Title:Go-Go Dance




Summary:Sequel to Lap Dance.Faith the Vampire Slayer gets to know Buffy the Private Dancer.


Rating:R (for strong language and sexual situations between two women)


Disclaimer:All characters donít belong to me.You know who owns them.Iím just taking them for a ride through my tunnel of love.


Pairing:F/B††† Reference to B/A (Angel is not a vampire)


Cameo:Riley works at the strip club.

Dedication:For my RL honey of 9 1/2 years, Cec, my own private go-go dancer.


Betaíd:Desirata, my mentor and mistress.Youíre teaching me to be a better writer and Iím learning so much from you.Thanks babe.






Buffyís POV


I wonder if she found my phone number.Itís sad that I donít even know her name or if Iíll ever see her again.I had Riley, the guy at coat check, do me a favor and slip the card in her jacket. Lucky for me, Riley remembered which jacket was hers.He asked me out a few times when I first started working here but I turned him down gently.Heís a sweet guy and all but I try not to date anyone I work with.It just complicates things.


My mind keeps drifting back to that lap dance.When I asked her if it was her first time, she nodded.That made me want to give her a lap dance she would never forget.I enjoy giving women lap dances, not that Iím a lesbian or have lesbian tendencies or at least I donít think I do.I mean, not that thereís anything wrong with being a lesbian.If you happen to be gay, lesbian or bisexual, itís perfectly fine with me.I just donít know if itís for me, you know.


Iíve never actually been with a woman but I have sometimes wondered what it would be like.From my limited experience of giving women lap dances, I found myself liking the way women are so much softer and smoother than men.Iíve never dared to venture there; my mom would probably have a cow.She thought Angel was just too old for me.But now that weíre no longer together, Iím free to explore the possibilities.


A couple of the dancers have hit on me but Iíve politely turned them downÖagain, because weíre co-workers not because they werenít hot.They were really hot in fact.Itís just that Iíve already seen them in all their glory.Itís a little bit like Haagen-Dazs ice cream; yummy and delicious to eat but, when you really look at whatís inside at the ingredients and fat content, it ruins it for you.Well, it ruins it for me at least. Iím pretty conscience of what I eat.I try to eat healthy and keep my body fit with regular exercise.†††††


They tell me that I just havenít met the right woman yet.That is, until I met HER.††


She caught my eye right away, with her gorgeous face, dreamy eyes, thick luscious lips, long beautiful hair, and adorable dimples.Oh, and did I mention her sexy body?She defined the word sexiness.I was immediately attracted to her.I couldnít stop staring at her during the private dance.She was even cute when she blushed, and what a quick wit she had.She made me laugh with that four for one comment.


Iíve been at the club for almost a year now and that was the first time I got so turned on from giving someone a lap dance.She made me incredibly wet. I blush even thinking about it. I couldnít help myself.She was so HOT.I canít believe I came just from rubbing against her.The orgasm was so overpowering that I couldnít hold back my moan.I think she came right after that too, because I felt her body tremble under me.


It was an amazing experience.She was so GOOD; she was Yoplait good.What can I say? I love my yogurt.Itís chockfull of yumminess and goodiness.


After I left her, I went straight to the bathroom to dry up and changed into a new pair of thongs. I wish we could have met under different circumstances.Dating club customers is against the rules.I know giving her my number is a big risk of my job but I really wanted to see her again.


I felt a strong connection with her that I have never felt with anyone before.Call it love at first sight if you will.All I know is that I get butterflies in my stomach whenever I think about her.I barely know her but I feel a kind of bond with her, like soul mates.My whole body tingled when I pressed against her.


Itís been four days since that fateful night.Iím beginning to feel sheís not interested and that I must have been just another lap dancer to her.Itís now 7 p.m. and I have to leave for work.I look at my phone one last time before leaving my house. Just in case I didnít hear it ring and she left a message.I sigh.No blinking light.






Faithís POV:




Where the fuck did I put Buffyís phone number?I recheck all my pockets and try to think of where I last put it.Iím tearing up my apartment looking for it.I know I last had it near the phone yesterday because I was just about to call her.


That is until G-man called and told me there was this new demon in town that needed some ass kicking.I finally found the stinky demon and slayed it, but not before it got in a few lucky shots.I was out of commission the rest of the night.Well, Iím back in business today . . . thanks to quick slayer healing.


My plan was to call her yesterday, the official day 3.You know the game.Call on day 1, youíre fuckiní desperate. Call on day 2, youíre fuckiní needy. Call on day 3, youíre fuckiní cool.


Now itís day 4, and Iím just fucked.


Well, if I donít find it, I guess I know where to find her, donít I?Itís 7 p.m.; maybe I can catch her before work and arrange to meet after her shift for some fun.I can do a quick patrol in between. Hopefully sheís working today. OK, thatís the new plan.I grab my leather jacket and head out the door.


I get to the club and the doors donít open for another 20 minutes.So I hang outside leaning against the building.I light a cigarette to waste some time.I hope I donít look like a frickiní stalker or somethiní.I donít want to scare her off.


Well, she did give me her number right?So that means that sheís interested.


My mind drifts back to the memory of the lap dance.I get wet just thinking about it.Now itís my turn to show her some of MY moves.So tonight I want to take her to a dance club, a lesbian dance club to be exact.


Ever since that night with Buffy I havenít gone out and test-drove anyone after patrol.Iíve been going straight home.Well, maybe after stopping by Micky Deeís or the Rib Shack for some grub.


I gotta satisfy ONE of the Hís at least.Give me a break; a girl has to keep up her energy.


Sheís been in my thoughts during the day and invading my dreams at night.Getting that lap dance has me wanting more of her.Though that ďdanceĒ was mighty satisfying, it just wasnít enough.I donít think I could ever get enough of her. I want to touch her, kiss her, lick her, fuck her, and then I want do it all over again.Iíve never craved someone so bad and never wanted anyone more than a one-time basis.This is all new to me.Whatís going on, am I going soft?††


What the fuck, am I pussy-whipped already?Without even gettiní a sample of pussy?




Iím lost in my thoughts when I hear a sweet voice.


ďHi there.ĒI look up to see that itís HER!


ďHey . . . B-.ĒOh shit, brain fart, I forgot the rest of her name.


ďWhat did you call me?ĒShit, she caught that.Think fast, think fast.


ďBÖas in the letter B, short for your name. I like to give people nicknames.Is it alright if I call you that?ĒOh yeah, Iím slick.


ďOkay . . . sure, thatís fine with me. But my real name is Elizabeth Anne Summers.Ē


ďYou know . . . I never got your name.Ē


ďOh, sorry about that.Itís Faith, Faith SpencerĒ


ďThatís pretty . . . nice to meet you Faith.ĒWe shake hands, and immediately my body aches for more contact.


She leans in and lowers her voice.


ďAlthough, I think our bodies have already been introduced, donít you agree?Ē


She smiles wickedly.I feel my cheeks warm up as visions of the lap dance run through my head.I nod.Shit, am I blushing again?I notice Iím still holding on to her hand, so I let it go quickly.


ďUm, I meant to call you yesterday.But somehow I misplaced your number.So I decided to just drop by.Ē


ďIím glad you did.I was beginning to think you had forgotten about me.Ē She says playfully.


ďNo chance of that ever happening, girlfriend.ĒI grin and wink at her.


ďSo, what time do you get off work?Would you like to go do something afterwards?That is, if youíre not too tired or if youíre tired, we can may be hook up ano--.Ē


She interrupts my babbling.Iíve been hanging around Red too much.


ďI get off at 11 tonight instead of my usual shift at midnight.And . . . YES . . . I can meet you afterwards.Ē


SCORE.That was easy.Hey, not that anyone has ever turned me down before.Iíve got a perfect record goiní.


ďSo Iíll pick you up here at eleven then?Ē


ďOK, Iíll see you then.Ē


She smiles and turns to walk toward the club entrance door.Iím still standing there like an idiot and enjoying the view.My eyes were scanning her body as she was walking away.She turns to me one last time before opening the door and catches my eye on her ass.Shit, busted.She smiles knowingly and waves goodbye.I grin guiltily and wave back.






Buffyís POV


My shift couldnít end soon enough for me.I was having naughty thoughts all night of what I wanted to do with Faith.Horny much?Ok, fine Iíll admit it.Iíve never wanted someone so bad.Granted, itís been months since Iíve had sex.Iím beginning to forget what itís like to be intimate with someone.


Iím surrounded by an abundance of sexual aura at the club and itís beginning to numb me.I see so many naked women every night that I find it sexier and more appealing just to see them clothed.It takes the mystery out of things when you see everything they have hanging out in the open.And let me tell you, some of these womenís breasts are so huge that they do in fact hangÖpractically to their belly buttons.I may have small breasts, but theyíre as perky as can be.


Iíve also become quite the expert in spotting augmented versus natural breasts.I wonder if I can get a job doing that, maybe work at a cosmetic surgery clinic and I can be the quality assurance inspector or something.All augmented breasts would have to pass the Buffy test.That would be kind of nice.I know Faithís are 100% Grade A Choice Breasts.I would stamp her chest with my seal of approval, ďPASS, Inspected by Buffy.Ē


Finally, itís 11:00.I change into my street clothes and gather my things.I walk out of the club and I spot her just outside sitting on a kick-ass Harley waiting for me.Sheís dressed in black leather pants, a biker jacket and boots.Any other girl dressed like that wouldíve looked way too butch for me and Iíd be running the other way.But with her long wavy hair, perfect make-up and ample cleavage, she got away with making the outfit look sizzling hot.


I walk towards her and her face lights up when she notices me.She greets me with a big grin and flashes me her delectable dimples.Iím swooning.†††


ďHop on, girlfriend.ĒShe says patting the tiny seat behind her.


Iíve never ridden on a motorcycle before and Iím not sure I want to.She senses my fear and assures me itís safe.She hands me the spare helmet and points out where to place my feet.I take a deep breath and carefully climb on.She tells me to hang on to her and I gladly wrap my arms around her tight abs.


We ride away.I tighten my hold around her and press my body against her back.She is so warm, and makes me feel safe when Iím with her.The vibration from the engine was stimulating my private parts.Iím getting wet from the closeness of her body and the pleasant vibrations of the Harley.I kind of like riding on a bike now and it ended all too soon when we reached our destination.I donít even know where sheís taking me.Not like I would have cared, I would have gone anywhere with her.


Iím taken to a club Iíve never been to before or even heard of.Itís called The Cherry.We check in our coats as soon as we enter through the doors.I notice sheís wearing a red leather halter-top and I get my first look at her beautiful sleek back.My breath is taken away.When she turns to face me, Iím caught checking her out.Giving me a dimpled grin, she takes my hand and leads me inside the club.She doesnít make a big deal about catching me staring.It must be a regular thing for her to be checked out.I mean who wouldnít?Sheís so hot, that even gay men and straight women alike would be checking her out.Youíd have to be blind not to notice her.††


We enter the club and itís packed.She leads me straight to the bar and orders us drinks, a Cosmo for me and a JD neat for her.I scan the club and notice for the first time that all the patrons are women.I turn to her with a wide-eyed look and she chuckles at my innocence.


ďYou donít mind do you?Does it make you uncomfortable?We can go somewhere else if youíd like.Ē


I shake out my surprise look and resolve to just go with it.


ďNo . . . no . . . we donít have to do that.I donít mind, really. It just took me by surprise.Iíve never been to these type of clubs before.Ē


She looks at me with curiosity.


ďBut you gave me your number, I just thought . . .Ē


ďI know . . . I did and that was the first time I ever did that.Itís all just a little new to me.Ē


There I go with the motor mouth again, hope I didnít ruin the night with my abrupt confession.I donít want her to feel like she did anything wrong.In fact, anyone would have jumped to that conclusion the way I threw myself at her.I suddenly feel very nervous and inadequate.


I drink more of my Cosmo to calm my nerves.I look at her.Sheís turned quiet and is staring out into space.She seems lost in thought sipping on her glass of whisky.I try to break the mood by taking her hand.


ďCome on, letís have a good time.Dance with me?ĒHer face suddenly lights up. She downs her drink and leads me to the dance floor.






Faithís POV


HOLY . . . MOTHER . . . SHIT . . . Iím taking a fuckiní VIRGIN out?


Iím not good at this.I wouldnít want anybody to have ME as their FIRST.I really like her and I donít want to be breakiní her heart or anything.Which would probably happen since I have a history of fuckiní everything up.Plus, I donít do relationships.Iím wham-bam-thank you maíamÖor sirÖdepending on my mood.Once Iím done, Iím done.Just look at Xan-man, I fucked him up pretty bad.It shouldnít have happened but I couldnít control my post-slay hornies.


What am I gonna do now?Itís too late to turn my ass around and run.I donít get her. Sheís never been with a girl before, but came on to me at the strip club, didnít she?Gave me her number and flirted with me.I even caught her checking me out earlier.I know she wants me and I can get her in the sack easily, but what happens after?Sheís gonna want more and I wonít be able to give it to her.


I just donít get why a virgin would be interested in me.WaitÖmaybe thatís just it.She probably wants to experiment.I can handle that.Teach her a few moves maybe make her scream a little.Oh yeah, I can definitely handle that.All right then B, let the experiment begin.Iíll be happy to be your test subject.


She takes my hand and asks me to dance.Satisfied with my newfound theory, I lead her to the dance floor and weave us through the crowd of dancers.Iím tearing up the dance floor as I get into my groove with the music and lose myself in the fast beat.B is a damn good dancer herself, sheís able to keep up with me and match my moves.


Theyíve got go-go dancers tonight on the platforms. Unfortunately, they were not very entertaining or appealing enough to keep my attention.B points out how good a dancer I am and suggests that I should be up there instead.I agree with her and lean closer to answer.


ďDamn right, theyíve got nothiní compared to my skills, baby.Ē


I might have put my foot in my mouth because she then pulls me to an empty platform at the corner of the dance room and dares me.Not one to ever back down from a dare, I go ahead and jump onto the raised wooden square in a single bound.†††






Buffyís POV


Wow, howíd she jump so high?That platform is at least 4 feet high.Faith must have been a track star or something.


She starts to dance seductively swinging her hips from side to side along with the music.Her hands are roaming all over her body starting with her thighs, then up to her hips, her crotch, her stomach, her breasts and finishes off fingering her hair.The music speeds up and she doesnít miss a beat.Her breasts are jiggling and Iím getting a neck strain trying to follow them.Within minutes, sheís attracted a crowd of lustful women and they try to offer her dollar bills.My face is burning up and Iím kicking myself for suggesting that she go-go dance.


Why am I getting jealous? Isnít that what I do at work but with less clothing?But sheís with ME tonight, MY date damn it.Do I have to claim her?I didnít like the idea of sharing her.Someone has the balls to join her at the platform but Faith pushes her away as she tries to climb up.She catches my eye and notices Iím no longer smiling.She smiles at me and bends over to offer me her hand.Iím mesmerized by her alluring eyes and take her hand to climb up the platform.I steal a glance at the rejected dancer barely restraining myself from sticking my tongue out at her.That wouldnít have been very nice of me.


She squats down in front of me and slowly rises while running her fingers across my legs, my hips, my waist, and my stomach.She reaches my breasts and draws circles around them barely touching them but still giving the desired effect.Grabbing my butt, she pulls my body to her.We grind to the music in unison like we were one.Her eyes never leaving mine.My body is tingling with every touch and Iím getting wet from her once again.Weíre in our own little world not noticing or even hearing the huge crowd of dancers now cheering us on.


She pins me against the corner wall and spreads my legs with her thighs.Her hands are against the wall surrounding me.She starts to rub against me and Iím feeling ecstasy.Shit, sheís going to make me come if this assault continues on my body.My left leg is lifted and wrapped around her waist.Her full body is pressing against me and her nipples harden against mine.My hands clamp onto her shoulders to maintain my balance.


She starts to nibble on my neck and it sends a jolt down my spine.Her free hand squeezes between us and starts to knead my breast.Iím having trouble controlling my breathing.Her arousing scent of leather and spice fills my nostrils and sends tremors down my stomach to my crotch.†† Her hand then slowly slides from my breast down to the edge of my pants.She lifts her head from my neck and looks into my eyes silently asking permission for what I know she wants to do.


I canít stop her . . . I donít WANT to stop her.I nod my head wanting it just as much as her . . . needing it.This was not one of the things I imagined doing with her.In fact, itís way better than anything I could of ever imagined.Iíve never been so aroused in my life while still being fully clothed.She is working wonders on my body.


Her hand snakes down the edge of my pants into my panties and cups my mound.This girl has skills all right.She wasnít lying.A moan escapes my mouth and my head falls back against the wall with the initial contact.The club is dark and there is no space between us for anyone to catch a view of what her hand was doing.She was hiding it well.But even if it can be seen, I was beyond the point of caring.


Her hand moves further into my pants and a finger runs through my center gathering the moisture that has collected there.My God, she really is going to make me come.I brace myself and cling to her, wrapping my arms around her strong shoulders.Her wet finger gently circles my sensitive clit and my legs go weak.Using her thigh for more leverage and to keep me steady, she starts to grind into me forcing her finger to rub harder onto my clit.My hips start grinding without my control to match her movements.


She continues to concentrate on my clit making it enlarged and sore.My walls are tightening from the unrelenting stimulation.She doesnít even have to penetrate me to make me come.Damn, this girl has talent and expertise. With each pressured stroke she brings me closer and closer to the edge.All the muscles of my lower body are tensing up, as they fight to hold back the inevitable climax.Iím moaning and grunting uncontrollably trying to release some of the pleasurable stress my body is building up.


With my orgasm ready to burst, I bury my face against her shoulder and tighten my grip around her.She keeps grinding faster and harder into me, not even caring if weíre in beat with the music.She knows Iím close and whispers loudly in my ear.


ďCome on baby, just let it out.ĒHer lips kissing my ears as she spoke.


Hoping that the club music would drown out my scream, I cried out loudly allowing my orgasm take over me, letting it out just like she asked me to.She had complete control of my body.Her hand slows down and just cups my mound.She gently lowers my leg back down.My legs feel like rubber and if it wasnít for the fact her body was pinning me to the wall, I wouldíve slid down to the floor.Once my breathing had somewhat returned to normal, she slowly slides her hand out of my pants and wraps her arms around my waist.I instantly miss the warmth of her hand.


We stay like that wrapped in a tight embrace for some time.I finally lift my head from her shoulder to look at her.I melt in her deep dark chocolate pools.She stares at me and slowly leans in.We share our very first kiss.Itís soft and tender, almost too tender considering the heat we just experienced.The butterflies in my stomach go crazy and my heart pounds heavily in my chest.Iím enjoying the softness of her lips on mine; lips from a man have never felt this gentle.


She ends the kiss too quickly for me.My eyes still remaining shut as she pulled away.


When I flutter my eyes open I was greeted with the biggest smile Iíve seen from her yet.Sheís beautiful.I return the smile and tuck a curl of hair behind her ear revealing more of her stunning face.


Our moment was interrupted by loud clapping and cheering. Thatís when we suddenly became aware of our surroundings.Everyone in the club had stopped dancing and was just watching us.We look down and notice the pile of money that theyíve tossed onto the platform.We look back at each other and start laughing.


ďCome on B, letís take our bills and get outta here before they start demanding an encore.Ē


After retrieving our coats, we run out of the club still laughing about the scene we caused.She tries to hand me the money we collected but I refuse.


ďNo . . . no . . . consider it payment for services rendered, for a job VERY well done.Ē


ďThanks, B.Ē


ďNo, thank YOU Faith.ĒI blush as soon as the words are out of my mouth suddenly shy about our public display.


ďMy pleasure B . . . MY pleasure.Ē







The End