First Date Nerves
by Hayley

Title: First Date Nerves

Rating: NC17

Pairing: Buffy/Faith

Disclaimer: These characters are not mine and I make no money off this.

Summary: Post-Chosen. Faith finally takes Buffy on a date.

Giles will not stop talking.

I'm serious. Once the man starts on some legendary vampire or demon or great evil, there's just no stoppin' him. He'll go from one text to the next without looking up or taking a breath. And God forbid someone interrupts him before he's made his point. If stuffy British looks could kill, I'd be dead about three or four times today.

To me his whole speech is just blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. All I need to know about what we're facing is where it is and the best way to kill it. After that, all I need is to grab B and starting slaying.

I really can't be bothered to pay attention to this meeting even though both Giles and B will tell me I should. There's been some weird vamp activity, patterns in how they attack, and Giles has been trying to figure it out. He'll take B and me aside every morning and grill us at what happened during patrol the night before. It's bad enough we have to drag along all the little juniors night after night but then to have to rehash every little detail the next morning is almost more than I can take.

"Faith, pay attention."

"Yeah, G-man."

He looks at me, narrowing his eyes, before going back to whatever the hell he was talking about. I'm in his office with Xander, Willow, Kennedy, Dawn and B and they all seem to find what he's saying just fascinating. Or maybe they're just doing a better job faking it than me. Who knows and I really don't care.

My mind drifts until my eyes wander to B. She smirks and lightly shakes her head at me before nodding ever-so-slightly to Giles. I guess she wants me to pay attention but my mind is way too preoccupied. I smirk back and shake my head at her while doing a little eye roll, a move that surprisingly slips by Giles. He must really be into whatever he's going on about 'cause normally that would've gotten me one of those looks.

Okay, I am way better at pretending to listen but tonight is a big night and not just in the first night off in a month kind of way. No, tonight I finally get the night I've been waiting on for years. After over a year of flirting back and worth and after multiple times of the gang calling us on the flirting, a miracle happened. B said yes to a date.

I admit I'm nervous, part 'cause I almost didn't wanna ask. I was pretty okay with just the flirting even though my mad crush on B has damn near killed my social life. Sure, I go out to clubs with the gang but I only ever hooked up couple times and both were months ago. The first one was a guy and that was one big drunken mistake. He was one of those clingy types. The second and last was a girl who really only reminded me that I wanted B instead.

That ended my attempt at gettin' off after a night of heavy slaying and that's probably when a couple people started to notice I'd hang with B instead of clubbing with the juniors. When I did go out with the gang, I'd hang with B, too. We'd grab drinks and observe from a corner. I know, so not like me, right? My crazy as hell mind kept telling me if I wanted B, this was it. No more hooking up and no more get some, get gone.

Even with the flirting and the hanging out, I still didn't wanna ask her out. I figured she'd say no, things would get awkward and I'd have to leave. I didn't wanna leave. Everyone here has gotten to be family and they've accepted me. For the first time I'm actually wanted and there's no way I'd ever screw that up.

Andrew of all people was the first one to call me on the fact I wanted in B's tight jeans. He said it different and more nerdily, of course, but the message was there. I wasn't fooling anybody. Thing was B was flirtin' right back and I didn't know what to think. I didn't know if she felt the same or was just playing along.

Soon everyone in the house was teasing us every once and awhile on the fact we flirted and that we should just go out. B always seemed to blow 'em all off so I figured my fears were right in that she'd shut me down if I ever asked. Last week though, after getting home from slaying Dawn pulled me aside and told me to ask B out. Yep, B's little sister wanted me to go for it.

So I did. The next day I asked B if she wanted to go out on our night off and I damn near fainted when she said yes. That would've been embarrassing though so I held it together. I did do a little victory dance once I got to my room.

We've been getting a little crap for the date but for the most part, everyone's been quiet about it. I'm wondering if they have bets on if we'll chicken out or something. Until we actually leave tonight, I wouldn't be shocked if B does. I still can't believe she said yes.

"Okay, I think that's all for now," Giles says and now I'm actually paying attention. "Dawn and I will keep researching and Buffy and Faith will keep looking for signs during patrol."

"We still have off tonight, right?" I ask quickly. I don't want B volunteering us for something stupid like patrolling on our night off.

"Yes, Faith."

"All right then."

Everyone gets up and starts to leave, B and I walking out last. We smile a little at each other as we walk out and I wish I knew what's going through her head. What does she expect tonight?


I have no idea what to do on a date. There, I admitted it. I'm too damn proud to ask anyone what to do so I've been left to my own ideas.

Dinner seemed like a good start so I made a reservation at a restaurant once B said yes. Nothing too fancy 'cause I don't do well with fancy but nice enough. I'm gonna wing it after that since after that she could realize I'm an idiot and want to go back home.

I did do something though that may be wishful thinking on my part: I got a hotel room. I attempted to spare no expense on that, getting a suite and everything. Even if B doesn't wanna get too physical on the first date if we're gonna end up talking or whatever I don't wanna do it at the house. Everyone's in everyone else's business there and we'll never get any privacy. The only person who should be seeing my moves is B.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm gonna try to get laid tonight. It's been awhile but I know B's the one who'll end up making that decision. She seems like more of a go slow type of girl and that's probably one of the things that makes her so damn hot to me. It's part of the whole smokin' hot Buffy package so I'm not gonna be crushed if the night doesn't end with some sex.

There's a knock on my door and I look in the mirror and down at myself. I gotta say I look pretty fuckin' hot. I've got on a little clingy dark red top that does an excellent job showing off my cleavage and tight black pants. My makeup is perfect so I think I'm good to go.

When I open my door B is standing there and I feel the need to check to make sure I'm not drooling. She's got her hair up, which I definitely love, and is wearing a sleeveless black top and dark blue jeans. They're not as tight as what I'm wearing but they still show off her incredible body.

I finally meet her eyes and I think we were both just checking each other out. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that's a good sign for me. "You ready to go?"

She smiles. "Yeah, let's go."

I smile back and we walk down the stairs and out of the house without anyone bothering us. I bet B threatened them if they started in on us 'cause I didn't and I think normally this would be a perfect opportunity for the rest of the house to torment us. They don't get situations like this very often.

We get in my car and I drive the short drive to the restaurant. We don't really talk on the way and I'm so nervous I don't know if I can eat. This is gonna be real interesting.


Dinner has been okay. We've talked some but not all that much, just little things like what we don't like about slaying and which of the juniors we can't stand. I'm still a little nervous and have been more concentrating on my food than talking.


I look up and smile. "Yeah?"

"Normally, I'd say no to dessert 'cause I wouldn't want my date to think I'm a pig but since you're a slayer, too . . ."

I laugh. "Go for it. I plan on doing the same."

B laughs a little and once our waitress comes around we order dessert and a couple more drinks. Since it's been going okay so far and we really haven't talked nearly enough I think, I'm trying to get up the courage to approach the hotel idea. She's let me plan everything and I know she's expecting something after the restaurant. I was told by more than one nosy person at the house that just dinner wasn't good enough.

Our beers and desserts arrive and now my mind is going into overdrive at what happens next. I kinda wanted to have something set up in the room if she said yes but after a year of hanging with her and drinking with her I have no idea what her drink is. We've done plenty of shots in clubs and had hundreds of beers but there's never been one drink she orders consistently and trust me, I would've remembered. It might get a little spendy if we drink a lot at the hotel and now I wondering if I'll look cheap if we stop at a liquor store on the way.

"Faith, are you okay?"

I look at her and see I haven't been eating. She looks a little worried. "Uh, yeah, I'm fine. Just thinking, I guess."

"Okay," B says and smiles. She's been smiling a lot tonight. Another good sign for me. "I was hoping you weren't sick. Not a good way to end a date."

"No, not sick." I smirk. "Just thinking about what to do next."

"There's a next?" she asks and I nod. "Good. I really didn't wanna go back to the house early. All the questioning from Willow and Dawn . . . not how I want to end the night."

"I have an idea but I'll ask you when we're done." I don't wanna get a huge public rejection.

She nods and we eat and drink in silence for a minute before she breaks it. "How come I don't know much about you? Even tonight you haven't said much about yourself."

I shrug. "Dunno. Not a lot of people ask, I guess."

"Okay, I'm asking."

"Not much to tell, B. Grew up in Boston with crappy parents then just a drunken mother until I got called. I guess I 'ran away' after that. You kinda know the rest."

"Not really," B says, putting her fork down. We're both almost done and I really do not want to discuss my shitty childhood right now.

"I can tell you later if you really wanna know but none of its really that good or interesting."

"It would be interesting to me," B challenges. "You know, if you want whatever we've got going here you're gonna have to open up."

Damn, she's right. I know B's the type of person who wants to know everything about the person she dates. I've never had that before. Hell, I normally don't date past the one night so there's not a lot of time for the telling of life stories.

I nod and am about to say something but the bill comes and I've set about paying that and leaving before I need to either explain why I don't talk about my past or start talking about it. It's not more than five minutes before we've leaving the restaurant and getting into my car. Now here comes the hard part.

"Okay," I start, "I have something in mind but we don't have to if you don't want to."

B raises an eyebrow. "What is it? I hope it's something I'm dressed for."

I have to laugh at that, especially since B's lookin' down at what she's wearing like she's critiquing it. "B, you don't need to change what you're wearing. You look great."

She blushes lightly at that. "Thanks," she says quietly. "Then what?"

"When I made the reservation for the restaurant I also reserved a suite at a hotel a few blocks away." Her eyes go a little wide so I quickly continue before she can say something. "It doesn't have to be what you think it is. We can just go there and hang out. That way we can be alone, gang-free."

She looks a little skeptical but she nods. "Sounds okay."

Yes! The night just keeps gettin' better.


The hotel staff is both awesome and making me nervous. I really didn't wanna look cheap and thankfully B was the one who brought up bringing booze to the room. So when we got to the hotel I went to check in and she went into the liquor store across the street to get some supplies.

Even though I don't remember saying why I wanted the room, the guy at the front desk said they set up some complementary goodies to help me with my big date. I liked that at first 'cause I'm paying a lot of money for this room but when I got up there I almost wanted them to take it back. There were roses, champagne and chocolates waiting for me when I got up there and I really hope this doesn't freak B out. I don't wanna come on too strong or give off the impression that I'm doing what I can so I can get laid.

The room is pretty kick ass though: huge bed, huge bathroom with a whirlpool bathtub big enough for two and in case B freaks and leaves, huge TV. If she gets the wrong impression and can't deal she can take my car or a cab back to the house if she wants but I'm staying here and getting what I paid for.

There's a knock on the door and I open it to see B standing there, a bag in her hands. "This is a huge room, isn't it?"

"Yeah," I say, "and the hotel gave us free stuff."

"Cool." She looks over the goodies and smirks at me. "What did you tell them?"

"I think I might have mentioned this was part of a date when I got the room . . . I don't remember that though. The stuff wasn't my idea."

B continues to smirk as she sets the bag in the desk next to the roses and other overly romantic items. "You're really nervous about how I'll react, aren't you?"

"Kinda," I admit. No sense lying at this point and I really doubt B would buy that I'm the romantic type. You know, the kind of person that thinks about things like getting their date roses and candy. I only want everything to go well so even if I don't get to see B naked tonight, I will in the near future.

"You don't need to be," she says and then changes the subject. "Here I bought booze and now all I wanna do is open that bottle." She takes the champagne out of the bucket and looks over the label.

"What'd you buy?"

"I thought we could make jack and cokes."

I grin a little. "That's my drink."

"I know," she says, smiling. "I remember these things."

"What else do you remember?"

"Many things," she says and winks at me. Winks! How far does she want me to fall for her? "Let's get this open."

It takes a minute but soon our glasses are full and we take sips as we sit in chairs that are around a table in the corner of the room. It's a good halfway point, about halfway to the bed. She's got this look that she wants to ask me something and I hope it's nothing about my past. I don't wanna ruin the night by talking about my less than stellar childhood.

I never know how to talk about my childhood anyway. I'm not lookin' for anyone's pity and I don't want that from B. There's a look people have when they feel pity for someone who's been through some bad shit. I call it the "oh, poor Faith" look. It'll kill me if I see that look on B's face.

"So," she starts out, "how long have you wanted to ask me out?"

I nearly choke on my mouthful of champagne. "What?"

"Xander, Willow and Dawn have all said at one point or another that you wanted to ask me out. The first time was about three or four months ago. How long?"

"Uh . . ." I really don't know what to say. "Since we were teenagers," I finally mumble out.

"Really?" she asks and I nod. "Wow. I must've been kinda blind."

"You had a lot goin' on. And I guess I didn't wanna date you so much as . . ." I stop myself from finishing my sentence, drain my glass and look her over. I wonder if she's as nervous as I am. "Why did you say yes?"

"As much as you probably don't believe it, I like you, Faith." She leans forward. "You're always kinda down on yourself when it comes to stuff like that."

I wanna shrug that off but the way she's looking at me . . . I just can't. "There's a part of me that probably thinks you're too good for me. I guess I always thought you thought that, too."

She sets her glass down at that and looks a little irritated with me. Well, that's just great. "I never thought that. What did you really think of me back then?"

"It wasn't that I thought you didn't like me. It's that I thought you didn't think of me all that much. Like an afterthought or something."

B sighs. "That's not how I wanted it. I wanted us to be friends back then, ya know? It just . . . it all went to shit, didn't it?"

I nod. "Let's just forget about all that."

"I like the sound of that." She smiles and begins to refill my glass along with hers. "So no more talking about some of our stupid mistakes. We should make a toast this time."

This whole time the only thing I've been wishing is that I get a little action. Okay, that and that I hope B doesn't ask me anything too deeply personal. "What do you wanna toast to?"

"Us," B says, smiling. "How 'bout to the first of many dates to come?"

I love the sound of that. "There's gonna be more?"

"I'm used to you being more confident when it comes to this stuff." She clinks our glasses and takes a sip. "It's a little unnerving."

"I'm confident when it comes to sex," I correct then realize what I'm about to say. What the hell, she knows all this shit about me anyway. "Sex is what I'm good at. I'm pretty sure this is the first real date I've been on."

"Really?" I nod and she shakes her head in disbelief. "I don't know if I believe that but it does explain the nerves."

"I guess it kinda does." The rest of it is all 'cause of her but I don't wanna admit that.

She looks a little thoughtful for a minute before looking at me. "Can I ask you a serious question?"

I shrug even though she's just made me even more nervous. "Sure."

"Why do you like me?" she asks and I think she's nervous how I'm gonna answer. That's what it looks like anyway.

That's like asking me why the sky is blue or why a vampire slayer slays vampires. I like her 'cause she's Buffy. She's the strongest person I know and there's this look she has when she looks at you that it's like you're the only one that matters. When I get that look time stops. She gets when I need to be alone or when all I really need is a beer and sometimes knows it before I do. She's developed a dirty sense of humor I can feed off of and well, have you ever seen Buffy Summers? She's fuckin' hot.

I look her right in the eyes. "You're Buffy."

B looks at me for a second before getting up and walking over to me. I don't like that she didn't respond but I don't know what else to say. I'm not exactly great at expressing my feelings. I can only watch as she pulls me up so I'm standing next to her. There's no words for what I see in her eyes but I feel like I should say something else, you know? I start to open my mouth but then her lips are on mine and I can't say anything.

The kiss is incredible. I can't even begin to describe it 'cause I can't believe it's happening. It's soft and light and sweet and I've never felt anything like it. I can feel B's nervousness in the kiss, too, and I gotta say I'm a little relieved. At least I'm not the only one.

When we break away, I smile at her and place my hand against her cheek. She's so amazing and she probably still has no idea just how I feel about her. "At least you like my answer."

She laughs and puts an arm around me. "Best one I've ever heard."

I laugh a little, too, feeling some of the nervousness go, and lean in to kiss her again. It's not as soft as before 'cause I'm really starting to feel how much I want her. I've never wanted anyone like I want Buffy Summers. I'm hoping she doesn't shut this one down right away 'cause we've got a perfectly good bed just a few feet away.

Instead of breaking away and asking, I start to move us closer to it, inch by inch. She has to know what I'm doing but she doesn't stop me. That's another good sign.

For the next few minutes, all we do is kiss lightly as I move us closer to where I want us to be. Then the back of her legs hit the bed and we break away. I feel the need to lighten the mood a little so I give her a little smirk and an eyebrow waggle before moving my hands down to her waist and lifting her up and onto the bed. She giggles a little at that and I can't help but grin. I do love to see her laugh and smile.

I get up and join her on the bed and we scoot toward the center. We kinda lean back on the pillows and I look around the room before I look to her. "Should we grab the champagne or the chocolates? Maybe watch a movie?"

"Nah," she says, shaking her head. "We can just talk a little."

"You sure you just wanna talk?" I ask. "We can always try out those jets in the bathtub."

She laughs a little more. "Maybe later."

That's the second best answer I could've heard. "I can work with that."

"I'm sure." She pauses. "Have I ever told you how thrilled I was that you decided to stay on with us after Sunnydale?"

"No," I answer quietly.

Her being thrilled is news to me. She always seemed a little indifferent when I told Giles I'd stick around and help. Sure, I really did it to try to get to know B a little better, maybe prove to her more than anyone else I'd changed, but this was really where I could help the most. I could've gone out on my own but then I wouldn't have been working with all the slayers.

"I really was. If you hadn't stayed I knew I was going to have to teach all these new slayers alone. I'd be the only one who could show them what it was really like to be a slayer. With you there, I knew I wouldn't be alone."

"Happy to help," is all I can get out. "I didn't think you really cared all that much."

"I did." B moves closer to me places her hand gently on my arm. "I want you to be here and I was waiting for you to ask me out." She smirks again. "Took you long enough."

"Are you kidding?" She's been waiting! She could've given me a sign that she'd say yes. Hell, she could've asked me out. I would've said yes after I regained consciousness. "I always thought you'd say no and then everything would get weird."

She shakes her head. "I thought with the amount of flirting we did you'd get the hint."

"You could've asked me out, ya know."

"This is a very strange thing to be arguing about since we're on a date and all," B says, laughing. She leans in and gives me a light kiss. "The hotel was a really good idea."

"Care to show me how good of an idea it is?" I ask, smirking a little before kissing her.

This time I deepen the kiss at first opportunity while moving a little closer to her. I am still real nervous but at this point I've gotta try something. She wasn't gonna make that kind of move and I can't let an insanely comfortable bed go to waste. I just can't. It's wrong.

B moves into me and her tongue kinda battles with mine which is a such a huge turn on. She's even starting to get a little aggressive with me 'cause it's not more than a minute before I'm on my back and she's hovering over me. Not that I'm ever gonna object to that. I'd be more than happy if B wanted to have her way with me and that's why my only reaction to this little development is to wrap my arms around her and pull her more toward me.

Fuck, I really wanna get her naked. Our hands are already starting to move over each other and I bet her skin feels amazing. I start to move a hand under her shirt and she breaks away. We both end up gasping as we look at each other.

"That was . . ."

"That was wicked, B," I finish. "Sure you don't wanna try out those jets?"

"I think we're good right here." She grins but her muscles tense just that little bit. I bet she's nervous, probably as nervous as me. "I didn't think your hands would be this soft." I don't know how to respond to that so I give her a quick kiss first. "You look amazing, B."

She smiles back and we kiss again. This is so cool. I'm making out with Buffy Summers and I'm betting she's willing to do a lot more. I test my theory out after a few minutes, pulling her shirt up and starting to expose her back. When we break away from each other, I look in her eyes and look for a sign she wants to stop. You know what sign she gives me? She helps me pull her shirt off.

It doesn't stop there either. She pulls me up so I'm sitting and we begin to undress each other. We're slow about it 'cause we're both busy looking each other. As soon as we're both topless, all I can do is stare. Smokin' hot doesn't begin to cover it.

I see she's doing the same thing but I don't think I'm blushing like she is. I don't know what to say so all I do is lean in and kiss her again. It's so hot and passionate and soon we're lying down again only this time I'm the one hovering over her. Hey, I can't really let her direct everything. I'm way too horny for that. She's gotta be feeling some of that.

Everything about her is just perfect. I'm kissing along her neck and she's making these little sighs. She's moving her hands over my back slowly and it feels so, so good. It makes me start to suck on her neck in response.

"Faith, that's feels good," she sighs out.

I grin against her skin and move my lips up to her ear. It's now or never as far as I'm concerned. "I'm so worked up, B. I really wanna fuck you right now."

B's hands move off my back and for a second, I think we're done. I've pushed that one step too far, especially for the first date. I think the powers that be love me though 'cause she doesn't shut me down. No, she moves her hands to the front of my pants and pops open the button of my pants, sliding the zipper down a moment later.

When I lift my head up to look down at her, she's smirking. "I think we need to get naked then."

My eyes go wide for a second before my hormones kick in and then I grin widely. The rest of our clothes come off in a matter of seconds and then B's completely naked in front of me. Like I said, they must love me. She is so damn beautiful and I don't even try to tell her. I don't think I'd be able to get the words out.

Everything is kind of a blur after that. I can feel every part of her against me and it's almost too much for me to handle. Her hands are all over me and then her lips are, too. Damn, she's just incredible.

We roll around for a few minutes as we make out, mostly 'cause both of us wanna take control of what we're doing. We finally end up at in the middle of the bed and I'm the one on top. B moves her legs apart enough for me to fit between and oh my God, this feeling is amazing. We both end up moaning out at that.

Soon we're thrusting against each other and I gotta say for someone who's probably never had sex with a girl, B seems to know just where to touch me. Maybe that's only 'cause it's me though. That's what I wanna think. The way she's moaning out I must be doing something right, too.

"Faith!" she cries out and it's music to my ears. I think it's now gonna be my mission to make her cry out my name all the time. It's so fuckin' sexy when she does it. "I think I'm gonna come."

"Fuck," I moan out, "me, too."

I kiss her then and it's sloppy and so, so hot. She's moaning against my lips and even though I really want this to continue a lot longer, soon I'm coming hard. I feel her do the same right after and B breaks away from my lips to scream out into the room. Now I know it was a good idea to get the room. There's no way we'd have gotten any privacy at the house and definitely wouldn't be able to be as loud as we are right now.

It takes a few minutes but I end up collapsing on top of B, burying my face in the crook of her neck. Her response is something I've never experienced before: she holds me close against her. That's it. There's no getting up, getting dressed and leaving or even getting up to jump in the shower. Nope, I don't think I could get up even if I wanted to. Of course, I don't want to.

I hope this night never ends.


Ugh, morning. It's too early for me to wake up.

I look over at the clock on the bedside table and see it's only 7:30 am. I couldn't have been asleep for more than five or so hours. Then again, I have no idea when I actually fell asleep.

B's still sound asleep. I'm on my back and she's half on top of me. She's got an arm tight around me and her head resting next to mine and turned toward me. Her mouth is right next to my ear and she's snoring lightly and it doesn't even bother me. I must really have it bad for her.

We're in the center of the bed, all wrapped in each other. Once we exhausted each other, I pulled the covers over us and we fell asleep almost instantly. I don't know what it is about her but just being next to her is so calming. This is the best I've slept in a long time.

I wonder if B would want to have some room service brought up here. She's gotta be hungry when she wakes up. We fucked for a few hours before we went to sleep. That works up an appetite.

Check-out's not for a few hours either and if I can convince B maybe we'll have some time to enjoy that whirlpool or maybe the shower. I had a lot of time last night to explore her body, and explore I did, but add a little water and it's a whole new ballgame. I bet she'll look even more amazing.

With all these thoughts of B and food in my head I'm never gonna get back to sleep. She won't be too mad if I wake her up, right? I really wanna kiss her and hold her and I've really gotten all soft overnight. I swear I've never felt like this about anyone ever. There's never been another time that's I've woken up in the morning with someone else and actually wanted them to be there.

I turn my head and kiss the side of her head lightly while running my fingers down her back to her ass. I don't think I'll ever get over how soft and smooth her skin is. My hands and lips have been over every inch of her body but I still can't believe it.

She begins to move a little against me, which only reminds me how naked we both are, as I use the tips of my fingers to feel her up. I'm willing to bet it tickles a little and that's why she's moving. Last night I found out just where she's ticklish and I'll use it to my advantage. The way she moved against me last night when I was tickling her is definitely something I want to repeat.

"Faith," she mumbles quietly and snuggles against me a little more. Her arm tightens around me, too. "Stop tickling me and go back to sleep."

"I thought I could order some room service," I whisper and kiss her head again. Call me crazy but I'm hoping it causes her to move against me a little more. I like the snuggling, only with her though.

"Aren't you still tired?" She doesn't move or open her eyes so I'm thinking maybe she's half asleep. "It doesn't feel like I've slept much."

I move her more on top of me, thinking maybe she'll wake up more, but she keeps her eyes closed and rests her head on my chest. "We haven't but I keep thinking of the fact we're still naked." I move my hands over her body for emphasis. "I still want you so bad."

"Can't I sleep a little more first?"

I can't help but let out a quiet laugh. "Shouldn't we get a little more outta the room?" I move her up so her face is more level with mine and she finally opens her eyes. Damn, she's so beautiful, even when she's just waking up. "Why don't we order room service first? Whatever you want. Then we can hit the shower or relax in the bath for awhile. We have to check out eventually, ya know?"

"I know," she says then leans down and kisses me lightly. I don't think I've ever participated in a kiss so tender before but it's all too short. "This was a real good date."

"I especially liked the part where I got you naked."

B laughs and rests her head on my chest again. "It might've been the best part of the date."

"Might have?" Oh, that's not gonna cut it. "I think you need a repeat performance." I tickle her a little then move a hand down to her ass and give it a playful squeeze.

She sighs out and starts placing kisses on my skin. "Sounds like a plan but maybe food first?"

I can't keep the grin off my face now. "Let's get that food up here then 'cause after that all I'm gonna do is make you moan out my name."

B moves against me and I'm already turned on. It'll have to wait until after we eat though but it'll be worth it. She looks down at me with something between a smirk and a smile on her face then kisses me. The kiss is slow but still passionate and one of many to come.

Yes! I'm about to have some sex again and with the girl of my dreams. I should have tried this dating stuff earlier.

The End.

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