First Day of My Life
by Hayley

Chapter Sixteen

It was surprising to Faith but traveling in New England was both relaxing and interesting in its own way. There had been enough activity to keep her interested but there had been days where she was able to walk around and relax as well.

After she'd helped Kate out in Pennsylvania Faith decided to continue north and spent the next few weeks travelling through New York, Vermont and New Hampshire. She was getting used to driving through and sometimes stopping in smaller towns but she liked what she saw better than what she experienced in the south.

In reality not much was different between the two. People in smaller towns were just as nosy no matter where in the country she was but most of them were also just as nice. Of course, when she saved people of a hungry vampire or a demon they were usually pretty nice. Many of them offered her either a place to stay or a meal and Faith appreciated that. It helped in making her feel like she was making her own way of it.

Faith knew there was a possibility that she liked the recent places she traveled more because of the fact that Buffy would be joining her soon. As they talked since Faith left Cleveland it always seemed like Buffy would be joining her sooner rather than later.

A lot had been happening in Cleveland but Buffy was sure to let Faith know that she didn't need to stop what she was doing to come back. It felt to Faith like Buffy wanted her to come but that she didn't want her to feel like she was being pulled back to a place she didn't want to stay. She had mixed feelings on going back as well but she knew if they needed her she would. A call to Xander though proved that the vamp groups they were dealing with weren't an all hands on deck type of situation.

They also had Kate with them for a couple weeks. After spending the entire night talking with her Faith realized she was in no shape to drive back to Miami. More than that, she was in no condition to patrol Miami and the surrounding area on her own. Faith feared that she would be a sitting duck for any vampire that had above average fighting skills.

Instead, once the sun began to rise Faith made Kate promise she would drive to Cleveland and not back to Miami. She needed to get her emotions in check and when she talked to Buffy they agreed a couple weeks of training with the other girls and talking with Buffy and Willow would do some good. Losing people was sadly common for a slayer and Faith knew Kate needed to know she wasn't alone in losing a loved one.

Now it was the middle of May and everything had calmed down in Cleveland. Over the last few days Faith had talked to Buffy multiple times about when the best time would be for her to be transported to wherever Faith was. It turned out she needed to make sure everything was on the up and up with Giles before she left even though she could be easily transported back if it was needed.

Everything seemed to be worked out now though and Faith thought today was the day her girlfriend would show up. All the vamps that were attempting to attack the school had either been staked or had fled so everything in Cleveland was calm. She had no idea what Buffy had told Giles about why she wanted to travel with her for awhile but he approved so it didn't matter to Faith in the end.

Waiting made her nervous though. She'd spent the last four days patrolling in and around Portsmouth, New Hampshire and after talking with Buffy the day before Faith did something she never did while she was staying in a city: she switched hotels. Faith had been staying in a rundown motel that was an okay place for her to stay but when Buffy got there she wanted something a little better for their first night together on the road.

Faith didn't know what was causing her to make all the changes she'd been making, especially given that they would probably go back to staying in the same type of places after a couple days. It wasn't as though Buffy had never seen the type of places she stayed in either. They had shared a room in Reno and she'd helped her in Springfield when she was injured but now she wanted it to be different.

She wanted their first night to be better than the cheap motels she frequented.

Her cell phone rang and she picked up quickly. "Hey, B."

"Should be ready to go in a couple minutes," Buffy said. "How much is too much to pack?"

Faith laughed. "You've seen what I'm driving and what I left with. Don't go too crazy."

"That's right. It's not like I need to bring clothes to sleep in or anything," Buffy teased. "I just have what I need, I think."

"Okay, I'll see you in a couple minutes." Faith hung up and looked around the room, making sure everything was how she wanted it.

Never once in the last year was she this nervous and Faith wasn't completely sure why. It was just Buffy but it seemed different now. Their relationship was starting to feel more permanent.

Faith was about to sit down when she heard a voice behind her, which made her jump. "Hey baby."

"Damn it, B!" Faith turned and looked at Buffy and her two bags. "You gotta stop doing that."

Buffy laughed as she quickly embraced Faith, hugging her tightly. Faith put her arms around her girlfriend as well even though the way she popped up when she was transported in annoyed her. She tried to only think of how great it she was in her arms instead.

"If your back is turned when Willow transports me it's going to happen." Buffy moved away just enough to give her a soft kiss. "Did I bring too much?"

Faith looked past her to the large duffle bag that matched the one she carried with her and smaller one next to it. She knew that her girlfriend probably struggled just to get what she wanted to bring in the two bags so she didn't want to say anything about it. She was only happy she was there.

"It's perfect, B."

They simply stared into each other's eyes for a minute before Faith leaned in and gave her a light kiss. Buffy smiled before responding, moving her lips with Faith's until she moved away. She looked around the room and Faith could tell she was looking at what Faith had purchased prior to her arrival.

"I'm betting these flowers don't come with the room," she commented as she looked back at Faith.

Faith smiled. On the small table in the corner were fresh roses and some chocolates and a couple of other snacks that she knew Buffy loved. She had gone out and bought a few things in the morning to prepare. If they were suddenly without clothes she wanted to make sure they had some sort of food in the room.

"I thought there'd be something to celebrate," Faith said. "And that if we decided not to leave the room we'd at least we'd have something to eat."

Buffy smiled back. "Not that that doesn't sound incredible but I was kind of hoping you'd show me around a little. You've been here a few days. You have to know a couple nice spots, right?"

Part of Faith wanted to tell Buffy that all she wanted to do was spend the rest of the day in the room with her, preferably naked, but the look on her girlfriend's face told her not to say it. "I guess I know of a couple places that are a little touristy."

Faith didn't disappoint in finding areas of the town that Buffy might like.

They walked from the hotel to the restaurant Faith picked out, taking their time along the way. Faith wasn't exactly the greatest at playing tour guide, never paying much interest in what tourists did outside of if those places were also where vamps frequented, so she ended up also pointed out a couple places where she'd staked vamps as well. Buffy laughed at her when she did but she also smiled and held her hand so Faith knew she was having a decent time.

"Can I tell you a secret?"

Faith looked up from her menu as they sat at a table by a window. The place she picked was small enough to have that romantic feel but was big enough that the staff left them alone. "What's that?"

"I don't like seafood."

"That wouldn't be much of a secret once the food came," Faith said. "B, eating the food here is nothing like eating frozen shrimp in Cleveland."

Buffy smiled. "Where did you learn that?"

"Eating in Mobile," Faith answered. "I tried to order a burger in a place where the burger was the last thing I should've ordered. Waitress ignored me and brought me the best crab I've ever eaten."

"That does not sound like something the Faith I know would do," Buffy said, the tiniest of smirks on her face. "I would think you would demand a cheeseburger with extra fries."

"I like to think I've broadened what I eat now." Faith looked out the window and back at Buffy. "I ate here yesterday. Just order the special."

A waitress walked up to their table before either of them could say anything else. "Hey, Faith. Back so soon?"

"Food wasn't exactly terrible," Faith joked. "My girlfriend met up with me so I thought I'd take her here. She's not a fan of seafood."

"I guess it's my job to change that." She let out a quiet laugh. "I'll come back with the perfect wine to go with your food."

Buffy watched her go before turning back to Faith. "This should be fun."

By the time they got back to the hotel room Faith couldn't seem to keep her hands off Buffy and the feeling was definitely mutual.

Dinner had been a huge success and after they ate and had a couple glasses of wine they walked back. It had been fun talking to Buffy and she had a million stories that seemed to get more animated the more she drank. Faith could only laugh at some of them, especially because a couple of the girls in Cleveland were incredibly awkward if Buffy's stories were accurate.

The walk back was long only because they were slightly drunk and both of them were aware that it was starting to get dark and there was always the possibility of vampires looking for a meal. Mostly though, they just enjoyed the walk together.

"Hmm," Buffy mumbled as Faith shut the door while kissing her neck, "do you think we'll need to patrol tonight?"

Faith moved away enough to shake her head. "Not an issue. No way we've leaving this room."

Buffy giggled as Faith kissed her and moved them further into the room. The only thing Faith wanted to do at the moment was to get rid of the clothes they were wearing. It was early but that only meant that they had more time to do what Faith had been thinking about all day.

There was plenty of time for slow later and Faith knew that. Right now all she wanted was to go fast, something they didn't do much.

She broke away from Buffy just enough to pull her shirt over her head and then her own before kissing her again. Her girlfriend was kissing her back with such passion that Faith knew she wouldn't be opposed to going fast, at least for the first go around anyway.

It was only a couple minutes before she stripped Buffy of her bra and had unbuttoned her pants. Buffy's hands had been busy as well, also freeing Faith of her bra but she was also starting to pull her pants down. She liked how her girlfriend was really getting into what they were doing, even trying to take charge.

Buffy was the one person where Faith had been able to give up control and she had done so on several occasions. She felt safe with her and knew that no matter what happened Buffy would never do anything to hurt her. That wasn't what she wanted at the moment though. What she wanted was to take charge if even for a little while during the night.

Once they were naked Faith picked up Buffy and carried her to the bed, laying her down gently before joining her. Then she went right to work, kissing over her body and getting familiar with it once again. She loved listening to the sighs and moans coming from her girlfriend, knowing that everything she was doing was turning her on.

Faith didn't want to waste any more time so she moved her hand down and quickly pressed her fingers against Buffy's clit as she kissed her neck. Buffy moaned loudly and gripped Faith's back as she continued to move her hands over her clit. The sounds were exactly what Faith wanted to hear and it wasn't too long before she moved those fingers down and pushed them inside her.

"Oh, Faith!"

She started a slow motion at first as she kissed Buffy again but then she sped up, wanting her to come quick and hard. Buffy moved with her fingers and soon they were moving fast with Buffy scratching at Faith's back as she continued to cry out.

It wasn't long before Faith knew Buffy was getting close so she kissed her with as much passion as she could muster. A couple more thrusts and she felt Buffy cry out into her mouth and her body arched into her as she came. Faith continued to kiss her and slowed her thrusts into her as she tried to get her girlfriend to ride out her orgasm for as long as possible.

After a few minutes they slowed their movements to a stop and Faith collapsed on top of Buffy for a few seconds before moving off to her side. She kept her arms around her as she did, not wanting to move too far away.

"Wow," Buffy finally said. "I don't think I'll ever get used to how incredible you are."

Faith smiled. "And we've got all night."

Faith woke up early, much like she always did when she traveled and hadn't been slaying the night before. Of course, this morning was different because she wasn't alone in bed and that Buffy was with her. It also was different in that she knew she wouldn't be alone for awhile.

She couldn't help but smile at the thought of waking up with Buffy while she was on the road. When she started out she dealt with any loneliness by telling herself that it was necessary in order for her to get her life back on the right track. It was simply something to get used to and that had been okay with her in the beginning.

Now it was something Faith knew wasn't necessary for her to get to where she needed to be. It helped but it wasn't nearly as helpful as having someone with her. That was especially true when that person was someone she loved.

Buffy was curled up next to her, still fast asleep. Faith hoped that was because they had exhausted each other the night before because she knew she was still a little sore in all the right places. Still, since they had only done a little sightseeing and didn't patrol the night before, Faith didn't think sleeping in was an option. She was already thinking of the next town to drive to and liked that she had Buffy to help her decide.

One thing she didn't want to do right away was go to Boston. Faith was getting closer to going there and making peace with her messed up childhood but wasn't quite there yet. She hoped Buffy would understand that.

She moved her hands slowly over Buffy's back, smiling at the feel of her soft skin. A quick look at the clock told her they should get out of bed, especially if they wanted to get a good start to the day.

"B?" Faith said quietly. "Time to get up."

All Buffy did was groan in response at first but she moved, lifting her head up to look at Faith. "Why?"

"Got to get moving," Faith said, smiling as she looked at Buffy's messed hair. "We should drive to another town today."

"You don't want to stay here another day?"

Faith shook her head. "We didn't patrol last night because there really isn't much here to stake or kill anymore. Can't have two slayers hanging out in a place with no baddies so slay. What would Giles say?"

"Hey, he may be in charge of the Council but I'm in charge on this side of the ocean." She smiled. "Besides, I remember that you weren't going to follow what anyone else was doing. Why not stay an extra day?"

Faith moved them so they were on their sides and facing each other before giving her a light kiss, not caring about any morning breath. "B, we were kinda made to slay, you know? I like tracking down vamps and everything else. Besides, you can sleep in the truck."

Buffy frowned. "So we're always going to have early mornings?"

"I don't when I'm staying in town, only when it's a travel day."

"Okay." Buffy got out of bed, giving Faith plenty of time to look over her naked body. "I suppose we need to get up to shower and all that, right?"


They only looked into each other's eyes for a minute before Buffy extended her hand. "It only makes sense that we shower together then."

Faith smirked and got out of bed. "It's a timesaver really."

Buffy took her hand and laughed as she led them into the bathroom. Faith closed the door behind them and as soon as she did Buffy was kissing her hard. She responded by wrapping her arms around her then turned them so she could push Buffy up against the bathroom door. It was the wrong direction to go but she was acting on instinct, wanting her girlfriend now.

It was something Buffy pointed out once they broke apart to breathe. We're supposed to be taking a shower, baby."

"Sometimes I see you naked and I have no control," Faith said as she smiled.

"Come on."

Buffy moved away from the door and Faith let her start the shower then lead her into it. Once they were under the spray they started to kiss tenderly, their arms moving around each other. Faith was still slightly shocked she was capable of the tenderness she displayed when she was with Buffy but she definitely enjoyed it. She also enjoyed the fact her girlfriend's hands were moving over her body, caressing her skin and seriously turning her on.

Before she knew what was happening, Buffy had her pressed against the wall of the shower and her lips were making their way down her body. She kissed down her neck then made her way to her breasts. Faith forgot to breathe for a moment as Buffy began to suck on each nipple in turn, keeping her moving over her body as she did, and all Faith could do in response was let out a loud moan.

After she was through with her breasts, Faith moved further down, kissing over her stomach. She placed an extra tender kiss on her scar as she did, something Faith hadn't asked her about. It wasn't the first time she had done that act but it wasn't as though Faith was going to stop her to ask, not when she was moving lower.

The first time Faith had gone down on Buffy she was nervous, mostly because she wanted Buffy to enjoy every second of it. She could tell Buffy had been just as nervous when she'd done the same but that nervousness had been short-lived. Now Buffy made no move to pause before slipping her tongue over her clit then moving to suck on it for a few seconds before pressing her tongue inside her.

"Ah, fuck me," Faith moaned out and held on to whatever she could.

She was fairly sure she could feel Buffy smile against her as she fucked her. Even though in reality they hadn't been together very long, most of their time as a couple being spent apart, Buffy seemed to know what to do to set Faith off. Faith could only concentrate on the feel of her tongue and was almost sad that she could feel herself wanting to come so soon. She loved everything her girlfriend was doing to her too much.

Faith tried to hold off but couldn't, coming hard as Buffy moved her tongue inside her. She could feel that she might fall but soon Buffy was kissing her way back up her body and it wasn't an issue. Her arms were soon around her and they kissed gently.

"I love showering with you, baby," Faith said against Buffy's lips.

"It is a lot of fun," Buffy agreed, smiling.

"I think I owe you one now."

"Oh, that was for last night," Buffy said. "But I can't wait to see how you repay me if you feel the need."

Faith grinned as she moved them back under the spray. "I can't either."

Getting dressed took longer than it should have but eventually Faith had her map of the area open and both she and Buffy were looking at it.

"So where do you think?" Buffy asked.

Faith looked at the map, which showed most of New England. "I'm not sure."

Buffy looked at the map for a few seconds before looking at Faith. "I'm guessing you don't want to go to Boston yet. Am I right?"

It was a relief that Faith didn't need to actually say it. She couldn't think of logical reason why and didn't know of a good response so she only nodded.

"Then why don't we go north for a few days?" she suggested. "We can go to Maine and I can have Will look up some possible trouble spots if we don't want to do much investigating on our own." She paused. "Besides, we can make it kind of romantic. Maybe stay in a bed and breakfast or two."

"I like the investigating," Faith said easily. "I always seem to find something eventually and I've gotten to know the signs that there's something going on that shouldn't be. And bed and breakfast places? Really?"

Buffy frowned slightly. "No bed and breakfast?"

Faith laughed as Buffy's frown turned into more of a pout and she kissed it away. She liked that Buffy was making suggestions but not pushing her into going one direction or another. It was a good sign as far as Faith was concerned since part of her feared that Buffy was tagging along with the sole purpose to get her to stop traveling and stay with her in Cleveland permanently.

That didn't seem to be the case and it made Faith happier than she thought it would. "Well, maybe if that's what's available."

Buffy smiled. "That's all I ask." She looked around the room. "I guess this is where we pack up and move on."

"Yep," Faith said as she put her arm around Buffy. "Let's see what town in Maine has some vamps for us to slay."

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