Take Me
by Hayley

Chapter Nine

"Didn't make me feel any better, Faith," Buffy mumbled as they walked into the apartment.

It had been an active night for both of them, especially when they found a nest of some stronger vamps, but in the end nothing could take Buffy's mind off her current situation. Faith could tell, too, and that only put her in a down mood as well.

"Yeah, but it was worth a shot," Faith said, parting ways with the other woman so she could grab Buffy's uniform and toss it in the wash. She knew Buffy had an early shift and she probably didn't even remember her uniform was dirty.

"Faith," Buffy called from the living room, "I think I should go home and try to talk to her."

"You might only make things worse," she responded, walking back into the room. "Why don't you stop there before you have to go to work tomorrow?"

"No one will be up," Buffy sighed.

Faith thought for a moment. "Okay, you spend the next couple days with them. Maybe everyone just needs to calm down and start talking again."

"That would mean I wouldn't see you," Buffy said in a confused tone. She knew she needed to concentrate on getting back in good with her friends but she didn't want to stop spending time with Faith.

"You would for patrol," Faith said. "Thing is, you're finally starting to readjust to everything. You should talk to your friends about what's been going on. I'll still be here when you figure everything out with them."

Buffy looked down at the floor, not wanting to look at Faith. It felt almost like she was breaking up with her. "Do you not want to see me anymore?"

"What are you talking about?" Faith asked, brow furrowed in confusion. She sat down in a chair and looked up at Buffy. "It isn't like that at all but we both have some issues to deal with. You have to talk to Willow and Xander and everyone and I . . . I need to start to deal with everything I've done."

"I thought that's why you're here," Buffy said, sitting down as well. "You said you came here to start over where you could do the most good."

Faith nodded. "Yeah, but I still need to work on my anger issues. You know the first thought I had when Dawn started blaming you for everything was to take her out? I can't lose control like that."

Buffy got up and did something Faith wasn't expecting. She got up and sat on Faith's lap, putting an arm around her neck and her head on her shoulder. Faith grinned in spite of herself, loving the feel of Buffy against her and that Buffy was initiating the action.

"The point is you didn't," Buffy said. She smiled as she felt Faith put her arms around her and her lips brushing against the top of her head.

"Hmm," Faith mumbled, not really caring about the conversation at this point. The moment Buffy sat on her lap all she wanted to do was get her naked.

Faith quickly stood up with Buffy in her arms, causing her to gasp in surprise. She only smirked at her as she walked back to the bedroom. Once they were in the room, she put Buffy down so they were facing each other.

"About last night . . ." Buffy started out shyly but was stopped as Faith lightly brushed her lips against her own.

Breaking away after only a few seconds, Faith hugged Buffy to her. "As long as you're not about to say how much you regretted it, I'm fine with anything you have to say."

Buffy laughed quietly. "The weird thing is, I don't." She looked into Faith's eyes and felt as though she could see everything in them. "I don't regret any of it."

Faith gave her a wide grin before leaning in again, kissing her more forcefully this time. She slowly guided them more toward the bed as she only partially concentrated on kissing Buffy. They had a pretty active night and slaying still made her horny. She'd been able to hold off her urges since she got back but after last night, she knew she wouldn't be able to do that anymore. Ending the night by fucking her fellow slayer was just something she felt she needed to do every night now.

She moved away from Buffy, causing the other woman to look at her curiously. Faith only responded by rubbing her hands over her back and leaning back in to suck on her neck. Buffy moaned, one hand digging into brunette hair.

"God, Faith," she sighed as Faith moved down to her shoulder, kissing along various points.

"Lie down, B," Faith said quietly, forcing herself to stop kissing Buffy everywhere and moving her head to look at her.

Buffy was practically hypnotized by Faith's eyes, which were black with lust. She gave her a small grin and sat down on the bed, her eyes never leaving Faith's.

"Faith, I," she started again but stopped as Faith stood in front of her and put her hands on her shoulders, gently pushing her down. She got on the bed herself, straddling Buffy's legs, and leaned down so their faces were mere inches apart.

"Could it have been like this before?" Faith asked. She didn't know why those words were even coming out of her mouth but her curiosity was getting the better of her. She wanted to know for sure if Buffy had feelings for her the first time around.

Buffy looked up at her blankly, not expecting the question. She didn't even know how to answer so she didn't say anything for a moment, just kept her blank stare. After a minute, Faith's demeanor changed and she moved off her.

"Shit, I shouldn't have said anything," she sighed, lying down next to Buffy. "Nice way to ruin the moment, huh?"

"You didn't ruin it," Buffy said, turning her head to look at her. "I just didn't expect that question."

"Is it something you can answer?" Faith asked, looking at the ceiling. The question sounded so good in her head and now she was afraid of what the answer might be. She didn't know if she could take Buffy saying no, not after all that had happened between them.

Buffy moved to lay on her side, a hand behind her head. "Yeah, it is." She paused then smirked. "You're nervous of what I'm gonna say, aren't you?"

"Maybe a little," Faith said, a half smile forming on her face.

Buffy laughed. "Yeah, it probably could have happened back then but there were so many other things in the way, I don't think it would have ever stood a chance."

Faith nodded and mirrored Buffy's position. "You're probably right." She moved a little closer to the other woman. "I really liked you then, B."

"I really don't know how I felt about you," Buffy remarked, looking down. "There was so much going on, I tried not to think at all." She stopped as Faith stifled a laugh. "No comments on that. I do think. What I meant was I tried not to think about anything new. You were new."

"Yeah, we really didn't do a whole lot together other than patrol," Faith said, thinking back. She could feel the tension start to rise in the room. The past that haunted both of them was starting to come back and Faith didn't know if it could be avoided. "Can I say something this time without you getting angry?"

Buffy smiled, thinking she knew what Faith meant with the question. "You can say whatever."

Faith grinned. "Okay." She put a hand on Buffy's shoulder then trailed it down her arm. "I'm so sorry . . . for everything."

"I know that now," Buffy said softly. "If you weren't, you wouldn't be helping me."

"Well," Faith started out, a wicked grin appearing on her face, "I found that helping can be very beneficial. I mean, I got you."

"So you think," Buffy laughed, inching closer to the other woman.

"Let's walk through the facts," Faith said, leaning in to kiss Buffy lightly. "You are lying on my bed. You're letting me kiss you. In fact, I'm betting I'll be fucking you shortly and you'll have no objections."

Faith didn't let Buffy respond, instead leaning in quickly and pushing her lips on hers. The kiss started out soft and gentle, more so than Faith thought she was capable of, but quickly turned deeper and more passionate. She pushed her tongue into Buffy's mouth almost roughly, feeling the urge to feel every part of her mouth.

Buffy moaned into her mouth, wrapping her arm around her waist. She was so distracted by the kiss she didn't even realize Faith had pulled her on top of her and was moving her hands up her shirt.

"B, we need to get this shirt off," Faith gasped out as she broke out of the kiss. She pulled off Buffy's shirt quickly and unclasped her bra only a second later. She tossed the clothing across the room before hugging Buffy to her. "God, you're so soft."

Buffy sighed as Faith's hands roamed her bare skin, moving down to her jeans and cupping her ass. She lowered her head, kissing along Faith's neck, trying to take some initiative. She was hoping she could make Faith feel exactly how she was feeling.

"That's it, baby," Faith sighed out, keeping her hands moving on Buffy's back and ass. She rolled them again so she was on top then got up on her knees and grinned down at the other woman as she pulled her own shirt off.

Not wasting any more time, Faith brought her hands down to Buffy's fly and quickly unbuttoned her jeans. She got off the bed to pull her pants down and was pleasantly surprised when Buffy's hands moved down and helped her. Faith tossed her jeans aside and took hers off as well.

Buffy stared at her with a raised eyebrow. "You're leaving your panties on?" She looked down. "And mine?"

"I was thinking of pulling them off with my teeth," Faith said huskily, crawling back on the bed and stopping when her face was level with Buffy's covered pussy. "That okay with you?"

Buffy only nodded wide eyed, not expecting that answer but realizing she probably should have. Faith always said things that exuded sex and this night was no exception.

Faith slowly lowered herself down to Buffy's skin, kissing her stomach first before slowly making her way down to the edge of her panties. She grinned at the black lacy number Buffy was wearing before biting down on the edge and tugging on it. She could hear Buffy laughing above her and lifted her head just enough to wink and smirk, keeping the lace between her teeth.

Tugging a little more forcefully, the garment slowly made their way down Buffy's legs. Faith didn't get very far with using her teeth though. As soon as she saw Buffy exposed and already wet pussy, she needed to get rid of the panties quickly. She needed to have Buffy now.

She tossed the panties aside and gave Buffy a wicked, sexy grin as she got rid of her own. She ran her hands from the outside of her thighs up her sides until she reached her chest. Buffy let out a light moan as her thumbs brushed against the sides of her breasts before moving back down to rub her flat stomach.

Faith moved to hover over Buffy again, her eyes roaming her naked body. She never lost her grin as she slowly lowered herself onto Buffy. The other woman instinctively spread her legs enough for Faith to rest between them then sighed out as her skin pressed against her own.

Both slayers looked at each other for a few seconds without doing anything, just stared into each other's eyes like they were trying to figure out exactly what the other was thinking. Faith held herself up by her elbows, running a hand through Buffy's hair before caressing the side of her face. Buffy closed her eyes at the gesture, still not believing the woman she'd tried to kill and who was trying to kill her just a few years ago was capable of such tenderness.

Buffy brought a hand up to the back of Faith's head and pushed her head down to hers, not knowing how long she could take Faith just looking at her like that, so intensely. Their lips met instantly and tongues soon followed. They kissed passionately, Buffy's hands on Faith's back and Faith's in the other woman's hair.

Once they broke apart, gasping for air, Faith placed kisses along Buffy's jaw and back to her ear. She kissed behind her ear, smiling as Buffy moaned, then started a path down her neck. She could feel Buffy's hands gripping her back and loved every second of it. The feeling she was getting from being with her was almost more than she could handle.

"You feel so good against my skin, B," Faith whispered into Buffy's ear before trailing her hand down her side. It rested on her stomach as Faith continued to kiss down her neck, lingering a moment at her pulse point before kissing her shoulder and collarbone.

Faith slowly started to thrust down on Buffy lightly and she responded by lifting her hips up to meet her, creating a slow rhythm. Faith continued to kiss down Buffy's body until reaching her breasts. She placed a soft kiss between them before looking up at her.

"I want to make you feel so good, B," she whispered, not really knowing how to say what she wanted. The only person she'd ever had any feelings for was in her bed right now. She'd never even thought about what the other person she was with was feeling before Buffy. Until last night, she just didn't think it was important. Now that she did, she was starting to get nervous about why Buffy was even there with her.

Buffy sighed, opening her eyes to meet Faith's brilliant brown ones. "You're doing a pretty good job, baby."

Faith's face lit up. "Baby?"

Buffy blushed, for a moment thinking she might have said something she shouldn't have but the look on Faith's face told her otherwise. It wasn't like it had never been said between them. It was always Faith saying that, though. Buffy never had. "It just came out."

Faith just grinned, seeing how nervous Buffy had suddenly become. She moved back up so her face was level with hers. "I like it."

Faith gave her a light kiss before moving back down to her breasts again. She kissed all around them before taking a nipple into her mouth and sucking hard. Buffy arched off the bed and her hands dug into Faith's hair, moaning out into the room.

"Faith," she sighed out. "That's so good."

The other woman didn't respond, just moved to her other breast. She only stayed there for a little while before moving down to her stomach, kissing everywhere. She wanted to be more detailed than the last time. Faith was more concerned with getting Buffy off the last time to do everything she wanted. Now she figured she could do more and wanted to leave no part of Buffy untouched.

She dipped her tongue into Buffy's navel for a moment, causing her to moan quietly, before moving lower. She kissed and licked to the edge of Buffy's mound before moving past it to kiss down her thighs.

Buffy had no choice but to lie back and watch as Faith practically worshiped every part of her body. When Faith was nearly at her pussy, she thought for sure Faith was about to go down on her. She was surprised when she started to kiss down her legs instead but everything Faith was doing felt so good the last thing she wanted was for her to stop.

Faith kissed down to the arches of Buffy's feet. She knelt at the edge of the bed and massaged her feet, smiling sexily at Buffy. She kissed each foot, her eyes glowing at Buffy.

"You are so beautiful," Faith said quietly, slowly moving back up Buffy's slim body again.

"So are you," Buffy responded just as quietly.

As soon as Faith was in reach, she took hold of her arm and pulled her down, her skin pressing against her own once again. The younger woman grinned at the action and lowered her head to kiss her tenderly. Buffy was taken aback by it, expecting Faith to be more rough than she was given how worked up both of them were, but realized almost every move from Faith recently surprised her.

Faith moved her hand down, massaging the Buffy's skin as she went. She could feel Buffy try to take a little control, attempting to push a little to try and get Faith on her back, but she wouldn't let her. She still felt the need to show Buffy how much she had come to care for her.

Her hand moved down to the top of Buffy's pussy and stopped for a moment. She broke away from Buffy's lips and started to suck on her neck, distracting her.

"Faith," Buffy sighed out. "I wanna touch you."

Faith lifted her head up and looked down at her. "In a minute, baby. Just let me do this."

Without saying anything else, Faith's fingers moved into her pussy. They slid around easily in her wetness, moving until they found her clit. Faith pushed down on it lightly, causing Buffy to arch into her hand.

Faith massaged her clit, getting a rhythm going for the other woman, wanting her to keep moaning out her name. After a couple minutes of Buffy doing just that, she decided to take the next step. She moved her fingers off her clit and quickly shoved two into her wet hole, hard.

"Oh, fuck!" Buffy cried out, bucking her hips into Faith. She was still so amazed at the feeling of Faith's fingers in her. It was beyond anything she could imagine.

Grinning, Faith starting moving in and out of Buffy at a quick pace, loving how she was making her feel. She had never felt this way about anything before. She cared so much about making Buffy feel incredible in every way.

She kept up her pace with Buffy, moving against her and kissing her wherever her lips could reach. Buffy's moans started to become louder with each thrust and Faith knew she was getting closer to going over the edge, to coming for her.

Faith started sucking on her neck as she pressed her palm against her clit, still moving her fingers in and out at a fast pace. Buffy only responded by gripping her back tighter, digging her nails into her skin.

Buffy could feel herself starting to lose all control. Her hips were arching with Faith's hand and fingers and she couldn't stop the moans from escaping her lips. The feeling Faith was creating within her was something she'd never felt before. It was better than anything she could ever imagine.

After only a few more thrusts, Buffy cried out into the room, coming hard onto Faith's hand. Faith kept going, only slowing slightly as Buffy writhed against her own body. She moved away from her neck to hover over her for a moment. She couldn't imagine anyone looking more beautiful as Buffy did right now.

Buffy's eyes were clenched shut, every nerve concentrating on the orgasm now rushing through her body. She suddenly felt Faith's lips on her own, kissing her tenderly as her fingers continued to move in and out of her pussy.

A couple minutes later, Buffy collapsed on the bed, breathing heavily. Faith's body followed, staying on top of Buffy, only some of her weight resting on her side. She buried her face in her neck, slowing her breathing down as she waited for Buffy to say something.

Buffy kept her arms around Faith, almost afraid that she would move away from her. Faith was all that had kept her going for a while and now she didn't know if what would happen if she wasn't around. She needed her in her life now.

Two years ago, the only thing Buffy would have thought Faith would have been good for was a punching bag. After the last few weeks though, she knew she could never see her in that light again. She cared so much about her now she knew she never wanted to see her hurt. She could even feel herself starting to love Faith.

That thought scared her more than anything, mostly because she was so sure Faith would never feel that way about her. Buffy knew she cared about her but didn't think it was anything more than that. She couldn't even imagine Faith being in love with her.

"Faith," Buffy whispered quietly, "that was . . ."

Faith turned her head and kissed her ear, letting out a throaty chuckle. "You don't have to finish that."

Buffy laughed. "You are so cocky."

Faith lifted up her head and looked down at Buffy, putting a hand on her cheek. "If I read your actions correctly, I have good reason to be."

Buffy rolled so they were both on their sides. She ran a hand down Faith's side, causing her to shiver. "You do." She smiled and leaned in so their faces were only inches apart. "I haven't even done anything to you yet."

Faith waggled her eyebrows playfully. "What do you want to do?"

Buffy tried to shrug nonchalantly but still blushed. "I don't know . . . what do you want me to do?"

"I think that's obvious," Faith said, grinning as she ran a finger from her stomach, in between her breasts and stopped at her neck. "I want you to fuck me. Like I said last night, it's been awhile."

Buffy blushed a deeper shade of red. "I-I've never done that before."

"Don't tell me you're a virgin, B," Faith laughed. "After the last couple nights, you know I won't believe you."

Buffy chuckled. "No, it's not that. I mean, with . . ."

Faith leaned in and brushed her lips lightly against Buffy's. "I know, B. It's not like I'm gonna make you do anything."

Buffy moved closer to Faith, putting an arm around her. "I'm a little afraid I'm gonna do something wrong."

Faith laughed in spite of herself, stopping quickly once she noticed Buffy starting to move away. She reached out and pulled Buffy to her. "Hey, I'm not laughing at ya, B. I just don't think you could ever do anything wrong."

Buffy gave her a lopsided smile. "Yeah?"

"Of course," Faith responded, running her fingers through her hair.

Buffy looked up at her through long eyelashes. "Will you show me what to do?"

Faith laughed again, not able to stop herself. "B, I have a feeling you know what to do. I mean, I know you've had sex before."

"Well, not with a . . ." Buffy started, looking away.

"Hey," Faith said and made her look at her again. "Do whatever you want. I'm not just here to get off." She paused before giving her a sly grin. "I mean, that is a definite bonus and I live here so I'd just be here anyway but . . ."

Buffy silenced her with a passionate kiss. She pressed her tongue against Faith's lips and then slid it into her mouth. Faith responded by pulling her more on top of her, wrapping her arms around her waist. Buffy only kept one hand tentatively on Faith's arm as she concentrated on her mouth.

Once both slayers needed to breathe, Buffy moved her lips lower. She kissed her chin lightly before making her way down her neck, stopping every other second to suck lightly. She moved her hand slightly, moving up to Faith's collarbone where she traced it with her fingers. While she did that, she kissed up to Faith's ear, kissing every part of it.

Faith let out a sharp breath. "That's it, B," she mumbled. "Right there."

Buffy smiled against her skin, placing a few more light kisses there before leaving it and going down to her shoulder then toward her breasts. Her hands moved with a little more confidence as she began to move both of them across the other woman's skin. She could also feel Faith's hands moving across her back, almost like she was trying to relax her.

Faith was getting more and more turned on with every touch but wasn't about to rush Buffy into anything. She could see how much she was trying not to be nervous and wanted to be able to let her take her time. She kept her hands caressing and massaging her shoulders, feeling Buffy's muscles ripple underneath her skin, and hoped she was doing everything she could to help her along.

Buffy continued to concentrate on Faith's skin, trying to kiss every inch. She reached the swell of her breasts and looked up at her. Faith moved a hand into her hair then to the side of her face, looking into her eyes.

"Remember, nothing is wrong." Faith fought back the urge to tell Buffy exactly how she felt about her but figured that would only freak her out. That was the last thing she wanted, especially in her current state of horniness.

Buffy only smiled at her and continued downward. She peppered kisses all over Faith's chest, preparing herself for what she wanted to do. After a minute, she licked her way to Faith's right nipple. Without hesitating, she took it into her mouth and sucked lightly. She felt Faith's hands grip her a little tighter and knew without a doubt she should keep going.

Faith sighed out as Buffy sucked at her stiff nipple. She could just feel that Buffy was trying to feel out what to do but if this was her nervous, she couldn't even begin to imagine what it would be like without the nerves. She let out a light moan as Buffy switched from one to the other, wondering exactly what Buffy was planning to do to her.

After she pulled herself away from Faith's breasts, loving the reaction she was getting from her but wanting to continue to explore her body, she made her way to her stomach. She kissed and licked everywhere, tentatively sticking her tongue into her navel. Faith moaned out again in response and Buffy grinned, continuing to love the response she was getting.

Buffy looked down at Faith's soaked pussy and her nerves came back stronger than before. She didn't know if Faith expected her to go down on her or not. She had a feeling she didn't know anything at all when it came to Faith, at least not anymore.

Of course, she never expected Faith to feel this way about her. She never would have guessed Faith would ever help her with anything, much less with trying to get her to enjoy living again. Buffy wondered if the feelings she now had for Faith had always been there or if they were a result of the new side of her she was seeing. She hoped it was a combination of both.

Faith felt Buffy stop and opened her eyes to look down at her. She instantly knew what was bothering her and knew she needed to let her know she didn't have to do what she was thinking about. As much as her mind went crazy at the thought of Buffy eating her out, she didn't think she was ready.

She pulled Buffy back up to her, their slick bodies sliding against each other. She ran her fingers through blonde hair then rested a palm on her cheek. They stared at each other for a few seconds before Buffy lowered her head and tenderly kissed the other woman.

They kissed softly for a minute, Faith's hand not leaving Buffy's cheek. Buffy moved to rest on one hand while the other squeezed between their bodies and moved down to Faith's pussy. She moved her fingers around lightly, feeling out her skin, before sliding them into her pussy.

"Oh, that's it," Faith sighed out. She wrapped her arms around her back. "Rub against me, babe."

Buffy looked at her as she started to move her fingers around in her wetness. When she hit her clit, Faith let out a throaty moan and she knew she did something good. She pressed against it for a moment then started rubbing in a circular motion, causing Faith to moan out again.

"That's good," she almost whispered. "So good." She gripped her back tighter, holding her close. "Go inside me, B."

Buffy leaned down and kissed her slowly as she moved her fingers off her clit and traveled them down to her opening. She teased around it for a moment before slowly pushing two fingers into her.

Faith cried out, thrusting her hips into Buffy's hand. She could feel Buffy's fingers move around inside her, like she was feeling out every part of her, inside and out. She never thought being with Buffy would feel this incredible but then she never thought she'd ever have the other woman in her bed. Her brain was threatening to shut down she felt so good.

Buffy continued to press her lips everywhere they could reach as she felt Faith's inner walls adjust to accommodate her fingers. Once they did, she slowly moved them out then pushed them back in just as slowly. Faith groaned out again and lifted her head up to kiss Buffy's shoulder. Buffy kissed behind Faith's ear as she repeated her actions.

"Hmm . . . babe, go faster," Faith said, arching into Buffy again.

Buffy did as she was told, moving her fingers at a faster pace, moving her body with them to create a rhythm. She smiled as Faith moved with her, the bed starting to move as a result. After a minute, she moved her head back to hover over Faith, observing her face as she pushed into her.

"You look so hot, Faith," she said, moving against her a little faster.

"You feel so good against me, B," Faith responded, moving a hand to place it behind her head. She pulled her head down to her, putting her lips to her ear. "Press your palm against my clit."

Buffy did as Faith said again and pressed her palm against her as she thrust into her harder. Faith moaned loudly and gripped her head tighter. Buffy sucked on her neck, feeling the other woman's inner walls clutching at her.

The pair moved together faster, sliding against each other as their skin glistened with sweat. Buffy took the chance and added a third finger inside Faith's grasping pussy, causing her to scream out and dig her fingers into her back. She grinned against her skin at the action as she continued to kiss up and down her neck.

They continued to move together with Buffy controlling the pace, thrusting into her harder every time she pushed into her. Faith could feel herself getting closer and closer to going over the edge, to get that release she craved so much. She couldn't quite believe it was Buffy taking her there.

"God, baby . . . so close," she moaned out, turning her head and kissing the side of Buffy's.

Buffy grinned again and thrust harder still, keeping Faith crying out each time she pushed deep into her. After only a minute, she felt Faith's inner walls clamp down on her fingers, pulling them in deeper. She felt a gush of fluid soak her hand and Faith arched into her, crying out.

"Oh, fuck me!" Faith screamed, holding onto Buffy with everything she had.

Buffy moved her head and kissed her passionately, pushing her tongue into her mouth. She began to slow her fingers slightly, trying to mirror what Faith had done to her. She knew she had at least done something right since Faith had just come.

Faith collapsed onto the bed, completely spent. She loosened her grip on Buffy but still held onto her. She hoped more than anything they would be together for good now. She could feel how much what they'd just done meant to Buffy and knew what it meant to her. She knew she could never let her go now.

Buffy pulled her fingers out of Faith, causing her to let out a moan and attempted to move off to her side. When she wasn't able to due to Faith's arms still tightly around her, she simply rested on top of her, putting her head on her chest. She listened to her heartbeat, smiling as it began to slow. She couldn't believe how she made her feel.

"B, that was . . ." Faith started but didn't finish.

Buffy kissed her skin then lifted her head. "Please don't say awful."

Faith laughed gently. "I was thinking intense." She looked deep into Buffy's eyes. "The opposite of awful."


"I'd never lie to you, B," Faith said sincerely. "Never again and never about sex."

Buffy laughed, sliding up to be level with the other woman once again. She ran a finger over Faith's dimples as she grinned. "I think I'm really falling for you, Faith."

"Good," Faith responded. "At least I know you feel the same way." She paused. "I fell for you a long time ago."

Buffy leaned down and brushed her lips against Faith's. They kissed lightly for a moment before breaking away easily. Buffy rested her head in the crook of Faith's neck, nuzzling it and smiling. She couldn't remember ever feeling this good, before or after she died and came back.

Faith rolled them so they were both on their sides, keeping her arms wrapped firmly around her. "Let's get some sleep, baby. We both got a long day tomorrow."

Buffy didn't respond, just snuggled into the other woman more, slowly falling asleep.

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