserve it, Faith." She kissed her ear softly. "Let me show you."

Sitting up on her knees, Buffy took in the sight of Faith lying there. The other woman raised an eyebrow at her then sighed as Buffy ran her hands over her chest, feeling every inch of her skin. Her hands came to rest on the sides of her stomach and she leaned down to place feather light kisses there. She could feel Faith's breath quicken as she continued to lavish kisses everywhere, dipping her tongue in her navel once or twice in the process.

Even though she was taking her time, Buffy found herself moving upward toward the brunette slayer's generous breasts. Not wasting any time, she took an aching nipple into her mouth. Faith groaned out loudly and Buffy took only a moment to grin before beginning to suck on her nipple, nipping at it with her teeth.

She moved from one to the other, going through the same motions. Buffy was finding herself loving the feel of Faith underneath her, sighing out her appreciation. It hadn't been like this before. She couldn't remember feeling like this any of the other times they had sex. It was incredible and Buffy hoped she could make it last as long as possible.

Buffy moved up her neck, kissing and lightly nipping at her skin. She felt Faith's hands move up her back to rest on her shoulders as she kissed her chin, making her way back up to her lips. They kissed fiercely, driving their tongues into each other's mouths. Buffy rested most of her weight on the other woman and hoped that since she wasn't complaining about it, she wasn't crushing her. The thought only stayed in her head for a moment as Faith quickly moved her hands down and squeezed her ass.

Faith broke away, breathing heavily. "We need to lose the pants, baby."

Buffy leaned down and kissed her again, not being able to stop for more than a moment at a time. "Best idea ever."

The older slayer quickly sat up and brought her hands to Faith's shorts. She slowly pulled them down and looked up at Faith with a smirk. "No panties?"

"I sleep naked, B," Faith laughed, "but I don't answer the door naked."

Buffy laughed as well and stripped her of her shorts in a matter of seconds. She tossed them on the floor and stood up to rid herself of her jeans as well. She noticed Faith eying her almost hungrily and debated making a show of her stripping for a moment before simply taking them off and jumping back on the bed.

Faith caught her effortlessly and flipped them so once again she was on top. She placed her hand on her thigh and slowly ran it up Buffy's side, causing her to shiver. The younger slayer grinned at the response before slowly leaning in and kissing her.

While they kissed, Buffy moved her thighs apart, causing Faith to fall perfectly between them. The other woman groaned out at the action, no doubt feeling how wet she was. She broke away and thrust down, making Buffy moan out loudly.

"Faith," she sighed, wrapping her arms around her tightly, "you're incredible."

"There's more where that came from." Faith kissed her lightly as she moved her hand down her body until it reached her mound. She deftly slid her fingers into her pussy, moving around in her wetness, stopping when she reached her clit. "You are . . . just soaked, baby."

Buffy couldn't bring herself to respond, not able to find the words. Her hips arched up into Faith's hand as her fingers began moving against her clit in a circular motion. She could only process what she was feeling, Faith's hand in her pussy and her lips pressed against her skin.

She couldn't believe how good this felt. It hadn't been this good any of the other times they were together. Buffy thought maybe it was because there wasn't another reason why they were there. That there wasn't something behind their motives to be in the same bed. At least, that was what she hoped.

Faith began placing light kisses on her neck as her hand moved a touch more forcefully in her pussy. Buffy moved her hands over her back, feeling the muscles move under her skin, wanting to memorize every inch. She slid them down until they reached her ass where she squeezed lightly, hearing Faith let out a light groan at the action.

Faith moved her fingers off Buffy's clit and quickly slid them down her channel to her opening. She moved her lips off her neck and moved her head up so she was able to look down at the older slayer. Buffy opened her eyes and looked into Faith's, seeing so much and yet not enough. She could see what Faith was feeling, how much she wanted this, and hoped she knew the feeling was mutual. They shared a smile before Faith easily pushed two fingers into her wet hole.

Buffy let out a deep moan, feeling the fingers enter her then still for a moment before slowly moving in and out. She tried to keep her eyes open, knowing Faith was still watching her reactions to what she was doing, but couldn't find the strength to do so. That didn't last too much longer, however, as she felt Faith lower herself down once again, her lips pressing against her own.

They kissed tenderly as Faith used her body to create a rhythm and Buffy responded instantly, moving along with hers. The older slayer moaned into the kiss as she felt Faith thrust deeper into her, her fingers curling slightly as they did. She held on tightly as she gave into everything she was currently feeling, that the younger woman was giving her everything.

Faith ended their kissing by sucking on her bottom lip lightly then slowly making her way back to her ear. She placed a few kisses behind it, most likely knowing how much the other woman liked that, before starting to softly whisper into her ear.

"You feel so good against me, Buffy." She kissed her again as Buffy let out a moan. "So amazing."

"Faith," Buffy managed to breathe out, feeling herself more and more lost in the moment, "I'm so close."

She could feel just how close she was to coming all over Faith's hand and for some reason, it felt like it was the first time. In reality, it was far from it: they had gotten each other off dozens of times before. This time, however, it felt different. It felt normal, like they were meant to be doing exactly what they were doing.

"I want you to come all over me." Faith moved her head up and rested her forehead on Buffy's, looking into her eyes. "I need it."

Faith pushed another finger into Buffy and curled her fingers, making the blonde slayer scream out into the room. She moved faster, both of them now panting as their bodies slid against each other. They continued staring into each other's eyes though Buffy was having a hard time keeping hers open. Every time Faith thrust into her, her eyes would automatically shut for a moment before she could open them again.

After what seemed like forever, Buffy wrapped her arms around Faith impossibly tight and cried out as she came all over Faith's hand and the bed beneath her. Her body arched into the younger slayer's as her fingers continued to move in and out at a steady pace.

Buffy collapsed into the bed a minute later, coming down from her orgasm. Faith followed, falling on the older woman and the pair worked on trying to catch their breath. Buffy kept her arms around Faith and in return, the other woman placed light kisses on her skin as her head rested on her shoulder.

"B, that was so incredible." Faith moved her head up and began kissing her neck.

Buffy grinned happily, basking in the afterglow, but was nowhere near done with Faith. Keeping her hold on the other woman, she flipped them so she was on top, staring down at Faith.

"What are you doing?" Faith looked like she was trying to be serious but couldn't shake the smile on her face.

Buffy continued to grin and rubbed her pussy against Faith's thigh, causing her to close her eyes and let out a quiet moan. "What do you think I'm doing?" She leaned down and kissed her lightly, latching onto her bottom lip before moving away. "Do you think we're done?"

Faith ran her hands down her back until they rested on her ass. "We're not?"

"No." Buffy smiled and shook her head teasingly. "Far from it."

She kissed Faith on the nose, trying not to laugh at the confusion in her eyes. Buffy thought the younger slayer looked absolutely adorable at the moment, not to mention incredibly hot. She kissed her lips again, feeling Faith wrap her arms tighter around her, but still managed to move in the embrace.

Buffy broke the kiss and began to move her lips down Faith's body, wanting to explore every part. She inched her way down her neck, still paying special attention to her pulse point, knowing she could make her moan by lingering there. She kept one hand moving on Faith's side, making her shiver.

The older slayer wanted to make everything special this time with Faith. If she remembered, Buffy knew just how to get her off but that wasn't what she wanted to remember right now. Instead, she wanted to take the time to figure out what Faith liked, not just what would get her off. Faith wasn't in any position to stop her from doing that either. Buffy was doing a good job distracting her with her kisses and touches.

Buffy moved more off Faith and onto her side as she began to pay special attention to every part of the younger slayer. She began to kiss down her neck to her collarbone, inching her way across her skin. The tips of her fingers continued to travel the side of her body, lightly touching her skin and unintentionally causing Faith to laugh quietly.

"B . . . I think you should stop that." Faith looked over at Buffy and grinned, visibly trying not to squirm or laugh.

"So you are ticklish." Buffy looked up and grinned back, still moving her fingers. She laughed as Faith started to squirm.

"Yeah, B, I am." She grabbed at her hand, still laughing. "So stop it."

Faith moved quickly and grabbed Buffy, pulling her back on top of her. They both laughed at each other, Faith wrapped her arms back around her tightly, not allowing her to move.

"What are you up to?" Faith narrowed her eyes as she looked up at Buffy.

The older slayer smiled sweetly. "Nothing." She looked into her eyes. "Don't you like what I'm doing?"

She kissed Faith slowly, sucking on her lower lip before easing her tongue into her mouth and sliding it against hers. She explored every part of her mouth until she needed to breathe and broke away.

Faith breathed heavily, a smirk on her face. "Yeah, I like. I just don't know what you're getting at here." She paused. "This isn't like you."

"I don't know," Buffy responded. "Maybe it is and you never saw it. I never showed it to you."

Neither one of them said anything for a minute, just looked at each other. Buffy began to wonder what she was doing, if she was revealing too much. She didn't want to freak Faith out and still wasn't sure what to say that wouldn't. When she looked at her, however, she didn't look freaked out at all, only curious.

"Okay," Faith grinned wickedly, "show me."

Buffy kissed her hard and quick before starting make her way back down her body again. She moved off Faith slightly so she had more access to her body and kissed quickly down to her breasts. Once she reached them, she slowed and began to take her time again, deliberately kissing around each one. She could tell Faith was getting more turned on by what she was doing. The young slayer was sighing out and Buffy could feel how wet she was when she pushed her thigh into her pussy.

When she figured she had tortured Faith enough, for the moment anyway, she took a hard nipple into her mouth and began to suck, grazing it with her teeth occasionally. She heard Faith moan loudly at the action and quickly moved from one nipple to the other, repeating her actions. Her hands continued to move over her body, feeling the softness of her skin.

Once she thought Faith needed more than just her sucking on her, Buffy moved further down. She kissed down her stomach, leaving wet trails behind. She left no area untouched, wanting to kiss her everywhere and stuck her tongue in her navel for a moment when she reached it.

As she continued to move further down toward her pussy, Buffy felt Faith's hands on her shoulders. She stopped and looked up for a moment, wondering if this was her signal to stop and hoping that wasn't the case. The younger woman's eyes were closed, however, and her hands seemed to be lightly massaging her shoulders, not pulling her up.

It suddenly dawned on Buffy that Faith really wanted this. The entire time she had expected her to pull her up and off, maybe simply pushing her away or making her speed up. Buffy never thought Faith was one for slow. Now she knew for sure she could do what she wanted and Faith would be fine with it. And there was only one thing she wanted to do right now.

Buffy wanted to go down on Faith in the biggest way. She was fighting herself not to rush down and start eating her out, though. She wanted to show Faith just what she meant to her first but before she even realized it, her lips had reached their destination. She stopped a moment and took in the sight of Faith's almost hairless pussy before placing a feather light kiss on the top of her mound.

"You are so beautiful, Faith," she whispered as she ran her sides delicately up and down her sides, careful not to tickle her.

Faith sighed out and opened her eyes halfway, looking like that was all she could. "Buffy . . ."

The blonde slayer didn't let her finish whatever she was going to say as she slid her tongue between her folds. Though it was her intent to go slow with everything, as soon as she had the taste of Faith's wetness on her tongue, she buried her face in her pussy.

"Shit, B." Faith placed a hand firmly on Buffy's head, digging her fingers into her hair.

Buffy ran her tongue around her clit, teasing her. She was loving how Faith was moaning for her and was surprised how much she seemed to be loving the teasing. The teasing could only lasted a few moments before Buffy took her clit into her mouth and sucked lightly, flicking it with her tongue as she did.

Listening to Faith's moans was such a turn on, Buffy could feel herself getting incredibly wet again but this wasn't about her. She wanted to please the woman beneath her. Placing her hands on Faith's hips, Buffy released her clit and moved her tongue down, collecting as much of her wetness on her tongue as she could. After teasing a little more, she slowly pushed her tongue into her.

Faith screamed out as she was penetrated by Buffy's tongue and her nails dug into her scalp. Her hips bucked into the older slayer's face but Buffy held onto her tightly, successfully keeping herself from being thrown off the bed.

Buffy began to move her tongue in and out of Faith's tight hole at a steady pace, making sure she kept a strong grip on her hips in the process. The other woman was keeping her head in place but was thrusting her hips into her hard as well. None of that fazed her, though. She concentrated on the feeling of Faith's pussy all around her, invading all of her senses. It was hard not to get lost in the moment but Buffy stayed intent on her promise to herself on giving Faith all she had.

She carefully took a hand off Faith's hip, believing she could control her with one hand, and moved it down to her clit. She slid two fingers around her clit before rubbing it gently as her tongue still continued to move around inside her.

"God, Buffy . . . keep going."

Buffy smiled into her pussy, knowing she had no intention to stop, especially with how close she knew Faith was to coming all over her. She moved her tongue as fast as it could go and kept her fingers playing with her clit as she felt Faith's inner walls begin to contract around her tongue.

"Buffy!" Faith screamed out suddenly, coming hard. She moved her hand off Buffy's head in the process, both hands now gripping the sheets under her.

Faith came all over Buffy's face and she couldn't have been happier about it. She drank down everything could, keeping her tongue moving slowly to prolong Faith's orgasm. She moved her hand off her hip slightly so she could feel Faith's now sweaty skin and her fingers continued to massage her clit lightly. Buffy moved slowly, wanting to remember each move she made.

Faith collapsed on the bed and Buffy managed to pull herself away from her pussy, thinking if she didn't she might just keep going and didn't know if the other woman was ready for that. Instead, she kissed her way back up her body, touching Faith with only her lips and resting her weight on her hands that were placed on the sides of her body.

As Buffy made her way up, she felt Faith's hands on her again, on her arms and shoulders. She smiled against her skin at the action, hoping maybe she wasn't completely wiped. She continued to kiss her stomach as Faith continued massaging her arms and shoulders, almost like she was trying to let the older slayer know how much what they did meant to her.

Buffy left a trail of kisses between her breasts and slowly moved to worship her neck again when she felt Faith take hold of her and pull her the rest of the way up, wrapping her arms around her.

"You gotta stop, B," Faith mumbled, eyes closed. "You're gonna get me all worked up again."

Buffy kissed then nuzzled her neck playfully. "That's a bad thing?"

"I'm not gonna answer that." Faith chuckled quietly while keeping a strong arm around Buffy, allowing her to move off to her side but nowhere else.

Buffy settled into her position next to Faith, still running a hand over her body. She couldn't bring herself to stop and couldn't quite believe what they were doing. Any other time she would have been dressed and out the door by now.

The whole situation made her nervous. They never were together this long. Outside of that one night, it just didn't happen. Buffy wasn't even completely sure what to do now. The last time she was exhausted and went to sleep quickly but it was daytime now and she was far from tired. She also wondered what Faith was intending to do at the moment.

"Faith?" She tilted her head up to see that Faith's eyes were closed.

"Yeah, babe?" the younger slayer asked, eyes still closed.

Buffy smiled at Faith's response, liking the nicknames Faith had for her. She'd heard them before but only in the bedroom. Now she wondered if she'd hear them everywhere and hoped that would be the case.

"It's a little cold."

Faith opened her eyes and laughed before sitting up just enough to reach down and pull the covers over them. As soon as she lay down again, she pulled Buffy back to her, holding her close.


"Yeah." Buffy smiled at her, looking into her eyes. She thought she saw happiness but still couldn't quite read Faith like she wanted.

She hoped this was the beginning of a very long relationship for them. At the beginning of the day, she knew she had only wanted friendship but now knew she was lying to herself when she thought that. What she had right now was what she'd always wanted with Faith and knew for sure the younger woman wanted that, too.

Buffy suddenly remembered what day it was again and looked over at the clock, seeing it was already well past noon. She had a class in just over an hour and knew she'd need to leave quickly if she wanted to make it. That would be leaving Faith, though, and they were making huge progress. They still needed to talk some issues through.

Faith studied Buffy's face before turning and following her line of sight to the clock on the nightstand. "What's going on, B? You have to leave?"

Buffy looked back to Faith and noticed she looked a little worried, something she could read easily. She brought a hand up to her caress the side of her face and quickly decided what she needed to do. The look on the other woman's face was more than enough to make the decision for her.

"I'm not going anywhere."

The End

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