When She Came Back
by Hayley

Chapter Three

Buffy slowly walked through the campus grounds on the way to the first cemetery on her patrol. She even had a small smile on her face and it wasn't just because her roommate had dropped out earlier that day. Granted, she was ecstatic that now she wouldn't have to make lame excuses every night about why she was going out but that wasn't the only reason. Part of it was because of Faith.

It had been ten days since her and Faith talked and they had patrolled together every night since. Buffy thought it was a great change of pace, patrolling with the other slayer, but they were both very careful of what they said to each other. Buffy was afraid that if Faith looked at her a certain way at the right time they would be naked in seconds so she tried to keep her distance.

Even with some of the underlying tension, it was still nice to patrol with Faith and Buffy liked doing it. It made her feel like everything was starting to get back to normal and that was something she needed right now. With all the changes in her life, friends gone, college and moving into the dorms, any sort of normalcy was a relief to her.

She continued to walk along the well-lit path, thinking and not really wanting to hurry, when she saw Faith sitting on a bench not too far away. The young woman was looking down, not paying attention to anything in particular. Buffy walked up to her curiously, not knowing if something was going on with her, if something was wrong. She didn't think Faith looked very happy at all and that made her worry.


Faith looked up and smiled. "Hey."

"Weren't we supposed to meet at the cemetery?"

"Yeah." She stood up. "I figured you walked through here on your way so I just thought I'd meet you here."

Buffy was little surprised by the answer but deep down, she was happy she heard it. It made her think that Faith was starting to pay attention to things besides slaying and wanting to get into her pants after. It gave her hope that they were friends again.

"Okay." Buffy nodded and they started to walk together. "Is something going on?"

"No." Faith looked over at her, brow furrowed. Her tone wasn't the most pleasant either. "Why?"

"No reason." The older slayer looked away, hoping she didn't say anything to upset her. "You just looked all . . . thoughtful back there."

Faith took a deep breath. "I'm five by five. I was just waiting for you, ya know? I got anxious and found myself leaving early. That's all."

"Okay." Buffy knew that wasn't everything but knew better than to push. It was obvious Faith wasn't in the mood to talk so she stayed silent for a minute before wanting to start up some sort of conversation again. "So . . . I don't have a roommate anymore."

Faith raised an eyebrow. "How's that?"

"She dropped out. I'm not sure why, probably some drama but that's her deal and I didn't get involved. What I care about are no more cover stories of going for coffee, going for a walk, late night study group or whatever else I could think of at the spur of the moment. Plus, now I have a room all to myself."


They continued to walk down the path, now starting to walk past houses in a suburban area of Sunnydale. Both looked at the surrounding area, avoiding looking at each other. Buffy tried to convince herself she was looking for any possible threats but she knew the real reason. She didn't know why but something felt different tonight.

"I never have seen your dorm room."

Buffy looked at Faith with a furrowed brow, not expecting the comment from the other slayer. "No . . . I guess you haven't." She thought for a moment or two on what to say next, not knowing what exactly she should say. "Do you want to?"


They looked away from each other again and headed toward the entrance of the cemetery which had now come into view. Buffy glanced at Faith, observing her slouched shoulders and hands in her pockets before thinking of breaking the silence that had now lingered for a few minutes.

It almost looked like Faith didn't want to be there tonight. Her mood was not one she normally saw when patrolling. Faith was normally excited and carefree while slaying but that wasn't the case at the moment. She certainly wasn't looking very happy at all and Buffy hoped she wasn't the reason. She couldn't bare the thought that even to be around her would make Faith unhappy but if she was the reason, she figured she would fix it.

"Do you want to split up tonight? Maybe cover more ground?"

Faith raised an eyebrow. "Don't wanna patrol with me tonight?"

"I didn't think you wanted to patrol with me." Buffy looked away from Faith in case she said something stupid.

Faith stopped and put a hand on Buffy's shoulder to stop her, too. "Why did you kiss me?"


"Why did you kiss me?" Faith repeated and groaned at the blank look on Buffy's face. "That night, you kissed me. Why? I mean, you know me. You had to have known that I would have wanted to take it further, screw around a little. So . . . why did you?"

Buffy looked away, not expecting the question from Faith and also not wanting to give her an answer. She didn't have one, at least, not one she wanted. "I don't know."

"I don't believe you." Faith moved her hand to Buffy's chin, making her look at her. "There's always a reason. I may be stupid but I know that much."

"You're not stupid, Faith." Buffy sighed. She hated it when she sold herself short like that but knew this was not the time to have that discussion with her. "I wasn't thinking and then . . . it felt good."

Faith stepped closer, keeping a hand on her face. "Let's blow off patrol tonight, B."

Buffy let a hint of a smile show, liking how Faith always got to the point when she flirted now. "I don't think we can do that. It's kind of our duty, remember?"

"Okay." She paused. "Let's rush through a couple quick."

Before Buffy could say anything about it, Faith grabbed hold of her hand and nearly sprinted into the first cemetery on their patrol.


One hour later Buffy walked into her dorm room with Faith following close behind her. The pair hadn't seen much action on their shortened patrol, only staking a couple vamps each. Buffy was happy there hadn't been any injuries but now she knew she would still have to deal with Faith being in her room, not to mention having a bed just a few feet away.

The older slayer traveled over to her nightstand and turned on a light. She turned around to find Faith only a couple steps away.

"Nice room." Faith looked around before focusing on the bare half of the room. "Are you gonna get a new roommate?"

Buffy looked at her with a little uncertainty, mostly due to how close she was to her and looking at her so intensely. It was almost like she was looking right through her. "Not sure . . . maybe if someone requests a change I will."

Faith nodded and smiled. "You should make use of it then." She took a quick step forward and moved in, kissing Buffy softly.

Buffy closed her eyes as Faith's lips hit hers and her brain shut down at the sensation. She just couldn't think when Faith was kissing her like that. She never could and knew it was a weakness but there was nothing she could do about it now. Instead, she wrapped her arms around Faith as she felt the other woman rest a hand on her cheek. She kept her arms tight around her as Faith deepened the kiss, sliding her tongue easily into her mouth.

Kissing Faith was always something Buffy loved, whether she fully admitted it to herself or not. It was the main reason she could almost never stop her when she pressed her lips against hers. It was almost too intense every time but the older slayer couldn't turn away.

As they kissed, Faith moved them toward Buffy's bed until their legs hit the edge. They broke apart and Buffy opened her eyes to look into Faith's intense stare. The taller slayer brought her hands down to Buffy's waist and easily picked her up, causing Buffy to giggle quietly.

They landed on her bed a few moments later, their arms now so wrapped around each other there was no hope of them separating. Buffy forgot about every reason she wanted this not to happen and instead simply enjoyed every sensation Faith was giving her. Her lips were currently moving down her neck, her hand slowly moving down her side.

Though it moved slowly going down, Faith's hand quickly moved under Buffy's shirt as soon as she reached the hem. It glided easily across her smooth skin until it reached the swell of Buffy's breast, where she cupped it gently.

"Faith," Buffy sighed out at the action, slowly realizing she was on her back and the other woman was on top of her. "What are . . ."

"Shh." Faith silenced her by kissing her again as she used both her hands to feel her up. Her hands could only do so much while they were clothed, however, and soon she groaned out of frustration.

Faith broke away from Buffy and pulled them into a sitting position. She smirked as she pulled at the other woman's shirt, almost ripping it off, and letting out a growling noise in the process.

Buffy was still trying to think long enough to find a reason to stop what they were doing but couldn't help but laugh at Faith's action. Still, she knew this would end badly, that there wouldn't be a good outcome or none at all after the fantastic orgasm she knew Faith would give her. The only problem was, the moment Faith's hands were on her she stopped caring. Instead, she gave into everything she was feeling.

While Buffy was lost in her own world due to the sensory overload she was feeling, Faith had unclasped her bra and gotten out of her own top as well. She tossed the articles of clothing on the floor before easing Buffy back down on the small bed. Their bare chests hit each other as their lips met again, seemingly drawn to each other. Faith rested on her left elbow while the hand rested on the side of Buffy's face. Her other hand trailed down her side. Buffy kept one hand holding the back of Faith's neck while the other was placed lightly on the small of her back.

Faith broke away after a few seconds only to swiftly straddle the other woman, sitting up and resting on her knees. She smirked down at Buffy, looking into her eyes, as she quickly unbuttoned her jeans. Buffy's hands did the same to her but Faith was faster and she moved away before she could do more than pop the button open.

"Tell me you don't want this." Faith put her hands on her stomach then moved them up to her breasts, squeezing them lightly.

Buffy closed her eyes and moaned before looking up at Faith. "I don't want this."


She was right, too. Buffy wanted them to continue what they were doing more than anything. It felt like Faith was giving her everything at the moment, hopefully all of her. Every time they were together it felt that way.

Faith pulled off Buffy's jeans and removed her own before climbing back on the bed and on the older slayer. Buffy looked up at her and saw her looking for any sign to stop. She tried to be sensible and give her one but couldn't manage to force herself to do it. Faith had her too confused and too turned on for her to do anything and at the moment, she didn't care.

Faith obviously wasn't one for taking things too slow because when she didn't see any objection in Buffy's eyes, she glided a hand down her body to her pussy. Her fingers moved around, collecting her wetness on them, before moving down and pushing two into her hole.

"Fuck." The moan that came out of Buffy's mouth was low and throaty. Her hips rose up to meet Faith's hand as the other woman began to penetrate her at a steady pace. She felt Faith start to rub herself against her leg in time with what she was doing to her.

"That's it." Faith put her head down in the crook of Buffy's neck and started placing light kisses on her skin as she moved against her.

Buffy matched the other slayer's movements and they moved in sync, moaning each time their bodies hit each other. Both were sweating do to the energy they were exerting but neither one seemed to notice nor care. They were too caught up in the moment or at least, Buffy was. It was all she could do to hold onto Faith as the moans kept escaping her mouth.

The pair didn't say anything to each other outside of the moans, groans or the occasional grunt. Faith kept her head buried in Buffy's neck, resting her weight mostly on her free hand. Buffy just held onto her tightly, one arm wrapped around her back while her other hand buried itself in her hair. She rammed her thigh into Faith's pussy at just the right moment and the other woman cried out.

"Shit, B."

Faith plunged her fingers deeper into Buffy as a result, moving faster still and pressed her palm against her clit. They moaned louder, Faith moaning into the other slayer's ear as she lightly kissed it.

After another minute, Buffy let out a cry, trying to stifle it as best she could by biting her lip but failing as she felt the orgasm overtake her. Faith followed only a few seconds later. She buried her face in the pillow under Buffy's head and let out a scream. They moved against each other at a now declining pace, riding out their orgasms.

Faith rolled off Buffy after a minute and the two lie side by side, still attempting to catch their breath. The younger woman finally turned to Buffy and gave her a quick kiss before sitting up and swinging her legs off the bed, her feet hitting the floor.

Buffy sat up a little and watched as Faith looked to be searching for her clothes. "What are you doing?"

"That was wicked, B, but I should get back to the motel." Faith flashed her a grin and winked. "Need to get some sleep, you know?"


Faith stood up and put on her panties and pants then searched out the rest of her clothes. Buffy just watched her, unable to think of anything to say. She didn't want her to leave, at least, not like this, but she didn't know how to make her stay. She didn't want Faith to think she was that needy. Instead, she covered herself with her sheets and watched.

Faith put on her jacket and went over to the bed again as Buffy sat up, using the sheets to cover her chest. She leant down and kissed her softly. "Patrol tomorrow night, yeah? I can meet you here."

Buffy looked down, not wanting Faith to see her disappointment, but it didn't look like the other woman noticed and if she did, she didn't say anything. "Yeah, that's fine."

"Cool." Faith kissed her again. "Catch ya later, B."

"Yeah." Buffy continued to look down until she heard the door open and close. After that, she rested back down on her bed and put her hands over her face.

She knew she had lost her control and even though being with Faith felt so good, now the feeling was gone. Buffy didn't know if it would be any better if Faith had stayed but she figured that would be better than feeling this way now. She felt so empty and alone.

She kept going back to the last time they were together, the night before graduation. Buffy could remember how wonderful it felt to sleep next to Faith, to just be near her the entire night, and now it felt as though that night was haunting her. She didn't know if she could get that feeling back and wasn't sure if she wanted Faith without it.

Buffy thought about the situation some more but couldn't think of the right thing to do or say to Faith about what she was thinking and feeling and didn't know if there was one. Finally, she curled up on her bed and tried to get some sleep. She hoped she could find the right way to discuss things with Faith without breaking down and having sex with her again. She needed to settle things before they jumped into that because she didn't know if she could take the aftermath without doing just that.

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