Losing Control
by Hayley

Chapter Six

Buffy couldn't sleep the entire night. She couldn't stop thinking about Faith, what she was doing, if she was really mad at her. It bothered so much that she didn't even think about sleeping.

She didn't like the way Faith shut down on her. It was like a switch was flipped once Buffy suggested she needed to go home and therefore no sex would be had. The other slayer's whole demeanor changed after that. She wanted to talk to her about what happened, about everything that was happening between them, but she had no idea what to say.

More than anything Buffy wanted to talk to someone about Faith and her but no one stuck out as someone she could talk her problems through with. There was no way she would go to her mother or Giles for that matter and she'd be too embarrassed to talk to Willow. That left her with only herself to figure out what she should do and she didn't like that idea all that much.

By the time morning came, Buffy had paced for a couple hours and even cleaned up her room a little while trying to think about Faith. One thing she knew for sure: she did like Faith. Even though they had nothing in common as far as she knew aside from slaying, she liked her. The problem was she wasn't sure how much she liked her, if it was enough for her to even contemplate a more-than-friends relationship.

She went through the motions of the morning, getting ready for school and having a rushed breakfast with her mother before deciding she had time to walk to school. She thought she had time anyway. Buffy had either miscalculated or walked slower than normal because she arrived at school as the bell rang.

That only started a day in which she simply drifted through, her mind preoccupied and only willing to function at its lowest setting. She paid attention as much she could, took notes when needed and even took a test and thought she didn't do half bad on it. Of course, Faith was always in the back of her mind.

After her last class, she quickly got her things together and went to the library, not knowing what happened before classes. She walked in calmly and easily, finding Giles but not Faith.

"Buffy." The watcher looked up from whatever he was doing at the counter to meet her eyes. "I was slightly concerned when you didn't check in this morning."

"Yeah, late start. I didn't have time to stop in before class," Buffy explained and looked around the open room. "Did Faith show this morning?"

"For a minute or so, yes," he answered, walking out from behind the counter as Buffy sat down at a table. "She summed up the patrol, asked where you were then left."

Buffy nodded. "Anything new for today?"

"I had wanted to have a training session but without Faith here there doesn't seem to be much point," Giles let out with a sigh and Buffy thought he might be a little frustrated. "Be vigilant on patrol tonight. I have this feeling I'm missing something big."

"All right," Buffy agreed and stood up, realizing there wasn't much point in sticking around without Giles giving her some direction or without Faith there to train with. "If Faith shows up, let her know I'll meet up with her later."

Giles didn't respond, only nodded before turning back to whatever it was he'd been doing prior to Buffy's arrival. She looked at him for a moment before getting up and leaving. She walked out of the school, not really paying attention to her surroundings, only thinking about the amount of homework she had. She nearly jumped a foot in the air when someone grabbed her arm.

Faith laughed loudly. "I thought you had slayer senses, B."

Buffy blushed and shrugged off Faith's hand, slightly embarrassed. "I do."

"Doesn't look like it," she said, laughing more quietly as she began to walk along side Buffy.

"Well, you shouldn't sneak up me." Buffy looked away from the other slayer, not really wanting to see the cocky grin that graced her face. "Why weren't you at the library?"

"Was doing something else and lost track of time. You know how it is."

Buffy turned her head back in time to see Faith shrug, finishing her explanation. "Not really."

"That's right," Faith said as she shook her head. "You're the good slayer."

"Not true. I'm sure a few months ago no one thought I was a good slayer." Buffy half-smiled at her. "So really, why so late?"

Faith smirked. "I think I found a nest."


"In one of those old warehouses," Faith said, grinning. "I figured I'd get you and we'd clean house. It's not like they'll have anywhere to run. It'll be either get staked or burn."

Buffy thought for a moment. She knew it was her responsibility, her calling, to slay vampires and if what Faith said was true, they would be able to get rid of several without much hassle. Of course, she knew she needed to get home, too. Her mother still kept a close eye on her so if she was late there would be consequences.

"Well, B? What the deal? We bust some vamp ass together or you let me go it alone?" Faith asked, a pleading look on her face that looked somewhat fake.

She shook her head, a smile beginning to show on her face. She knew Faith was trying to play her but couldn't help herself from letting her. "Fine. Where is this nest?"

"Oh, God . . ."

Buffy couldn't stop and didn't want to think about why. All she wanted to think about was where her hands were. And where Faith's were for that matter.

The nest was bigger than Buffy thought. When they got to the warehouse, Faith kicked down the makeshift door and all Buffy could see were vampires. There were easily a dozen, probably more, and all of them were easy pickings for the two teenage slayers.

Most of them were too dazed from being asleep so once sunlight hit them panic set in and they either burned or were staked without much fight at all. Only a few of them, probably the leaders of the large group, did attempt to fight off becoming dust but weren't much of a challenge for the pair. It didn't take more than ten minutes before Buffy and Faith were the only ones left in the once again abandoned warehouse.

Though it wasn't much of a workout for either of them, it was enough to get both of them worked up. Before Buffy realized or could stop it, they were kissing furiously and Faith was dragging her out of the warehouse as fast as they could go. Only a couple minutes later, they were at Faith's room and the full on groping began.

Buffy knew she shouldn't be doing what she was doing but it felt too good to stop. The feel of Faith's lips pressed against her own and her hands moving everywhere was too much. Her body seemed to respond out of instinct more than anything else and she liked the feeling.

As soon as they reached the room and were safely inside, Faith pushed Buffy against the back of the door and kissed her deeply. Buffy responded instantly and wrapped her arms around the other teen, pressing her body against her own.

They kissed until Buffy broke away, her lungs screaming for air. Faith didn't miss a beat, moving down to suck on her neck as her hands moved up her shirt. Buffy started to do the same until she realized she'd rather just take the other slayer's shirt off instead. She started to lift it up until Faith began to notice and suddenly pulled away.

She gave her a quick, hard kiss and let out a throaty laugh. "You reading my mind, B?"

Buffy lifted an eyebrow. "What are you thinking?"

Faith leaned in and kissed her again, not letting her even think of moving away from the door. "I want you."

Buffy began to respond but was effectively silenced as Faith kissed her again, her tongue sliding into her mouth at the first opportunity. Their tongues dueled for dominance, neither winning and Buffy knew it was a turn on for Faith. She moaned into her mouth more than once before breaking away.

Once they were apart, Buffy started to say something again even though she wasn't sure what she should say. The only thought she had was everything was moving too fast but she wasn't sure how to slow down and wasn't entirely sure that was what she wanted. She opened her mouth to say something, anything but Faith lifted her up and sat her on the dresser near the door, making her momentarily speechless once again.

"Faith . . ."

The other girl didn't respond, only put her arms around her and starting kissing her again. Buffy reacted to her touch again, her body so worked up from the slay she couldn't help herself. She put her arms around Faith tightly, wanting to keep her right where she was, but Faith had other ideas.

She broke away and looked into Buffy's eyes. Buffy wasn't sure what she was looking for, maybe a sign she wanted to stop, but Faith didn't say anything and all Buffy could see in her eyes was lust and want. Their mutual stare only lasted a couple seconds before Faith brought her hands to the edge of Buffy's shirt, beginning to pull it off.

Buffy lifted up her arms to accommodate her, still not quite sure why she wasn't stopping what they were doing. After the last time, she had told herself it would never happen again yet here she was topless in her fellow slayer's room. She watched as Faith took her own top and bra off, tossing them aside before looking back at her.

Faith smirked at Buffy, eying her up and down before wrapping her arms around her again. They kissed urgently, Faith dictating the speed of which they were moving along. Buffy put one arm around her while her other hand made its way into her hair, running her fingers through it as they kissed.

Breaking away, Faith began to kiss and lick down her neck as her hands moved to Buffy's jeans. She unbuttoned them skillfully and Buffy didn't realize what the other girl was doing until she started to feel them being pulled down. She started to comment on it but Faith started sucking on a sensitive spot on her neck so all she could do was moan.

Faith brought her lips back up to Buffy's ear, kissing it. "Lift up, B."

Buffy did as she was told and in a couple seconds, she was completely naked. Faith tossed her jeans and panties next to the rest of their clothes and put her arms around Buffy again, moving her closer to her in the process. Not knowing what to expect from the other slayer, Buffy brought her hands to Faith's shoulders and pushed her away enough to look at her. All she saw was the same as before: her eyes were almost black with lust. Faith only smirked and lowered her head, beginning to kiss and lick down her body.

The only response Buffy could give at the moment was the low moans coming out of her mouth. Faith kissed down her body until she reached her breasts, moving to one and wrapping her lips around the erect nipple. She nipped and sucked on it for a minute before switching to the other while Buffy continued to moan louder and louder.

Only lingering on her pert breasts for a minute, Faith continued to move further down, keeping her hands moving slowly along Buffy's sides. The other slayer continued to sigh out, one hand on her shoulder while the other was buried in her hair, unable to think coherently due to the incredible feelings Faith was giving her.

As Faith continued to move lower, Buffy finally realized what she was going to do. Her mind started to panic, not knowing what to do now. She'd never had someone eat her out before and didn't know if she wanted Faith to be the first. The thought made her a little uncomfortable.

"Uh, Faith . . ."

Faith mumbled something against her skin as her lips edged closer and closer, moving slow and fast all at the same time. The vibrations against her skin only made Buffy moan again though and before she realized, Faith buried her face in her pussy.

"Oh, shit!"

Buffy arched into Faith's mouth and dug her nails into her scalp. The other slayer's tongue was exploring her fully and Buffy had never felt anything quite like it. In the back of her mind, she knew the best thing for both of them would be to stop but her body felt otherwise and she knew by her actions that Faith felt the same.

While one hand was gripping Faith's head, Buffy's other hand had a death grip on the edge of the dresser. She was afraid the way she was moving she'd fall off, not realizing Faith was holding her in place. She couldn't think about where her hands were, not when her tongue was moving expertly around her clit. That was all she could think about until Faith wrapped her lips around her swollen clit and began to suck.

She moaned loudly, probably more so than she had ever done before and quickly came all over Faith's face. It was much faster than she thought but she hadn't exactly had any prior experiences to base how fast she'd come when someone was eating her out.

Faith wasn't done with her, however. She released her clit only to quickly move down and plunge her tongue into her, as deep as she could go. Buffy screamed out into the room and arched into her mouth, not realizing she was still very turned on until that moment and all she could think about was how good Faith's tongue felt.

Faith moved her tongue in and out of Buffy at an increasingly fast pace, obviously enjoying what she was doing as she moaned along with the other girl. The vibrations set Buffy off again and she came screaming into the room.

After a minute, Buffy let go of Faith's head, possibly realizing that Faith was still licking up her wetness and she wasn't sure how long she was going to be down there. As soon as she let go Faith moved, kissing her way back up her body. She kissed her flat stomach then between her breasts and up to her lips. They kissed lightly as Faith picked her up off the dresser and moved them to the bed.

They hit the bed hard, practically falling on it. Buffy groaned out quietly as Faith landed on her but it only for her to remember Faith was topless and on top of her. She brought her hands to the other girl's head so she could look at her.

Their eyes met and Faith grinned down at her, hair wild and eyes dark but sparkling. Buffy thought she looked beautiful and it scared her. That was not the thought she wanted in her head, especially when she still felt they shouldn't be having sex. All of those thoughts were washed away however, as Faith leaned down and kissed her.

Buffy responded instantly, gripping the back of her head to keep her there. Her other hand slid across her smooth skin down to the edge of her tight leather pants, suddenly remembering she still had them on. They were so tight she couldn't even sneak her hand under them and Faith must've been able to tell because she broke away with a laugh.

"I should probably get these off." Faith moved to rest on her knees as she popped open the button of her leather pants.

Buffy didn't say anything in response, simply watched as Faith jumped off the bed and quickly strip herself of the rest of her clothes.

As she watched Faith come back to the bed, Buffy tried to figure out what she was doing. She knew Faith wanted her to get her off. That was very easy to see. The look in her eyes tipped her off immediately. The problem was she was too terribly sure what to do but that thought left her as soon as Faith moved on top of her once again.

"Anyone ever told you how fuckin' hot you are, B?"

Buffy smirked, the feel of Faith's skin on hers too much of a turn on to think about the how-to or the whys of her current position. "Uh, not in those words, no."

Faith laughed and kissed her deeply, moving a greedy hand over every inch of Buffy's body she could reach. Surprisingly, Buffy found herself doing the same. A hand quickly made its way into the other slayer's hair, keeping her head right where it was. The other hand moved along her smooth back until it reached her ass.

Faith moaned into their kiss and Buffy could feel how wet she was as her thigh brushed against Faith's pussy. She moved her hand off her ass and slowly inched it toward her front, wanting to make Faith come. That was all she could think about now as they broke away from each other, gasping for much needed air.

The two slayers looked at each other but neither said anything. Buffy kept her hand on the back of Faith's head as the other girl smirked, likely feeling where Buffy's hand was moving toward. The nervousness Buffy had been feeling was no longer there since she was more than enjoying how Faith was reacting to her touch.

She pulled Faith down, pressing her lips to her own as she maneuvered her hand between their bodies and slid her fingers into her folds. Buffy felt the other slayer groan into her mouth at the action and she tried not to smile, a little content with herself for choosing the right action. She moved her fingers around, collecting Faith's wetness on her fingers and hitting her clit a moment later.

Faith broke away with a groan. "That's it, B. Right there."

Buffy only responded by attempting to roll them over but Faith kept them right where they were, apparently not wanting to move from her top position. Buffy didn't really mind, instead concentrating on both what her fingers were doing and on continuing to kiss Faith.

She began to move her fingers over Faith's clit, teasing her more than anything. Though she had no idea why, Buffy really liked the sighs coming from Faith as they kissed. She knew she was the reason and that itself was an amazing turn on, especially as she felt the vibrations from the moans on her lips. She'd never felt anything quite like it.

"B, go inside me," Faith said, looking at her for a quick second before starting to place kisses along her neck and starting to move her body against Buffy's.

Buffy opened her mouth, wanting to say something and not knowing what, but all that came out was a moan as Faith hit a sensitive spot on her neck. Her body began to act on instinct as her fingers traveled further down, quickly shoving two fingers inside her.

"Shit! That's good . . ." Faith sighed out and thrust down on Buffy's hand as they started to move against each other quickly.

Buffy moved her fingers in and out of her fast, trying her best to keep up with the pace Faith started up. She had no idea Faith was as worked up as she was showing and she figured at this rate it wouldn't be much longer until Faith came all over her.

She knew if she were thinking rationally she'd be incredibly freaked out by the realization but right now that was the last thing she thought. The heat of the moment wasn't allowing her to think anything other than how good it felt to have Faith writhe against her.

Just like she thought, in a couple minutes Faith came loudly, hot fluid soaking her hand. She cried out into the room before leaning down and crushing her mouth against Buffy's, kissing her deeply. They only broke away from each other as their pace slowed and Faith rolled off her. Both attempted to catch their breath as they stared at the ceiling.

"That was wicked, B."

"Yeah," Buffy agreed. She looked around and as she began to catch her breath her mind also began to scream at her that she needed to leave. She lifted her head up to look at the clock and realized how late she was. Her mother was going to be so angry with her. "Shit. I better get out of here."

Faith looked at her. "Late for something?"

"My mom is probably going nuts right now," Buffy said, getting up and quickly dressing, concentrating on that one action so she wouldn't look at Faith.

"Okay. Later for patrol?" Faith asked.

"Sure." Buffy grabbed her stuff and walked to the door, not looking back as she walked out of the room.

As soon as she was outside the door, she took a deep breath and the realization of what just happened it her. She cursed herself quietly, ashamed she'd put herself in that situation yet again.

Buffy couldn't believe she'd just had sex with Faith again. This was not how she wanted to get on with her life after Angel. It felt so good in the moment but now that was the last thing she felt. Now all she wanted was a shower and a way to stop doing what she was doing.

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