Take Me
by Hayley

Chapter Seven

After about an hour, Faith carried Buffy back to her bedroom and had her lie down. The confrontation between her and her friends took a lot out of her and Faith didn't want her sleeping on the couch, knowing she'd be more comfortable in a bed.

She couldn't believe Buffy's friends hadn't been more supportive of her. She knew it would have been a shock to hear a person they loved was more messed up because of something they'd done but she figured they could deal. Faith was sure if they cared as much as they said they did, they could do that for Buffy. She didn't think they'd place most of the blame on her for Faith's involvement in everything.

Now Faith didn't know what Buffy would do. Thankfully, Buffy didn't have to work tomorrow so she wouldn't have to think about that on top of everything else, but Faith knew Buffy would have to face them, sooner rather than later.

Faith knelt beside the bed and brushed the hair away from her face. She looked a lot more peaceful now than just a couple hours before. Faith hoped she wasn't going to feel worse about being brought back now after her conversation with her friends. She didn't know if Buffy could take feeling that bad again.

She changed into a tank top and shorts before getting into the bed with her fellow slayer. She pulled Buffy into her arms and held her close, feeling just how far she'd fallen for her. The feelings she felt were now much stronger than the ones she had when Buffy was in high school.

She wondered what exactly Buffy was feeling for her. Only in her dreams could she think the other woman felt even partial of what she did. Faith believed Buffy when she said she felt something but had no idea what that could be.

Deciding not to think about any of that right now, Faith snuggled against Buffy, kissing her shoulder, and closed her eyes. Nothing relaxed her more than having Buffy next to her but right now, she wasn't tired.

Faith placed a couple kisses on her neck and her hands started to move a little on her stomach. After a few minutes, Buffy pushed back into her and murmured a little. Faith placed a kiss on her cheek and Buffy's eyes opened a little.

"How long have I been asleep?" she asked in a whisper. She smiled as she felt Faith's lips on the base of her neck.

"Hour, maybe hour and a half," Faith whispered back into her ear. "Go back to sleep."

Buffy looked at the clock on the nightstand. "It's like seven, Faith. I can't go to sleep now. I'll wake up at three in the morning." She turned in Faith's arms, meeting her grin.

"You were lookin' a little rough before," she said, not losing her grin. "Look a little better now though."

"I can't believe they attacked you like that," Buffy said, looking down.

"They don't want to deal. I'm the easy target. They know how to attack me." She paused. "And they didn't just attack me."

"I can deal with them . . . sometimes and they shouldn't attack you," Buffy said sadly. "I wish we could just move on."

"It'll happen," Faith sighed out, not liking how down Buffy looked right now. She pulled her closer so their faces were only a couple inches apart. "They won't want to lose you."

"I hope so," Buffy said quietly, looking into Faith's eyes. She enjoyed being around Faith more than she ever thought possible. She couldn't believe she never got to see this side of her before. "I really like being here with you."

"Really?" Faith asked with a raised eyebrow. She was really hoping Buffy meant more than just spending time with her.

When Buffy nodded, Faith closed the remaining distance between them and pushed her lips on the other woman's lightly. She wanted so much to take whatever her and Buffy had to the next level and prayed Buffy would let her.

The kiss remained light until Buffy deepened it, easing her tongue into Faith's inviting mouth. Faith rolled, not breaking the kiss, so she was on her back and Buffy on top of her. She ran a hand down her back until it rested on her ass, causing Buffy to break the kiss with a light gasp.

Faith placed her other hand firmly on Buffy's back as she lifted her head up and kissed along her neck. Buffy ran her fingers through Faith's hair as the other woman took her time to familiarize herself with her shapely neck.

Wanting to do so much more than what they were doing, Faith rolled them again so Buffy was on her back and she was hovering over her.

"Do you want to keep going, B?" she asked quietly, hoping feverishly Buffy didn't shut her down.

Buffy looked into Faith's hopeful eyes and knew she couldn't say anything but yes. She just knew Faith wouldn't do anything she didn't want her to and could see that she cared about her. She could see everything in those beautiful brown eyes.

"Yeah," Buffy answered with a small smile.

Faith gave her a dimpled grin, leaning down to give her a kiss on the cheek. She lifted herself up so she was straddling Buffy's waist. She waggled her eyebrows for a second before whipping her shirt off in one shift movement.

Buffy's eyes went wide as she ogled Faith's topless form. She couldn't quite believe she was doing this. Buffy never thought she'd be okay with doing anything with the other woman but she was more than okay and as she was mesmerized by Faith's body, the other woman was concentrating on getting Buffy out of her clothes.

"B, lift up a little," Faith mumbled as she pulled Buffy's shirt off. Once it was off, she tossed it to the side and ran her hands down her chest, causing her to moan. "Fuck, you're hot."

Buffy laughed, reaching out a hand to touch her. "I was thinking the same thing about you."

She pulled Faith down to her and their lips crashed together. Buffy buried a hand deep in brunette hair, wanting to keep her right where she was. She felt Faith's tongue enter her mouth and slide against her own. Buffy suddenly felt the need to laugh, however, as Faith started to tickle her side. She giggled against Faith lips, biting her lower lip lightly before breaking away.

"You know I'm ticklish," she laughed, moving a hand along Faith's side.

"Yeah," Faith said, grinning. She ran a hand down to the waist of Buffy's pants, moving over them until it rested lightly on her hip. "It's been awhile." She moved her hand to Buffy's fly. "I'm a little anxious."

Buffy looked up at her curiously. "I don't know if I believe that." She paused. "How long?"

Faith lowered herself down to rest partially on Buffy and to her side. "Not since I was working for the Mayor."

Faith finished her statement by leaning in to suck on Buffy's neck lightly. Buffy closed her eyes and let out a quiet sigh, putting her arm around Faith as much as she could as she tried to string a coherent thought together.

"For real?" she asked. She couldn't quite believe someone who exuded sex as much as Faith would have gone without for so long. Buffy just assumed she had some sort of sex in prison or maybe had a one night stand when she got out.

Faith broke away from Buffy's lovely neck and looked into her eyes, something she knew she could do forever. "Yeah, for real. Stayed to myself in prison and was more concerned with trying to right my millions of wrongs when I got out to notice." Her lust-filled eyes roamed over Buffy's body. "I'm noticing right now though."

Buffy laughed and pulled Faith down to her, kissing her deeply. Faith only half concentrated on the kiss while her hands made work at unbuttoning Buffy's pants. Once she had them undone, she slowly started to pull them down.

Buffy groaned as Faith broke away in order to take her pants off. Faith just voiced a throaty laugh as she concentrated on getting her naked. After only a few seconds, she got rid of her pants and panties as well as her own shorts before standing by the bed and just looking at Buffy for a moment.

Looking into Faith's dark eyes, Buffy reached up and pulled Faith down to her. She couldn't wait any longer without feeling her everywhere. She had never felt anything this intense before and didn't think she'd ever get over the fact Faith was making her feel this way. It was almost too much.

Both let out a quiet groan as Faith's body slid against Buffy's. Faith immediately began kissing the woman beneath her. Buffy's hands dug themselves into dark hair, making sure her head stayed right where it was, where she thought it could do the most good. Faith's hands busied themselves by fully feeling up Buffy's smooth skin.

As soon as they needed to breathe, Faith moved her head just enough for her lips to lock onto Buffy's pulse point, sucking enough to leave a mark. She moved off a little to her side, one of her hands trailing up her other side until it rested on the side of her face. Her thumb stroked her cheek gently, still trying to sooth Buffy in some way. Faith still couldn't believe this was actually happening.

In the back of her head, she still thought she was rushing Buffy into what they were about to do. She couldn't make her brain fully believe that the woman beneath her really wanted to be with her but Buffy's actions were surely proving otherwise. Her hands were everywhere.

Deciding she didn't need to worry about Buffy's willingness to be there, Faith started to move down her body. She left a trail of wet kisses down to her breasts, her fingers already circling her pink nipples.

Faith kissed and licked around Buffy's pert breasts before taking a nipple into her mouth. She smiled around it as the other woman let out a moan as she started to suck, using both her tongue and teeth to pleasure her. She felt Buffy's hands move along her back and up to her shoulders, massaging them as she moved from one breast to the other.

As Faith sucked on her, Buffy couldn't find any words to describe what was happening. All she could comprehend was what Faith's lips were doing to her right now. She didn't know if anything could top what she was feeling at the moment and they had barely done anything yet. Then she felt Faith move down to her stomach and she finally realized how much she felt for the other woman.

Faith kissed and licked Buffy's flat stomach, quietly groaning as she felt how wet Buffy was. She began rubbing herself against Buffy's leg, wanting her to know just how turned on she was making her. She wanted her so bad right now.

"Faith," Buffy moaned out, wanting Faith to come back up to her. She kept moving her hands everywhere she could reach but she wanted Faith's lips on hers.

Not wanting to deny Buffy anything, Faith slid back up her body so her face was level with hers. She looked deep into her eyes and could see just how much Buffy wanted this. She ran a hand through her hair before claiming her lips once again, seeming to feel exactly what Buffy wanted.

Buffy wrapped her arms around Faith tightly, loving the feel of her bare skin on her own. They were both starting to sweat and Buffy could feel herself becoming more and more turned on. Faith's hands were gliding gently over her body, not yet going where they needed to be.

They broke apart as Buffy moaned, exposing her neck for Faith who latched onto it. She placed soft kisses there as her hand finally made its way down Buffy's body. She slowly massaged her stomach for a minute before sliding it down to her pussy and Buffy cried out at the contact.

"Shit . . . Faith," Buffy half moaned, half groaned out. Faith was barely touching her and she already thought she might come. Then Faith's fingers found her clit and she almost lost it right there. "Fuck!"

Faith grinned as she kissed up Buffy's neck to her ear, her fingers starting to rub against her clit. She knew the motions were driving the other woman crazy, she could feel it in the way she moved against her. Faith didn't want her to come right away though. She wanted to make this last as long as possible.

Her fingers slipped off Buffy's clit and quickly moved down to her hole. Faith could feel how wet the other woman was and knew she was more than ready. Without a second thought, she thrust two fingers deep into her.

Buffy nearly screamed out into the room, overwhelmed by the feeling of Faith's fingers deep within her. She felt Faith still her fingers, seemingly waiting for her pussy to accommodate, before moving them in and out. Buffy's hands gripped her back as Faith started a rhythm, moving her body against hers.

"Faith . . . so good," Buffy mumbled, surprised she was even able to form words. Faith was making her feel things she never thought possible.

Faith rested on her elbow, using her free hand to caress Buffy's face. She moved from kissing behind her ear to hovering over her face for a moment, mesmerized by how beautiful she looked just then. She leaned down and kissed her softly, stopped the moans coming from her but Faith could still feel them. She could feel the vibrations they caused as the pair kissed.

She started thrusting harder into Buffy, feeling just how close she was to coming all over her. She wanted it in the biggest way. Faith broke the kiss they were currently sharing and observed the woman beneath her, placing quick kisses all over her face.

"God, you feel so good against me," Faith said, almost whispering it. She grinned as Buffy opened her eyes and looked almost in a daze. "I wanna make you come so hard."

"Faith," Buffy gasped, not knowing how to respond. She knew she was so close and still couldn't believe it was all Faith's doing. Right now all she could comprehend was how talented Faith's fingers were.

Faith thrust a little harder and faster, moving her body with Buffy's. Buffy was moaning louder and louder with each thrust and Faith wanted her to come so bad. She added a third finger and pressed her palm against her clit, causing Buffy to nearly shoot off the bed, crying out into the room.

"Fuck me! I'm coming!" Buffy writhed on the bed, the only thing keeping her in place being Faith's body on her own.

Faith felt a gush of liquid on her hand and Buffy's inner walls clamp down on her fingers, keeping them deep inside her. She slowly moved them in and out as much as she could, keeping her palm pressed against her clit, trying to prolong her orgasm. She continued to kiss and suck on her neck, still wanting to kiss her everywhere.

Buffy slowly started to return to earth after being treated to the most incredible orgasm she'd ever had and couldn't yet bear to open her eyes. She felt Faith's lips kissing her all over and didn't know how to respond to her once she opened them.

"B," Faith whispered gently into her ear. "You okay?"

"Mmm," Buffy mumbled out, still keeping her eyes closed.

Faith smiled, moving so she was more on top of her. She slowly took her fingers out of Buffy, who let out a small groan, and brought them up to her mouth, licking them clean. She instantly loved the taste of the other girl but Buffy wasn't exactly saying anything so she didn't even know if she'd ever get the chance again. Faith was pretty sure she knew how Buffy felt but really wanted the other woman to confirmed her thoughts.

She slowly kissed around her ear. "B," she whispered softly. "Open your eyes."

Buffy finally opened her eyes to Faith looking at her intently, a smile gracing her face. She reached up and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "Hey."

Faith's smile widened into a grin. "Hey." She leaned down and kissed her lightly. "You okay?"

"Yeah," Buffy sighed out. She lifted her head up and kissed her forehead. "That was amazing."

"There's more where that came from," Faith said, waggling her eyebrows.

The pair laughed together and Faith rolled off Buffy then pulled her close. They put their arms around each other, Buffy resting her head against Faith while the other woman reached down and pulled the covers over them.

"Let's get some sleep, B," she said quietly, kissing the top of her head. She smiled as Buffy snuggled against her, already starting to fall asleep.

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