Love Affair
by Hayley

Title: Love Affair

Rating: NC17

Pairing: Buffy/Faith

Disclaimer: These characters are not mine and I make no money off this.

Summary: Post-Chosen. Buffy's trying to decide if there's something more to the fling she's having with Faith.

I hate this club.

It is the last place I ever want to be. Everything about it is supposed to make it look upscale and everything is priced that way, too. Funny thing about that: the club is called Dive. At least, I'm sure the owner of the place wants people to think it's funny and will come to check it out. Every time I'm forced to come here though all I do is think it's a stupid name.

All the younger slayers seem to love the place. They drink all the stupid spendy drinks and dance the night away without a care in the world and that's okay. All of them spend the hours beforehand keeping the world safe of baddies so in my mind they can come here and party it up. They deserve it.

The place sucks if you ask me though. It feels weird to dance with all the girls I teach day in and day out and I'm not into drinking by myself. Then there are the sleazebags that I tend to attract when I'm here. They always wanna buy me some disgusting fruity drink or a shot, any way to get me to leave with them. I'm tired of thinking of excuses to turn them down.

So why am I at a place I hate? Because of a text I got this afternoon: "Coming to town. Meet me at the club."

Yeah, she can just refer to it as "the club" and I know what she means. It's the only place we've ever been out and about together since she started traveling for the Council. The new Council that is, the one headed by Giles and not the one both of us hated. This stupid club is where we first kissed.

Maybe that's why when Faith comes into town she only leaves me a message to meet her at this place. Maybe she's sentimental. She never lets me stay at home so she can come there when she arrives in town. No, that would be too easy and too normal. She wants me to get all dressed up and meet her here where we only end up staying for a half hour tops and then go back to my place anyway. So freaking annoying.

And now I'm mad at her. I can't believe she can get me this irritated without even really doing anything. It's only that the whole arrangement we ended up in is starting to get old.

Faith's been traveling for the Council for a few years now but I'm at the main slayer headquarters and she uses it as her base of operations. The way Giles has everything set up is there's slayers and watchers in most corners of the world. Faith travels from place to place in the states, checking in and making sure everything's okay. It seems everyone could use an extra hand now and then and that's what Faith does best. She gets the job done and moves on to the next city.

She's here every few weeks, enough for her to maybe get an apartment but she decided against it for some reason. The way she sees it she's normally only in town a day here and a day there and that's not worth paying for an apartment. Instead, she decided to just bunk with the juniors while she was in town. Of course, the last year or so she's stayed with me.

It didn't start with some drunken night with us. We were both as sober as can be. There were some problems with a vamp gang so Faith had actually stayed a few days to help out. The night we finished them off we went here to celebrate but Faith and I were tired so before we drank anything we ended up crashing on a couch in a dark corner. We talked for a little while but the whole time all I could think was that she was looking at me differently.

Who knows if she really was since for all I know she could have always looked at me that way and I never noticed before. All I know is she was then and we went from sitting close and talking to me practically sitting on her lap and kissing her. I contend she pulled me into her lap but since I enjoyed it I'm not exactly gonna argue the point.

We had the most amazing sex that night but she left the next day anyway. She had to leave and I guess I understood. Both of us had jobs to do and I could tell Faith didn't want to have a "what does this mean" talk. So she left.

She's come back thirteen times since then, always only for a night to meet with Giles on where she needs to go, get some new weapons and maybe different clothes depending on weather. Every night she meets me at this club and every night we end up back at my place, tearing each other's clothes off.

After she leaves, goes back to her constant travel, it always leaves me thinking. Is what we're doing just a fling? It's not exactly serious. We don't call each other when she's away and who knows if she's been faithful. I haven't been having sex without anyone else but I have no idea about Faith. Since we've never talked about what we're doing I've never told Faith I wanted her to be faithful. I don't even know if that's what I want.

Somewhere along the line though I really started to fall for her and that is what's confusing me now. I never thought that would happen. Don't get me wrong, the sex is incredible, Faith is incredible, but I'm starting to realize I want to see her for more than one night every few weeks. If I can't have that due to her work, I at least want to know she's mine.

Now I'm just sitting here on a couch in a dark corner, our couch, sipping on a drink and wondering when she's gonna show. I've been here for an hour, watching the girls dance and drink without a care, and I'm not sure how long I can fend off this guy who's already hit on me twice since I got here.

Then I see Faith walking toward me and I don't care about anything else. She looks amazing. She's got on her tight black leather pants and a jacket on to match so I'm not sure what's underneath. Probably something sexy but by the look of it, I don't think she's gonna show it off here. Hopefully, we're not staying long. Even with Faith here, I still hate this club.

Faith has her trademark dimpled grin plastered on her face as she walks up to me then sits down next to me. She's already so close and when I turn my head, those beautiful, full lips of her are just a couple inches away.


I can't help but smile. "Hey."

Her arm as already made its way around my shoulders as she turns her body toward me. "Been waiting long?"

"'Bout an hour," I answer just loud enough for Faith to hear me over the music.

"Sorry," Faith says and leans in closer. "Got caught up."

I know by now that's the closest I'm gonna get to an explanation so I won't press for anything else. The fact that Faith just put her lips to my ear is very distracting.

"You look real hot tonight, B," Faith whispers huskily. She begins to lightly kiss my ear, something she knows I like. "We should get outta here 'cause I really wanna fuck you right now."

I smile at that since I can finally leave this place but that smile is threatening to go away as I look away from Faith. "I don't know about that. I think we've been spotted."

Faith looks away from me and out toward the club where Rona is now walking toward us. "Aw, fuck me."

"Can't now," I say with a little smirk and see Faith's almost scowling. "Be nice."

"We'll make this quick." Faith moves away from me a little but keeps her arm around me.

For the record, no one else knows about me and Faith. Not because it's a secret or anything, more because I don't feel the need to let everyone know about my personal life. It's no one's business who I decide to sleep with.

"Faith!" Rona exclaims as she reaches us. "When'd you get here?"

"A few hours ago."

A few hours? What the hell has she been doing for a few hours? I know she always meets with Giles when she first gets into town but why can't she just come to my house after that? It's so much easier than coming here.

I think my face shows my somewhat dislike of her answer 'cause she almost starts to look apologetic before Rona has her attention again.

"How long you here for?"

"Gotta start the drive to Seattle tomorrow," she says and I feel her arm tighten around my shoulders. It's like she knows I don't like that answer. "Needed to get some warmer clothes, too."

Rona nods and looks back at the rest of the slayers on the dance floor. "You and Buffy gonna join us? She's never here."

"That's not entirely true," I start as a protest but Faith stops me from saying anything else.

"Actually, I'm just here to pick up B so I could crash at her place," Faith says, removing her arm from around me so she can stand then pulls me with her. "Maybe next time."

Rona nods. "Sounds cool. See ya around and see you tomorrow, Buffy."

"Let's take the morning off," I say before she walks away. "Can you let the girls know we'll start training at one?"

She grins. "Will do."

Rona leaves and we watch as she runs onto the dance floor to tell the rest of the girls the good news. I feel Faith's hand take mine and when I look at her she's grinning.

"Think you'll need the morning to recover?"

"Ha, ha," I say sarcastically even though she's kind of right. I never do get much sleep when she's in town. "Let's get out of here."

Faith grins and I just melt when I see those dimples. Before we leave, she looks down at my half-empty drink and drains it. She must not want to see a drink go to waste or something. Either way, right after that we walk out of the club, holding hands the entire time. Once we're outside, I notice she has her bike.

I look at her as we reach her beloved Harley, a little irritated. "You've been to my house yet you had to meet me here?"

She smirks as she gets on. "B, you know I don't get to ride her nearly enough. Besides, there's no way you'd be dressed like that if I just stopped by your place."

Faith looks me up and down and I can't help but blush. I have to admit I did dress for the club tonight with her in mind. I'm wearing the shortest, tiniest black dress I own. I even wore my black lacy panties 'cause it's such a turn on to see Faith take them off.

"You have a point," I admit.

"Knew it," she says smugly and pats the seat behind her. "Come on, let's get out of here."

I smile at the confident look on her face and climb on behind her. My arms are instantly around her and we're on our way a moment later.

We end up taking a little detour and not going to my house. That's all right with me though. I know she doesn't get a chance to take her Harley out as much as she likes. There's not a lot of trips where she can get away with riding it to wherever she needs to go. Most of the time she needs to take weapons and clothes, possibly some research, and that means she needs to take her truck, not the bike.

Giles is the one who gave it to her. He's actually given both of us some amazing gifts in the last year or two, telling us it's in appreciation for all we've been doing for the Council. Last year he surprised me on my birthday with a house. Can you believe that? He bought me a freaking house.

It's nothing big or anything, just a small two bedroom, but I absolutely love it. It also meant I didn't have to live at the slayer dorms anymore and I really loved that. Don't get me wrong, the girls are okay but sometimes living with all of them is a little much. I like having my own space away from everyone else.

Earlier this year Faith got her Harley and I swear there isn't anything she loves more than that bike. She babies it, makes sure it's always clean and even covers it when she's not riding it. That's even with the fact she stores it in my garage while she's away.

Come to think of it, I wonder how she got into my garage to get the bike. I keep everything locked up 'cause I don't even want to imagine how depressed Faith would be if anything happened to it. She doesn't have a key to my house or anything and I'm doubting she'd ever guess the door code to the garage.

I can always ask her when we stop so for now all I do is enjoy the ride. I love the feel of being pressed against her back with my arms around her. My head just rests against her shoulder and it's such an amazing feeling. I love the ride, the feel of being against her, and I'm thinking Faith might, too. Whenever she's in town we're always on the Harley.

After the little detour, we make it to my place and she stops right up to my garage. It doesn't look like it was broken into or anything. She jumps off quickly then takes my hand and pulls me off, making me land in her arms as my feet hit the ground.

"I love riding with you," she says as she grins at me, her arms around me. "Almost as much as I love fucking you."

I can't help but laugh. The look on her face is too funny. She looks like a horny teenager. "How did you get the bike anyway? I had everything locked up."

Faith laughs. "Your code was easy to guess." She leans in so her lips are not more than an inch away. "My birthday, B? Really?"

"I guess it's easy for me to remember," I say quietly as I close what little distance there is between us and kiss her gently.

She ends it after only a few seconds and starts to walk us toward the front door. Her arm is still around me and I love it. Not only do I like that she always seems to be doing that but it's also a little cold out and I'm wearing as little as I've ever worn out in public. The warmth I'm getting off Faith doesn't exactly suck right now.

As we walk up the stairs of my porch I notice something: there are roses at my door. A dozen beautiful red roses sitting at my doorstep along with some chocolates and I can't believe Faith even thought of this. It really would be the last thing I'd ever expect from her.

"Faith . . ."

Faith smiles as I turn to her. It's not a sexy, seductive smile either. It's more of a happy yet nervous smile. "Thought I'd bring you something this time especially since last time was . . . beyond awesome."

I both blush and smile at that. Last time was pretty awesome. The moment we got to the house clothes were ripped off and we had sex pretty much everywhere. On the couch, in a chair, against the wall . . . all before we even made it to the bedroom. Once we got there we made love for what felt like hours before falling asleep. I don't think we even slept for two hours before it was morning and we started up again in the shower.

Yes, we were making love. I know it. Last time Faith was here was the first time it felt like that. Before it was just sex and a whole lot of fun but last time it was different. It was more intimate and slow. It felt like I could finally feel every part of Faith, like she was finally showing herself to me.

It made me never want her to leave but she did again, right after breakfast the next morning. I know she had to, being she couldn't exactly put a hold on going to the next city, but it was the first time I wished she would stay longer so we could talk. Looking at the roses, I can't help but think maybe she felt the same last time, too.

Faith picks up the roses and candy and hands them to me. "I couldn't exactly bring them to the club. I'd look like a dork."

I laugh. "I wouldn't mind if you brought them there." I pause as I unlock the door. "We don't have to meet at the club, you know? Maybe I can wear something special here if I knew you were coming."

Her smirk is back as I set her gifts down on the table by the door and lock up for the night. "Really? Like one of those naughty nurse outfits or something?" Her arms are around me again and she rests her forehead against mine. "Or maybe you could just answer the door naked."

"Maybe to the naughty nurse but no to being naked when I answer the door. What if it's not you?"

The answer I get is a slow, passionate kiss. That's a pretty damn good answer if you ask me. Her tongue is in my mouth as soon as I give her the opportunity and that makes me weak at the knees. No one has ever kissed me the way Faith does. It always feels like she's putting everything she has into it.

Once we break away, Faith picks me up and starts to carry me back to the bedroom. I guess we're going straight there tonight. Here I had visions of us in the kitchen, her taking me on the table or maybe me getting her up on the counter and eating her out as she screams out my name. It's really the only place in the house we haven't had sex.

"Not wasting any time, huh?" I ask.

"That dress looks wicked on ya, B, but I really wanna get you out of it." She wiggles her eyebrows at me and that makes me laugh. I can't help it. It's so cute and sexy at the same time.

When we get to my room she puts me down but our arms are still around each other. I suddenly feel the need to tell her exactly what I'm thinking. "I want you to stay longer than a night."

She looks shocked for a split second before giving me a light kiss. "I can't, B. I gotta leave tomorrow, you know that. Gotta make sure Kate and the girls got everything under control."

I nod sadly but think of something else almost immediately. "Would you want to stay longer than a night?"

Faith responds by placing her hand against my cheek, something I don't think she's ever really done before. "Of course I do, B. I always do."

Wow, she makes it sound like it's always been that way. That's news to me since with the exception of last time I never got that feeling from her. I thought we were just fooling around all those other times and I was fine with that. Everything's starting to change now though and I wouldn't be fine if Faith just wanted to continue to fool around. I'm getting the feeling now though that maybe she's starting to feel the same as me.

We start kissing and it's tender and gentle, not something we do all that much. When all this started everything was hot and passionate and it still is most of the time but I have to say I'm really liking the tenderness coming from Faith right now. I love this new side of her.

As we break apart again, I take her jacket off and toss it onto a chair in the corner. "Can we work out something where I have you here for a few days at a time? I . . . I . . ."

"I think I can work out something," Faith says quietly and I can see she really wants that. Her eyes are so expressive and always give her away. "I feel the same as you, B. I really do."

She kisses me again and I respond instantly, wanting every part of her now. I feel her hands on my back, her fingers hurriedly unzipping my dress. I want to groan when we break away but I know she's only doing it because I know she's trying to get me naked and I have no problem with that.

Soon my dress is pooled around my feet and Faith's hands are everywhere. I sigh out and she laughs as her hands move over my skin and her lips start moving up and down my neck. It's getting me so worked up that I really just want her to take me. Then again, I want to get her out of her clothes, too.

"I'm really lovin' those tiny lacy panties, B," Faith whispers into my ear. "Makes me wanna fuck you so bad."

I know I'm blushing again but I'm thinking clear enough to pull off her shirt and unbutton her pants. She helps me with that so her clothes are gone in seconds and she's pushed me onto the bed. Faith moves on top of me and the look in her eyes is making me unable to speak or even breathe. Right then, I know she feels the same. I know she loves me.

Faith begins kissing over every inch of my body, making me sigh and moan out her name. She slowly takes my panties off then hers and I don't think I can get any more wet than I am right now. Faith's body is so incredible and the feel of it against mine is threatening to make me come way too soon.

Our eyes meet and I feel like I could fall into those dark brown eyes of hers. I place my hand on her cheek and we share a smile before we kiss. It starts slow and tender but quickly turns hard and passion as Faith settles in between my legs and begins to move against me. I can feel just how wet she is for me and that only makes me hold her tighter, wanting her as close as I can.

We break away as Faith starts lightly thrusting into me and I start to moan out as she starts to suck on my neck as well. I try my best to meet her thrust for thrust but she's so distracting. She's knows exactly what I want, exactly what gets me screaming her name, and she's trying her best to do them. She's got a hand caressing every inch of skin she can reach, she's sucking on my pulse point and she's moving faster with each thrust.

I start scratching at her back as I attempt to get her as turned on as I am. I found out a few months ago that she really loves the scratching. Sure enough, I hear her moan into my neck then moves her head up to be level with mine. She rests her forehead against mine as we move against each other and with one look in her eyes I'm coming hard. Faith joins me a couple thrusts later and we scream out into the room.

After a few minutes Faith rests her body against mine and I love the feel of her hot, sweaty skin on mine. I know she just needs a minute. Faith is the picture of slayer stamina and sure enough, after a few minutes I feel her hand slowly move down my body.

"Damn, B," Faith says quietly as she looks at me. "You feel insanely good against me. I wanna make you scream my name all night."

"I love screaming your name," I respond and I swear her eyes turn dark at my response. Her fingers are on my clit by then and I do scream her name.

I pretty much moan her name constantly after that as she moves her fingers off my clit and slowly pushes two inside of me. My mind goes blank after that as she does everything in her power to make me come just as hard for a second time. The combination of her fingers, her lips and the way her body is moving against mine is too much for me to handle and it's not more than a few minutes later that I'm coming all over her hand.

My body writhes under hers but it really feels like I'm floating. Faith continues to kiss me and slows her fingers until she stops and eases them out of me when I finally come down from my awesome high. After that she rolls us so I'm on top of her. Her arms are around me, her hands moving over my back as she waits for me to get my energy back. I just need a minute really.

"B, ya still with me?"

I look up at her and she's got that cocky "I've just rocked your world" expression on her face. I mean, she did but I don't think it's necessary that she has it every time. "Yeah, just need a second." I'm resting my head on her chest so I can turn my head and place a few kisses on her breasts. "That was pretty intense."

"Always is with us, baby," she says quietly and kisses the top of my head.

I smirk at her calling me baby. First time she's done that and I gotta say I'm okay with it. More than okay. I slowly slide my body against hers so my face is level with hers and she lets out a low moan as I do. I think I'm rested up again.

"I think I'm ready to kiss and lick your entire body," I whisper as press my lips to her ear.

Faith groans out as she gives my ass a little squeeze. "I'm more than ready for you to do that. We've got all night."

She's right, we do. It might only be for a night but maybe tomorrow morning we can talk about her actually staying for more than one day at a time. I know she loves me and she knows I love her. That's got to be enough for her to consider changing her schedule a little.

I don't want to think about that right now though. All I want to do is concentrate on this night and the gorgeous woman in my bed. Right now that's enough for me.

The End.

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