by Hayley

Chapter Fifteen

Training felt good. All the running and the weapons training felt like it had a purpose and Buffy knew that had to do with the improved attitude of Faith's. It looked like a weight had been lifted from her and it showed when they trained together after studying with Giles for a couple hours.

By the time they'd finished a run and some hand to hand weapons training Buffy could tell Faith was relaxed again. It reminded her of when Faith had first arrived in Sunnydale except now she wasn't as guarded. At least, she wasn't as guarded around her and Giles. She wasn't sure if that included the rest of the Scoobies.

Buffy knew she could find that out once they went to the Bronze but as they ate dinner and then started out on patrol, she realized she didn't want that. While she definitely wanted Faith to be one of the team and start or restart friendships with the rest of the gang, she didn't want that to start tonight.

Instead, she wanted to go someplace quiet, somewhere they could finally talk.

That was something they needed to do in Buffy's mind. Sure, they had talked over the really important things when Giles wanted to Faith to revisit and in a way own up to everything that happened in Sunnydale but what she wanted now was different. She wanted to know more about Faith and it had nothing to do with slaying.

"B, you okay?"

Buffy looked at Faith as they sat on a couple gravestones. There wasn't a fresh grave they were waiting on. Instead, they were noticed the area had heavy traffic and were waiting to see if vamps passed through.


"Wanna leave and head to the Bronze?" Faith asked. "We've already staked a few in the last cemetery so it's not like we're leaving empty-handed."

It would be easy to simply say yes and leave but Buffy noticed movement in the distance and noticed that there were a couple vamps walking toward them. She could sense them and knew Faith could as well because she turned to look almost the same time Buffy did.

"Okay, maybe after we dust these two."

Faith ran toward the pair with Buffy close behind. The two vamps didn't look to be ready for a fight since they started to run but the two slayers easy caught up with them, Faith jumping one and Buffy the other.

The vamps didn't put up much of a fight and Buffy wondered if Faith would go in for the quick kill or if she would beat him up first. The smart move would be to go for the quick kill but the old Faith, the more out of control one, liked to really work a vamp over before staking him. She felt almost like the situation was a test to see if Faith would remain in control.

If it was a test, it worked because Faith had the vampire staked in only a minute or so. Buffy was almost distracted by how quick the other slayer's fight was and accidentally let the vamp she was fighting get in a couple hits. She quickly recovered and easily staked the vampire, moving away as to not get any dust on her as the stake went in.

"That . . . was not a challenge."

Buffy looked at Faith and smiled. "True."

Faith smiled back and put her stake back in her jacket pocket. "You wanna head to the Bronze now?"

She thought about it for a moment and finally decided what she wanted to do. "You know, maybe we shouldn't go to the Bronze."

"Are you sure?" Faith asked. "I don't know that Giles will let me go out like this again for awhile. There's still a lot of that program he created left."

"I have a better idea."

Buffy started walking toward the cemetery exit, smiling as Faith followed her. She noticed the look on Faith's face as she turned away and knew the other slayer was thinking something completely different. There was a thought that Faith probably thought they were just going back to Buffy's house to finish what was started the night before.

Of course, Buffy began walking away from the direction of her house once they exited the cemetery but if Faith was surprised by the move she didn't say. She only followed her in silence as they made their way back through town, ending up at an all night diner.

"This is where you wanted to go?"

Buffy smiled and nodded. "The Bronze would've been fun but we probably wouldn't talk if we went there and if we did, we probably would've been interrupted."

Faith raised an eyebrow. "So you just want to talk?"

"Yes," Buffy said, nodding again. "I been thinking about this, about us and what's going on with us, and realized that even though we've had to talk about the past that's really all we've talked about."

There was a pause and Faith seemed to be thinking. She looked away for a moment and when she looked back at Buffy the expression on her face was unreadable. "So what do you want? Me to pour my heart out over a burger and fries?"

"No, not at all." Buffy sighed. "I just realized that I don't know much about you and I want to know. You don't have to get all deep and meaningful if you don't want. We can just talk."

It was easy to see Faith looked doubtful. "Don't think I ever did that before."

"First time for everything."

For a minute Faith didn't respond and didn't even look at Buffy. She kept her eyes toward the ground and mumbled to herself as Buffy watched, as if trying to decide if there was something sinister behind the offer.

Buffy reached and took her hand when she wasn't sure if Faith would ever give her an answer. "Come on, I know you're hungry."

Faith didn't say anything but Buffy thought she saw a smile as she led her into the diner. They sat in a booth in the corner away from the few people that were scattered around the establishment. She wondered if any of the people who that they were in danger just by being out so late but then again, she knew she couldn't make everything stay inside after dark.

The waitress took their drink orders and left them with menus. Buffy looked at Faith and noticed she was looking out the window. "Ever been here before?"

"Yeah," Faith said quietly, the answer catching Buffy off guard. "I used to come here when I was working for the Mayor."

"Oh." Buffy thought for a moment on what to say but then realized they needed to make moments like this not awkward. She was sure there would be more to come. "Were you here a lot?"

"I don't know. If it was late and I wanted to get away I'd find someplace where I could be by myself. Couldn't exactly go slaying 'cause Boss, uh, the Mayor wouldn't have been happy taking out some of his helpers, you know?" Faith shook her head. "Going someplace like this was the next best thing."

Buffy nodded. "Then you should know what's the best thing to order."

Faith smiled, almost as though she was relieved Buffy didn't make a big deal about hearing about her time working with the Mayor, and pointed to a few items that were good the last time she'd frequented the place. They ordered once the waitress came back with their drinks and then were left to themselves.

"It always weirds me out that all these people are out and about, acting like this is a normal town."

"Me, too," Buffy said quietly. "You've been getting along with my mom pretty well. Are you gonna take her up on the job offer?"

"The part-time grunt work thing?" Faith shrugged. "Not sure. I guess it depends on Giles."

"You should do it," Buffy said. "I'm sure eventually Giles will want you to get a job and do normal things that don't include reading dusty old books all day."


They were silent for a minute, Buffy trying to figure out what to say next. She knew that there were certain topics that might not be the best to ask at the diner. It was easy to see that Faith had a less than stellar upbringing so she wasn't sure if she should ask about it now.

"Do you like living here better than Boston?"

Faith shrugged again. "It's not much of a contest. Weather's better here, I got a place to stay and all that . . . definitely doesn't suck here."

Buffy leaned forward and decided to push a little with the questions. "So how bad did it suck in Boston?"

"B, I don't wanna . . ."

"I'm not asking for big reveals here, Faith," Buffy cut in quickly. "But I wanna know more about you and I don't like knowing less about you than my mom."

"It always comes back to that, doesn't it?" Faith laughed quietly. She looked out the window for a few seconds before looking back at Buffy. "I guess you can look at it this way. You grew up with two parents and when they divorced you still had one. I had no one. No dad and my ma didn't want me around. I just had me."

She always figured Faith had to deal with something like that when she was in Boston. "So what were you doing before you were called?"

"Running around, scamming," Faith said as she picked at a napkin. "Probably would've ended up being a pretty good pickpocket if I hadn't been called."

Buffy chuckled quietly. "So many opportunities we both missed out on."

Faith laughed. "Yeah." She paused and looked back at Buffy. "Did you really break up with Riley 'cause of what I did?"

The question needed to be asked and Buffy knew it, especially given that they were tiptoeing around the beginning of a relationship themselves. Those facts didn't make the question any easier to answer though. "I think that originally I wanted to think it was all your fault but I don't think that now."

"Why not?"

"I kind of felt something before you showed up," Buffy said, "like it wasn't met to be, you know? I mean, he was loyal to the people who kept getting in my way."

"He loved you," Faith pointed out quietly.

Buffy nodded. "Yeah . . . but in the end I didn't love him and he knew it. It would've ended a lot worse if I didn't end it when I did."

"Never really had that so I wouldn't know."

A silence fell over them again and either of them had a chance to say anything else, their food came and they spent the next couple minutes eating. Buffy was trying to think of something to say, something that wasn't deep and meaningful. It felt that if she kept on her original line of questioning there wouldn't be much laughs the rest of the night.

"Faith," she said, getting the other girl to stop eating the cheeseburger in front of her, "do you really like watching those romantic comedies with my mom?"

"They're all right," Faith answered and smiled. "Your mom likes them."

"And you?"

"I like action movies, maybe some horror mixed in."

Buffy shook her head. "How can you like horror movies doing what we do? They all look so fake compared to the real thing. A lot of the action ones do, too."

Faith shrugged. "Doesn't mean they're not fun to watch."

Both of them concentrated on their food again and Buffy had to admit she enjoyed hanging out with Faith. She was funny and now that there wasn't a barrier between them, a block of a year's worth of bad blood, she felt like she could finally start to trust her again. It was something she felt when they had gone slaying earlier that night, too. She knew she could trust Faith to have her back.

"You know, B," Faith said as she munched on her fries, "I thought when you suggested that we go somewhere other than the Bronze I thought it was 'cause you didn't want be to hang out with your friends."

"Faith, that's not . . ."

"But this is nice," Faith continued. "Kinda simple, you know?"

"I like it." Buffy knew she was doing the little half smile she had a habit of doing and the thought made her have to stop from blushing, too. "I've been seeing a whole new side of you since LA."

"Yeah, the scared-to-death-of-my-own-mind side."

Buffy laughed. "Not that. I like that your walls are down, that you're trusting me."

"I really didn't have a choice," Faith said. "It's not like it was before when I first got here. You're different now. I guess I'm trying to be, too."

Looking into Faith's eyes, Buffy couldn't help but keep from smiling. Maybe they were finally going to get it together this time.

The pair walked back to Buffy's house in silence and it was a comfortable silence. Buffy could tell Faith was lost in her thoughts and she decided not to ask her about it. She had her own things to think about anyway.

That main reason Buffy was thinking was because half way to the house she felt Faith's hand take hers. It felt like a nervous move at first, her hand fumbling for the first few seconds before she took Buffy's hand in her own and kept it. Buffy had looked over at her after that but Faith didn't return it. She only stared straight ahead but there was a hint of a smile on her face.

When they reached the house, it was dark inside. Buffy figured her mother trusted that they would be late and since they were together they'd be safe patrolling. It was a relief that they were alone, too. Buffy was getting a little nervous now that they were walking up the stairs.

It was easy to believe that Faith would want to stay with her tonight and Buffy would be lying if she said she didn't want the same. She liked being with her, liked to feel the closeness, and there was a part of her that wanted to see what Faith looked like naked. At least, naked from across the room.

The body switch still messed with her head and she had memories that her brain didn't think she would have. Sure, she knew Faith had done a lot more in her body than she had in hers but they were in each other's bodies for more than a day. Buffy did see Faith's body in all its glory but that was not the same as seeing it with Faith controlling the parts.

When they reached the entrance of Buffy's room, Faith finally looked at her. "Do you want me to go to my own room tonight?"

Buffy thought about it for a second before shaking her head. She thought about saying something but instead only took her hand and pulled her into the room. She closed the door behind them and before she even thought of what she was going to do next Faith was kissing her.

The kiss started as soft and gentle, like Faith wasn't sure what to do and what Buffy was expecting, but it slowly became more passionate. Buffy responded by putting her arms around Faith, pressing her body against her own while Faith's hands cupped Buffy's face. They started to move further into the room as they kissed until they had to break away.

"I've never felt like this before, B," Faith whispered. "No one's ever cared about me before."

Buffy reached up and pressed her hand against Faith's cheek. "There's a lot of people who care about you."

"Right now all I care about is that you care about me."

"I do," Buffy admitted before kissing her again. It was something she wanted to keep doing but preferred not to stand all night doing it. "Come on."

She led Faith over to the bed but before she could go any further Faith stopped her. Neither of them said anything as Faith pulled off Buffy's shirt and moved her hands over her skin like she was trying to memorize it. Buffy felt herself getting more turned on at the feel of her hands on her but that didn't stop her from taking Faith's shirt off as well.

Buffy would be lying if she wasn't the slightest bit nervous at the thought of sex with Faith but that nervousness was pushed aside. She was much too excited to be nervous even if she'd never had sex with another girl before.

It was only a few seconds before both of their jeans were gone as well and they moved to lie down on the bed. Buffy's arms were instantly around Faith and their kisses became deeper and more passionate. Faith moved more on top of her in the process and she loved the feel of her skin moving against her own. She could feel how wet it was making her and realized that soon Faith would be feeling that, too.

Faith started kissing down her neck then back to her ear. "I think I want this more than I've ever wanted anything."

The statement made Buffy stop breathing for a second and she moved so Faith would stop kissing her and instead looked down at her. She could see so much in her eyes and she knew Faith could see how she felt in hers. "I feel that way, too."

They kissed again and Buffy was slightly shocked by how tender it was. Deep down she always knew Faith was capable of the softness she was currently showing but she never thought she'd ever get to see it. When they met the other girl was so closed off to that kind of emotion there was no hope of ever seeing it but that wasn't the case now.

As they kissed it became very obvious both of them still had some clothes on and Faith seemed to try and want to change that quickly. She moved away from Buffy only to pull her up so they were both in the sitting position with Faith straddling her legs. Both their bras were gone within seconds and then Faith slowly lowered Buffy back onto the bed.

Buffy looked into Faith's eyes as her back hit the mattress once again and Faith kept her stare. She just couldn't get over the fact that Faith wasn't hiding anything. Every emotion was simply out in the open and it made Buffy want everything with her.

They kissed again and Faith's hand slowly moved down her body, easily slipping under her panties. Her fingers pressed against her clit and if they hadn't been kissing Buffy knew she would've let a cry out into the room. Instead, she moaned into Faith's mouth as they kissed and that only made the kiss more passionate.

When they broke apart to breathe, Faith rested her forehead against Buffy's as her fingers slowly moved over her clit. "Gotta be quiet, B. This'll be a real weird way for your mom to find out otherwise."

A quiet chuckle came out but it turned into a moan as Faith moved her fingers again. "Can't have that," Buffy whispered. "Guess you'll have to keep kissing me then."

"I can do that."

Buffy moved her head up and captured Faith's lips before the other slayer could make the move. She could've sworn she felt a smile as they kissed deeply but she couldn't dwell on it much as Faith began to move her fingers over her clit consistently and her brain shut down. The only she was aware of now was whatever Faith was doing to her.

Faith put her lips to her ear as she moved her fingers off Buffy's clit. "I wanna make you come so hard."

There wasn't any time for a response as Faith slowly pushed two fingers into her. At the same time she covered her mouth with her own as Buffy started to moan out into the room. Buffy responded to the kiss immediately and her hands gripped first at Faith's back then moved them down to her ass, squeezing as the other girl's fingers began a slow pace.

Even though there was so much going through Buffy's head, so much to distract her given that Faith's hand and lips were currently doing, she didn't want to just lie there. She wanted to make Faith feel just as good as she was feeling, if not more so.

Faith was making that very hard though. She broke the kiss they were sharing, maybe trusting that Buffy would try to keep quiet, and kissed her way down to her chest. She peppered her breasts with kisses before taking a nipple into her mouth and sucking gently. Buffy couldn't help but let out a moan at the action and hoped it wasn't too loud.

It might have been though because Faith didn't linger too long on her breasts before she was kissing her again. She picked up the pace with her fingers as well and as much as Buffy wanted to completely feel everything Faith had to offer, she still wanted to do something, too.

"Faith," she managed to gasp out quietly, "I . . . I wanna touch you, too."

"No one's stopping ya, B," Faith whispered out and moved to accommodate what she knew Buffy wanted.

Buffy moved her hand down Faith's body and into her panties, instantly feeling the wetness there. She almost wanted to comment on it but the way Faith was moving her fingers was making it hard to form a sentence. Her fingers found her clit easily and she felt the other slayer moan into the kiss they were sharing. To Buffy, it was an amazing feeling.

She wished she could tease Faith a little but she knew she was already close to coming and she wanted that for Faith, too. Because of that she moved her fingers to her opening and pushed two inside.

"Fuck me," Faith half moaned, half grunted out as she broke away from Buffy's lips. "I'm already so close."

"Me, too."

They moved against each other then, Buffy easily matching Faith's rhythm. Buffy had to keep fighting off moans and she had a feeling Faith was as well since they kept kissing, only breaking apart for at times much needed oxygen before continuing. The kissing was something Buffy never wanted to stop.

It was only a couple more minutes before Buffy came hard, arching her hips into Faith's hand. She sped up her movements slightly and a few seconds later Faith came with a grunt. They continued to move against each other, riding out each other's orgasms, until they finally collapsed against each other.

Both of them let out sighs as they removed their fingers from each other and Faith continued to rest on Buffy, something she didn't mind at all. It felt good for Faith to be pressed against her, their still sweaty skin lightly sliding against each other. She wanted that feeling to continue and definitely didn't want Faith to leave.

"Want me to move, B?"

She leaned down and lightly kissed her head as she felt Faith settle in half on top of her. "No, I want you to stay."

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