Title:  Solo Dance


Author:  Lynio (lynio@yahoo.com)


Summary:  Sequel to Go-Go Dance.  A/U with Faith as the Vampire Slayer and Buffy as a Private Dancer.


Rating:  NC-17 


Disclaimer:  All characters don’t belong to me.  You know who owns them.  I’m just taking them for a joy ride.


Pairing:  F/B  What else is there?


Dedication:  To Vic, the Master Soloist.  And to all the other solo dancers out there, you’re not alone.


Beta’d:  Val, my mentor who motivates me to write because she believes in me.  I thank you.







Faith’s POV



Wow, Buffy looked so beautiful after she came that I couldn’t help but kiss her.  That was some kiss, too.  I had never kissed anyone like that before, so slow and sweet.  She hypnotized me and pulled me into her world with everything happening in slow motion.  No one has ever had that effect on me.


Her supple breast felt so damn good and was just the right size, fitting perfectly in my hand.  Bet it would fit nicely in my mouth too.  The thought alone makes my mouth water.  Damn, she makes me “horngry,” that’s horny and hungry at the same time.  It’s about time I coined a word for it cuz I’m always in that state, especially after a good slaying.


She was so wet when I ran my finger through her warm, swollen lips.  I was this close to dipping my finger inside her but I held back.  I wanted to save that for later when I could take my time and do it properly.  If it had been any other girl, I would’ve taken her right then and there.  Knowing that B is a virgin to women, I didn’t want her first fuck with a girl to be in some smoky club with a bunch of horny dykes watching.  I’m considerate like that. 


You wouldn’t view what we just did as fucking would ya?  There was no penetration so wasn’t that just heavy petting?  I did have the go-ahead signal to run to home plate but decided to stay on third.  It sure didn’t stop her from getting off; she almost blew out my eardrum when she came.  I love it when a girl is not afraid to be loud during sex; it’s a major turn on for me.


We left the club and started walking down the street toward my bike when. . .


“Grrrrrrrrrrrrrummmmmbbbbblllllleee.”  I grab my stomach.


“A little hungry, Faith?”


“Like you wouldn’t believe, B.  Wanna grab something to eat?”


“Sure, I’m kind of hungry myself actually.”


“Must be from all that energy you just burned off from DANCING.”  I give her my trademark wink.


“Yeah, must be.  You did have a HAND in it, Faith.”  She counters back with a smile.


I chuckle at her.  This girl is quick I tell ya, can’t get anything past her.


“No, B.  It was more of a FINGER on it.”  Oh, but I can be quicker and raunchier.


She starts to blush and playfully pushes me away.  We get into another laughing attack recalling our live performance.  I must admit I can get used to this girl.  She cracks me up and keeps me on my toes with her sharp wit.


It’s frickin’ cold out tonight and I notice B is freezing her ass off.  I guess I should give her my leather jacket since I can handle the cold temp better, being super-human and all.  I try to remove it but she stops me.  Instead she wraps her arms around me from inside my jacket and places her head on my shoulder. 


What.  The.  Fuck?  I’m not used to being woman-handled like this.  My nipples stand in attention at the shock of her cold arm against my bare back. 


Woah, down twins, we’re not gettin’ lucky; she’s just using us as a heater.   


“Mmmmm, much warmer.” 


She peers up at me and smiles contently.  Damn, how can I deny her with a face like that?  My body surrenders and I decide to just go with it.  I smirk back and swing my arm over her shoulder, pulling her closer and wrapping more of my jacket around her.  As I press her against me, her rock hard nipple pokes the side of my breast.  I lean into her, getting more of her perkiness against me and slyly sway my shoulders as I walk to get some friction. 


Hey, I might as well cop a feel while she’s next to me, right?  Mmmmm, she’s getting me so wet and hot from the contact.  I could get used to this.


We head down to the nearest open diner walking like lovers do.  Wait a minute. What the hell is goin’ on?  Are we a couple now?  I never had a steady girlfriend or boyfriend, just the occasional fuck buddy, so I wouldn’t know.  I’ve never been this happy just by being around somebody.  Hell, I’ve never been happy period.  I had a pretty fucked up childhood growing up.  It was only when I became a Slayer that I had a sense of purpose in my life.  I still don’t trust people right off the bat.


Still, there’s something about B that keeps me wanting more.  She’s like no one I’ve ever met before.  She’s caring, sweet, and trusting, but there’s a crazy, confident, spunky side to her at the same time.  This girl doesn’t hold back anything either, she’s brutally honest and can hold her own against my constant flirting.  In fact, this chick can dish it out too.  She’s made me blush more than once and that’s pretty damn hard to do.  Not to mention give me a mind-blowing “O” from just a lap dance, now that’s quite an accomplishment.  I gotta hand it to her; this babe’s got my attention.


I open the diner door for her and motion my hand for her to enter first.  Hey, I can be a gentleman or gentlewoman, that is, when I want to be.  I tried to give her my jacket earlier, remember?  Okay, so I did take a little advantage of our closeness to get off a little.  Can you blame me?  Never said I was a saint.


We walk in and get seated in a booth.   






Buffy’s POV



We sit across from each other and I’m able to see her face for the first time in the light since being in the club.  I can’t stop staring at her; she’s so gorgeous.  Does she know how attractive she is?  She seems so oblivious to the appreciative looks people give her as she passes.


I wish we were sitting next to each other so I could still wrap my arms around her.  She kept me so warm; I didn’t want to leave her side.  Even though we’re now indoors and out of the cold, I can’t help but miss her body heat and touch.


The waitress returns to take our order.  I select the garden salad with Italian dressing on the side and orange juice.  Faith orders two bacon cheeseburgers with fries, Buffalo wings, and a diet coke.  She makes the waitress repeat it to make sure she got everything.  


“That’s a pretty large order, Faith.  Are you sure you’ll be able to eat all that?”


“I’m sure. . . I have a pretty big appetite.”


“Where do you hide it?  I don’t see how you can maintain your sexy figure eating like that?” 


Oops, did I just slip and call her sexy?


“Don’t worry, babe, I burn my calories not store ‘em.”


“What sort of physical activities do you like to burn your calories with, Faith?”


“I’d tell ya, B.  But, I think it’ll be more fun if I SHOW you, one of these days.” 


Faith winks at me and grins so wickedly it sends shivers down my body.  I’m left flustered and speechless by her innuendo.  Boy, I lead myself into that one didn’t I?


This girl is a master at flirting and seducing.  She can literally charm the pants off of you.  If they were handing out belts for this talent, she would be a black belt.  This femme fatale could have you on your back and naked in 60 seconds flat if she really wanted to.  Those lucky enough to be chosen by her wouldn’t know what hit them.  She’s so fast.


I’ve never met anyone like Faith before.  If only she was a guy, it would be perfect.  Well, maybe not, those “Grade A” Boobs would look very unattractive on a guy.  She’s so carefree and full of energy.  She tries to pull off this tough girl image but I can see through her act.  She may be cocky and super witty but underneath it all she can be cute, shy, and respectful.


When our food arrives, I can’t stop looking at how sensuous her lips are as she eats.  She even makes the act of eating food seem sexy.  She doesn’t bother using a napkin whenever sauce spills around her mouth.  That tongue of hers is able to slide around those full, succulent lips and clean it up in no time.  I’m getting wet just watching her; imagining other things that talented tongue of hers can do. 


The thought of it makes me squirm in my chair, and I’m trying not to be so obvious about the way she’s affecting me.  Faith exudes sex without even trying.  I’m having trouble thinking, seems all the blood has rushed from my brain to below my waist.  My panties are drenched once again, not that there was even time in between soakings to dry off.  I’m going to have to start wearing pantiliners whenever I see her, if she keeps this up.


I’m glad she’s not very talkative.  I can’t carry on a conversation with her being this horny.  She appears completely satisfied just eating her meal, occasionally glancing at me and smiling.  The silence is actually comfortable and my body is just happy to be in her company. 


After finishing our meal, she pays the bill and gives me a ride back home.  I didn’t want   this night to end yet.  My mom is away on a business trip and won’t be home until tomorrow morning.  Would it make me look too easy if I asked her to stay?


We’re standing in front of my doorway waiting for the other to make the first move. 


“Would you like to come inside and have some coffee or something?” 


*God Buffy, can you be anymore obvious in offering yourself to her?*  I might as well have said “Coffee, tea or me.”  I’m embarrassed at my lack of subtlety.  I drop my head and examine my shoes. 


Faith then takes my hands and pulls me closer to her.  I lift my head back up to find her staring directly at my lips.


She leans in and plants a kiss fully on my lips.  I’m floating on air.  She gives me an open-mouthed wet kiss but not enough to quench my thirst for her.  Our heads are slightly tilted, and our lips are moving in sync.  Her tongue barely leaves her mouth to lick my upper lip.  Just when I was getting into it, she pulled back and our lips made that smacking sound when our mouths parted.  This girl really knows how to tease.


“I’m sorry, I should go.  I’ll call you, okay?  Goodnight B.” 


Not even giving me a chance to respond, she gave me a quick peck, squeezed my hands before letting them go, and turned to walk back to her bike.  She revved up her Harley but didn’t ride off until I was safely indoors.  I waved goodbye to her before closing the front door. 


I’m disappointed she didn’t come inside but in a way I’m relieved.  Believe it or not, I’m usually more prudish when it comes to sex.  Just because I work at an exotic dance club doesn’t make me loose.  That’s a common misconception.  I’ve only had a couple of sexual partners and not because there weren’t offers.  Believe me, there have been plenty of offers, from clients to co-workers.  I’m just very selective and not the kind of girl to put out on the first date, but Faith is making me want to break all my rules. 






Faith’s POV



What the HELL am I doing? 


I could’ve HAD her right then and there.  She was practically beggin’ for it. 


As much as I wanted to accept her invitation and have my wicked way with her, I just couldn’t do it.  I’m holding myself back because once we do the deed, I might not want her anymore.  That’s how I usually am after I get some.  I’m gone.  This way I’m prolonging it as much as possible.  Trying to stay in control of my hormones is really difficult for me.  Restraint is not something I usually practice; unless of course it involves ropes or handcuffs during the act.  


What we did on that platform was just the beginning of all the things I want to do with her.  I’m not finished with her yet.  I got lost in the moment and had to sample the goods.  I figure if I just get a nibble here and there, I’ll keep coming back for more.  Trouble with me is I usually can’t stop at just one bite; I want to have it all in one sitting.  


I’m enjoying her company way too much and wanna keep seein’ her.  I like how she didn’t babble and talk a lot at the diner.  I hate it when girls talk like there’s no tomorrow.  Sometimes I just like to enjoy my meal in peace.  It’s like that Carl’s Jr. slogan “I’m eating don’t bother me.”


I’m back at my apartment regretting my decision, because I’m horny as hell for her.  She already has me drenched just from holding her hands and kissing her.  I’m about ready to cream the more I think about her.  I enter the bathroom to get ready for bed, and right when I was about to wash my hands; I remember where my hand had been just a few hours ago. 


I look at myself in the mirror and I can’t help but smirk at the thought.  I bring the blessed finger to my nose and inhale deeply.  Having a Slayer’s keen sense of smell does have its perks.  I can still smell the faint scent of her pussy and it arouses me more.  Fuck, I want to head back to her house and jump her right now.  This is too much for me.   


Listening to her voice just might satisfy me.  She gave me her number again maybe I should just call her and apologize for my abrupt exit.  I strip and hop onto bed with the phone.  I dial her number and my heart starts doing somersaults.  What the fuck, you’d think I never called a girl before.  I take a deep breath to gain control of my body.  After the third ring, I was ready to hang up when she finally answered the phone.




“Hello B, it’s me Faith.  Is it too late?”


“Hi Faith. No, it’s okay, I’m in bed but still awake”


“I just wanted to apologize for bailing on ya. I really wanted to stay, it’s just. . .”


“You don’t have to explain.  I understand, really.  It’s going a little too fast for me too.”


Man, can this girl read my mind?  She’s amazing.


“I had a great time tonight, Faith.  Thanks for taking me to my first lesbian club.”


“Anytime, B.” 


“It was quite an experience.  I think we might’ve been banned from the club.”


“What are you talking about?  We now have lifetime memberships, girlfriend.  We’ve become celebrities, never have to wait in line or pay the cover there again.”


“Maybe, but they might expect a little more than dancing from us if we go back.”


“Not up for a repeat, B?”


“Oh, I’m up for it Faith, just not in front of a hundred horny girls next time.”


“So there WILL be a next time, huh?”


“What do you think?  In fact, someone could be having some right now if they hadn’t chickened out.”


“Oh, don’t tease me like that.  I’m already kicking myself for leaving.  Besides, who said I wasn’t having any right now?”


I look down and find myself two fingers deep in my pussy.  I grunt into the phone for emphasis.  Fuck trying to keep it a secret from her.  That’s what she gets for teasing me. 


“Faith, don’t tell me you’re doing what I think you’re doing.”


“Okay, I won’t tell ya.  Mmmmmmmmmmmm.”


I’m lying naked on my bed already excited and started playing with myself as soon as I heard her say hello.  I’m so worked up from earlier, it’s not gonna take much to pop my cork.  I went straight for gold and started rubbing my clit.  Hey, I’m not ashamed, nothing wrong with going solo every now and then. 


“Don’t tell me you never touch yourself, B.  You gotta relieve yourself somehow.”


“I think you already did some of that relieving for me tonight, remember?”


“Oh yeah, that was nice, very nice.”  I’m pumping into my pussy faster at the memory of feeling her come against me.


“Yes, you really hit the spot, Faith.”


“So you don’t mind if I. . . unngh,”  I grunt out loud when my thumb brushes lightly across my swollen clit, “take care of my business while talking to ya, huh B?”  I’m breathing heavier and my voice deepens into a raspy whisper.


“I guess it’s only fair since I didn’t return the favor.” 


“Oh B, what do you think you did during the lap dance?  I’m the one. . . returning . . . favor.”  It’s getting harder and harder to form sentences.


The wet clicking sound I’m making breaks the silence in my apartment, bringing me closer and closer.  My hips are thrusting rhythmically off the bed moving in tune to my two-fingered hand jive.  Her sweet, young, sexy voice is my music.


“Really?  You had the same effect on me that night.  To be honest, it was actually the first one I had with you, not tonight’s.”


Oh god, B admitting that she came right along with me during the lap dance brought me over the edge.  The same effect her moan had on me that very first night. 


I let out a low, deep groan releasing my climax.  “Ohhhh. . . mmmph . . .fuck yeah.”  I mumble out.  


My walls tighten around my slicked fingers.  I pull them out of me with a nasty sucking sound. The fact that she probably heard it is only making me come harder.  I’m pressing down teasingly against my clit.  This is how I make my orgasm last.  I roll to my side squeezing my legs together; crossing them at the ankles.  I thrust my hips pressing my clit against my stiffened fingers.  The thought of how her mouth would feel on my dripping pussy is pushing me over that edge again.  I’m milking every last drop of cum out of me when a second wave of spasms course through my walls jolting my clit.  I can keep on doing this and squeeze out at least four multiples easy but I sorta have company at the moment; so I’ll stop for now.


Damn, that sure was a nice one; my clit is still throbbing from it.  I’m trying hard to catch my breath so I can say something to B.  It seems like forever before I can manage to voice anything.  The phone is still against my ear but B is silent on the other end.


“Still there, B?”


“Uh . . . yes, I’m here.  Did you just. . .?”


“Uh-huh, that was . . . Whew.  Thanks.”


“Guess that makes us even, two for two.”


“Yes it does for now, but I’m about to break that record, B.”


My hand starts trailing back down for a second round of hand jive.  Never could stop at just one. . .   




The End