The One
by Hayley

Chapter Four

This night has been, hands down, the best fucking night of my life. I guess I could even say it's the best morning, too, since it's about four in the morning right now. That doesn't really matter though. All that matters is all the amazing sex Buffy and I just had.

We eventually stopped kissing in the car and made our way up to the apartment, successfully keeping our hands and lips to ourselves in the process. We didn't wanna put on a show, you know? Once we got into our apartment, however, there were hands everywhere. I wrapped my arms tightly around her, keeping her pressed against me as I kissed her as deep I could. She was amazingly doing the same, with the only exception being that her hands were moving everywhere they could.

Buffy's hands were the first thing I noticed once we got inside the apartment. From looking at her, most people wouldn't think much of her hands 'cause they're kinda small and look a little dainty. I know differently now. They're incredibly strong, which didn't surprise me, but the way they moved over my arms and back sent a shiver down my spine even when they moved over my clothes. It's so strange to me but they made me feel safe and that's never happened before.

It took awhile but we inched our way back to her bedroom, arms around each other the entire time. We probably looked a little clumsy, too, since we kept stepping on each other's feet but that was the last thing on our minds. The whole way I let Buffy be the one in control, mostly because I was terrified of any change of mind on her part. I'm pretty sure stopping at that moment would've killed me but once we made it to the bedroom I knew exactly where she wanted to take what we were doing. Her actions said everything and let me tell you, I was more than happy to take her exactly where she wanted us to go.

After I kicked the bedroom door closed I set out to strip Buffy as fast as possible. I made sure we didn't go back to groping each other 'cause we'd never get naked then and made it my mission to remove clothes instead. The best part was she was doing the same, pulling my shirt off and getting me out of my leather pants. In under a minute we were in nothing but our bras and panties and that's where my need for control took over.

I felt as though this was my one chance to show her exactly how I felt about her, how much I had wanted her for so long. Before she could lean in and kiss me again or distract me in some other way, I picked her up and gently laid her down in the middle of the bed. I took a moment to look her over and my mouth practically watered at the sight. She is the hottest, no; most beautiful woman I've ever seen and she still had some clothes on at that point.

Buffy started to say something but I lied down next to her and kissed her before she could. I didn't want words to ruin anything and I was scared to death at what she was going to say. I knew the chances were pretty fuckin' slim she'd suggest we talk everything through before screwing but now that I had my chance, nothing was gonna ruin it. She seemed to accept the no talking, however, and let me move more on top of her.

After that, it seemed like everything moved in slow motion. Maybe it really did, I don't know. All I know is every movement, every touch felt incredible. B's skin was so soft that I couldn't bring myself to not touch her. I had to stay in constant contact. I moved my lips over her as I kept my hands on her, kissing down her neck then over her chest, stomach, arms and legs. I kept it chaste at first, just placing feather light kisses on her skin and leaving on all her remaining clothing but that didn't last very long, especially with how she was moving against me.

She was making little moans and sighs as I was kissing her, making me want her even more. Every time I heard her I wanted to rush but I still made sure to go slow enough that I could make mental notes of where I could concentrate on later. I wanted to make sure I knew exactly which spots would make her go off 'cause in my mind, we were definitely doing this again.

I wanted to worship every inch of her but as soon as her moans got louder, I lost the last little bit of restraint I had. After giving her a couple quick kisses, the rest of the clothes came off. Hers came off first and then I stripped in a matter of seconds. Seeing her completely naked made time stop for a second but I managed to snap out of it and moved to lie on top of her. We both moaned out at the feeling and I almost came from that alone. That first feel of her skin on mine fried all my senses and it's something I'll never forget.

I spent the next few hours making sure I was the best she'd ever had. I made her come again and again, first with my fingers then my tongue and back again. The feel of being inside her for the first time is burned into my brain. She was so tight and wet and the way her inner walls clutched at my fingers was the best fuckin' experience. That is until I tasted her for the first time. The taste of her was so addictive I couldn't bring myself to stop and she definitely liked everything I did. She screamed it out enough.

Her body responded to every touch and I loved it. I loved that I could feel the muscles under her skin or how she would sigh and arch into me as my hands moved over her. I loved that she screamed my name over and over as she came and that she gripped me tightly each time. It felt so completely intimate and I can honestly say I've never felt that before. It felt like more than just sex, than just fucking, and I'm over the moon that I'm feeling this way with Buffy.

When I could tell she really couldn't take anymore, which was a couple times more than she thought she could, I removed my tongue from her and slowly kissed my way up her body before leaning down and giving her the most tender kiss I've ever attempted. She was so exhausted she could barely respond and I am so proud of that. It's kinda my greatest accomplishment, exhausting Buffy, who should have slayer stamina. After we kissed, I rolled us so I was on my back and she rested on top of me where she quickly fell asleep.

Buffy's been asleep ever since, too, her head on my shoulder and an arm draped over me. Every once and awhile she snores a little and I'll be damned if I didn't find it adorable. She looks so peaceful and relaxed and I can't help but wonder if this was how she slept the last time I slept in this bed. I kind of hope that's the case but not too much because mostly I want how she looks right now to be the result of having the best sex of her life.

I, for one, am too wired to sleep. I've been dividing my time between looking out the window and watching Buffy, mostly because I can't get over what happened. It feels too good to be the real thing which is why I've kept in constant contact with her body since she fell asleep. I have an arm around her and have been gently rubbing her back the entire time, softly kissing the top of her head every once and awhile. Hell, I'm so content right now and I didn't even get off tonight. If that's not love, I don't know what is. I've never been this selfless before.

There's not a chance of me getting any sleep tonight or well, this morning so I start thinking about what'll happen when Buffy wakes up. I'm hoping there'll be some kissing then some fucking or, dare I say, making love, but my pessimistic brain keeps tells me there's a chance she'll regret last night. I have never been more afraid of anything and that includes when I owned up to everything I did when I went all evil. I can only hope that won't be the case, that she won't regret what we did, and of course, a little bribe never hurt anything.

Waking Buffy up with coffee and breakfast feels like my best option right now but getting up is kind of hard. We're kinda all tangled together and she's wrapped around me which for once isn't a good thing. It takes me a good ten minutes to slowly detach myself from her and get out of bed without waking her up. Once I stand up, I fully pull the sheets over her, making sure she's warm and comfortable, and give her another light kiss before making my way to the kitchen.

I rummage around for a couple minutes before realizing that I'm an idiot, a naked idiot even, and we don't have any food in the apartment. Out of pure laziness, Buffy and I have been putting off getting groceries and have been eating constant take out the last few days instead. Now my idea is useless and I don't want to leave the apartment until after B wakes up. I wanna be there for that, mostly so I can give her an amazing good morning kiss.

Walking back to Buffy's bedroom, I instantly get the feeling that something isn't quite right. All these thoughts start rushing into my head, like this is a dream or hallucination or spell, but I block those out and concentrate. Once I reach the doorway I can tell she's awake and I want to kick myself for not being there. I really wanted to watch her wake up or maybe kiss her awake so I can put a smile on her face. Of course, nothing goes my way and my heart stops at my next realization: Buffy's crying.

Oh, shit. I know I've fucked up bad now. I just knew this would come back to bite me in the ass. Looking at her more closely, I can see her shoulders shaking slightly and I'm only able to watch for a moment before giving into my urge to go to her.

Her back's to the door but she turns as I slip into bed next to her and attempt to put my arms around her. I figured she might fight me on that but she lets me and buries her face in the crook of my neck, still crying but I think she's trying to stop. It's all too confusing to me because I don't understand why she's letting me hold her if I'm the reason she's crying and I've gotta be the reason. There isn't any other option.

After a minute I sigh quietly, automatically thinking everything is my fault. "I'm sorry."

Buffy stops crying almost immediately with a little sniffle and moves enough to look at me. "Why are you sorry?"

What the hell do I say to that? I thought the reason was pretty fucking obvious. "You're crying," I whisper. "Can't help but think it's my fault."

"It is your fault," she says and I try not to cringe. "I woke up and you weren't here."


"I thought you'd changed your mind," she says, looking away.

I start to laugh but stop after only about a second when she gives me a look of death. I should probably know better than to laugh when she's looking so vulnerable. "Sorry. You just have no idea how fucked up that sounds."

"Then why'd you leave?" she asks and I breathe a little easier since this sounds like one giant misunderstanding. That's a thousand times better than what I thought when I walked in a minute ago.

"I was gonna make coffee and maybe some breakfast but we don't have any food in the apartment," I answer, a small smile on my face.


I snuggle a little closer to her and shift us so we're more on our sides and facing each other. I like that it feels as though we're on the same page but I still need a little better explanation of her freak out. "Why would you think I changed my mind? Were you not listening to what I said in the car? I was pretty fucking serious when I said it."

"I know," B says, looking away from me. "It's just last night I didn't . . . you didn't . . . I don't know."

"Hey," I say quietly and put a hand on her chin so she'll look at me. There's not much light but I'm willing to bet she's blushing. I don't want her to feel bad that I made last night all about her. That's the way I wanted it. I treated it like a chance to prove myself to her and won't have known how to take anything else. She needs to know that.

I give her a light kiss before saying anything, mostly because I can't help myself. I'm going to kiss her at every opportunity now for as long as she lets me. "Last night was amazing. Don't ever think otherwise."


I don't know what else to say so I lean in and kiss her instead. She responds almost immediately, putting an arm around me and pulling me closer to her. Buffy deepens the kiss as well, sliding her tongue into my mouth, and at this point I almost wanna cry tears of joy. This might actually work out in my favor. Nothing ever works out in my favor.

We break apart after a minute and Buffy places a hand against my cheek. "I didn't know you felt this way about me."

"Yeah," I say quietly, turning my head to kiss her hand. "Never figured you felt this way either but then again, how could I? You always had a boyfriend. I wasn't about to proclaim anything while you were going nonstop after guys."

"Yeah, that," Buffy says with a small smile. "I never thought you'd ever have serious feelings for me and I tried real hard to convince myself that what I was feeling was just a little crush. I thought if I could only find the right guy I'd get over it."

"I'm thrilled that's not the case," I say, smirking a little. I can't help it since it sounds like the torture she's been putting me through with all the boyfriends over the last few years is partially because of me.

She smiles. "Besides, you were dead set against dating anybody and I knew I wouldn't have wanted a fling or being a solution to the after-slaying hornies."

"I didn't want to date anybody," I respond, trying not to laugh at the idea of B even thinking about using me to cure part of the hungry and horny that goes with slaying. "I wanted to date you."

"Why didn't you say anything?"

I grin as I run my fingers through her hair. "B, do I look like a girl who can take that kind of rejection? You never showed me any sign that you had the hots for me . . . though who can blame you?"

Buffy laughs and smacks my arm lightly. "You always think you're so hot."

"The important thing is you think I'm hot," I say quickly, showing off my dimples.

"Yeah, I do," B says as she tightens her arm around me.

I only look at her for a moment, placing a hand on her shoulder and slowly running it down her side. She shivers slightly and I can't help but give her a small grin. I can't quite get over how she responds to my touch. I have a feeling I'm gonna crave it, just like everything else about her.

"So . . ." I start, trying to get the courage to say what I want. "Where are we gonna take this?"

"What do you mean?" Buffy asks, inching a little closer to me.

"I want you for more than just tonight, you know. I want you all the time."

Buffy looks away and for a second, I'm not sure if she's fucking with me or if she's actually trying to decide whether or not she wants me as much as I want her. She has to know this can't be a onetime thing and that we can't go back to simply being best friends. Now that I know what it's like to fuck Buffy Summers, I can't give that up. I know what she looks like naked and it's going to be in my head all the time. Hell, it is now.

After a minute, she meets my eyes again. "I want you to be mine . . . I want to be yours."

I don't have a mirror but I know I have never grinned this wide before. My hand almost instinctively goes to her cheek, caressing it lightly, and I laugh a little at the growing smile on her own face. I open my mouth to say something but I can't think of anything romantic to say and I think Buffy knows it. She lets out a light giggle and gives me a little kiss.

"Mmm," I mumble as I feel her arm wrap around my waist to pull me back on top of her. "Rested up already?"

"Possibly," she says quietly as I move my lips to her neck, placing a couple light kisses over her pulse point before simply burying my face against her. "Did you sleep at all?"

I shake my head lightly as she wraps her arms around me tightly. The way she's holding me right now is beyond words and I have never felt more comforted. It's also getting me really turned on but the fact I haven't slept is doing me in.

"What were you doing?"

"Just watching you," I answer quietly, moving so I can snuggle into her curves better.

"I don't know if that's sweet or a little bit creepy," B laughs as she presses her lips against the top of my head. "Maybe you should get some sleep. We have to be at the training facility in a few hours."

She had better be joking because after all that's happened there's no way in hell I'm training junior slayers today. I wanna keep Buffy naked in this bed as long as possible. The only problem is I'm so comfortable and tired that I can't bring myself to respond to her. Instead, I move around a little more, feeling my body relax as I fall asleep in Buffy's arms.

Waking up is the best feeling ever right now. I'm lying on my side and Buffy's not sleeping on top of me but I'm warm and tingly everywhere. The good kind of tingles, too, like when it's your birthday and you know you're gonna get exactly what you want. I never had that when I was growing up but B found out about that and made the last couple pretty special. I bet she can make the next one extra special, what with everything that's happened.

My eyes are closed but I can't help but grin as I feel Buffy's lips press against my shoulder. Her arm is holding me close to her and her hand is moving slowly over my stomach as she places kisses from my shoulder toward my neck. She's basically molesting me in my sleep but I'm loving every second of it. She just does it so well.

Just like a couple times before, the hand moving along my stomach stops as it moves over my scar and she presses against it for a few seconds. I know she still feels guilt over that scar even after all this time but she also feels some guilt from anything she's ever done, anything she considers a mistake. It comes off her in waves. It's not like I haven't forgiven her or anything. I did back when we were getting to know each other again and even before that if I'm being truthful. I know she did what she thought she needed to do but unfortunately, that doesn't stop what she feels.

I feel her move my hair away from my neck with her other hand and begin to kiss along it. She probably knows I'm awake but I'm enjoying this too much to stop her. I've never had anyone pay this much attention to me, not until my B and I started having some mind blowing sex about three days ago that is. It's all so new and I love the feeling, definitely something I can get used to.

Buffy moves to my pulse point and starts to suck lightly. She found out pretty quickly that's an insane sensitive spot and I have to moan. Of course, that means she knows I'm awake and she moves her lips to my ear, kissing it lightly.

"I knew you were awake."

"Did you?" I ask quietly as I place my hand over hers. I give it a little squeeze before moving it away from my scar. I'd much rather she continue to feel me up.

I turn my head to see Buffy looking down at me. She's got total bedhead and it looks all sorts of adorable. Normally I would smack myself for even thinking that word but it's B. I'd break all my rules for her and have been the last three days. I give her the dimpled grin she told me yesterday she loved and she gives me one right back as I laugh and ruffle her hair.

"It's bad, isn't it?" she asks, placing her hand on mine as I move it through her hair.

"No," I lie. It really is wicked bad but it has been the last couple mornings. Maybe it's because I like to get her on her back or anywhere else I can get her and we can get pretty active but it doesn't matter. It's totally worth it in my opinion.

"You are such a liar," she says, laughing quietly as she leans down and lightly kisses me.

I only let it last for a couple seconds before I break away so I can turn to her. She loosens her hold on me so I can but then holds me close to her again. There's nothing I can do but snuggle into her and give my girlfriend a breathtaking good morning kiss.

Our kiss starts off light and gentle but after a minute it turns much more passionate. When she slides her tongue into my mouth and massages my tongue with her own I can't help but moan loudly and I know she gets off on that. My moans always get her worked up, probably one of the many reasons we've barely left the bedroom for three days.

The morning after we first had sex I woke up to find B talking on the phone to Giles, telling him we wouldn't be working for a few days. According to her, he didn't put up much of a fight, not when she brought up our zero days off and having to deal with the constant naggings of the local watchers. Apparently all he responded with was to let him know when we'd be returning. I'm sure we will soon, maybe after we take that vacation Buffy mentioned a few days ago. You know, before all the fucking.

We break away to catch our breath and I press against her a little more. Buffy responds by lightly brushing my nose with hers and I let out a giggle. Yes, I giggle now but only for my B. No one else will ever know about that. The teasing would be merciless and no one wants me to start killing again, least of all me.

"Good morning," I say, not able to keep the grin off my face. Not that I would ever want to.

"Good morning to you too, baby," she says quietly. I love it when she calls me baby. "Sleep okay?"

"Once we finally went to sleep I slept incredible," I say with a grin and she manages a light blush. "Of course, what we did before we went to sleep was pretty fuckin' incredible, too."

She's got a full on blush now. "We have been pretty active."

"Yeah, in all the good ways," I respond, moving my hand down her side until it reaches her ass and I give it a little squeeze. "Have I told you how wicked that thing you do with your tongue is?"

"I think you might have screamed it last night," B laughs and I can tell by the way she's grinning that she's really proud of it. "I didn't realize you were a screamer, Faith."

Now it's my turn to do a little blushing. I didn't realize I was a screamer either until a couple days ago. Once I let her explore my body the way I did to her, she had me screaming her name like it was the only word I knew. It went on for hours and the way she touched me was beyond anything I could describe. No one's ever touched me like that, with so much care and love. I've never let anyone get that close before.

She hasn't told me she loves me yet but I know she does. It's like up until three days ago she'd always blocked a part of her off from me and now I feel everything. It makes me wonder if I had done the same over the last few years and maybe she knows that I love her, too. I kinda hope that's the case, if only so there isn't any shock when we finally do tell each other.

"That's just for you, baby," I respond, fighting off my blush.

"I like that," Buffy says, giving me a little kiss. "Think we should actually leave the bedroom today?"

"We could go to mine," I offer. "Little change in scenery."

She seems to think about it for a moment before rolling us so she's on top of me. B kisses along my collarbone for a minute as I move my hands over her shoulders. Once she stops she looks at me, resting her chin on my chest. She's making it real hard to concentrate now 'cause she keeps moving her hand up and down my side and it's turning me on in the worst way.

"This might be too soon," she starts, "but don't you think it's weird we have separate rooms?" She looks nervous and I wanna break in and say something but I know she's not done. "I really like sleeping next to you."

"I think you more sleep on top of me than next to me," I tease.

"What can I say? I like you better than my pillow."

I laugh and tighten my hold on her. "You better. I doubt your pillow can do what I can."

"Mmm, no," she says, closing her eyes for a moment. She shifts so her leg slides between mine and I let out a quiet moan. Buffy places a light kiss on my chest before looking back at me. "What do you think?"

"You want me to move some of my stuff in here?" I ask. I'm wondering what exactly she's getting at since there's really no room for any of my things. Her room is packed already. I know this isn't the case but I don't wanna be another one of her accessories when I'm in here.

"There's not a whole lot of room," Buffy says as she looks around, moving off me slightly in the process. "Maybe we can use the other room as a spare room. I can move some of my stuff in there and you can move some of your stuff in here."

I think I just fell a little harder for her. I grin and place my hands on her sides, sliding her body up mine and making us both moan in the process. I want her face to be level with mine so I can look into her eyes better. There's nothing but what I could swear is love in her eyes and amazingly, I'm almost getting used to that being there. It's the same look she's given me the last three days and it blows my mind she could feel the same as me.

"I love you, Buffy," I say quietly, not wanting to keep it in any longer. My brain wanted me to wait but every other part of me just can't. Now that I have her, I want her to know exactly how I feel. "I think I always have."

Buffy's whole face lights up so I guess she's okay with me loving her. She leans down and kisses me so tenderly I think I might cry. Once she breaks away, she rests her forehead against mine. "I love you, too, Faith."

We can't help but kiss again even though we're grinning like idiots. Buffy rests her hand against my cheek as we do while I'm content to simply hold her. She feels so good against me and I never wanna let her go. I'm getting really turned on, too, but that's mostly because we're both very naked.

When we break apart we're both still grinning. I tuck some hair behind her ear and she laughs. "You're turning into such a sap."

"I'm not the only one," I counter.

"True, but only with each other," Buffy says. "No one else will ever know."

"Deal," I say with a quiet chuckle. I lift my head and lightly kiss her. "I was thinking."

Buffy smiles and rests her head against my chest again. "About?"

"That vacation you were talking about," I respond, moving my hand along her back. "Maybe we should take one before we go back to dealing with junior slayers and pain in the ass watchers."

Her face brightens up almost instantly. "Really? We can spend a week relaxing on a beach somewhere?"

"I hope it's a private beach if we're gonna spend a week there 'cause I plan to be all over you most of the time."

"I'm not sure if we can get Giles to spring for a private beach but I'm sure we talk him into a five star hotel," she says, kissing my shoulder. "Like one with an amazing view, excellent room service and a hot tub in the room."

"I like it," I laugh out, imagining all the nasty things I can do to Buffy in a hot tub. "Maybe you should call Giles and get everything set up."

Buffy lets out this excited little squeal before quickly kissing me and getting out of bed. I miss her instantly but only watch as she puts on her robe. She turns back to me and smiles before walking out of the room to call Giles. I know she'll be able to convince him to give us whatever we want. She has more sway with him than he probably wants.

I stretch out in bed and patiently wait for her to come back with our vacation details. I'm sure they'll be good since she's great with this kind of thing. Either way, there'll be some celebratory sex when she gets back.

The End

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