Losing Control
by Hayley

Chapter Four

The next two days went as smoothly as Buffy could have imagined. She didn't get in trouble at all at school which was miracle since Principal Snyder had it out for her. Now it was Friday and she saw nothing but would hopefully be two relaxing days ahead of her.

Slaying hadn't been all that bad either. She and Faith had split up the night before, trying to cover more ground and attempting to find out why they were seeing less vamp activity. Of course, once they split Buffy's night became busier than it had been in weeks. She hadn't seen Faith yet to compare slaying notes but she'd just had her last class and was heading to the library to find out.

She hadn't had any more dreams about Faith either but she couldn't stop thinking about her. Something was drawing her to Faith but she had no idea why and refused to believe it was simply that it was because she was attracted to her, that she wanted her. It seemed too impossible, too unbelievable.

Buffy pushed open the doors of the library, already hearing Faith telling Giles of the events of her night.

"Seriously, it's like someone told every vamp in town that B and I split up 'cause as soon as I went to the next cemetery there were vamps all over me the rest of the night." Faith looked up as Buffy walked into the library and grinned. "Am I right, B?"

Buffy looked to Giles, who had an interested look on his face, before answering. "Yeah, I had more than my share of vamps last night."

Giles looked down for a moment, thinking, before walking back toward the shelves as he addressed his two slayers. "Maybe there's some importance to yesterday's or today's date I'm missing that would explain the increased activity."

"Dunno, Giles, I think they were just hungry," Faith offered but the watcher was already starting to find books and wasn't paying attention.

Buffy grinned. "Don't think that'll stop him. No one loves to research quite like Giles."

Faith nodded and leaned back in her chair as Buffy sat across from her. "How bad was your night?"

"Active," she said as she searched for the right words. "No real close calls but lots of vamps. You have anything else?"

Faith shook her head. "Just vamp central. Not that I'm complaining 'cause I love an active night. Never gets boring."

"You have a short attention span, don't you?"

"You don't?"

Buffy smirked, knowing Faith was right in her assumption. "Yeah, I do."

"Must be a slayer thing," Faith said and looked back toward where Giles had gone before putting her feet up on the table. Buffy gave her a questioning glance and she laughed. "I got a lecture earlier. So . . . we joining forces tonight?"

"Seems like a plan," she answered. Buffy continued to look at Faith as Willow, Xander, Cordelia and Oz walked into the library. A part of her refused to let her look away. "Giles'll probably suggest that anyway."

Faith's eyes locked with hers. "It's a plan."

"What's a plan?" Xander asked as he sat down next to Faith. Cordelia grabbed a chair next to him while Willow and Oz sat down by Buffy.

"B and I teaming up tonight," Faith said, still smirking Buffy's way.

"Is there a big bad?" Willow asked and looked at Buffy nervously. "Is this an all hands on deck situation?"

"No," Buffy answered quickly, shaking her head. "We got it covered. I'm sure you guys have couple-y type plans already."

Oz shrugged. "Just the Bronze."

Xander looked from Faith to Buffy and back again. "Will the two of you make an appearance after the slayage?"

Faith looked at him with a smirk. "It's doable."

Willow's face lit up. "Great! We'll see you guys tonight then."

The four of them got up and walked for the exit but Cordelia seemed a little irritated and both slayers found out why as the group pushed through the doors.

"God, Xander, do you need to stare at Faith's cleavage every time you see her?"

Buffy looked at Faith and both of them burst out laughing. Faith took her feet off the table and leaned forward, trying to stop laughing. "He has a thing for slayers, doesn't he? 'Cause I've seen how he looks at you."

"Yeah," Buffy confirmed as she managed to stop laughing and sighed. "Where do you wanna meet up?"

"I'll find you." Faith looked back toward the shelves again before getting up and beginning to walk backward toward the doors. "I'm gonna get out of here before Giles overreacts on the vampire activity."

Buffy nodded. "Later."

Buffy had always hoped that when she went up against demons it would always be one on one. With vamps, it was different. Most of them were little clumsy and didn't have as good of fighting skills as other things that walked the night so if she needed to fight two or three at a time it wasn't a big deal. Demons, however, were a different story.

Demons didn't just come into being as adults like vampires. Most of them were born and grew into themselves. Most of the time that meant they were more fierce and much better fighters than an average vamp. Tonight, Buffy was facing off with two of them.

She wasn't sure what kind of demons they were, that was something Giles could tell her later, but they were about a foot taller than her and had four horns on their heads, two on each side. They were also built like bodybuilders on steroids and Buffy knew this could mean trouble for her.

"Faith, where the hell are you?" she muttered as the pair stalked toward her, grinning wickedly with jagged teeth. She'd been looking for the other slayer for about an hour but couldn't find her. At least the looking had been productive: she'd staked three vampires while trying to find her.

"Brother, looks like we eat tonight."

Buffy squared off with the pair while still keeping her senses aware in case Faith showed. "Why do demons always want to eat people? Isn't there better things to eat?"

The pair looked at each other, perhaps confused at the question, before looking back at the slayer. "No."

"Oh," Buffy let out and furrowed her brow. "All right. Well, step on up. Don't suppose I can ask you to go one at a time?"

They looked at each other again before running toward her. Buffy got into a better fighting stance, preparing herself for both demons. Both of them came at her straight on and she knew right away she would have to defend herself first then attempt to get on the offensive.

She managed to block most of the first few blows but one of the demons landed a punch to her side and Buffy thought he might have cracked a rib. The other tried to sweep her feet out from under her but she jumped up in time to avoid falling. She used the fact he missed to push him back, moving him about ten feet due to her slayer strength. He fell on his back but Buffy knew he'd be back quickly so she turned her attention to the other demon, hoping she could finish him quickly.

He swung out at her but she ducked out of the way and punched him, connecting with his cheek. Buffy grimaced as she made contact though, thinking the hit probably hurt her more than him. His laugh at the action made her think she was right but now all she could think of was taking the smile off his face. She jumped up and spun, putting all her weight into a kick that connected with his side. He groaned loudly and for the first time in the fight Buffy smiled.

"Oh, shit! B! I got the other one!"

"'Bout time!" Buffy yelled.

Buffy kicked her demon in the stomach while he was still recovering from the last blow and looked over to where Faith was running for the other demon at full speed. The other slayer jumped high and dove at him, tackling him before he could join Buffy's fight.

"Don't think stakes are gonna do the job here. You packing anything else?" Faith yelled out.

"No!" Buffy answered and moved out of the way quickly as her demon moved for her and tried a kick again only to have it blocked.

"I got something else for you. Catch!"

Buffy turned toward Faith as she saw a flash of metal being tossed in her direction. She reached out and grabbed it, realizing she caught a knife. It was a simple blade, no real design and maybe four inches long, but Buffy knew it would do the job if she did it right.

She took one last look at Faith hitting her demon in the face with the butt of her own knife before turning back to her own demon. She knew the best way to defeat him was to get him off his feet, something Faith had already done with hers but she didn't want to do something as daring as tackling him. That could go wrong too many ways. Instead she landed a couple more kicks to his midsection, a place she could see was a weak spot for him, before sweeping his feet out from under him.

Once he was down, she kicked him once more with all the strength she had before she jumped on him, positioning the knife in her hand. She plunged the knife into his chest but from the demon's reaction, she didn't think that one wound take him out.

"Stab him in the neck, B! Worked on mine!"

Buffy did as she was told, stabbing the demon through the neck. He howled for a second before his body went limp and Buffy could tell that did the trick. She got off the demon and looked for Faith, seeing her walk over while trying to wipe some yellow demon blood off her hands.

"This is why I like vampires better," she said, making a face that made Buffy smile and almost laugh. "There's no blood, only dust you can wipe off."

Buffy looked down and saw some blood splatters on her shirt, jeans and of course on her hands. "Ugh, I know what you mean."

"Yeah, if these leather pants are ruined I'm gonna hunt down every last one of those bastards and beat them down."

Buffy laughed and felt herself relax, knowing Faith had bailed her out. She walked up to Faith and handed her the knife. "Thanks. You always carry those?"

"I try to carry something as back up," she answered, grinning widely and showing off her dimples. "I borrowed those from Giles. Figured I'd need them one of these days. You know, hellmouth and all."

"True," Buffy agreed and watched as Faith took the knife and stashed it inside her jacket.

"You okay? Were you fighting them long?" Faith asked, looking her over.

She shook her head. "No, just started when you got here."

"Good." Faith looked her up and down again, still grinning. "I would've never heard the end of it if I dropped the ball and you died."

Buffy laughed again, knowing Faith was beginning to look at her hungrily. "I could've killed both of them."


"Yes, really."

Faith closed the distance between them and kissed her more intimately than she ever had before. It was tender and insistent at the same time. Buffy couldn't think but still responded, moving her lips along with Faith's and wrapping her arms around her. She deepened the kiss as well, sliding her tongue into Faith's mouth and she could have sworn the other girl would have laughed at the action if she hadn't been already preoccupied.

One of Faith's hands slid down her back to her ass and squeezed, causing Buffy to jump a little. She began to glide her hands over her back, feeling her muscles move under her skin at her touch. She felt Faith's other hand move to her head and started to run her fingers through her hair.

After a minute of the most intense kiss Buffy had ever participated in, they broke apart gasping. Faith latched on to Buffy's lower lip as they broke apart, playfully tugging at it for a moment before fully breaking away.

"I think we better go elsewhere," Faith gasped out as she continued to breathe heavily, kissing her again quickly and keeping her arms around her. "Feels a little morbid making out here."

Buffy didn't know what to think but knew by the look in Faith's eyes exactly what the other slayer was thinking. "Yeah."

Faith grinned and took Buffy's hand, leading her out of the cemetery.

They arrived at Faith's motel room about fifteen minutes later. Buffy barely had a chance to look around before the other slayer pulled her to her, capturing her lips again.

Faith had rushed them through town until they reached the motel, not really saying anything to Buffy other than that her place was crappy. Buffy didn't know what to make of her comment until they reached the rundown place that was her home.

"Hmm," Buffy mumbled between kisses. "This is where you live?"

The other teenager broke away from her lips and rested her forehead against her own, taking the moment to shrug off her jacket. "Yeah. Pretty crappy, right?" she asked then kissed her again. "Don't answer that."

They kissed yet again, Faith keeping her arms tightly around Buffy as though she was afraid what would happen if she let her go. Buffy didn't mind though. Her arms were around her as well.

Faith broke away from Buffy after a few seconds and started sucking on her neck. Buffy sighed out as a response and wondered if Faith realized just how much she loved it when someone kissed her neck like that. She thought she might know now, however, since she was gripping her tighter and couldn't keep the sighs from coming out of her mouth.

Buffy tried to clear her head and think about what she was doing but Faith was doing an excellent job distracting her and was also trying to inch them closer to the bed. After a few tries, her arms finally worked and she pushed at Faith, giving her the hint to stop.

She moved her hands on Buffy's back and placed a couple light kisses on her neck before looking at her with dark, lust-filled eyes. "Something wrong?"

"What are we doing?" Buffy asked, trying hard to catch her breath.

Faith grinned at her, her face only a couple inches from hers. "Kinda obvious, isn't it?" She moved her hands down to her sides and slid them under her shirt, massaging her skin a little. "Up for it?"

Buffy only looked at her for a minute, trying to figure out what to say. Part of her wanted to run from the room as fast as she could and not even try to explain herself to Faith. The other part, however, wanted nothing more than to see what exactly would happen if she stayed. She had a pretty good idea what would happen but was a little unsure on the mechanics. She figured Faith had that part down though. Plus, the part of her that wanted to stay really wanted to see Faith naked.

Maybe trying to get an answer out of her faster, Faith moved her hands a little higher and began to place kisses on her neck then moved up to her ear. Buffy closed her eyes at the action and knew Faith was trying to distract her, maybe because she thought Buffy was about to give her the answer she didn't want.

"I'm so worked up, B," Faith mumbled. "I know you are, too. I saw how you looked after you killed that demon."

"Yeah," Buffy admitted, knowing she was really turned on but she didn't know if that was because of the demon or because of the girl currently sucking on her neck.

She moved her hands to Faith's arms and pushed her back a step, making her groan in her process. She looked into her eyes, still trying to figure out what she should do, but once she saw the desire in Faith's eyes she had her answer. Buffy gave her the smallest smirk before leaning in and kissing her deeply.

Faith grinned into the kiss and moved her hands further up Buffy's shirt. She also continued to move them until their legs hit the edge of the bed. They broke away from each other and Faith waggled her eyebrows at her before she lightly pushed her onto the bed.

"Never thought I'd see this," Faith commented as she looked down at her.

Buffy smirked as she looked up at Faith. "Then why have you been pushing for this?"

She jumped down on the bed next to her. "Doesn't mean I thought it'd happen."

Buffy opened her mouth to respond but Faith stopped her, kissing her fiercely and moving them so Buffy was fully lying down and she hovered over her. Buffy put a hand in Faith's hair, running her fingers through it as her tongue battled with Faith's for dominance.

After kissing for what felt like hours, they broke away and Faith moved so she straddled Buffy's waist. She pulled her up with her and began to pull off her shirt. Buffy stared blankly for a second before lifting her arms, allowing Faith to pull the shirt completely off.

Faith stared blankly for a second before reaching around quickly and unclasping her bra as well. Suddenly Buffy was topless and couldn't help but blush due to the hungry stare she was receiving.

"You are fucking hot."

Buffy didn't know how to answer, or even if she should, when Faith quickly pulled off her skin tight top and tossed her bra aside a second later. Suddenly, she was speechless because she had no idea how incredible Faith's body was. Her skin looked so smooth and her breasts looked amazing.

"Faith . . ."

She couldn't get anything else out because Faith's mouth was on hers again and she pushed at her until she was lying down once again. The other slayer was almost completely on top of her, holding herself up with one hand while the other began to slide along Buffy's side. Buffy's hands kept moving along her back, mostly because she was trying to get up the courage to move them to her front.

Pretty soon getting the courage to move her hands elsewhere was the last thing on her mind as Faith's hand landed on her breast. She broke away gasping but Faith's lips continued her assault on her, everywhere they could reach. At the same time, she moved so she could rest her weight on her knees and brought both her hands to Buffy's fly.

Faith placed kisses down to Buffy chest, stopping short of her breasts, before she sat up again. "Let's get these jeans off."

Buffy didn't respond, only watched as Faith pulled off her jeans and panties then blushed brightly as Faith eyed her up and down. She got off the bed and in only a couple seconds, she was completely naked as well and back on top of Buffy.

Both of them sighed out as they slid against each other. Faith slipped a leg in between Buffy's and they kissed again but this time it was more passionate and a little rushed. It seemed like Faith couldn't wait much longer and that was more than okay with Buffy. Between the rush she'd gotten from killing the demon and everything Faith was doing to her she was already more turned on than she could ever remember.

The realization freaked her out a little, given her history with Angel. She didn't have a real chance to dwell on it though because Faith was trying to get her attention.

"B? Hey, B?" she said as she tickled her side a little and put her hand on her cheek. "You gotta move your legs a little."

Buffy giggled quietly at the tickling and did as she was told. She also put a hand on the back of Faith's head and pulled her down, already missing her lips. Faith responded instantly while moving so she fit perfectly between her legs.

They broke apart gasping as they pressed intimately against each other and Faith thrust down lightly, causing both to groan loudly. Her hand moved down her body quickly and Buffy began to feel her hips move in anticipation but it stopped on her stomach, gliding her hand over her skin as she adjusted her body against Buffy's.

Buffy kept fighting the urge to close her eyes, wanting to look at Faith. She was wondering what exactly was going through Faith's head and was hoping to see something as she looked into her eyes. Faith wasn't really looking at her, however. She was currently concentrating on kissing her neck.

"Faith . . ."

Faith thrust down again but before Buffy could moan, she covered her mouth with her own, kissing her passionately. Buffy responded, sliding her tongue against Faith's and putting both hands in her hair.

Their bodies quickly struck up a rhythm while they continued to kiss wildly. Faith placed one hand next to Buffy's side, using it to hold herself up, while the other closely moved slowly along any part of skin it could reach. Buffy kept one hand buried in Faith's hair as she split her concentration with the never ending kiss she was participating in and moving her body with Faith's.

Buffy moaned into Faith's mouth as their bodies slid together just right and had to break away from all the kissing. She tried to take a deep breath but only ended up gasping because every time Faith thrust down a jolt went through her body and the only thing she could do was gasp. She was partially thankful for that. It meant she didn't have time to think about any possible meaning in what they were doing.

Faith rested her forehead against Buffy's for a second, giving her a couple quick kisses before burying her face in her in her neck, placing kisses here and there as she moved against her faster. Buffy met her halfway, knowing how close she was to coming and thinking Faith might be feeling the same.

"Faith . . . so good . . ."

She lifted her head and looked down at Buffy, quiet moans escaping her mouth with every movement. "Yeah . . . I'm about to pop."

Buffy nodded slightly before pulling her head back down to her for a kiss. She felt Faith thrust into her harder and moaned into her mouth, knowing she was so close to the edge and thought Faith was, too. She gripped her back tightly, scratching at it and thought she was probably leaving marks. At the moment, that was the last thing on her mind though and Faith didn't seem to care either.

Faith broke away from her suddenly, groaning. They looked into each other's eyes for a split second before Faith looked away and buried her face in her neck again. Buffy wondered why she looked away so quickly but didn't have the time to dwell on it because before she knew it, she was coming hard and fast. She cried out into the room and a moment later, she heard Faith scream into the pillow beneath her.

Together they slowed their movements and Buffy tried to slow her breathing, if only to stop gasping. Faith seemed to be doing the same and after a minute slowed all her movements to a stop and rolled off her.

They laid there for a minute, staring up at the ceiling. Buffy was trying to figure out what to say or if she should say anything at all. She had never been in this type of situation before, except for the one time with Angel and she didn't think Faith would go evil now. She hoped not anyway.

Suddenly, she began to think about what she'd just done. She didn't love Faith and she didn't want to be the type of person that just fell into bed with someone she barely knew and she didn't know Faith all that well. Now that Buffy started to think about everything without Faith using herself to distract her all she wanted to do was get her clothes and leave.

Buffy sat up and started to look around for her clothes before looking at Faith. The sight of the naked slayer stretched out on the bed distracted her for a moment but she quickly cleared her head, knowing she should leave before they did anything else. "I should probably get home."

Faith opened her eyes and smiled, looking almost contented. "Sure," she said and sat up slightly, resting on her elbows, making no effort to cover herself. "Mom's probably waiting up for ya, huh?"

Buffy got up and began to collect her clothes and dress quickly, the topic of her mother only making her wanting to leave as fast as possible. "Maybe. I don't see her when I get home but she's probably awake."

The other slayer nodded. She got up and walked over to Buffy as she finished dressing and was putting on her shoes. "Hey." She put a hand on her shoulder and leaned in, giving her a light kiss. "Thanks. That was . . ."

"Yeah," Buffy agreed but was suddenly feeling embarrassed and knew she was blushing. "I should probably get going."

"Okay." She smirked. "Meet up for patrol tomorrow?"

Buffy panicked a little, not knowing what to say. "Um, why we just meet in the library on Monday and compare notes?"

Faith furrowed her brow slightly but didn't question Buffy's offer. "Sure, I guess," she said quietly and took a couple steps back, sitting on the edge of the bed. "See ya."

Buffy smiled but didn't say anything else, only opened the door and walked out of Faith's room. Once she was a couple blocks away, her mind fully began to comprehend exactly what she'd done. She'd had sex with Faith.

She sighed, lowering her head. "What have I done?"

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