Title:  Private Dance


Author:  Lynio (lynio@yahoo.com)


Summary:  Sequel to “Solo Dance.”  AU with Faith as the Slayer.  Will Faith become the “First” for Buffy the Private Dancer?  You know it!


Rating:  NC-17 (Contains graphic depiction of girl-on-girl action)


Pairing:  F/B   Reference to B/A (Angel is not a vampire)


Cameo:  Riley works at the strip club.


Dedication:  Electra, for being the first one to feature my fics on their website and for all the “happy” times you’ve given me through your fics.  Thanks girl_friend!! ;)    


Beta:  Val, my mentor.


Disclaimer:  All characters don’t belong to me.  You know who owns them.  I’m just borrowing and taking them out for some fun.


A/N:  I apologize for taking forever to continue this dance series.  I got a little burnt out and had to step away; but now I’m refreshed and back with a vengeance.


If you haven’t read the previous three parts in the series, you might want to before reading this one.  ;)  Thanks to all of you reading and providing feedback.  Enjoy.







Buffy’s POV


It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Faith.  It’s probably only been about three weeks but it feels like months.  I’m missing her terribly.  We’ve gone out a few times since that night at the Cherry bar, but nothing really happened other than me drooling over her and wetting my panties.  And yes, I did start wearing those pantiliners whenever we got together.  She’s just been the perfect gentlewoman around me.   


That nothing part isn’t exactly true; we’ve kissed plenty of times but she always seems to break away whenever it gets heated.  Then once we get on the phone, she turns into a cat in heat and starts to get off.  We spoke every night and would get into these lengthy phone conversations with unbelievably hot phone sex during our month-long courtship.  She was the last person I spoke to before going to sleep and the first person in my thoughts when I woke up. 


I really don’t understand her.  I know she wants me and she knows I’m interested, but whenever we see each other, she puts up these walls and distances herself.  All I want to do is wrap myself around her and never let go.


Lately, things haven’t been the same with her.  She stopped returning my calls and the last few times we spoke on the phone, our conversation would be cut short by one thing or another.  It almost seems like she’s been avoiding me. 


Did I do something wrong?  Did I come on too strongly for her?  Maybe she found someone else.  What was I thinking anyway?  No one ever wants a REAL relationship with a stripper.  Besides, Faith doesn’t seem the type to ever be serious with anyone.  I probably got too attached and scared her away.


Going to work hasn’t been the same either.  I don’t know how much longer I can mask my feelings and continue to entertain others when I only want to be with her.  I’ve never felt this way before.  When I was with Angel, I was able to separate my feelings for him and my job.  But with Faith, it’s different. 


I only want HER to see my goods and be the only person I go rubbing myself on.  As you can probably guess, my tips have dropped considerably.  I’m just not as flirty and friendly with the patrons as I was pre-Faith.


Riley, the coat check guy, has been giving me eyes again.  That guy just can’t take no for an answer.  I should just come right out and tell him he’s not my type.  Faith has become my type and no one else.  I never thought I could have such strong feelings for someone I just met, let alone for another woman.  But since I haven’t seen her in weeks, I’m not so sure if she’s interested anymore. 


I begin my shift and my boss tells me that I’ve been booked for the night in the private room.  I’m feeling kind of anxious because I’ve never had to work the private room before.  Usually the sexier, more voluptuous girls get those gigs.  I’m not saying that I can’t be sexy.  I can be plenty sexy and hold my own against those fake over-inflated boob girls.  My little twins are “au naturale” thank-you-very-much, and I’m proud of it.  


It’s just that I hear so many horror stories from the girls about the private parties sometimes getting out of hand.  Most of the time it’s a bachelor party with a group of obnoxious guys or sometimes it’s with some rich guy wanting a private dance with his favorite dancer.  Fortunately, we’ve got safety precautions for the girls and carry personal alarms just in case a client gets a little too touchy.  Our bouncers will be in there within minutes to break up the party and kick the guys out for breaking the rules.


There’s no time for me to get out of the engagement or trade with one of the other girls.  I just know my heart isn’t going to be in it.  Damn, I have less than ten minutes to get ready for it.  I run into the dressing room to pick out an outfit and change. 


I just barely have time to put on a little make-up before being called to go.  I take one last look at myself while standing by the door, and then let out a deep sigh before finally opening it.  I quietly step through the threshold into the dark, stuffy room.  Everything is dimly lit but I can make out a round bed taking up most of the space in the tiny room.  The dark red bedcovering and black walls make me nauseous at the suggestiveness.  I just can’t do any private dance for anyone, not the way I feel for Faith, the way my heart longs for her.  She has been in my thoughts incessantly and my workplace has become a constant reminder of the lap dance I gave her.


Not even taking a good look at the client in the room, I turn on my heel and head for the door as fast as I can.  I just didn’t want to do this anymore.  I had to quit.


“Buffy?”  A familiar voice stops me in my tracks. 


I slowly turn around and blink hard trying to focus through the dim light.




Faith’s POV


Damn, this relationship stuff is really getting to me.  Well, if you can call what B and I have, a relationship.  It’s the closest I’ve had to being in one, anyway.  I told ya I wasn’t good at this.  All I want to do when I see Buffy is jump her bones, but somehow I’ve restrained myself.  What the hell am I waiting for anyway?  She’s been willing every single time I’ve seen her.  When we talk on the phone, I can be more myself and talk nasty to her like I want to.  We flirt like hell.  And boy, do I get off when we’re on the phone.  Her voice is so hot that it makes me wet just listening to it.  I think I’m nearing the 50-mark on the “O” count just from our phone sex.


This is the longest I’ve held out for anyone.  It’s a miracle we haven’t gone beyond kissing after that hot first date we had.  It’s torturing me.  I know it’s me that’s holding back and it’s beginning to hurt deep in my chest (or was it lower?).  Not being able to touch her and taste her like I want to is driving me crazy.  Can you blame me for wanting to make it last?  If I cross that line, would I ever come back for more?  That’s what I’m most afraid of.


The more I got to know her, the more I got to thinkin’ that she deserves better than a badass like me.  I’m just gonna end up hurting her when it’s all over.  When I’ve thoroughly fucked her physically and emotionally.  I planned to break it off before it got any deeper.  I’ve slowly been trying to wean her from me and let her get used to me not being around.  I’ve been an asshole and haven’t returned her calls.  I miss our nightly calls.  It started to become a ritual for me; I found myself hurrying home from patrol, just so I could be there by midnight and talk to her before she went to bed. 


Shoot, she doesn’t even know that I’m a Slayer and what that even means.  To me, it means short life span.  So why bother dragging her into it?  She’s a sweet girl and I don’t belong with a girl like her.  I know she’s a stripper and all but she’s like no stripper I’ve ever met.  There’s more to her than that and I don’t think she even realizes her true potential.  There’s just something about her that pulls me in like a magnet.


Since I no longer had a “curfew,” I’ve been staying out most of the night and taking out my frustration on every frickin’ vampire and demon I ran into.  Trouble with that though, is the slaying hornies that follow.  Fuck, I can’t even pick up anyone for a one-nighter without feeling like I’m cheating.  It’s not like we made any promises to each other or vowed faithfulness. 


It just feels wrong to be with anyone else but her.  I haven’t seen her or really talked to her in over two weeks and I miss her like a fuckin’ lost puppy.  I’ve been moody as hell not being able to satisfy my body’s needs.


I’m like a ticking time bomb about ready to explode.  The solo act is just not cutting it anymore and I’m a goddamn MASTER in that department.  I can please myself better than anyone.  It’s just. . .I like to do the pleasing too.  It’s a mad turn on when I get them all squirming and screaming.  Fuck, it’s even better than having it done to me.


Oh hell, who am I trying to fool?  I ain’t a saint or nun; I’m want-take-have girl.  And I definitely want B, no doubt about that, more so than I’ve ever wanted anyone.  I’m just gonna have to take her like I shoulda done in the first place, forget about having self-control.  Heck, she’s been wanting it, too.  I can tell by the way she looks at me and checks me out all the time. 


No sense in denying her, right? 


It’ll be her very first time with a girl and I want to make it something she’ll never forget.  Cuz you know, once you’ve driven automatic, is there ever a reason to go back to driving stick? 


Okay, I admit, I have. 


I tend to go back and forth between the two, whatever’s currently available on the menu.  I’m just horny like that.  In truth, I do have more of a tendency towards tacos versus burritos, if you know what I mean.  They’re just damn tastier and easier to eat without that annoying gag reflex to worry about.


I think I might have the perfect plan to make the night special.  Watch out B, here comes the real me.  Hey hey, I’m feeling wetter… I mean better already.




Buffy’s POV


When my eyes finally focus on the person sitting on the bed, my heart skips a beat once recognition hit me.


“Faith, what are you doing here?”  I say flatly, hiding the excitement in my voice.


“Gee B, you sound like you’re not happy to see me.”  Her voice sounding disappointed.


I might’ve put on too much of an act there.  I really should’ve been an actress.  Damn, I’m tired of these mind games.  I’m just going to tell her the truth, take a risk for once. 


“I’m sorry. . .yeah, I am.  I’m REAL happy to see you.  I just couldn’t bring myself to perform for anyone else but YOU.  You’re all that I think about.  That’s why I turned to leave.” 


Damn, too much honesty there.  She’s looking uncomfortable and shifting.  Don’t scare her away Buffy!


“Why did you have to waste your money on a private room?  I could have met you anywhere.  You know you don’t have to pay for my company.”


There you go, change the subject.  Maybe she’ll ignore the fact I practically professed undying love for her.


“I don’t mind.  I wanted to surprise you and have you all to myself.”  Faith stands up and walks towards me with eyes so full of desire. 


“Damn, you look sexy.”


I’m wearing a black lacy teddy with matching panties and clear glass heels.  Some of the girls named the see-through footwear their “CFM” shoes, short for “Come Fuck Me.”  That’s just too crude for me.  I prefer to call them my Cinderella shoes.  Hey, I did meet my Prince in these glass slippers, or should I say Princess?   


I suddenly feel extremely self-conscious of my scanty outfit, leaving little for the imagination.  She hasn’t seen me so underdressed since the lap dance and her eyes can’t stop feasting on my body.


“It’s been so long.  I almost forgot how HOT you look in a teddy.”  She makes me blush at her obvious flirting.


“Oh yeah? And whose fault is that?”  Teasing her right back and she rewards me with a big grin.      


She pulls me into a tight hug and it feels so good to be held by her again.  There goes the familiar tingling sensation racing through my body whenever we touch.  My mind drifts to the safety of her arms.  How it feels so right.  How we fit so perfectly together.  I give in to the hug needing it so badly after feeling so dejected by her. 


“Wait a minute.  I should be mad at you.  I haven’t seen or talked to you for over two weeks.”  I break the hug and push her within arms length to look at her. 


“What’s that all about?  Were you avoiding me?”  I suddenly regret the words after they’ve left my mouth.  I miss her touch already.  It’s not like we’ve made any commitments to each other.  Heck, I don’t even know if we’re more than phone sex buddies.


She looks at me with her big brown eyes looking all apoligetic-y.  She can look so cute when she wants to be.


“I’m real sorry about that, B.  I didn’t mean to. . .it’s just. . .I’m no good at this stuff.  I’ve never seen anyone exclusively.  I was just sparing you the heartache and disappointment of me messing up someday.”


“Faith, you don’t give yourself any credit. You’ve been totally great with me.”


“I can’t take it anymore, B.  I want you so much it fuckin’ hurts.”


She closes the space between us and her soft lips meet mine.  God, I’ve missed the taste of her lips.  She starts up slowly, hesitantly with pillow soft kisses, the gentleness blanketing me, warming me. 


She moves in closer pushing me until my back hits the door, pressing her whole body against mine.  Our kiss deepens, our tongues sliding in and around our mouths getting reacquainted.  It was the most sensuous kiss I’ve experienced with her yet, a kiss so full of emotion, so full of promise and hope.


I’m instantly wet and I realized that I failed to wear my protective liner, my fresh pair of panties now saturated.  I couldn’t help it; she just has that effect on me.  Her hands start to roam my body and reach my breasts, firmly rubbing her fingers across my already sensitive nipples.  She’s so fast; my brain couldn’t keep up with the all the pleasurable sensations.  One of her legs slithers its way between mine and rubs against my core.


“Faith. . .wait. . .hold on.”  Feeling breathless from the kiss and her assault on my body.


“What’s wrong, B?” 


I manage to put a tiny distance between us with my hands on her shoulders.  She looks confused and hurt.  It’s the first time I’ve broken a kiss before she did and just when we were finally getting somewhere.  She may be thinking that I’m having second thoughts but I’m not.  I have other plans for her.  She just doesn’t know it yet. 


“Nothing.  I just want you to get your money’s worth for this room.”


“I thought I already was, until you interrupted me.”  She says playfully, giving me her most innocent look but failing miserably.  I give her a friendly smack on her arm and she starts to chuckle.  


“I want to do a dance for you.” 


I wanted to give her a performance she’ll never forget, leave her begging for me.  I give her a devilish smile and she immediately picks up on my plan.


“Oh, I get it, you want to torture me.  Is that it?” 


“Are you saying you’re not up for a little torture?  I thought you were all big and bad girl?  Don’t think you can handle it?” 


I noticed I could get her to do just about anything if I challenge her.  It’s her weakness.   


“Oh I can handle it B, let’s see what you got.  Bring it, girlfriend.”




Faith’s POV


I’m not much of a foreplay kind of gal but I agreed to her little dance just to prove her wrong.  I’m usually wham-bam-boom, getting right to the business at hand.  No beating around the bush for me, just straight to the bush is my motto.  Hey, I get no complaints. 


Besides, if her lap dancing was any proof, I was up for a definite treat.


She gets me seated on a chair facing the bed, gives me a quick kiss and pats my head.


“Now stay.” 


What the-?  What am I?  A fuckin’ lap dog?  I crease my eyebrows at her for giving me such a command.


She heads toward the CD player on the small table near the door and puts in a disc.  She selects a song then turns up the volume.  It’s some French techno song with lots of bass and drums thumping in a steady beat.  She starts by slowly swaying her body getting into groove of the song, messing up her golden locks with one hand while her hips lazily grind to the music.  Her hips are circling in slow motion as if she had an invisible hula-hoop.  Of course if it had been an actual one, it would have fallen flat on the ground, at the rate she was swirling her hips.  I’m liking the music and can’t complain about the view, got the best damn seat in the house. 


She then struts seductively to stand before me with her back to me.  She starts to undress, removing her teddy over her shoulders, giving it a little twirl above her head before tossing it away.  Now and then turning her head back to take little sneak peaks at me to gage my reaction and throwing me smiles.  She turns to face me in her pink lace bra and matching lace panties doing a sexy slow belly dance.  Her tight little body is amazing.  You can tell she’s been working out with muscles nice and tone but not overtly cut.  She still had soft curves in all the right places. 


She turns around again, starts to lower her panties but before it’s low enough, she pulls it back up and fingers the panty edges back into place.  Damn, what a tease.  Oh, she’s gonna pay for that one.  She’s making me squirm in my chair.  She then pulls one of her bra straps away and lets it drop over her arm.  She smiles at me circling her shoulders but covering her chest with her arms and I’m itching to see more.  I have to take in a deep breath and gulp to tame my hormones.  I didn’t even notice I was holding my breath. 


Now she’s pulling down both her straps and lowering her bra to her waist still wriggling around and covering herself up; not giving me the goods.  She finally unhooks it, turns around and tosses the lacy bra to me.  I get my second look at her pert breasts since that night I met her.  They’re more ample from what I remember and she’s getting me so fuckin’ turned on.  This girl is definitely doing a number on me.  I catch the bra and bring it up to my nose taking in her clean lavender scent, arousing me even more. 


She approaches me and removes my leather jacket from my shoulders.  She glides her hands down to my legs for balance and does this exasperatingly slow wiggle for me.  It’s sooo sexy.  Then she rubs her whole body against me, her soft breasts right up against my face and her hot, wet sex against my chest.  Before I can get one of her nipples in my mouth, she drops down to her knees and inches toward my crotch. 


Oh Holy Christ!  She just licked my center through my jeans then took a big bite of my mound.  Hot damn, my hips buck at the pleasurable pain she inflicted.  I never bargained for her to be this fuckin’ hot.  Here I am thinking I was gonna give her the ride of her life but this girl has turned it around and is fucking torturing me with her teasing.  I tell ya, this has to be a definite perk for dating a stripper.  She practically has me creaming in my pants with just that one lick.


She comes back up, straddles my lap and begins kissing my neck, sending shivers down my body, her warm breath steaming up my skin.  She then starts to slowly grind against my legs.  My hands latch on to her boobs and start kneading them, reveling in my first feel of her soft silky bare breasts.  Man, I love the feel of REAL breasts. 


Then without warning she gets up and steps toward the bed.  FUCK!  This girl is fuckin’ teasing me alright.  She bends over the bed with her back to me and makes those figure eights with her cute tight butt.  She flashes me the crotch of her panties as she bends over and I can see how wet she is.  I don’t know how much more I can take of this without bursting. 


She moves to the left side of the bed then slinks onto it, stretching herself out like a cat showing me the full length of her limber body.  She turns to lie on her back with her knees bent, and then lifts her hips into the air, thrusting up and down in long slow strokes.  I’m grinding in my seat along with her movement to get some sort of release.  Hot damn, I’m about ready to pop. 


Her hands rub herself, touching every erogenous zone on her torso.  She then brings her hands between her thighs and starts to rub them thoroughly while still continuing to thrust in the air.  I can’t help but start touching myself too.  My throbbing clit is aching for some more friction.


She turns her head to me and I’m caught with my hand in my pants.  She smiles and motions me with her finger to come over.  Oh yeah, here I come, baby. 


My body was dying to be close to her.  I move to the edge of the bed then open her legs for me.  She yanks me by my tank top, almost tearing it, making me fall on top of her.  She crashes her lips into mine, kissing me with so much hunger.  God, I’ve never been this turned on by someone.  She’s a fucking animal in the sack. 


She tugs at my tank hem wanting to remove it.  I break our fevered kiss and sit up on my knees raising my arms so she can easily pull it off me.  My breasts bouncing back in place once free from their only covering.  Her eyes span down and plant themselves on my chest.


“Like what you see, babe?”  Sticking my twins out even more for her viewing pleasure.


“Oh yeah, I definitely LIKE.”   




Buffy’s POV


Faith’s breasts are perfect, and believe me when I say that; I’ve seen plenty of them to compare with.  I want so much to taste them but before I get a chance, she’s fixated on quickly removing my lace panties, my last piece of clothing.  I lift my legs high in the air for her to slip them off me.  Then instead of letting my legs fall back on the bed, she throws them over her shoulders and lifts my hips even higher.


Oh God, NO, she isn’t.  Oh God, YES, she is!  She dives right in without hesitation, without any warning and starts eating me out.  No one’s ever done this to me before.  There have been attempts but I’ve discouraged it, not feeling comfortable enough to be so intimate with anyone. 


“Ahhh, Faith.”


Faith is taking what she wants and I’m not about to stop her.  I’m getting used to breaking all my rules for her.  This feels so incredible and she’s mighty good at it, too.  She definitely knows her way around a pussy.  I feel her tongue lapping me along my slit while her mouth is sucking me whole.  She then moves on to my clit and I gasp for air. 


My hand grabs onto the top of her head while my hips instinctively push forward, burying her face even deeper into my pussy.  God, if I had known it was this good, I would’ve turned to women a long time ago.  But I think only Faith can make me feel this good, make me feel so desired.  She’s licking and sucking my clit so masterfully, making me moan uncontrollably.


“Oh baby, you taste so good.”  She groans into me in between licks.


I open my eyes to her, not realizing I had them closed all this time.  I’m too caught up in savoring the new sensation, not wanting any visuals to corrupt it.  But the vision I see isn’t corrupting; it’s erotic.  Her eyes are crescent shaped and if my pussy wasn’t in her mouth, I could swear she was smiling.  She’s lapping me up with so much enthusiasm; it looks as though she’s enjoying it as much as I am.  She’s giving me pleasure that I’ve only dreamed of.


My body position has become so vertical that I’m practically doing a headstand.  She’s standing up on her knees holding me tight against her chest and doing wonderful things with her mouth.  Then she does the unthinkable. . .her tongue penetrates my tender hole and my hips jerk in response.




She’s fucking me with her tongue and it’s driving me crazy, my hips are pumping against her, trying to get her deeper.  I’m so close and she knows it, her thrusting doubling in speed.  I can’t believe this girl’s stamina.  My skin is glowing from the physical exertion and she hasn’t even broken a sweat.  She brings her attention back to my clit and I can’t hold it much longer.


My legs squeeze hard together, putting her in a headlock.  One last swift lick was enough to put me over the edge.  Oh shit, I’m coming!  My orgasm ripples through my body as I let out a cry so loud it could’ve been heard over the music. 


She releases my engorged clit from her mouth and starts blowing on it, cooling it down, giving me chills and making me miss the warmth of her mouth.  I guide her head back down to shelter it in her mouth.  Was that me being so bold?  She gets the message and is back to business, gently sucking.  Her tongue leaving feather-light taps, knowing that was all my swollen hard clit can handle right now. 


“Mmm, Faith.”


After a few moments of gentleness, she quickens the pace and increases the pressure.  Oh my God, I’m not ready, my body not fully recovered from the first climax and she’s trying to force another one out of me. 


“OH NO, I can’t. . .Faith please.”


My pleading doesn’t stop her, because she’s not letting up one bit, continuing to drive me to the brink.  I always thought multiple orgasms weren’t physically possible.  She’s shattering all my beliefs tonight.  My senses go on system overload, no longer able to form a coherent thought.  My hand latches onto her head, bunching her hair in a fist.  She’s got me speaking in tongues and bucking my hips frantically.  Oh God, I feel it coming from deep inside.


“Oh. . .God. . .Oh God. . .OhGodOhGod!”  She has me worshipping the Lord and I never even went to Catholic School.  With one final leg squeeze, a huge orgasm rip roars through my body, more powerful than the first one.  I couldn’t stop myself from screaming.  I feel liquid gushing out of me, wetting my surrounding skin, my body totally weak from coming so hard.  Oh FUCK, she did it, she fuckin’ did it!  Oh my god, this girl is absolutely incredible!


“Come here, please.”  I plead with my arms reaching out for her, wanting to feel her body close to mine.  She complies this time and lowers my limp legs along with my body back onto the bed and climbs on top of me.  I wrap my arms around her, squeezing her tight against me, still trembling from the mind-blowing orgasm.


It took quite some time for my breathing to return to normal.  My hands move across her back, amazed at how smooth her skin feels.  I really am appreciating being with a woman more and more.  My fingers make their way down pass her lower back only to run into the edge of her belt.


“Hey, no fair, why am I the only one naked here?”


“Sorry babe, I was a little busy.”  Giving me the most wicked of grins, all smug from having her way with me.


“Well, I’m going to have to fix that.”  Summoning up what little energy I have left, my hands focus on unbuckling her belt, wanting nothing more than to please her in return.  She reaches down to stop my progress and I’m confused by her rejection. 


“You don’t have to, B.”


“But I want to. . .I want to satisfy you.”


“Oh, you already DID, believe me.  Besides, I know you must be wiped out from it.”


This girl is amazing, she reads me so well.  I really did want to return the favor but my body was exhausted.  I think I fell for her even more right then and there.  I’ve never met such a giving and unselfish lover before.


“Rain check?”


“You betcha, girlfriend.  Better start working on your stamina, cuz I won’t be so easy on ya next time.”  She gives me her patented wink.


“Good, I was hoping you weren’t done with me yet.”  Teasing her about her “get-gone” philosophy and so happy that what we have is something more than a one-night stand.


“Not by a long shot, B.  I’m just warming up.”


Our lips lock in another searing kiss as my hands run through her hair, relieved that I didn’t manage to pull any out.  I can taste myself on her lips and surprisingly, I’m not offended by it.  Yup, it’s official; I’m a total slut now, being turned on by my own juices. 


Before our make-out session can lead to anything more, we’re interrupted by a loud alarm going off.  We both look up at the wall clock and notice our time together was up.  I let out a big sigh, not wanting to leave her arms so soon, not wanting our night to end just yet.


“Take me home?”


“Sure.  You don’t have to finish your shift?”


“No, I want to leave.  Besides, I don’t think I can even walk, my legs feel like rubber.” 


She smiles, all proud, knowing full well she was the cause of my current state.


“Let’s motor then.”






I know, I know.  I can’t believe I just did that.  It’s so unlike me to refuse sex when it’s offered to me on a platter.  I got such a kick out of watching her come so hard that I didn’t need to get my rocks off.  It was all the satisfaction I needed.  And boy, was that fuckin’ HOT, the way she let herself go when she was coming.  I’ll never forget it.


Hope I didn’t push it too far by going for a second helping.  Thought I heard her say “no” at one point but everything was all muffled on account of her legs crushing my ears.  And I have fuckin’ Slayer hearing!  That was some headlock she had me in.  Anyway, I didn’t hear any complaints afterwards, so I guess it was okay with her. 


And damn, did you see her dance?  Wish you coulda seen it, cuz it was sexy as hell.  Makes me wonder if that’s how she dances for everyone or if it was just for me.  Nah, I KNOW she danced that way especially for me.  There’s no way she’d be biting people’s crotches like that without delivering permanent damage on a guy.     


This girl has managed to get under my skin and I’m feeling fuckin’ great right now having her around.  I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of her, the way she keeps surprising me.  It was stupid of me for trying to break things off with her.  It only made the both of us miserable.  She’s been able to put up with my bullshit and didn’t give me too much crap for being an asshole.  Gotta love that quality in a girl.


While I’m waiting for her to change into street clothes outside of the club, I light up a cig and guess what I find while digging in my pockets?  The business card that B had sneaked in my jacket that first night!  I was fuckin’ looking all over for this!  It had fallen inside the lining where I keep my stake.  I turn it over, admiring her handwriting, running my finger over her name.                 


I’m smiling at the memory of our first meeting, it seems so long ago and we’ve come so far.  It feels right being with her, like we were meant to be together.  The PTB better not be playing with my head.  Well, if they did have anything to do with it, I’m not about to kick a gift horse in the mouth.  She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.


She exits the club right at that moment and I swear my heart just leaps outta my chest.  She looks just as hot with clothes on.  Seeing that smile on her face when she looks at me makes me warm all over. 


“Hey you.  Ready to go?”  Her voice wakes me from my daze.  So glad she can’t read my mind.


I toss my cig away then put my arm around her and she automatically wraps her arm around my waist.  I’m not usually this touchy with people but it feels so natural with her.  We fit perfectly together like two puzzle pieces.  Plus, she’s just so fuckin’ sexy, I can’t keep my hands off her.


“What do you have there, Faith?”  I lift up the card to show her.


“Remember this?”  She takes a look at it and smiles.


“Hmm, kind of late to be giving this girl a call.  Didn’t she give you that about two months ago?”  She teases, arching an eyebrow.


“Oh, I don’t know, might give her a call later on tonight when I’m free.”  Playing along with her.


“Faith, I’m sure she’s already found someone, a HOT girl like her.”  Taking a moment to deliberately flip her hair.  She’s fuckin’ hilarious, I couldn’t help but let out a chuckle.  This girl is a keeper.  


“You really think she’s taken by now?”  Pretending to be disappointed.


“Oh, I’m definitely sure she’s taken.”  Nodding her head and giving me that warming smile again.


“Yeah, I guess you’re right.  Damn, whoever she’s with, is one lucky bastard.”


“No. . .I think I’M the lucky one.”  Turning all serious and looking at me intently.


A big smile breaks out on my face and I get lost in her gaze.  This girl just knows how to make me feel good.  I plant a kiss on her forehead, squeezing her tighter.  But I’m gonna have to disagree; I’M the damn lucky one. 


I’m like walking on clouds right now, happy as can be, knowing she’s feeling the same for me.  It’s official, I’ve become a sap, I’m fuckin’ rhyming now.  But I don’t care cuz I’ve got me the hottest girlfriend.  And with any luck, I might be able to use that rain check she gave me SOONER than later.   


We round the corner into the alley where my bike is parked.  I like parking my bike in alleys cuz I know it won’t get fucked with.  When we reach the middle of the alley, my Slayer senses go off.  Oh fuck, I KNEW this night was too perfect. 


“Aww, look at the lovebirds” Two vamps come from behind and block the alley opening from where we entered.  We turn around to face them and I can feel B stiffen up in fear.  I push her away from me, hoping she will get the hint.


“Run, B.  I can handle this.”  I take out the stake that I always carry from my jacket’s inner lining.  She’s still standing beside me as the vamps start walking towards us.


“You two look so sweet together.  We were hoping for a little dessert tonight.”


“GO, B. . .NOW!”  Raising my stake, I give her a shove toward the other end of the alley.  Her legs finally start moving, following my order.  Fuck, this was not how I wanted B to find out what I do for a living.  She’s gonna freak out and not want to see me again.   


“You fuckers picked a bad time to mess with me.  Now you’re gonna pay.”


“Slayer!”  They put on their game face and I was ready to give them a beating for ruining my night with B.


I dust the shorter vamp pretty easily after giving him a few quick blows to the head and staking him at the first chance.  He wasn’t that great of a fighter, didn’t land one punch on me.  The second vamp starts charging at me.  He looked a bit quicker and stronger than the first vamp.  I’m still a little quicker and able to dodge his first swing at me.   


Then I hear a scream behind me.  It sounded like B.  No, please don’t let it be, I thought she had run to safety?  I turn to the sound to find that B had run straight into a vamp at the end of the alley.  FUCK!  She’s too far for me to get to her.  I should of known there might’ve been another one there to trap us in the alley.  They usually hunt in packs. 


I go to run to her leaving behind the vamp I was fighting.  I didn’t get too far when I was tackled to the ground.  I fell flat on my face with the heavy fucker landing on top of me.


I’m pinned to the ground but I could see B struggling in the bloodsucker’s arms.  She was no match for him; he had her firmly in his grasp.  Then it happened, what looked like in slow motion. 


Her attacker raises its head in the air then plunges down, sinking his teeth into her neck as she was screaming for help.  Oh God, please, this can’t be happening.