by Hayley

Chapter Twelve

I swear mornings have never felt this good. I don't know when we finally passed out but I don't think I've been asleep for that long. The sun looks like it's just starting to rise, reflecting off some of Faith's furniture and lightening up the room. Then again, I'm still a little exhausted from last night so I barely care enough to lift my head off the pillow.

When I finally did fall asleep Faith had her arms around me and she still does. We've moved during the night though because I distinctly remember closing my eyes with my head on Faith's chest, which makes a surprisingly comfy pillow. Now I'm on my side facing away from the rest of the apartment and Faith's spooning me. I can feel her pressed against my back.

Last night was incredible. I've had dreams of what our first time together would be like and if I'm being honest, some nightmares, too. There have been times where I've dreamt that I was so terrible that Faith dumped me right after and those have happened just as many times as the dreams were it's the best ever. It's part of the reason I've been so nervous. I wasn't sure I could stand it if it ended badly.

Faith was so gentle and tender last night which I have to admit was a little bit of a surprise. Part of me thought the first time with Faith would be a little rushed because of the fact that I'd finally said yes even if she had said she wanted to take slow. It wasn't like that though. It was everything I thought it'd be and more.

After Faith seemed to touch and kiss every inch of me, I got to do the same. That actually was something I wasn't expecting but then again, I didn't know what to expect. I knew what Faith wanted, she'd told me as much, but after that I had no idea.

Now I can say I've explored every part of Faith and I can safely say that I know how amazingly beautiful she is. She blushes, too. Can you believe that? Even though it was dark I could tell that she did when I told her how gorgeous I thought she was. I have a feeling she's not used to people saying that and genuinely meaning it. That's something I hope to change because Faith needs to hear things like that and I want her to know I mean it every time.

I move slightly on the bed, mostly because I'm curious about what time it is, and I feel Faith move in response. There's a part of me that wants to stay like this forever since the feel of Faith holding me is much too comfortable but another part wants to get home and see if my mom is upset about me not coming home. Faith was right in that I don't always tell her when I stay here but that doesn't mean she doesn't worry.

My eyes close and Faith's hand begins to move slowly over my stomach then up to my breast and back down. At the same I feel her lips press softly against my back and I can't help but feel all tingly. She places light kisses on my shoulder blade then up to my shoulder and neck. Once she gets to my ear she kisses it lightly, too.

"Good morning, baby."

The only response I have right away to that is to shiver lightly. It's a huge turn on for her to call me "baby". "Good morning."

I turn my head and she kisses me before I say anything else. It's soft and gentle, like she's trying to feel out what I feel now that we're in the morning after stage. She has to know I'm not going to get up and say this was a mistake. The fact I'm still here should be proof enough. Hell, the fact that I was pretty insistent on exploring her last night should be proof enough.

When we break apart she loosens her hold on me enough so I can turn toward her so we're face to face. Her eyes are so bright and it looks as though she's actually glowing. Faith doesn't even smile like that when she's slaying or anything else. I don't think I've ever seen her this happy and it blows my mind that I might be responsible for it.

There are so many thoughts going through my mind but the strongest is that I really should make sure my mom knows where I am. I keep having visions of her showing up out of concern and discovering me naked and in bed with Faith. It's probably the worst way for her to find out and it would be a complete nightmare.

No, I want to tell my mom with clothes on at the very least.

Faith runs her fingers through my hair before resting her hand against my cheek. "Didn't think you'd be thinking so hard so early."

I smile. "I was just thinking that I should really go home."

She tightens her hold around me quickly. "No, you should stay here with me."

"But I don't wanna make my mom suspicious," I say and lean in, kissing her lightly.

"Why would she be suspicious, B?" Faith kisses me back just as lightly. "She doesn't know about any of this. I haven't tried to feel you up in front of her or anything."

"I know," I say, laughing a little at her comment. "But now . . ."

"You get the feeling that now she's gonna find out something 'cause we've had the most amazing night of really, really hot sex," she finishes.

I nod and move to get up, thinking she'll understand, but as I move to get around her and out of bed her hands are on my hips and moves me so I end of sitting up and straddling her. She sits up as well and wraps her arms around me, her hands caressing my back. Her lips press against my collar bone as she keeps me close.

"You don't have to go anywhere, B." She places another couple kisses, slowly moving up toward my neck. "You can stay with me."

Faith is really making it hard to concentrate on what I was intending to do. My mind goes completely blank as she continues to kiss her way up my neck. All I can do is close my eyes and enjoy what Faith is doing to me. Between her lips and her hands she might reduce me to a puddle on the bed and I might never leave.

Then again, that's what she wants.

It takes a couple minutes but thought eventually does return to my brain and I pull away just enough for Faith to get the hint and she stops the kisses. She doesn't let me go though, instead pulls me back down to the bed with her.

"Why don't you wanna stay with me?"

It looks like there might be a crack in the happiness I first saw in Faith this morning and I don't want that. "I do, Faith. I just didn't want my mom to worry. That's all."

I lean down and kiss her to prove the point that I don't want to leave. Maybe it's all the emotions I'm feeling from telling Faith I love her and having sex with her for the first time that's making my brain not work. All I can think of is someone walking and ruining what's between us at this moment. I guess I'm the one doing the ruining right now though.

"B, your mom is probably around at work," Faith says as she keeps her hands lightly moving over me. "If she was worried she would've called or come over here." She pauses to kiss me and I'm already feeling better about not calling . . . or leaving. "That means that you can stay here all day."

"All day, huh?" I smile down at her. "What about training?"

"We can blow Giles off," Faith says as one of her hands reaches my ass. "I think we can think of something better to do than train."

Faith moves slightly underneath me and I'm quickly reminded that we're both naked. I can feel how wet she is and I half expect her to flip us over. It's only been a few hours of being with her naked but I already know the look she has in her eye.

"Yeah and what's that?"

"Well," she says as she brushes the hair out of my face, "first, we should probably get clean from all the dirty things we did."

That's not something I thought we'd be doing so soon and it never crossed my mind to be honest. Now that's all I can think about. "Shower together?"

Faith nods and seems to want a little more control because she flips us so she's back on top. "Definitely . . . and then we can get a little food 'cause we'll to get a little energy for the rest of the day, which will be clothing optional, of course."

I giggle as she starts to kiss my neck. "Of course."

She seems to want to keep me in bed and distracted, maybe because she doesn't want this to end. I hope that's at least part of the reason because that's how I feel right now. It's so comfortable being wrapped up with her, like our own little cocoon. Of course, there's still that thought in my mind that all this will end soon.

"No frowning," Faith says quietly. I didn't even realize I was. "We've got the whole day."

Faith tickles my side a little and I can't help but giggle. It's something like that where Faith shows the side of her that she hides from everyone else. I don't know why she does that and haven't found the courage to ask yet. She keeps telling me there's not many good memories from her childhood and Boston so I'm a little apprehensive at asking her why she doesn't show this sensitive and fun-loving side to more people.

"Come on," she says as she stands. She doesn't even attempt to cover herself up and I can't help but look her up and down. Faith notices right away and she grins before pulling me up with her.

Our arms are around each other quickly once I stand and we kiss gently. I can feel my body relax immediately and I can safely say that's only happened with Faith. No one I've ever dated has made me feel like this, including Angel. There was a time I didn't feel I'd ever think something like that but Faith keeps proving me wrong.

When we break away from each other we smile and Faith takes my hand before leading me into the bathroom.

I'm both content and tired at the same time. That's something I can easily say is a first.

Another reason I should've gotten over my fear of being intimate with Faith sooner than I did. Then again, maybe we've wouldn't have had something like last night happen and of course, this morning. Those memories I want to keep.

Once Faith got me into the bathroom we were all over each other. She had me pushed up against the wall before either of us had the chance to even turn on the water. I actually had to playfully push her away so we could do what she wanted to in the first place.

Faith pouted when I did. Can you believe that? She actually pouted.

I did tease her a little when she did. How could I not? First she blushes for me and then pouts. I really am seeing whole new sides of her but I was silenced quickly she turned on the water and we actually got into the shower.

It was definitely a new experience, one I plan on doing again the first chance I get.

We did eventually get clean but not before Faith made sure we got really dirty first. Her hands were everywhere, feeling up my whole body inside and out. She has the most amazing hands and it really makes me wonder how she learned how to move her hands over my body the way she does. Of course, that might be something I don't want to know.

One thing I did appreciate was that even though Faith lives in a relatively small apartment, her bathroom is spacious. And by spacious, I mean that the shower is big enough for two. It allowed me to flip our positions and pin her against the shower wall without hitting anything or destroying the shower doors.

The shower ended when the nice, comfortable hot water turned into ice water and we had to get out. Of course, that was before we gave each other multiple orgasms. I think the best part was when all I could do is brace myself as Faith got down and really showed me what her tongue could do.

We got dressed after that and picked up lunch quickly and now we're walking back to her apartment. On the way back Faith grabbed hold of my hand and hasn't let go yet. When I looked at her she only winked at me.

She's becoming quite the master of making me blush.

As soon as we get back into the apartment Faith sets the food on the table and is kissing me almost immediately. I respond quickly, wrapping my arms around her as I kiss her back.

"I don't know how I'm ever gonna stop doing that," Faith says when we break away. "I think you're just never leaving."

I giggle as she tickles my side. "Well, I think you're gonna have to settle for the next few hours."

"I don't know." Faith gives me a feather-light kiss. "I can be very persuasive."

There's not much I can say to that because it's true. Faith can get a lot by just giving someone that sexy little smile of hers but at some point I will have to leave. "Come on, let's eat. We have to get our energy back."

"True," Faith says as she winks at me, "there's always round two . . . or is it round four or five by now?"

I don't think there's any response to that.

The clothes are off again.

We ate our sandwiches in relative silence but once we were done Faith said that when she said clothing was optional for the day in the morning that really meant that clothes were not allowed. She was pretty insistent on that, too. My clothes were gone almost immediately and then we were on the bed again.

After that little activity, Faith showed what she had bought for me after the first night I stayed over: the most comfortable, fluffiest robe I've ever had. I raised my eyebrow at that one, mostly because I could've used it before I was getting naked in front of her, but it was pretty thoughtful of her. It's even pink, which I figure had to be painful for her to buy. There's no way she'd be caught dead in a pink robe.

The dark gray one she has on makes her look really hot.

We've been watching TV in silence for about an hour. I'm leaning against her as she keeps her arms around me. The only interruption we've had is a call from Giles wondering where we were. Faith told him we were exhausted and needed a day to relax. He relented but it sounded like he only did because he knew we weren't going to show and only said he see us tomorrow after Faith promised we'd do an extra long patrol tonight.

This whole time I've been trying to think of some questions to ask Faith. I do know more about her than anyone else but I still want to know more, especially after last night . . . and this morning . . . and a couple hours ago.


I hear her exhale then her lips press against the top of my head lightly. "Yeah, B?"

"When did you realize you liked me?"

"I don't know, really," she says quietly. "When I first got here all I wanted was to meet the great Buffy Summers, the slayer my watcher talked about. You were a real legend, B."

And I'm blushing. "No, I'm not."

"You were." Faith holds me tighter. "I really wanted to get in good with your friends and then I met your mom and knew you had everything I'd always wanted. I guess the way I went about all of it wasn't exactly of the good. And then you were . . ."

"Kind of a bitch," I finish for her.

"I'll never admit that's what I was going to say," Faith says and I can tell she's smiling. "At least, not if I want to see you naked in the near future . . . or in a couple of hours."

"That's a good idea," I respond as I smile.

Faith doesn't say anything for a minute and I'm about to ask again but then she starts up again. "I guess I realized I liked you once we really started working as a team. I'd notice little things about you, like that little half smile and the way you'd look good even after slaying a group of vamps." She pauses. "But you were with Angel so I thought I'd be okay with friends or whatever we were."

"I guess it was a complicated school year."

"I have a feeling everything about you and this town is complicated."

I laugh. "Hey, don't judge until you've been through at least two apocalypses."

"Good point."

Faith leans down and kisses my neck before there's a silence between us again. There's an action movie on and I think Faith is busy getting lost in the multiple explosions and fight scenes. I close my eyes and concentrate on the feeling of my girlfriend's body on mine, my back pressed against her chest.

My mind starts going through ways I can tell my mom about Faith. I don't want my relationship with her to be a secret. I do love her and I'm not going to hide that. Now the timing has to be right so I can tell my mom.

I wonder if the timing will be right tonight.

"Hey, stop thinking those deep and meaningful thoughts," Faith says quietly in my ear. "We're supposed to be relaxing and you've got a weird look of determination on your face."

"How can you see my face?"

She laughs quietly. "I can see your reflection, B."

"You think my mom is cool?" I ask, trying to change the subject even though it's probably temporary.

"Yeah, she is." Faith laughs again. "Your mom actually cares, B. Think about it: your mom actually worries about you. My mom never did anything like that. I was always on my own but you don't have that. Your mom wants to be in your life, even after all the slaying stuff. That's kinda cool."

I guess she had a point. My mom has had to deal with a lot of my issues the past couple years. There was all the drama with Angel then having to deal with the fact her daughter is a slayer and dating a vampire. Hell, she had to deal with the realization that there are things like vampires, witches and demons. I'd say she's handled everything remarkably well considering.

More or less, anyway.

"I guess she is pretty cool . . . for a parent, that is."

We laugh and Faith starts watching the movie again. After a few minutes one of her hands manages to slip into my robe and she caresses my skin lightly. She must have some sort of angle because this robe I'm wearing is suddenly getting very hot.

Her hand moves over my stomach then inches its way up to my breast. My breath hitches once she reaches it, first moving her palm over it then playing with my nipple with her fingers. I start breathing heavily when she starts doing that and I'm instantly wet again.

No wonder she wanted this afternoon to be clothing optional.

"Faith . . ."

"I can't not touch you, B," she whispers in my ear. "It's all I can think about now."

"It's all I can think about now, too," I manage to get out.

She laughs. "I think we have time for a little more fun before we need to get dressed."

This seriously is the best day ever.

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