by Hayley

Chapter Four

Naptime is excellent.

Since Tyler was born it's become my favorite time of day. He sleeps for awhile, I sleep for awhile and everyone wakes up in a better mood. It's gotten to the point where I look forward to it during the day.

So there's got to be a damn good reason why Faith feels the need to interrupt my glorious naptime because if she did it without a reason, I'm gonna be more than a little pissed.

I've been out of the hospital for twelve days and everyone's been making me take it easy, most of all Faith. At first I kept telling everyone that I have slayer healing and I only needed a couple days before getting back into everything but Faith was having none of it and I gave up on arguing. It's kind of nice being taken care of.

Being taken care of right now should include uninterrupted naptime though and Faith is not doing that. As soon as Tyler was asleep I relaxed on the couch and I couldn't have been asleep more than 30 minutes before I'm being kissed. It's only for a few seconds but it's enough to wake me up. When I open my eyes Faith is smiling at me.

"Sleeping during naptime again?" she asks. "Are you feeling okay, B?"

She lifts up my feet and sits down, putting my feet on her lap. I look at her and she looks a little stressed even though she's smiling. Giles is having her do a lot of what I normally do at headquarters and she still takes lots of calls from her center in Miami so it probably feels like she's being pulled at both ends. It's one of the reasons I think I should be working and patrolling like I normally do. She has to be tired.

After our first kiss in the hospital, we tiptoed around it for about a day. There was a constant stream of visitors so we didn't have any time to discuss it but once we finally had the room to ourselves we talked. It was probably the first time I've ever really talked to Faith with all her walls down and even though it was weird at first, it turned out to be one of the best things I've ever done.

We asked each other about relationships which really was me asking her if she was single. She already knew my life revolved around Tyler so there was zero questions about my availability. It turned out there were only a few flings since she'd left but otherwise she was as single as can be. She admitted she'd been having feelings for me so I did, too. Then there were smoochies. It was a really good talk.

"I'm fine. I like taking advantage of Ty's naps," I say. "It's all I can do since some people won't let me teach or patrol."

"I suppose I'm included in some people," Faith says, laughing a little. "You were kinda beat up a lot, you know? It's okay to take it easy for awhile."

"Most of us were injured." I sit up more so I can be closer to her. I really want to kiss her but that can wait for a few minutes. We'll get distracted if I do. "Everyone else is back like normal. You even got your cast off in a week thanks to slayer healing which I also have."

"Fine," she sighs out, "I'm sure Giles wants you back anyway. I'm starting to think he doesn't like how I run things."

"Why would you think that?"

"He's always has that disapproving look when I'm doing anything." She pulls me a little closer and I can't help but smile. "I bet you never get that look."

I shake my head. "Oh, I get that look. I think it's something he has to do or else he goes through some kind of watcher withdrawal."

Faith smiles before leaning in and kissing me. It's soft and light which is how it always seems to start with us. When we first talked in the hospital and then later when I was released we decided to try and take it slow. There are so many unknowns when it comes to us. There's a lot of baggage, too, and I know I don't want any of that to get in the way of what I'm feeling for Faith especially when I'm trying to figure out exactly what I'm feeling.

The only problem is while my brain is telling me to go slow every other part of me is going for the exact opposite. I have a strong feeling Faith is having the same problem as I am because every time we make out her hands wander a lot. Even now she's pulled me onto her lap as we continue to kiss.

When we break away Faith rests her forehead against mine and lets out a slow breath. "This going slow stuff is hard."

I laugh quietly. It's not like all we've been doing is handholding and giving each other pecks on the cheek. There's been lots of groping and the last couple nights Faith's even been sleeping in my bed with me. I've been feeling bad that she's had to sleep on my couch for weeks. It can't be all that comfortable and honestly, I can't even begin to describe how great it felt to have her next to me.

"We haven't been going that slow."

She kisses my neck a few times. "Every time we're like this everything in me is screaming that I should be getting you naked and we should be getting to know each other better back in your room."

When she lifts her head it's my turn to kiss her and she tightens her hold on me when I do. I only let it last for a couple seconds though. Maybe she's got a point. "You might have a point with the going slow."

I'm pretty sure I've never seen Faith grin the way she is right now and I think she's about to pick me up. "Let's go."

Sure enough, she's standing and I have to jump out of her arms because I'm sure if I didn't right then I'd be on my bed and naked in a matter of seconds. "Not now, Faith. Tyler could be up from his nap soon and don't you have to patrol later?"

"Okay," Faith says but keeps her arms around me, "but tonight after Ty's asleep we'll have a little fun. There's no way I'm patrolling now."

Faith ordered pizza for dinner and Tyler was asleep not too long after that so now it's just me and Faith.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous but it's not because it's Faith or the fact that I've never had sex with another girl before. No, it's because it's been awhile and that's making me think twice about everything.

The last person to see me naked was, well, Tyler's dad and that was before pregnancy and childbirth. That thought is making me very self-conscience and I don't want to talk to Faith about it. I don't want her to think my nervousness has anything to do with her. It's all about me and my stupid over-thinking brain right now.

When I walk back to the living room from Tyler's room I see Faith's sitting on the couch, feet up on the coffee table. She's got a bottle of beer in her hand and I wonder if she's actually as relaxed as she looks. I sit down next to her and she grins.

"Little guy's asleep?"

I nod. "No fussing tonight either."

Faith sits up and sets her bottle on the coffee table before pulling me close. Her arm is around me in a second and I'm already starting to get a little turned on. "I'm sure he'll stay asleep for awhile. We had a little talk earlier."

"You seriously had a talk with my little boy about the fact you wanna get lucky tonight?" I can't help but laugh at the look on her face. She looks so determined.

"Damn right I did," she says and even though she looks serious she's got a little smirk on her face. "I told him we'd play all day, that I'd get him whatever he wanted if he would be a good boy and sleep for at least a few hours."

I keep laughing for a moment then lean in and kiss her lightly. Faith uses that as an opportunity to pull me as close as she can and deepens the kiss. I think there's moaning on both sides at that and I shake off any nerves I have and move to straddle her legs.

Without even breaking the increasingly hot kissing we've started, Faith wraps her arms around me and stands. My legs instinctively wrap around her waist and our arms wrap around each other as she begins to walk us back to the bedroom.

Once we get there she lets me down and then everything moves both fast and in slow motion. I know that doesn't even seem possible but that's how it starts to feel. It's like my brain both wants to get to the good parts and make everything last forever at the same time.

Faith gives me the gentlest kiss before we begin to take each other's clothes off. There are kisses and touches with each piece of clothing we take off. It feels like maybe we should be moving a little faster since who knows if we'll be interrupted before we really get into it but I like the pace we're moving at. We have a chance to explore but it still feels fast because before I even realize it we're both completely naked and Faith moving us more toward the bed.

"You look amazing, B," Faith says quietly as we lie down and I know I'm blushing at that. When we got to the bedroom I almost turned off all the lights so I wouldn't be so self-conscious about how I look but Faith distracted me so I didn't think of it. There's still a lamp on in the corner so I can't hide any imperfection. "You always have."

There's so much I want to say back but then we're kissing instead so I don't really have the opportunity. We start by lying on our sides and concentrating on kissing which gives me the chance to move my hands over Faith's body. Outside of the occasional scar and of course, the one I gave her, her skin is so smooth. I want to touch every inch of her.

Faith takes control after a few minutes and then all I can do is moan out as she goes about kissing every inch of my body. The feel of her lips and soft yet strong hands is beyond words and it's not like I could form any at the moment anyway. I try my best to keep kind of quiet but she seems intent to finding every one of my sensitive spots.

I'm able to do the same which is just as incredible as Faith exploring my body. Every inch of her is like a work of art and I take my time moving my hands and lips over her. As much time as she lets me anyway. I don't think Faith's completely comfortable with the attention I give her and it's not long before she's pulling be back level with her.

After that everything's a sex-induced blur. She kisses and licks every inch of me again, going about making me feel amazing, before we start kissing and her fingers go to work. After that, it's her tongue and then I try my best to make her feel as incredible as she's doing for me which I'm not sure I'm able to do but since she has a hard time keeping quiet I know I'm doing something right.

Then we both end up coming again and again for what feels like hours.

When I don't think I can take anymore, Faith collapses on top of me. I keep my arms wrapped around her tightly, loving the feel of her skin pressed against mine. The moment is absolutely perfect except when I remember this later I won't be sweating this much. Both of us are covered in sweat and breathing heavy due to show active we've been. Even with that this moment is still incredible and for me it's very romantic.

Faith starts kissing my chest and shoulder, making her way back up to my lips. We kiss gently and it's all kinds of hot but I'm spent at this point. I'm gonna need at least a couple hours sleep to get my strength back.

She rests her head on my chest against when we break away. "That was so incredible."

I smile as I catch my breath. "Yeah?"

Faith moves so she can look at me while still half resting on me. "Definitely, B." She kisses my shoulder. "Really amazing."

"I was a little nervous," I admit as I rub her back lightly. "Still am."

"Wanna know a secret?" Faith asks with a small smile. "If you were nervous 'cause of the whole girl thing, well . . . you're kinda my first."

That's news to me. We never really talked about past relationships outside of that we were free to pursue whatever was happening with us. I kind of assumed that Faith had experimented at one time or another though so I was thinking she would be taking the lead because of that.


Faith nods. "I think it means more to me 'cause it was with you."

There's so much I can say to that but I think it would ruin the moment. Instead, we kiss again before I pull the covers over us and reach over to turn off the lamp. Faith does something then that I didn't expect from her. I can figure that the night would end with me falling asleep in her arms but it ends up being the other way around. She lets out a sigh as she closes her eyes and settles into my arms.

Faith likes to be held. Who knew?

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