Title: Restraint
Author: Muzicchick13
Pairing: Fuffy
Rating: T
Words: 300 One Shot
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To Buffy, 'restraint' means keeping herself from doing something, like buying that cute new pair of shoes from the mall, or eating that second bowl of ice cream.

To Faith, 'restraint' usually comes with an 's' attached to the end of it. And yeah, usually involves ropes or chains or leather...or all of the above. That is until she met Buffy. That's when restraint started to mean; don't touch her, don't kiss her, don't like her, don't love her.

To Buffy, Faith doesn't have any restraints.

That's why she's surprised as all hell one night after patrol when she's had a few too many drinks and Faith's had too few; when she has her body pressed tightly against the brunettes, their breath hot on each others lips; when her eyes are begging Faith to just kiss her already; when Faith calmly takes her smaller hands in her own.

"Not tonight," she whispers, then leads her off the dance floor, out of The Bronze and home.

Once on her doorstep Buffy turns to Faith and pouts.

"Now you decide to show some restraint?"

Faith sighs heavily but smiles.

"Actually I'm finally not restraining myself."

"And how's that?" Buffy retorts, swaying lightly on her feet.

Faith chuckles and puts her hands on the blonde's hips to steady her.

"I think I'm starting to love you."

"Hmm, that's funny." Buffy says, leaning towards Faith and letting her head fall softly against the taller girls shoulder.

"How's that?" Faith asks, wrapping her arms around her blonde counterpart.

"Cause I started doing that a long time ago."

Buffy doesn't remember falling asleep against Faith.

She doesn't remember confessing her love for Faith either.

But, when she wakes up the next morning, her forehead still tingles from the ghost of a kiss Faith left there.

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