by Hayley

Chapter Thirteen

This whole wedding planning stuff is supposed to be fun and not stressful, right?

It's completely making me lose my mind and not because I'm not getting what I want. It's that the planning is going so slow.

It's been four months since Faith's accident and her proposing to me. I said yes, of course. We'd been together so long I'd never really thought of making it official. We'd talked more about her adopting Tyler and changing his last name to Lehane than us getting married. Once she said it though all it did was made me wonder why we hadn't done it sooner.

Even though four months seems like a long time, we've decided basically nothing. We keep having little arguments on where it should be, when it should be, who we should invite and so on and so on. The whole Miami versus Cleveland debate alone took a couple months.

She won that battle but only because then we could have a beautiful, outdoor wedding if we want. That's what I like to say anyway. Really it was mostly Faith showing off her romantic side one night that ended with some amazing sex. In the morning she asked again about it, I was too exhausted and too content to say no.

We've made a couple other decisions but we're so busy with everything else that we haven't had time to do much else. The kids are more than a handful and then there's all the center work and headquarters. There's not a lot of time for wedding planning and even though we can afford the best wedding planner, I would rather do it myself.

The biggest situation we've had to deal with was that Johnny found out about what Faith and I really are and what we do. He came back to the hospital the next day and wanted an explanation immediately but Faith convinced him that we could explain everything better once she was out of the hospital.

I think the first surprise he had was that she was out of the hospital and wanting to talk to him the next day. That did help us a little in getting him to believe everything we were telling him about slayers, vampires, demons and the like. He got to see slayer healing first hand.

He brought Angela with him and while the kids played in the guest room we told them everything. It took a couple hours of them repeating the same questions over and over and having us demonstrate slayer strength a few times for them to believe everything but they did.

Faith's fears about the whole thing ended up to be completely baseless. While they weren't thrilled that things like vampires were actually real, Johnny did like the fact someone with Faith's strength was in charge of the center. He said he always wondered why she was fearless in standing up to people who looked like they could break her in two and now it all made sense.

That's all we're telling in Miami though. Faith still doesn't want anyone to know and I bet she's kicking herself for getting hurt in Miami since that made Johnny find out. If that would've happened in Cleveland it wouldn't have been an issue.

But that's all settled now and we really need to keep making decisions on the wedding but all we've been doing is playing with the kids in the pool today. Both Tyler and Nick love the water and since they were good all morning and it's a Saturday, we decided today would be a good day to do nothing.

"Mommy, Mommy, watch me!"

I'm holding Nick in the shallow end but Faith has Ty in a deeper area. He's got those water wings or whatever on but he's standing on the edge of the pool getting ready to jump into Faith's arms. I really hate it when he does that even if I trust Faith to catch him.

He gets a real cute look of determination on his face then jumps as far into the pool as he can. It looks like he's actually trying to jump over Faith but she's quick and moves enough to catch him with no problems. She laughs and dunks him a little before showing him he can float again.

"Faith, I really don't like it when you do that. It can't be safe."

"He's fine, B." Faith looks at me as she holds Tyler's arms as he kicks and splashes around. "If you were throwing Nicky into the pool that's one thing but Ty's fine."

"That's not the point. It's still not safe."

Faith only shrugs before turning her attention back to Tyler, keeping him close to her as she tosses a ball toward the basketball hoop she has at one end of the pool. It goes in and they celebrate by splashing each other.

I shake my head as I smile and look down at Nick. He may only be six months old but he already likes the pool, babbling as he smiles and slaps at the water. I've only had him in the pool for about 15 minutes this time but I think it's time for us to dry off and for him to get his little hat on. I always get a little nervous he's getting too much sun.

"Come on, sweetie," I say to him, "let's get you out of the sun."

We get out and I walk over to the patio table and set him down in his chair that I had placed under the umbrella earlier. His eyes go right to Faith and Tyler still playing in the pool and he starts to whine a little but once I begin to dry him off a little he slows before he can get into all out crying. It probably helps that he's ticklish and the towel tickles his skin.

Nick's already getting so big and even though it was like this with Tyler, I can barely believe it. He looks a lot like Faith, too. He has the biggest brown eyes, dimples and I know he's gonna have her brown hair. Hopefully, he'll be taller than both of us though, or at least me.

What's kind of funny is the amount of strangers who tell Faith how much Tyler looks like her. I think he more acts like her than anything else but since he has light brown hair and hazel eyes I'm sure it's not a stretch for people to see a resemblance. Not when he's messing around with Faith anyway.

We've been out here for a couple hours now, taking them out here after they got up from their naps, and it's getting late in the afternoon. "Faith, I think it's time to go in."

She grins and picks up Tyler before walking toward the steps. "Come on, Ty. I bet it's time to get you some food."

"Ice cream!"

Damn Faith for thinking that was cute the first time he said it because now he says it any time we say it's time to eat. I only shake my head at them as I pick up Nick and walk inside. Faith walks in a couple minutes later with Tyler wrapped in a huge towel.

Faith sets him down in a chair at the table then walks over to me, giving me a light kiss. "So after we put these two to bed later we can continue with the wedding planning, right?"

She winks at me and I laugh. Anytime we put the boys down for a nap or to sleep for the night with the intent of planning out the wedding we end up fooling around. "Maybe we'll actually get to the wedding planning part."

"Where's the fun in that?"

Faith gives my ass a little squeeze as she walks by me and into the kitchen. The only response I can give is to try my best to hide my blush. I have a feeling this planning with take much, much longer than we need.

"You know what we should do?"

I look up at Faith as I sit on our bed. Both boys are finally asleep and it was a tiring experience. "What?"

Faith takes off her shirt that Nick spit up on before he finally decided it was time to sleep and now I'm distracted by her walking around in her bra. "We should get married in a hospital."

She has got to be kidding. "Why would you ever get that idea?"

"Think about it, B. Our first kiss was in that hospital in Cleveland. I asked you to marry me in one. It would be fitting to seal the deal in one."

"No, it would be sad," I clarify. "People get married in hospitals because they have to, not because it's fitting."

She smirks. "What? You don't want a theme wedding?"

"Not like that I don't."

Faith laughs at the look on my face. "Hey, it's just an idea. We haven't set a date or where in Miami we'll have the ceremony or anything."

"That's because you get all naked when you get bored with the conversation and we end up having sex," I say.

"You have to admit that it a great way to end any conversation."

I laugh. "Only when we've actually decided something before we get to the sex part."

Faith walks over to me and pulls me up so I'm standing. She's still only got that lacy black bra on so I know if I took my shirt off I could feel her skin against mine and now it's all I can think about. Damn her for being so freaking hot.

"Fine," she says before lightly kissing me, "tomorrow we'll sit down and decide some stuff. We can talk about a beach wedding and what the boys should do and all that."

I smile at her as I relax in her arms. "A beach wedding?"

"I kinda thought that's why you caved on Miami so yeah," Faith says quietly. "That way everyone can be more casual and then we can have a huge party afterwards."

"Here I've been stressing out about it and you've already started planning without me," I say. "I keep worrying about dates and who we should invite from Cleveland 'cause we'll have to fly everyone down and . . ."

Faith stops me with a kiss which I appreciate because my internal, frantic babble runs through my head whenever someone brings up the wedding. I wrap my arms around her and return the kiss as I relax in her arms.

When we break apart Faith smiles at me and moves so we both sit down on the bed. "You know we can always hire someone to help us if you want it to be huge or whatever. I spare no expense for you, baby."

"I can do it." I pause for a moment. "I guess I'd like some help from Willow or Dawn but they either need to be here or I need to go up there."

"So maybe they can spend a weekend down here. If you wanna go off with them and look at flowers or dresses or stuff I have zero interest in, I can watch Ty and Nicky and the three of you can go off and do your thing."

I lean against her as I feel her lips press against my head. "You know you damage your rep as a badass every day you're with me, right? I don't think you can even call yourself that now."

She laughs. "I think this is where I prove to you that I'm as big of a badass as I ever was."

Neither says anything as she moves to take my shirt off. I'm sure I could come up with a snappy comeback but I really don't want to. I'd much rather let Faith quickly pull my shirt off and start working on my bra.

"I don't even know why we bother with these," Faith says as she tossing mine aside. "It's just another thing we have to take off each other at the end of the night before we get to the good stuff."

I laugh. "Only you would think of it that way."

Faith leans in and begins placing light kisses along my neck. "I know I'm not the only one who thinks that way. I think anyone who has a fiance as hot as mine would have to feel the same."

"I dunno," I start out as I lean into Faith in order to give her more access, "my fiance is pretty hot and I don't think I've ever thought of that."

She pulls away and raises an eyebrow at me. "You should choose your next words carefully, B."

I make sure to have a serious look on my face for a moment before I grin. "Come on, baby. You know how I feel about you. There's a reason I can't keep my hands off you even after the boys have completely drained all my energy."

"So I really am just that good?"

If I had a dollar every time she said that, I'd have as much money as she does. The only thing that saves her is that she is just that good. "I think it's time you prove it."

Faith smirks before leaning in and kissing me. It's only a few moments before it becomes passionate and even though we're both topless, we still have way too many clothes on for my liking. I nudge at her until she realizes we need to stand in order to take the rest of our clothes off and once we do, we try to keep kissing while getting each other's pants and panties off.

It's taken a few years but we have that dance down to an art form.

Once we're completely naked Faith basically tosses us back onto the bed which I barely notice. All I'm noticing is the feel of Faith's skin against mine and it's an incredible feeling. It overwhelms all of my senses as Faith begins to kiss and lick her way down my body.

Since we've been together for a few years, she knows where all my spots are and likes to hit them repeatedly if we think we have the time. Tonight she kisses behind my ear then down to my neck to my pulse point before she starts down my collarbone. It leaves me biting my lip because the kids are sleeping and I don't want them to wake up. Not only will it take time for us to get them to go back to sleep but it will seriously wreck the mood, too.

Once she reaches my breasts I'm lost in everything she's doing to be but when she starts to move down my stomach that's when I have to stop her. As much as I'd love for her to keep going, I really want to pay more attention to her.

One thing I don't think I'll ever get over is how giving a lover Faith is. When she used to brag about her conquests when we were young, I had always imagined that she wouldn't have much patience for slow or that she would only care about getting off. That's how I thought our first time would be like, too, when we first began dating. I really thought everything about sex with her would be hard and fast, that she didn't want it any other way.

As she moves back up my body and her eyes meet mine, the same way they have every time we've had sex, I'm shown that I've always underestimated Faith in that area. She has complete control over my body and I love every minute of it.

"I love you, Buffy," she whispers.

"I love you, too, Faith."

We kiss softly then and everything just melts away. All my stress about the wedding and how busy our lives are is not such a big deal anymore as I feel Faith's skin move against mine. It is probably the best feeling in the world.

I can tell Faith really wants to take control and pay more attention to me and while I love it when she does, I want her with me right now. Call me needy but what I want right now is to feel Faith pressed against me in all the right areas and I can wrap my arms around her and hold her tight against me.

That's what happens tonight, too. Faith begins to start up a rhythm with slow, deliberate thrusts that my body responds to instantly. We start out slow, taking the time to enjoy the feel of each other and kiss constantly. I love the feel of Faith's lips. I'll never get enough of them. I mean, there's no such thing as being kissed too much by her.

Everything slowly picks up speed as we keep going. The thrusts come quicker and are more insistent as we move in sync. Faith whispers things in my ear as we move faster, so quiet even I can barely hear them. It's something she started doing after she came back to me, when we decided living in two cities and splitting lives was worth it if it meant we could be together. It's nothing serious, just telling me how beautiful I am or that she loves me or something like that, but it makes everything so much more intimate.

We move against each other until we're practically sliding we're so covered in sweat and I can tell Faith's so close. Her breathing's short and timed with our thrusts and it's really all I can do to keep up with them. I grip her back tightly as I do and feel myself getting as close as I know Faith is.

Neither of us says anything but suddenly she lets out a cry into the pillow beneath me, coming hard all over me. I'm not far behind, the feel of her juices all over me being too much for me like always.

Our bodies begin to slow, riding out each other's orgasms. We keep kissing as we do, Faith still whispering to me, sometimes too soft for me to hear.

After a few minutes we slow to a stop and Faith collapses on top of me before moving a little off to the side. Not too much though since I keep my arms around her. She only moves away just enough to pull the sheets over us anyway. Then she moves close to me again.

"That . . . is always a good way to end a day."

"Definitely," I say as I laugh quietly.

Faith moves so she's more on her back then pulls me with her so I'm more on top of her for a minute. We simply relax against each other for awhile, basking in the aftermath or something like that. It can't last forever though because soon enough Faith is up and tossing shorts and a tank top my way.

"Sometimes I wish we had a guaranteed night where Nicky would sleep through the night and Ty wouldn't wander in here at three in the morning 'cause he woke up and can't get back to sleep."

"It'll never happen," I respond as I get up to put on my shorts.

Faith grins as she looks me up and down when I do. "I guess I'll just have to sneak peeks at you naked now."

"I think you got more than a peek earlier." I put my tank top on and crawl back into bed with Faith not far behind. "We should just be thankful we have this much alone time."

"Yeah," Faith says as she checks both monitors then moves so I can wrap my arms around her. She still says she sleeps best when she's in my arms. "How long before we're woken up?"

"I don't want to think about it. Let's just sleep."

"Mmm," Faith mumbles. "I bet three hours."

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