by Hayley


Tomorrow I move into the dorms and my nerves are completely shot.

The last couple of weeks have gone by much too fast for my liking. I've had to go on a few shopping trips for everything I need to move from home to the dorms, there have been classes to sign up for and of course, spending every chance I can with Faith. Everything moving along and for once all I want to do is stand still.

To say I'm worried about the added distance I'll soon have between myself and Faith would be an understatement.

I know it's not a huge distance as far as mileage or anything. The extra time it'll take me to get from the dorms to Faith's apartment is next to nothing but it's different. It's different in that I have to think about a roommate who doesn't know about the slaying and for her own good can't know about it. I also have to juggle my classes with both the slaying and Faith.

I don't want to ignore my amazing girlfriend.

That's why tonight it's just the two of us. Sure, we're on patrol but at least we're alone and that hasn't always been the case. What's of the good right now is there have only been a couple interruptions by vamps so we've been able to concentrate on other things. Mostly, we've just been talking. Faith's been holding my hand the entire time.

"I bet we can get you moved in pretty fast tomorrow," Faith says as we walk. We've been in this cemetery for just under an hour so we're moving toward the exit. It's the third one tonight and I hope we're done. "Then we can deal with your mom crying that her little girl is growing up and get everything else sorted."

I laugh quietly. "She will do that."

"Is she okay with you staying with me tonight?"

That was something my mom and I had a very uncomfortable conversation about, even more uncomfortable than the talk we had when Faith was present. She basically said that she wanted to see me a little, too, and that she hoped I wouldn't skip out on the dorms just to spend nights with Faith because I missed being with her. I'm very thankful she's never said the word sex yet. "Being with" is as close as she's gotten.

"Yeah," I answer. "When I left tonight she said she'd see me in the morning."

Faith nods and we walk in silence for a minute. She's been trying to not be nervous around my mom and it's a little funny to watch. I know this is Faith's first real relationship so this is the first time she's had to deal with a parent. Part of me thinks my mom knows this because I always see a hint of a smile when Faith squirms in response to one of her questions.

"You're pretty quiet tonight."

I look over at her and see she's looking a little thoughtful as she eyes me. "Just thinking."

"You don't have to be nervous about tomorrow."

"Everything's gonna be different," I say. "I know you've been trying to tell me that's not the case but it is, Faith. What if I don't see you much? What if something happens to you on patrol that wouldn't have if I was there?" My eyes widen at another thought. "What if I flunk out?"

She laughs and puts an arm around my shoulders. "Babe, you have nothing to worry about. You're smarter than you ever give yourself credit for."

"I'll give myself credit for it if you acknowledge you're smarter than you think, too."

Faith doesn't say anything in response to that, only keeps an arm around me as we walk out the exit and in the direction of her apartment. She hinted in a little over the last couple days that she's willing to find an apartment closer to the campus but I don't want her to do that. She loves where she lives so much. Once she told me it's the first place she's really thought of as a home.

We arrive at her apartment quickly but not before picking up a pizza at a place on the way. Just one look from Faith and I know she's hungry for more than just me. It was a slower night than most but there are still hungries to take care of.

I close the front door as she sets the box on the table and before I know it her arms are around me and she's giving me a soft kiss. My arms are around her just as fast so she's pressed against me as we kiss.

This is something I've grown to love more than anything. Faith is such an amazing kisser and she puts so much feeling into it that I'm blown away every time. It makes me wonder why I would ever have any doubt at whether I wanted to be with her. It makes me wonder why I was so afraid of it in the first place.

"I love that," Faith says as we break away. "I love having you pressed against me like that. Makes me wanna get you naked right now."

"You know I wouldn't stop you," I tease.

"We got plenty of time for that." Faith smirks at me as she moves out of my arms. "You'll be screaming my name before the night is over."

She winks before turning back to the pizza, grabbing a slice and digging in right away. I join her and we eat in silence, moving over to the couch once we're done. We watch a little TV and I snuggle against her, smiling at the fact that we seem to fit perfectly together.

It's not long before we're making out heavily and Faith's moving us to the bed. She undresses me slowly, taking the time to kiss each inch of exposed skin that's available to her. Every kiss makes me shiver slightly, mostly because it's such a huge turn on. By the time she's done I'm pretty much a puddle on the floor.

We make love for what feels like hours. In that time our lips kiss each other everywhere and we both sigh and moan out almost constantly. Faith tries hard to be the dominate one but I am a slayer, too, and soon she's on her back and I go about making her scream out my name for a little while. Her body responds to my touches so well and even though we're slayers soon we're both too exhausted to keep going.

We end up all tangled together in the center of the bed, both of us covered in a thin layer of sweat. I'm still breathing heavy from all the activity we've just put ourselves through and Faith doing the same while keeping her strong arms around me. It's the way I would love to end every day.

After a minute she speaks up, putting her lips to my ear. "You're amazing, you know that?"

"I think you said that just a few minutes ago."

She chuckles quietly. "No, baby. You and I both know that if the Council had their way you'd be with me: slaying and maybe working a little. Definitely no school. The fact you're actually going is amazing."

I turn to her and smile because I swear Faith actually glows post-sex. "It's not that I even want to go. That was my mom and Giles."

"Yeah, you do, B," Faith disagrees and she's kind of right. It makes me feel special knowing that I may be the only slayer to go to college. I wish Faith would join me but we've had that conversation too many times already. "You going isn't gonna change how I feel about you either. I love you."

I lean in and kiss her lips gently. "I love you, too."

When I look into her eyes I can see it and I can't help but smile. Faith's eyes are always so full of emotion when she lets people really see her. I'm happy I'm one of those people.

Faith moves and pulls the covers over us so we don't get cold but she keeps me in her arms. I snuggle in next to her, making sure I can still feel every part of her. Something I've realized over the summer is that I sleep better with Faith. Sleeping next to a naked Faith is a bonus.

Neither of us says anything else as we start to drift off to sleep. I know everything will start to change tomorrow but the fact Faith is so sure of everything makes me feel better about what's about to happen.

She's sure we'll be together through everything. I'm going to go with believing she's right.

The End.

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