by Hayley

Chapter Five

It was early but Buffy still ended up lying in bed, trying to sleep. When she got home, she'd talked with her mother about school and it was decided Mrs. Summers would talk to Principal Snyder the next day on getting Buffy back in school. Her mother didn't think it would be much of a problem but Buffy knew she was underestimating what a jerk the principal could be.

They didn't talk about anything else. Buffy wanted to explain why she left and about the slaying but she didn't know where to start. Her mother wasn't exactly asking either even though it was easy to see she wanted to do just that. Neither one wanted to be the first one to start the conversation, both too afraid of any fight that might follow.

After an awkward silence, Buffy gave up and told her mom she was going to bed. She got a strange look for that since it wasn't even ten but no comments were made about her newfound need to go to sleep early. She only let Buffy go upstairs.

It didn't take long for her to change and get ready so soon Buffy was lying in her bed, thinking. She mainly thought about how her mother would handle Principal Snyder. Buffy knew she was tough and had the greatest no-nonsense attitude but there was a fairly good possibility she would lose the battle, regardless of her toughness and attitude. Buffy didn't know what would happen if she wasn't allowed back at Sunnydale High.

Even though she dreaded the act of going to school most days, the library was almost a safe haven to her. It was basically slayer central. Every act she did as a slayer since she arrived in Sunnydale revolved around the library in some way. Whether it was researching, planning or training, it was almost always done at the school library and she always knew she could find Giles there if she needed him. She wasn't sure what she would do without it.

Buffy was lost in her thoughts, so much so that a tapping at her window made her jump. She turned toward the sound, noticing that the tapping was coming from Faith who was in front of her window. She got up and walked over to it, a smile beginning to appear on her face.

"Faith, what are you doing here?" Buffy whispered as she opened the window.

"Wanted to see you," Faith answered with a shrug. "It's way boring living with Giles." She paused and realized what Buffy had been doing. "It's early. Why are you trying to sleep?"

"Kinda tired," Buffy answered while pulling Faith inside and closing the window. "You wanted to see me so you decided to climb in through my window?"

"Best way to do this." Faith closed the distance between them and kissed her.

They kissed lightly for a minute, still standing by the window. They slowly moved their arms so when they broke apart to breathe they were securely around each other. They continued to kiss lightly a few more times until they simply rested their foreheads together.

"Think I can stay here tonight?" Faith asked, a hint of a smile on her face. She knew what she was asking but hoped Buffy wouldn't think too much into the question. It wasn't meant to push her into anything. She only wanted to continue to spend time with her.

Buffy thought for a moment. "My mom is probably gonna be checking in on me a lot. You know, first night back and all. Not sure how she'll react if she opens the door and finds someone else in here with me." She paused. "Actually, I know how she'll react and it won't be good."

"Yeah, don't want that." Faith took a step back from Buffy and thought about the situation. She really didn't want to go back to Giles' place. She didn't feel like she belonged there and she'd much rather be with Buffy. "Your mom still up?"

"Probably," Buffy said, raising an eyebrow in the process. "Why?"

Faith grinned wickedly. "I'll be back in a minute, okay?"

"Wait," Buffy said in a hushed tone as Faith moved toward the window again. "What are you going to do?"

"Nothing bad," Faith answered, opening the window. "I promise. I'll be back in a few minutes."


Faith's feet hit the ground with a quiet thud as she jumped down from Buffy's window. She took a breath and thought, making sure she knew what she was going to say. It wasn't normal for her to talk to adults or people with authority in general so she wanted to prepare herself. At least, it wasn't normal for her to want to. She always tried her best to stay away from those situations as they never ended in her favor.

She walked up to the front door and knocked. There were lights on so she knew Buffy's mother was still up and by the muttering she heard on the other side of the door she wasn't expecting visitors.

"Yes?" Joyce Summers asked as she opened the door, an exhausted look on her face. The look changed to one of surprise once she saw Faith. "Oh, Faith, is it?"

"Yeah. Hi, Mrs. Summers," Faith almost mumbled, hands in her pockets. She cursed herself at how nervous she was. That's not how she wanted to seem, especially not with what she was about to ask. "Can I come in?"

"Of course," she answered, stepping aside to let the teenager inside. "Is something wrong?"

"Nah," Faith said, turning to her as she stood by the stairs. "It's kinda boring at Giles' place. I thought I'd check on Buffy."

"You're living with Mr. Giles?"

"Yeah." Faith nodded. "He's my guardian but I get the feeling he's never lived with a teenager before."

"I think I can see how you'd think that," Joyce said, smiling. "Buffy went to sleep awhile ago."

"Oh," Faith said quietly, going over all the reasons she'd thought of quickly to find the best one. "Would you mind if I stayed here? B, uh Buffy, was having some nightmares the last couple nights. I'd like to keep an eye on her if that's okay."

Joyce looked Faith over, easily seeing how much she cared for her daughter. She was happy Buffy had someone to confide in but she would have liked to have been told about the nightmares or anything really. She'd hoped her daughter would have told her about that. "That's fine."

"Thanks," Faith said with a smile and began walking up the stairs only to be stopped as Joyce took a couple steps toward her and place a hand nervously on her arm.

"Faith?" She paused, not knowing the right question to ask. "Is my daughter okay?"

Faith furrowed her brow, trying to decide what to say since she didn't want to say anything Buffy should be telling her instead. "Maybe you should ask her that."

"I don't think Buffy's told me the truth in years," Joyce commented sadly, taking her hand off Faith's arm.

"She did what she needed to do," Faith said. She shifted from one foot to the other, growing more uncomfortable. "I'm sure she was trying to protect you from everything. Being a slayer's supposed to be kind of a secret thing."

"I hate this," Joyce mumbled but didn't say anything else.

"You really should talk to Buffy," Faith said, hoping that would be the end of the conversation. She wasn't good at heart to hearts in general and this attempt at one was making her feel she sucked at them.

Joyce nodded. "Thank you, Faith."

Faith smiled politely and walked the rest of the way up the stairs. She grinned when she saw only one door closed and knew that was the door to Buffy's room. She picked up the pace and within a few seconds reached the door, opening it silently.

Buffy was sitting up in bed, looking out the window, but turned her attention to the door as it opened. She smiled as Faith walked in and shut the door. "What did you say to my mom?"

"The truth," Faith answered, walking over and sitting on the bed next to her. "Part of it anyway. She's worried about you, B."

"Isn't everyone?" Buffy commented sarcastically. "Did you see how everyone looked when I mentioned you came and got me? That I didn't come back on my own?"

"Yeah but they'll get over it. You're back. That's all they're gonna end up caring about," Faith said, moving a little closer.

"I guess." Buffy put her head on Faith's shoulder, letting out a slow breath.

Faith put an arm around her and pulled her as close as possible, kissing the top of her head as she did. For a minute, both of them stayed still, only breathing in and out slowly. Neither of them knew exactly the right thing to say and had only fears of what would happen if the wrong thing was said.

"You should talk to you mom, B," Faith said quietly, kissing the top of her head again. "She seems pretty cool."

"Yeah, I know," Buffy almost whispered. "She can be."

Buffy lifted her head and looked into Faith's eyes. She wondered if the other girl's eyes always looked so intense or if that was saved for when she was looking at her. She put a hand on her cheek and Faith closed her eyes as she caressed it lightly. Her skin was so soft and as Faith's hand touched her arm, she realized they were not yet calloused from holding a stake.

After a few seconds, Faith opened her eyes and reached up to take Buffy's hand away. The other teen started to look confused but before she opened her mouth to ask if anything was wrong Faith leaned in and kissed her as tenderly as she could manage. At the same time, she put an arm around her waist and pulled her as close as she could.

Faith only let the kiss last for a few seconds before she moved away and looked at Buffy for a moment. She took her hand, leading her to lie down as she herself shifted on the bed. Buffy moved along and soon they were lying side by side on the bed.

There were so many things Buffy wanted to say, so many she wanted to ask. She just couldn't seem to find her voice right now. She was feeling things she'd never felt before but her mind was too crowded for her to be afraid. Right now all she could think was how amazing Faith was being.

Buffy leaned in and kissed Faith carefully, who immediately responded. They moved close together as they kissed, hands beginning to tentatively roam over the other's body. Neither one knew what the other expected so every move they made was slow, afraid the other would tell them they'd done something wrong or that they wanted to stop. That was an outcome both wanted to avoid at all costs.

Not being able to stop herself, Faith deepened the kiss. She carefully slid her tongue into Buffy's accepting mouth and felt her hold her tighter in response which made her want to jump for joy. She hoped it meant they'd be going further this time. Their tongues began to dual almost playfully as Faith moved more on top of Buffy.

They broke away suddenly after less than a minute and Faith half moved off Buffy. They both listened as Buffy's mother walked by the door.

Faith lightly rested her forehead against Buffy's. "Think your mom will check in on us?"

"I don't know," Buffy answered. "She knows you're in here."

"Yeah." Faith looked away then back with a small smirk on her face. "When could you hear her?"

"About when she reached the stairs," Buffy answered, a small smile on her face. "You, too?"

Faith nodded, her smirk growing into a grin. "It's beyond cool."

Buffy smiled, liking how excited and almost carefree Faith looked at the moment. She'd never really felt that way about slaying, never truly loved everything that came with being the Chosen One. She got the impression Faith embraced everything about being a slayer. It amazed her because she'd never so much as thought of feeling that way. She treated it as a burden most of the time.

"Hey," Faith said quietly, putting a hand on her chin gently. She'd noticed Buffy was lost in her own world. "What's up?"

"Nothing," Buffy answered. "It's weird. There's no Chosen One anymore."

"Yeah." Faith grinned, kissing her lightly. "It's the Chosen Two now. We'll make one bad ass slaying team."

"I like it," Buffy said. "It's nice to have someone who knows what it's like."

Faith didn't respond, only kissed her again. There was more passion in it this time as Faith moved more on top of Buffy once again. They both knew Joyce Summers was safely in her bedroom and they would likely not be bothered for the rest of the night. It seemed like the time for them to continue with what they'd started in Buffy's tiny rundown apartment.

As they kissed, Buffy felt Faith's hand move down her side and inch its way under her shirt. Her hand was warm and it moved along her skin carefully. Buffy loved the way it felt and wanted more. It scared her but she really wanted more.

When they broke away, Faith continued to kiss her wherever she could. Buffy tightened her arms around her, pressing their bodies as close together as possible. Neither became concerned about anything outside the room, concentrating solely on the person they were holding.

Faith suddenly moved off the other teen and pulled Buffy up with her. She sat up on her knees, straddling Buffy's legs. She held her face in her hands she looked into her eyes. "I want you so bad right now. I want to . . ."

"I do, too," Buffy said quietly, not needing Faith to finish the sentence.

"We just need to be quiet," Faith whispered, moving in to kiss her lightly again. "I'll never hurt you and I'll be here in the morning."

Buffy was a little confused by the last thing Faith said but she didn't have a chance to ask her about it because Faith was kissing her softly again. She responded instantly, putting a hand on the back of her head as she kissed her back. Everything was so slow and so perfect to her. It was like Faith knew exactly what she wanted and was doing that and more.

They continued to kiss lightly for a couple more minutes before Buffy took charge and started to take off the jacket Faith was still wearing. Faith helped her, shrugging off the jacket as she continued to kiss her. The last thing she wanted was to stop kissing Buffy for even a second. She tossed it off to the side before moving her hands back to Buffy.

The problem Faith had was that while she was fully clothed Buffy was only in pajamas. While Buffy had only taken her jacket off Faith's hands were already moving to the buttons of her top, beginning to carefully unbutton them. She didn't want to quickly get the other slayer naked only to be still fully clothed but chose to ignore that fact. That wasn't want she wanted to be thinking about at the moment.

She had to split her concentration carefully while her fingers worked because she wanted to keep her lips on Buffy at all times but also wanted to make sure her hands didn't shake while she undressed Buffy. She had done this before but she was still nervous. It finally seemed to mean something now.

Faith broke away from Buffy as she unbuttoned the last button and looked into her eyes. She kept looking at her, a small smile on her face, as she took her shirt off. She quickly tossed the shirt aside and looked at Buffy's topless form for the first time. Her hands moved to her shoulders then down her arms, in awe.

"You are . . . so beautiful," she whispered, starting to lean in again.

Buffy blushed as Faith's eyes roamed her body but quickly put her hands on her shoulders to stop her from leaning in. She wanted to see the other girl naked, too, so she moved her hands quickly down to the hem of her shirt. With one swift pull the shirt was off and then she had to tackle the bra. She reached around for the clasp only to be slightly distracted as Faith took the opportunity to lean down and place feather light kisses on her shoulder.

It took a minute but soon the bra was gone and the pair was able to look each other over. They gave each other small smiles when their eyes met, both knowing for sure they were right where they wanted to be, and kissed passionately. Faith tried to move them into a more horizontal position but she soon realized they needed to stop kissing to move.

"Mmm, B, we need to move," Faith mumbled against her lips.

Buffy nodded. "Okay. Should we take everything else off? Maybe get under the covers?"

Faith grinned, loving that Buffy was taking the lead. "Read my mind, B."

Faith jumped off the bed and stripped down, taking off her jeans and panties in an instant, unafraid that Buffy was looking at her. The other girl was a little more modest, sliding under the covers before taking off the rest of her clothes and dropping them off to the side. She looked wide-eyed at Faith standing naked before her and only stared as Faith joined her under the covers.

They wrapped their arms around each other again but this time it was different. This time there was absolutely nothing between and both of them sighed out at the contact. Faith moved away just enough to take a quick second to look under the covers, her curiosity getting the better of her.

"It's insane how hot you are," Faith whispered then laughed as Buffy blushed. "You feel so good against me, B."

There wasn't a response Buffy could come up with that would match the intensity she saw in Faith's eyes. She could only pull her back on top of her and kiss her with everything she had. Faith returned it easily as she slipped a leg in between Buffy's and both moaned into the kiss at the action. Buffy could feel her brain starting to shut down so it was all she could do to wrap her arms around Faith, moving her hands over her smooth back as she pressed their bodies together.

Faith broke away from Buffy's lips after only a few seconds, wanting to explore her body now that she had an opportunity. Resting most of her weight on one hand so she didn't crush the girl beneath her, she started to kiss and lick down her neck. She used her free hand to feel her up as much as she could. Buffy had the softest skin and Faith wanted to feel all of it.

Her lips moved slowly. Faith kissed along her shoulder first then her collarbone, loving that she could feel the other girl's heartbeat as she slowly made her way down to her chest. She'd never taken the time to feel that before and she was almost in awe of it. She could feel Buffy's hands move over her back as she kept moving down.

When she reached Buffy's breasts, Faith stopped for a moment and closed her eyes. The moment was so huge for her that she felt the need to stop and really experience it. It felt like such an intimate moment, too, and she wasn't used to that. She only let herself enjoy the moment for a few seconds though before starting to kiss around her breasts. She peppered them with kisses before taking a nipple into her mouth and sucking lightly.

Buffy let out a loud sigh at the feel of Faith sucking on her but tried not to get any louder than that. The last thing she needed was for her mother to walk in on them. That would be a whole new uncomfortable topic and there were too many already. Instead, she bit her lip and gripped Faith tightly as the other slayer sucked on one than the other nipple.

After a few minutes, Faith moved to her stomach. She placed soft kisses everywhere but could only do so for a minute because Buffy was starting to sigh out in response to her actions. She felt that Buffy might start to get louder and knew that wouldn't be of the good right now. Faith knew she needed to move back up, especially now that her hand had moved down and her fingers were about to delve into her soaked folds.

Quickly kissing back up her body, Faith moved back to see Buffy's face again. She had her eyes closed and she was biting her lip in an effort to keep quiet which Faith thought was the biggest turn on ever. Never in her short life had she ever fucked someone who looked the way Buffy did right now. Everyone else looked like they were just there to get off and leave but Buffy didn't have that look. When she opened her eyes Faith could tell she actually felt something and she loved it.

They kissed as Buffy began to moan out, the feel of Faith's fingers beginning to move over her clit being too much for her. She was grateful Faith had placed her mouth over her own, muffling her moans. The kiss they shared became more passionate as she moaned and it only made Buffy grip the other slayer tighter, her hands moving over her smooth back.

The fact she could feel Faith everywhere was almost more than she could handle and she had to fight not to come too soon. Faith fingers felt so good as did the way her body moved against her. She began to move her body along with her in an attempt to respond in some way. She didn't want to simply lie there as Faith paid so much attention to her. She wanted to make Faith feel as good as she did.

Faith quickly moved her fingers off her clit and moved them further down. She was amazed at how Buffy was responding to her touches and kisses and couldn't keep going slow, not with how turned on she was getting due to everything Buffy was doing in return. She pushed two fingers into her, enjoying how Buffy arched into her as she did.

They began to move in sync with Faith's fingers as she moved them in and out slowly. Buffy nearly dug her nails into Faith's back at the feeling and moved one hand up to the back of her head. She knew she needed to keep her right where she was in order to keep quiet and loved the unbelievable feeling that came from moaning into Faith's mouth.

Faith broke away from Buffy's lips gasping and rested her forehead against the other girl's as she picked up the pace with her fingers. She started to say something then stopped as Buffy opened her eyes. There were no words that could match all the feeling she saw there. Words would probably even ruin what was happening between them so she kept her mouth shut.

After only another minute, Buffy arched into Faith as she came hard. She started to cry out but Faith began to kiss her again, effectively keeping her quiet. Buffy pressed against her, gripping onto her as tight as she could. She'd never felt as she did right now, never felt so safe and comforted and even alive. It wasn't like this with Angel but for some reason that thought only made her happier in with they were doing.

It took a few minutes but soon Buffy started to come down from the high Faith had taken her to. For her part, Faith kept kissing everywhere she could reach. She kissed her lips then moved to her cheek, forehead and then down her neck. Kissing Buffy's lips felt too good for her to stop and she didn't think the other girl would have any objections to it anyway.

Buffy smiled as she opened her eyes at the feel of Faith softly kissing her neck. She already had a good hold on Faith and she was distracted in what she was doing so Buffy was able to roll them without much resistance. She felt Faith stiffen for a moment at the action but seemed to get over it and only looked up at her curiously.

They only looked into each other's eyes for a minute, neither knowing if there was a right thing to say. Faith had no idea what was going on in Buffy's head but by the way she was smiling at her she knew it wasn't bad. Her hand even went to her cheek before she leaned down and kissed her tenderly, an action Faith couldn't remember ever experiencing before. She moved her hands over her, deciding to let Buffy do whatever she was thinking she wanted to do. She felt safe with her and doubted Buffy would do anything she wouldn't like.

Buffy let a hand run up and down Faith's side as she let her lips begin to explore the other slayer's body. She felt her strong hands grip her sides tightly as she kissed up and down her neck so she figured she was doing something right, something that Faith liked. She figured Faith would hopefully tell her if she wasn't since Buffy got the impression she had more experience than she did.

There were so many things Faith wanted to say as Buffy began to move down her body. She wanted to tell her that she didn't need to do anything, that being in her arms was enough. She wanted to tell her this was the best night in her short life because she was finally with someone who felt the same she did. Mostly, she wanted to tell her that every touch sent sharp tingles over her body and she wondered if she felt the same.

Neither said anything though outside of the quiet sighs both let out as Buffy left a trail of wet kisses down toward Faith's ample breasts. She pushed away any nervousness she had as she began to place kisses over them, excitement at the prospect of making Faith feel as good as she had outweighing any nerves. She took a breath and carefully took an erect nipple into her mouth, sucking lightly.

Faith very nearly bit into her lip as Buffy began to suck on her, not wanting to make too much noise. A hand quickly went into Buffy's hair, loving the attention being paid to her breasts. Buffy was sucking on each nipple in turn, keeping them nice and hard. She couldn't get over that the other girl was taking such initiative. She thought she'd be showing more nerves but was thrilled that wasn't the case.

Soon Buffy moved further down, kissing her flat stomach. At the same time she moved a hand down her body, too, quickly moving her fingers to her pussy. She couldn't believe how wet Faith was and almost blushed at the realization that it was because of her.

Faith let out a low moan at the feel of Buffy's fingers and lips, trying to be as quiet as possible. She wondered just how low Buffy was intending to go since she showed no intention of moving back up and was only a few short inches from being where her fingers were currently beginning to explore. Of course, she wouldn't have any objection if Buffy wanted to go down on her but she also didn't want her to do anything she was uncomfortable with.

It wasn't long before Buffy made her move back up Faith's body though, wanting to see her face as her fingers began to move over her clit. She knew by the way her hands were almost massaging her back and shoulders that she wasn't doing anything wrong but she still wanted to see her. She kissed over her stomach again and up between her breasts, stopping when she kissed her chin. At the same time, she pushed two fingers into Faith's wet hole.

They kissed sloppily as Buffy began to pump her fingers in and out of Faith. She was moving faster than she wanted but she was so excited at Faith's reaction to what she was doing she found herself unable to slow down. Instead, she started a fast rhythm with her fingers and felt Faith begin to move her body with them.

Faith kept hold of Buffy tightly as she moved to meet Buffy thrust for thrust. She knew at this rate it wouldn't be long before she came all over Buffy's hand. She was almost a little sad at that because she wanted the feeling she had to last so much longer.

Soon enough, Faith cried out into Buffy's mouth, coming harder than she ever imagined she could. She felt Buffy moan into her mouth as well as she continued to pump into her in an effort to prolong her orgasm. That did the job, too, as Faith continued to move against Buffy and moan into her mouth for awhile before fully collapsing on the bed.

Buffy slowly pulled her fingers out of Faith before simply resting on her, burying her face in the crook of her neck. It wasn't as though she could move anyway. Faith was holding her tightly, not allowing her to move off her.

They stayed in that position for awhile, only holding onto each other. Both were still trying to process what had just happened. Even though both girls were confident they'd been able to please each other and didn't regret what happened, they didn't know what to say to each other. They didn't want to ruin the moment.

Finally, Faith rolled them so they were on their sides, facing each other. Their arms remained wrapped around each other, breaking only for a moment as Faith pulled the covers back fully over them. After she did, she looked into Buffy's eyes and smiled. Buffy returned it before they kissed lightly and kept doing it, never wanting to stop.

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