by Hayley

Chapter Ten

I really hate being this exhausted. It makes me feel like my two and a half year old can run all over me. He does, too, but being almost five months pregnant helps with that.

Faith and I are having a baby through no fault or initiative of our own either. The night our little bundle was conceived we were in Cleveland and everyone was getting ready to take out a gang of huge, nasty demons. We needed every experienced slayer we had and even then we thought it might get a little risky so Willow found a very powerful protection spell she could cast over each of us.

Then during the day Tyler came down with a fever and he was miserable. We tried to get him to calm down or fall asleep before it was time to get prepared to go but he was having none of it. He cried and cried for us to stay with him until we broke down and Faith volunteered to stay while I went with the girls to kill the demon gang doing some serious damage throughout the city. He wanted both of us but when Faith assured him she was not leaving he calmed down enough for me to be able to leave.

Willow cast the protection spell on each of us going, six total, and looking back on it now I did feel a little different but I didn't think much of it then. I was only concentrating on leading the group of girls so we were both successful and remain alive.

The great part was we were successful and took down every one of those large bastards. Because of the protection spell none of us were seriously injured but by the time I got home I was definitely feeling the rush of victory. Then things got even better because when I got back to the house Faith was waiting for me with a smile on her face because Tyler's fever broke and he had finally fallen asleep.

We had the most amazing sex that night. I was so worked up from patrol that once she said Ty was asleep I pretty much jumped her. After that it was a blur of clothes being thrown everywhere until we ended up in our bedroom and made love for hours. It was fast then slow and back to fast again. We only stopped when we weren't physically able to continue.

The next morning nothing seemed different so we continued our day to day like normal. We left for Miami a couple days later and stayed for three weeks. I felt fine the entire time we were there and nothing out of the ordinary happened. Tyler had a blast playing with the other little kids at the center and I started to set up a time and a little outline of what I wanted to do with a self-defense class. Faith even said she would help since we both know we can take a hit better than anyone else.

It was when we got back to Cleveland that everything went a little crazy. I started not to feel well every morning then I was late and not in the missing a doctor's appointment kind of way. Pregnancy was the last thing on my mind but everyone wanted me to go to a doctor so I went. And then I freaked the hell out.

Both Faith and I went completely white when we heard the results because it wasn't possible. There wasn't anyone else besides Faith so the first thought that entered my head was that it was a demon baby and I wanted it out.

Thankfully, my doctor knows the ins and outs of slaying because she is one so when I started talking about demons she didn't think I'd lost my mind. She helped calm me down then suggested I talk to Willow since Faith and I lack a key element in order to make a baby. The thought that there was something evil inside of me didn't leave even though we left the office calmer than we were inside.

No one at headquarters knew what to make of my "situation". The last time I had gone out on an intense patrol was when we hunted those demons so Giles and Willow researched them but couldn't find any spell that they would use. They also found that they didn't use human hosts to reproduce and I breathed a huge sigh of relief at that.

After three very long days of researching they found the answer and it was Willow's fault. Well, not directly her fault but she did choose the protection spell that apparently was responsible for getting me all knocked up.

Seriously, what kind of protection spell has getting pregnant as a side effect?

I guess it doesn't automatically get you pregnant but the warning that Willow didn't read was that whoever is being protected shouldn't have sex for 24 hours. We asked the other girls I was with if they'd met up with their boyfriends or, well, each other, after patrol and all of them said the most they did was raid the fridge and get some sleep.

You know what the best part was about all this research and finding out how I got pregnant? Everyone looked at me weird when I said Faith and I had sex once I got home. I really think it would've been weirder if I hadn't. I was worked up from patrol and had a superhot girlfriend waiting for me when I got home. It would've been a crime not to have some hot sex to end the night.

Willow ended the explanation with a joke that maybe it was a good thing Tyler was sick and Faith stayed behind. If we would've both gone out with the protection spell cast on each of us, we probably would've both would've ended up pregnant. We didn't exactly find that funny and Faith gave Ty a huge hug as soon as she saw him after we got our explanation of what happened. Both of us being pregnant would have been a disaster.

It was incredible news in the end though. I was definitely pregnant and it was Faith's baby. It was only after we heard the news did we allow ourselves to get excited but then it was amazing. We started making all these plans and I had to keep Faith from going overboard. Even though we have Tyler, this would be Faith's first time experiencing the whole pregnancy thing.

Since my doctor's in Cleveland, we're spending a few months in Miami right now before it becomes necessary to be closer to my doctor all the time. Faith's both protective and excited so she goes from wanting to buy everything a baby could possibly need to telling me I should take it easy.

Today I'm okay with taking it easy. This morning sickness is a bitch and it still hits me every once and awhile and then it lasts until mid afternoon. Faith left for the center by herself this morning because I wasn't feeling well but she insisted that Tyler stay with me. I think it would have been easier if he went with and got to play with the other kids there but Faith thinks it's cute that our son wants to take care of me when I don't feel well.

He's been doing his best today but he is only two so we've been watching shows and playing games. He should be napping right now which is why I've been lying down on the couch but I have a feeling he's just being real quiet. I swear I've heard him tiptoe out to the living room a couple times to check on me since that's what Faith wanted him to do.

Sure enough, when the front door opens I hear little feet run down the hall. "Mama!"

I don't have to see Faith to know how wide her grin is right now. She loves it when he calls her that.

"Hey, buddy." I can hear her give him a kiss and I bet she's picked him up. "Where's Mommy?"


It's only a few seconds before Faith is standing over me, Ty in her arms. "Are you feeling okay, B?"

I sit up a little and smile. "Yeah, I've just been resting while our son has been trying to silently check up on me."

Faith and Ty look at each other and smile. "Good job, Ty," Faith says as she tickles him, "but you know Mommy can hear you when you do that."

"I try harder," he says, nodding.

Both Faith and I laugh a little at that and she ruffles his light brown hair and sets him down. "How about we play outside a little before dinner?"

He nods happily before running back to his room. Once he's gone Faith kneels down next to me and we kiss lightly. There's still nothing better than kissing Faith. When she kisses me I feel a little more alive and so loved.

"Are you feeling better?" Faith asks as we break away.

I nod. "Felt fine about an hour ago but Tyler's so cute when he's trying to covertly check on me. Aren't you home early?"

"Yeah," Faith answers as she places a hand on my growing stomach, "but I thought I'd play around with Tyler a little."

I know there's more. "And?"

"I heard some weird rumors so I think there's some vamp activity in the city." She takes my hand and softly kisses it. "Thought I'd check it out."

Leave it to Faith to settle down in somewhat of a vampire hot spot. One of us patrols every couple nights and of course, now Faith does all the patrolling. Even though I told her I patrolled while I was pregnant with Tyler she's having none of it. She doesn't want to take any chances with this baby.

I place a hand over hers on my stomach. "Are you sure you don't wanna know the sex of the baby?"

"Yeah," Faith says, nodding. "I like the surprise and I don't care what we have as long as it's human." We both laugh a little. "And healthy, too."

"But what about gifts and clothes?" I've been seeing really cute little dresses when I'm out and about and I'd really like to know if I can start buying them. I knew that I was having a boy with Tyler so there weren't any hopes of little dresses. I kind of want that now.

"We don't need any of that, B. You want an excuse to buy baby clothes. I bet you've found yourself in the baby section of stores, looking at little onesies that have dorky sayings on them or maybe little dresses."

I can't help but smirk a little. "Maybe."

Faith rubs my pregnant stomach lightly. "You know if we have a little girl she's not gonna be wearing lots of little pink dresses. She's gonna be tougher than that."

"She can be tough and still wear little pink dresses."

"That's what you say now." She pauses. "You know, we could have a boy. I bet Ty would love to have a little brother."

We've told Tyler that in a few months he's gonna have a little brother or sister. He's excited about it, mostly because we told him he gets to be a big helper with the baby. He loves to help out.

"I think you would love that, too."

She grins, something she does any time we talk about the baby. We've started to get the nursery together in the spare bedroom here and we've finally decided to get a bigger house in Cleveland because we don't have room for a baby in our current one. When we fly back next week for my doctor's appointment we're going to decide on a new house and plan to move as soon as we can.

"You know, Johnny keeps joking about how we kept this huge secret from everyone and that he didn't know I was that good at keeping secrets."

"It's not like we could tell anyone here the truth."

The first time Tyler and I came here with Faith she said she decided right away that she wouldn't tell anyone about the slaying. She wasn't sure who would be able to handle it and didn't want to take the time to make that judgment call. She also didn't want to lose anyone who was good for the center because they were freaked out by the fact vampires and demons were real.

"Yeah, who knows what response we'd get? It's not like I could say 'my girlfriend had a protection spell cast on her 'cause she was fightin' a wicked huge demon and that made her amazingly fertile. Oddly enough, I just had to hit that when she got home and here we are.'"

I slap her arm playfully. "I hope that wouldn't have been what you would say if you could tell everyone here the real reason."

"I guess you'll never know."

Faith leans in to place a kiss on my stomach. I run a hand through her hair as she presses an ear against it as if she'll be able to hear what's going on inside. Every time she does it I imagine the baby kicking her right in the ear. It sounds bad but I'd probably laugh if it ever happened.

"How long did the feeling crappy last with Ty and when exactly did the horniness start? I wanna be prepared."

She smirks at me as she lifts her head a little and I laugh. "Like you ever need to be prepared."

"Oh, I think I do," she says. "I always wanna give you my A game."

"I think you always do," I respond as I try to pull her closer. "Maybe when you get back tonight we can take a bath together."

After one eventful night in the shower a year and a half ago we remodeled the master bath to include a whirlpool tub that can easily fit two people. I'm sure any house we buy in Cleveland will have something similar. It's the best way to end a day whether it's after patrol or after Ty's finally decided to fall asleep.

"I like the way you think, B." Faith leans in and gives me a light kiss.

We're still kissing when our little boy appears around the couch, looking like he's been attempting to change his clothes. It looks like he's been trying to take off his shirt but hasn't been successful.

He holds up his tropical-looking swim trunks to Faith. "Mama, help!"

Both of us chuckle a little. Playing outside for Tyler always equals going in the pool. He hasn't started any swimming lessons or anything but he loves splashing around with me and Faith. It's always a fun way to spend an afternoon.

Faith moves away from me and grabs Ty, tickling him and making him laugh. "Come here, you. Let's get changed."

I sit up and stand as Faith throws our giggling son over her shoulder and walk back toward his room. I guess we're spending some time in the pool.


"I can't believe you stayed up."

I rest my head against Faith's shoulder as we relax in the bathtub. "I always wait up."

After we tucked Tyler in tonight Faith left from some of the rougher parts of Miami and she didn't get back until just after one in the morning. She got some bruises and a couple cuts but she said she took out eleven vamps so I guess it wasn't all for nothing.

"I know but you shouldn't always be staying awake for me, baby," Faith says quietly. "You and the little one need to rest."

"I may have dozed off once or twice," I admit. "I want to make sure you're okay though. You do the same for me."

I feel Faith's lips on my shoulder and have to smile. Normally she would be the one leaning against me but since I got pregnant that's changed. Her arms are always around me, like she wants to protect me and the baby.

"If I'm this late next time maybe you should just go to sleep and I can join you in bed once I get cleaned up. That way I have the added bonus of slowly getting you naked, too."

Faith moves her hands over my body and I never thought I wouldn't be self-conscious about the fact I'm growing larger by the day. When I was pregnant with Tyler there were plenty of times where I felt absolutely disgusting. There's none of that this time and it's all because Faith is always telling me how beautiful I am.

"I guess in a few weeks staying awake might be a little harder." I place a hand over an arm that's lightly wrapped around me. "We should take advantage of the free time though. Once this one comes there won't be much of it."

"I guess I'll have to take advantage of you whenever I can then."

I turn my head to look at her and her lips meet mine before I can say anything. We kiss softly for a minute as I try my best to get in a better position but Faith's arms are basically securing me to her. Even though I know she loves for me to hold her at night, I know she likes this role of protector she's given herself. I don't exactly mind it either.

When we break away I close my eyes and lean back against Faith as she lips and hand begin to go to work. This was definitely worth staying awake for.

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