Title:  Lap Dance


Author: Lynio  (lynio@yahoo.com)


Summary:  Faith is the Slayer and Buffy is not.  Faith has a night out with the Scoobies.


Rating:  R (for language and sexual situations between two women)


Disclaimer:  All characters don’t belong to me.  You know who owns them.  I’m just taking them for a joy ride in my pink Cadillac.


Pairing:  F/B What else is there?


Warning:  This is my very first attempt at fanfic.  I’m a virgin at this, so be gentle.


Dedication:  Desirata, you rock girl. I give you credit for deflowering me.  Dylan, thanks for taking me out of my shell. 


Beta’d:  Desirata




Faith’s POV.


I had to get the Scoobies to loosen up a bit and broaden their horizons beyond the Bronze.  So tonight, I’m taking them to a Strip Club.  Xan-man is already salivating at the mention of it and starting to gather his one-dollar bills.  Red and Tara seemed a little hesitant at first, but when I told them how hot the ladies are and how much hotter their sex will be afterwards, they signed in. 


So we walk in.  It’s cheaper to get in if we’re in couples so I have to pair up with boy wonder.  Fucker wouldn’t let go of my hand even after we pass the curtain.  I smack him a few times to make him let go.  He has the clammiest hands…shit.  Just thinking where those hands are usually was making me ill.  Next time, I’ll pay the extra 10 bucks.  It’s going to cost me at least that to disinfect my hands.


We take front row seats from the stage. “That’s where the action is” I tell ‘em. 


Red gets her first taste of booty when a dancer sticks her ass inches from her face.  Seems like poor old Xan-man isn’t getting any action or any of the guys in the club for that matter.  The dancers focused strictly on Red, Tara, and me. 


We were getting all the kisses and smiles from the girls.  I guess it’s rare when girls show up to these places and it’s like a treat for them.  By the third dancer, Red, Tara and I were ready for our lap dances.  Red and Tara were getting really into it and went to get more single bills.


When they got back, all the dancers of the house went on stage to be introduced by the DJ.  That’s when I saw her.  She had long blond hair, sun-bronzed skin and the tightest body I’d seen so far.  She was tiny, but I like my women that way.  Hey, didn’t I tell you I can groove with the women too?  It’s like riding a dyker, a dyke with a strap-on that is.  But I’m usually the driver not the car.  I don’t let any girl pop my trunk. With guys, I let them sit in the front seat once in a while but then they always get lost.  What the fuck, I end up driving again and putting him in the back seat like an un-trained dog.


Anyway, Buffy was her stage name.  That can’t possibly be her real name, can it?  Our eyes meet and she gives me a smile. Wow, what a sweet smile.  I want to return the smile but it seems my face is suffering from a slight paralysis like I’ve had Botox or something with that permanent surprised look.  I turn to Red and point out Buffy to her.  “That’s the girl I want,” I say cockily.  She agrees and tells me to go for it.  When I turned my head back to the stage she was gone.  I had lost sight of her.  FUCK, now some jerk is gonna get her.  Where is she?  I’m looking all over the club from my seat and all the girls have scattered to find any interested patrons for private dances.


I feel a tap on my shoulder from behind.  I turn around and it’s HER!  She came to me!  Damn right, I still have it.


“Hi, are you interested in a private dance?  It’s four for one tonight.”


Oh, she’s talking and I only catch the tail end of it. What was that, four for one?  So I ask her, “You think you can handle all FOUR of us?”  She laughs and says that’s a good one.  She jokes along and says confidently, “Yeah, I probably could.”  I blush, thank God it’s nice and dark in here. I think I met my match, no one can usually make be blush. 


She kneels down to get to my eye level. I get a better view of her stunning face.  She clarifies and says it’s four dances for the price of one.  Oh, I knew that.  I was gonna say…that would have been real kinky, a fivesome.  I so do not want to see Xan-man in a private room ever again. 


I stand up and nod to the Scoobies.  They can find their own entertainment. I’m done babysitting.  She takes my hand and leads me to the back into this tiny cubicle.  Her hand is so soft against my calloused one.  Maybe I won’t disinfect my hands after all.  We enter the cubicle and she draws the curtain closed.


She’s dressed in this silk teddy with matching long silk gloves covering her tiny arms.  She sits me down on the bench and we get the business part of it out of the way.  I empty out my wallet and give her all my money.  I don’t care how much it costs. I just want to be there with her as long as I can. I’m not even listening to the prices as she rambles them off to me.  She smiles again and returns a few bills to me.  She looks in my eyes and begins to undress.  Which doesn’t take long since there are only a couple of items to remove.  When she removes her teddy and silk bra, I get my first look at her perky breasts.  I take a long deep breath to slow down my heart rate. 


I’ve had plenty of lap dances before.  Somehow this one is different, more intimate, and more sensual than sexual.  Like we’ve known each other forever.  She straddles me on the bench and her knees brush against my thighs.   She starts to run her fingers through my hair and down my neck.  She leans in closer and presses her cheek against mine and starts caressing me with her face.  I can feel her breathing.  Her hot breath heating up my neck and her lips brushing against my ear.  My inner dam breaks and I’m flowing like a river.  She hasn’t even really touched me and I’m ready to come.  She is GOOD.  I’m itching to touch her but it’s against the rules.  I keep my hands to my sides clenched in a fist.


She starts small talk, but it all seems like garble to me.  I just nod hoping she’s asked me a yes or no question.  I guess I answered correctly because she starts pressing against me.  My back hits the cubicle wall and now her breasts are rubbing against mine.  I can feel her hard nipples teasing mine.  I am so glad I opted against wearing a bra tonight.  Only the thin material of my tank top separates our breasts.  My nipples are getting sore they’re so erect.  I guess she notices it too, because she starts rubbing me side to side as if our nipples are dueling swords. 


She stands up slowly and I immediately miss the contact.  She turns her back to me and sits on my lap.  She starts making these imaginary figure eights with her ass on my crotch, pressing harder and harder each time.  My eyes roll back in my head because this fucking feels great.  I start to shiver and feel my oncoming orgasm take shape.  My breathing speeds up and become shallow.


She stands up again with a wicked smile and sits on my lap facing me.  She starts up with the figure eights, but not for long.  Seems she can count to eleven ‘cuz now she’s just thrusting into me.  I can feel the heat from her pussy.  She still has her panties on but I can tell she is wet.  My leathers are getting conditioned with her juices.  She starts to pump into me harder and faster.  Her hands are clutching my head against her breasts.  I can’t breath but I’m not complaining.  This girl is gonna make me come just from the dance.  Her breathing is accelerating and I can smell her perfume mixed with new perspiration.  It is so erotic.




Was that a moan I just heard escape from her mouth?  Oh yeah, she moaned.  That did it…I feel my walls contract and begin to pulse, then a flood of fluids gush out of me.  “Fuck”, I whimper out. 


She slows her rhythm like she’s riding out my orgasm.  It’s the biggest orgasm that I can remember having.  And I still have all my clothes on. How did she do that?  I collapse back against the wall.  Spent.  She gets off me slowly looking at me with those beautiful green eyes, smiling proudly over the work she’d done.   She puts her teddy back on and collects her belongings.  I’m still in a daze.  She turns to me one last time and smiles.


But this time, it looks like she’s almost sad.  She stops at the doorway like she’s debating something in her head.  I whisper out “Thank you” to her as she turns to leave.  She turns back and slowly steps toward me.  She leans in and gives me a small peck on the cheek and says,  “It was my pleasure.”  Then she turns and leaves.


It takes me awhile to gather myself. I get up slowly trying to peel my leather from my thighs so I can walk.  I return to the Scoobies with an “I’ve just been fucked” grin and they are at me like bees for details.  I wave them off and scan the club for Buffy.  She’s nowhere in sight.  I sigh. I guess I was just a job for her.  Shit, the tables got turned on me this time.  I am usually the get-some-get-gone girl.  Damn, that girl really worked a spell on me.  It was just a fucking lap dance, so get over it dumb-shit.  The Scoobs had their thrills and were now out of money so we headed out. 


I glance around one last time to steal a glimpse of Buffy.  Still no sign of her, I turn to leave and we collect our checked coats.  Once outside, I’m in need of a smoke.  I reach in my right jacket pocket and take out a cig.  I search for my lighter in every pocket then I feel a piece of paper inside my inner pocket.  I pull it out and it’s a business card of the strip club. Hmmm, I don’t remember getting one of these.  I turn it around and scrawled in neat handwriting was “Buffy 999-6969.”  I have this grin from ear to ear.  Oh yeah, I’ve got mad skills baby, wait ‘til I unload them on ya…


The End