Trying To Remember
by Hayley

Chapter Six

Faith panicked. It was the only way she could respond to something like this. As soon as she was jolted awake by those three little words, there was nothing else she could think of. It made her want to run.

One thing that became crystal clear to the brunette now was why Buffy had been so distant since that night, not to mention ashamed, embarrassed and angry. The fact that Faith never mentioned or even remembered what the blonde said did more than explain all of her actions toward the younger slayer the last few days.

The last thing Faith wanted to do was go back to sleep. Her mind was on overdrive, not slowing down for anything. She paced her bedroom, took a shower, did sit-ups until she couldn't feel her muscles anymore, took another shower then paced some more.

Buffy had told her she loved her. There was no way the brunette's imagination made that part up. Not even in her wildest dreams would she ever think Buffy would feel that way about her. The best she ever hoped for was one night of slaying induced lust. Love would have never entered into it.

By six in the morning, Faith started planning her method of attack. She needed to see Buffy immediately and try to get her to explain, to confirm that she hadn't just dreamt it. She knew enough to just not rush over to her house though. There was no way she could explain any of this to the blonde's mother.

The whole love part just kept hitting the younger woman in the face again and again. She never dealt with love well and this was no exception. She didn't know if it was supposed to be noticeable or not but the brunette really never had a clue about Buffy's feelings. Every time she gave it any thought she wanted to run as far away as possible. Sadly, she knew that wasn't an option this time.

After what seemed like forever, eight o'clock came and Faith got dressed and started walking toward the blonde's house. She made sure to look at her very hottest but still respectable enough to pass by Buffy's mom if they happened to run into each other. She wouldn't know what to say to the mother right now though: the only thing on her mind was Buffy.

When the older slayer's house came into view, Faith saw the Jeep still in the driveway so she walked more slowly then watched half-hidden by a neighbor's bushes. She didn't really want to run into Mrs. Summers this morning. She didn't want to say the wrong thing to her like 'I really want to fuck your daughter'. That was all she could think of and knew something inappropriate would come out of her mouth if she had any sort of conversation with her.

The whole situation she currently found herself in left her speechless. The hours she had been awake since her dream still left her with nothing on what to say once she saw the blonde. She was hoping her overactive brain would think of something once she saw her.

After about fifteen minutes, Mrs. Summers walked out the front door and got into her vehicle. Once she drove away, Faith waited for another couple minutes to be sure she wouldn't come back before walking up to the front door.

Her hands started to sweat and her knees were shaky as she reached the door. Faith didn't know what was coming over her but shook it off as best she could and knocked on the door. She quickly heard the movements of someone coming to the door and a moment later the it opened.

Buffy was still in her pajamas, flannel pants and a tank top. She looked like she just woke up and her eyes widened when she saw who was at the door.

"Faith?" she questioned, looking at her curiously, not sure why the brunette was there.

Faith realized she still hadn't thought of anything to say so she acted on instinct. She closed the distance between the pair instantly and pressed her lips to the blonde's. Realizing the door was open, the brunette also pushed until Buffy took a couple steps backward and Faith kicked the door closed. She wrapped her arms around the other woman, not wanting her to move away. The kiss was forceful, not allowing either one of them to breathe and after a minute Faith had to back away.

Buffy was breathing heavily, looking like she was trying to process what was going on but not moving out of the arms still wrapped around her. "Faith, what's . . . "

"Shh," Faith responded, taking a chance to rest her forehead against Buffy's, "don't say anything. I remember."

The brunette moved in again, this time kissing the other woman less forcefully, hoping she would respond. After just a moment, Buffy did, putting her hands in Faith's hair and moving her lips apart just enough. Faith quickly pushed her tongue into the blonde's mouth, still keeping her arms wrapped tightly around her.

Faith pressed as close to Buffy as she could. Now that the older slayer was not only letting her do this but was also responding, she didn't know what to do next. She knew what she wanted to do but wasn't exactly sure if Buffy was thinking the same. Not wanting to risk breaking away and ruining the moment by asking, she slowly started moving them toward the stairs.

Buffy moaned a little into her mouth and Faith thought she could die right there. She never wanted to fuck someone as much as she did right now. Breaking away to let both of them get some much needed air, Faith buried her face in the blonde's neck and sucked lightly on her pulse point.

"Faith," the older woman sighed, making Faith suck just a little harder. Her hands moved down to grab Buffy's ass and received another sigh.

Leaving the softness of Buffy's skin, Faith moved back to look at the blonde and gave her as tender a kiss as she could attempt.

"Upstairs," she mumbled against Buffy's lips, hoping it wouldn't kill the mood. Faith knew, however, that if they kept this up she would end up pushing Buffy against the nearest wall and fucking her senseless. She didn't want it to go down like that and didn't think the blonde would either.

Buffy only nodded slightly before pressing her lips fully back on Faith's once again. The brunette smiled against the older slayer's lips and moved them until they reached the first step, still not separating themselves from each other.

Faith broke the kiss only to place light ones against the blonde slayer's lips. "Jump up, B."

The blonde didn't question, she just jumped up, wrapping her legs around Faith's waist. The younger woman held her easily, grinning widely. She kept her arms around her waist and her lips pressed against any part of bare skin she could find.

She couldn't believe this was actually happening. Now Faith knew for sure her dream really did happen. Buffy really did love her. Even though that wasn't something she was ready to deal with, she could definitely deal with what they were doing right now.

Buffy held onto her tightly as the brunette made her way up the stairs while carrying the small slayer. The blonde's hands were gripping her back and when they stopped kissing, she rested her head against Faith's shoulder, making encouraging sounds as Faith kissed various places on her neck.

Once she reached the top of the stairs, Faith realized she couldn't remember where Buffy's room was. She had only ever been up there a couple times at best. She laughed quietly, causing the woman in her arms to look at her curiously.

"Which one's your room?" Faith whispered, not really knowing why she was speaking quietly. They were the only ones there.

"There," Buffy pointed to an open door and Faith raced to it.

Entering the room, Faith looked around as she let the blonde down. Buffy stood in front of her, watching her look around the room before bringing her eyes back to her. Faith grinned before she pulled Buffy back to her once again.

Buffy's hands cupped Faith's face as they kissed and the brunette used hers to feel as much as the other woman as she could. She slid her hands up and down her back before feeling up her sides and slowly moving her hands under her shirt.

The blonde giggled against Faith's lips. "Your hands are cold," she said, breaking away to look her in the eye.

"Let's warm them up," Faith answered, stepping back just enough to pull the other woman's tank top off.

Buffy gasped and blushed just a little as the brunette devoured her with her eyes. Faith moved in after only a few seconds though and placed kisses on her shoulder. She couldn't bare to not feel her skin for even a moment.

"You're so hot," she mumbled against her skin, realizing they were going far too slow for her. She wanted Buffy and she wanted her now.

"Faith, I . . . "

"Don't talk," Faith responded, kissing her lightly on the lips again. She pulled her own shirt off and Buffy's eyes widened as the younger slayer didn't have a bra on. They were now topless in front of each other. "Let's get the rest of these clothes off."

Faith lightly pushed the blonde toward the bed and Buffy moved to sit down. As soon as she did, Faith used the opportunity to pulled at her pants, taking them off without any resistance from the other woman.

Buffy moved back to lie down and watched as the brunette moved toward her, hips swaying flirtatiously. She climbed on the bed and crawled toward Buffy, who only stared at her wide eyed. She hovered over her, staring into her eyes, before leaning in and softly kissing her. They began to kiss slowly, Faith still hovering over Buffy, when the blonde started to giggle.

"What?" Faith breathed out, moving away from Buffy so she could look at her. n>"What's wrong?"

"Your shoes are still on," Buffy giggled, keeping a hand in the younger woman's hair.

Faith looked down and grinned. "Guess I forgot," she said, looking back up at the blonde slayer, "I had other priorities."

She leaned back down to give her a hard, quick kiss before getting off the bed and kicking her shoes off and shorts in record time. Faith didn't want to leave Buffy just watching her for very long. If they weren't doing something, talking might start and then whatever they were doing might stop. The brunette didn't know if she could handle that.

The blonde's eyes practically glowed as Faith took off her panties and tossed them near her shorts on the floor. She sighed as the younger slayer glided her hand up her leg and to the hem of her panties. Not waiting for any affirmation, she pulled them down her legs and soon they were resting on the floor as well.

"You are so fuckin' hot, you know that?" Faith asked huskily, not needing any answer.

Faith slowly started to climb back on the bed, memorizing every detail of the naked slayer beneath her. She kissed the inside of her thighs and her tight stomach before moving straight back to the blonde's lips again. She kissed her hungrily, not wanting to waste any more time with being soft.

Buffy wrapped her arms around the younger woman, her hands gliding down her back until they rested on her ass. Faith moaned into the kiss and broke away, moving her mouth down her neck. She licked and kissed at the blonde's pulse point, smiling as Buffy's hands squeezed her ass. She loved how Buffy was really getting into it.

Propping herself up on one hand, Faith used the other to start to feel out the blonde's skin. She smoothed her hand down her side, brushing against the side of a pert breast. Buffy let out a quiet moan at the touch and Faith decided her lips needed to move further down.

She mouthed her shoulder and collarbone then began licking her way down to the blonde's breasts. Buffy moved her hands from Faith's ass to her head in anticipation. The younger slayer looked up to see the other woman had her eyes closed and was licking her lips. She smirked at the sight, deep down loving that she had this effect on Buffy.

As she moved down, Faith let more of her weight rest on Buffy and the blonde spread her legs further apart so Faith could rest between them. Their pussies touched and Faith couldn't stop the moan from escaping her lips as she kissed her way to Buffy's delicious looking breasts.

Finally reaching her destination, the anxious brunette spent no time even teasing. Instead, she wrapped her lips around a nipple and sucked, hard. Buffy arched into her mouth, moaning loudly and gripping her head. Faith grazed the nipple with her teeth and bit lightly, causing Buffy to moan out even louder.

"God, Faith," the blonde slayer sighed out, moving against the other woman enough to cause friction. The two could feel how wet the other was and both started to moan out together.

Faith moved from one nipple to the other, sucking and biting, knowing she was driving the older slayer crazy with her movements. She moved a hand up Buffy's side to the side of her face and started to caress her cheek.

She realized she was being far too soft, more tender than she could ever remember being in any one of her sexual encounters. The was Buffy, though, the one person she'd always wanted to conquer and if tender was how she could, that's what she would do. Her movement almost immediately became less tender as the older woman turned her head and took Faith's thumb into her mouth. Faith groaned as Buffy sucked on it lightly, swirling her tongue around it at the same time.

Faith moved her hand away from Buffy's face and moved further down, nibbling on bits of skin as she moved to the blonde's stomach. She kissed and licked everywhere, dipping her tongue in her navel and making Buffy moan out again. She continued to feel out her skin until she felt Buffy pull at her.

"Up here," the older slayer stated simply, attempting to pull at Faith's shoulders. The brunette gave her a lustful grin and quickly slid back up Buffy's body.

"I wanna fuck you so much," Faith drawled huskily against Buffy's lips before closing the remaining distance and kissing her deeply. At the same time she thrust her hips down on the other woman, causing them both to moan out.

"God," Buffy groaned as they broke away, "you're so wet."

Faith grinned and slid a hand between their now sweaty bodies. "I'm not the only one," she commented as her hand reached its destination. She quickly found her clit and pressed down.

"Fuck," Buffy sighed out, moving against Faith's hand.

Faith kissed the blonde deeply again, thrusting her tongue into her mouth, trying to move things along. She moved her fingers over her clit, feeling Buffy get more and more wet. Only after a few moments of getting Buffy moaning into her mouth, she moved her fingers down and pushed two fingers into her tight hole without any other warning.

"Oh, fuck!" Buffy cried out, breaking away from Faith's mouth as she felt the fingers enter her. "Oh, God . . . "

Not wasting any time, the brunette started moving her fingers in and out, slowly at first then speeding up. She leaned down to suck on Buffy's neck as she started to her body against the older slayer's. Faith smiled against her neck as Buffy started to respond, moving her hips to meet her hand.

Faith licked up her neck to Buffy's ear as she sped up their rhythm. She loved the fact she was controlling matters. She didn't know what would happen if she let the blonde control this. They most likely wouldn't even be up here but instead would be kissing sweetly on the couch or talking or something else Faith really didn't want to do right now. She showed up at her fellow slayer's door this morning with only one thing on her mind: she wanted to fuck her.

Buffy was too caught up or turned on or something to protest Faith's course of action. In fact, after a minute of the brunette's thrusts into her, she started to fully feel up the woman hovering over her.

She started using her strong hands to massage every inch of skin she caught reach. Faith felt Buffy's hands start to move and grinned against her ear. She took the earlobe in her mouth and sucked lightly, not letting up on the blonde's pussy for one moment.

"I can't believe I could forget this," Faith whispered into her ear, kissing just behind it. "This is so fucking hot."

"Mmm, Faith," Buffy moaned out in response, gripping the brunette's back tightly as she thrust hard into her. "So good . . . "

"That's right," the younger slayer said, moving back to look at Buffy. She wanted to see the blonde's face right now, see the look that was in her eyes. "It'll be better than the last, too."

Buffy moved her legs further apart in response and Faith's fingers went deeper, causing the blonde to groan loudly. The younger woman then added a third finger and curled them.

"Oh, fuck me!" Buffy cried out, digging her nails into the brunette's back. "God, don't stop."

"Not until you come, baby," Faith smirked, enjoying watching the expressions on the older slayer's face but wanting to kiss her again. She leaned back down and met Buffy's waiting lips, sucking on her bottom lip before kissing her fully. She pulled away after just a minute and rested her forehead on the other woman's. an>"Come for me, B."

Faith started rubbing Buffy's clit with her thumb as she thrust her curled fingers into her pussy. She grunted a little as she thrust harder and felt the blonde's inner walls start to convulse around her fingers.

"Fuck! Oh, Faith!" Buffy cried out, arching into Faith and gripping her back, digging her fingernails into her skin. "I'm coming!"

Faith pumped her fingers in and out as she felt the blonde slayer's cum gush out into her hand. She couldn't believe how good it felt, how much she could be satisfied without even coming herself. It was too much to comprehend.

She slowed her motions as Buffy's breathing slowly started to return to normal. Faith wasn't about to let the blonde rest though. She grinned as she kissed her deeply then started to move down her body.

Faith kissed and licked between the blonde's breasts, dipping her tongue into her navel. She could hear Buffy moaning quietly as she traveled further down. Not needing to push apart Buffy's legs, Faith moved past the blonde's pussy for a moment so she could kiss and lick the wetness away on her inner thighs.

Buffy's hands suddenly latched onto her head and lightly pushed Faith's head back to where she obviously wanted it to be. Faith grinned, loving the fact the older slayer wanted this, and gently licked the length of her slit.

"Shit," Buffy muttered out. Faith looked up to see her eyes were closed but her hand was gripping her head. She knew without a doubt what Buffy wanted her to do.

She moved back in and took Buffy's clit into her mouth. The blonde bucked into her face and Faith had to quickly place her hands on her hips to control her movements. She sucked lightly at first then harder, feeling the blonde's juices flow freely.

Still thinking slow was the not the way to go, the younger slayer moved off her clit and thrust her tongue into her pussy.


Faith grinned at the sound of Buffy was crying out her name. She started thrusting her tongue in and out of the blonde's wet hole, hearing her crying out above her. Her hands held her hips tightly as Buffy thrust into Faith's face with every movement.

She carefully took a hand off Buffy's hip, trusting one hand was enough to hold her in place, and rubbed her clit with her fingers. That was all it took. Buffy screamed out as she came into Faith's mouth.

"Fuck, yes! Faith!" Buffy cried out, continuing to thrust into the younger woman's mouth as she came.

Faith drank down every drop of cum that flowed down her throat, moving with Buffy as she came down from her second orgasm. She thought she might have worn her out, too, since the blonde was breathing heavily and her whole body became limp as she let go of Faith's head.

Moving up to face Buffy again, Faith rested back on top of her and kissed her gently, willing the older slayer to taste herself. Buffy responded after a few seconds and put her hands in the brunette's hair. Distracted by the kissing, Faith gasped when Buffy flipped her over so she was on top.

"Payback," she said, grinning and leaned down to suck on her pulse point. Faith put her arms around her, not quite believing this was happening.

Faith knew that in her dream Buffy had fucked her, had gotten her off. That was the one part she was positive she had imagined. She just couldn't believe her fellow slayer would see her that way. Faith just figured she would fuck Buffy until she couldn't take anymore and deal with the consequences of it later. She never thought Buffy would want to reciprocate.

"B . . ." Faith started but Buffy silenced her with her mouth.

They kissed passionately, Faith wrapping her arms around the blonde to make sure she stayed right where she was. Buffy's tongue explored every inch of her mouth while her hands explored everywhere else.

The blonde ran a hand down Faith's side then back up to massage one of her breasts. Faith broke their kiss at the contact.

"Shit, B," she gasped out as Buffy moved to suck on her neck.

"Your skin tastes so good," the blonde mumbled, moving slowly down her body, stopping once she reached her bountiful breasts.

Faith held her breath in anticipation, not knowing what to expect. Nothing in her dream involved Buffy and her really doing anything more than the actual fucking so she had no idea what to expect. She didn't know what exactly the blonde had in mind.

Her internal thoughts were interrupted by the fact Buffy's lips now reached their destination. She started placing kisses everywhere, taking her time and driving Faith crazy in the process. She placed a light kiss on one of the brunette's nipple and looked up at her, smiling. Faith smirked back and Buffy lowered her lips.

Buffy wrapped her lips around her nipple and as she started to suck Faith could swear she'd come right then and there. The feel of the older slayer's lips and tongue on her went beyond all words. Then the blonde started using her teeth and Faith couldn't stop the moans leaving her mouth.

"God, Buffy . . . your mouth," she groaned out as she felt Buffy's hand massage her stomach and move lower.

Buffy moved to Faith's other breast, giving it the same special treatment as her hand slid to the younger woman's trimmed mound. Faith moved her legs further apart, knowing what Buffy was about to do but still not really believing it. She just didn't think it possible.

As the older slayer started to place kisses everywhere her mouth could reach, she casually ran her fingers up and down the length of the brunette's slit before spreading apart her lips and dipping her fingers inside. Faith moaned out again, unable to restrain herself from reacting.

Faith pulled Buffy to her, wanting that skin on skin contact as the blonde's fingers found her clit and began rubbing against it. The feeling was indescribable. No dream could ever top what she was feeling right now.

"B . . . come on . . . " she moaned out, wanting the blonde slayer's fingers inside her. She knew Buffy knew exactly what she was getting at, too, because she looked up and gave her the most wicked grin Faith had ever seen on her.

The blonde licked her way back up to Faith's shoulder, still kissing everywhere, as her fingers left her clit and made their way down to her entrance. Faith could feel her tease around the opening and felt the need to beg, but held back. That was something she never, ever wanted to do, no matter who it was.

After what seemed like forever, Buffy slowly entered her with two fingers. Faith could tell the blonde was still exploring somewhat, not having had all that much experience, but she didn't mind at all. Her fingers started to move in and out of her at a steady pace and she matched the rhythm so the pair moved together on the bed.

Buffy moved her head back up, her lips never leaving the brunette's skin. Faith was a little taken back by how much effort and care Buffy was putting into everything. It was not something she was used to and if she wasn't so occupied with the fact the blonde slayer was fucking her, she might have given it some thought. Right now, though, her mind was solely focused on where Buffy's fingers were and what they were doing.

"Harder, B," Faith groaned, putting one hand in blonde hair as the other gripped Buffy's back. The older slayer sped up her actions, thrusting harder and faster, curling her fingers as she did. Her mouth was now sucking on her pulse point and Faith just knew she was leaving a mark.

Faith could feel herself getting closer and knew Buffy could tell as well. She licked up her neck and gave the brunette a heart-stopping kiss while adding a third finger and thrust as hard and deep as she could.

"Oh! Fuck, B!" Faith screamed, gripping the blonde tightly as she came all over her hand.

Buffy moved back down to suck on her neck and slowed her thrusts as she let Faith ride out the orgasm. The brunette gripped onto her, breathing heavily. She suddenly felt incredibly exhausted, like she could finally rest now. She felt herself starting to relax and she rolled Buffy off her so they were both on their sides.

Faith just looked at her for a second and Buffy leaned in and kissed her again. She wanted to keep going, thinking of so many ways they could entertain themselves. The need for sleep, however, caught up with her fast and she fell asleep with the blonde kissing her.

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