A Somewhat Welcome Surprise
by Hayley

Title: A Somewhat Welcome Surprise

Rating: R

Pairing: Buffy/Faith

Disclaimer: These characters are not mine and I make no money off this.

Spoilers: Post-Chosen

Summary: Buffy wants to know anything about Faith.

Sometimes I don't understand Faith at all.

Okay, that's a lie. Most of the time I don't understand Faith at all.

We've been hanging out for about a year now and she just doesn't want to cooperate when it comes to telling me anything about herself. She'll listen to me talk about anything and everything when it comes to the topic of Buffy but when we near Faithland she shuts her mouth. There's no amount of prying that can get her to talk either.

It was four months before I knew her last name.

I'm not asking for much. Faith doesn't do deep and personal and I'm fine with that. All I would like to know is her likes and dislikes. Would it be so hard for her to tell me her favorite food or music or TV show?

The answer is no. No, it's not hard at all.

When Faith wouldn't tell me when her birthday was though . . . well, that was the last straw.

After a couple months of me pestering her and asking her and getting absolutely nowhere, I gave up on asking Faith. I knew she wouldn't tell me for some reason that she also wouldn't say. Hell, she thought it was funny.

So I started looking into when Faith graced the world with her presence and it was harder than I thought. Because Willow had to erase a lot of her records so she was no longer an inmate some of the easiest ways for me to get her birthday just wasn't there. Faith doesn't exactly have much of an internet presence.

I literally thought about ways of finding out for a few weeks before I did something that seemed way too obvious. I asked Angel because I figured he would have had to know at some point. Luckily, I was right and it only took a couple hours to convince him that he wasn't invading Faith's privacy by telling me.

Do you know when Faith's birthday was? Two days after Angel told me.

And now I feel terrible.

I know Faith didn't acknowledge the day at all and probably didn't want anyone else to but I would've wanted to at least tell her happy birthday. That's all. I wouldn't have thrown a huge surprise party or anything. It doesn't take a genius to know Faith wouldn't be okay with that.

I've had another two days to plan something though. Nothing big and nothing with other people 'cause I know Faith would freak. It'll just be the two of us and that's more than okay with me. We have the best time when it's just the two of us.

But that's because we have the tendency to fool around when it's the two of us.

It's nothing serious or anything. We've just both come to realize that we're kind of the perfect match for each other and neither of us want serious. We just wanna have a little fun.

Tonight maybe fun will get us a little further than it normally does, too. We haven't exactly had sex yet. We've only gotten as far as you can go without having some hot slayer sex outside.

"B, stop spacing out," Faith says and hits me in the shoulder. "You said we were supposed to be on high alert."

Yeah, that was a stupid excuse. I just want her to be really into slaying so she doesn't see the surprise right away. "I'm fine and ow!"

I'd hit her back but for all purposes tonight is her birthday. I'm not doing anything to ruin that.

"No comeback or anything." She smirks at me as we walk away from the last cemetery of the night. At least, the last cemetery I have planned for the night. We normally go through two more but that does not follow the plan I have. "You losing your touch tonight, B?"

"I'm losing nothing."

We turn the corner when we should have gone straight and Faith quickly knows something is up but she doesn't say anything about it. When I look at her all she's looking at is the surrounding buildings and barely even notices when I take her hand. For the first few seconds anyway.

"What's up with the new route?" she asks as she squeezes my hand.

"You'll see."

Faith narrows her eyes at me but doesn't give me the third degree, which is good. I'm walking us to a hotel nearby because I can't exactly have a birthday present sitting out in the cemetery. That's a little too creepy for me.

It's a few more minutes before Faith says anything else and that's probably because we are nowhere near a cemetery now. "Okay, where are we going?"

I grin. "It's time for a night off."

Her eyes widen. "What do you have planned in that twisted little head of yours, B?"

"I'm twisted?" I ask as I let go of her hand. "And what are you?"

"I'm being led to that hotel." Faith points to the hotel on the corner that I am in fact leading her to.

I narrow my eyes at her. We've already passed by two hotels so I don't know how she knew we were going to the one she's pointing at. Then again, the first two were a little rundown and she would have to know if I were gonna have us meet at a hotel it wouldn't be at either of those.

"Okay, smarty pants," I say when we stop at the entrance. "We do have a room here."

She looks at the key card I take out of my pocket then at me. "B, what do you have planned?"

I decide it's better not to say anything at this point. A little mystery right now is probably better than explaining it in the entrance of the hotel. So instead I take her hand again and guide her inside and into the elevator. As soon as we're inside we start kissing a little. Nothing to deep because we're not there too long but it's long enough for her hands to get up my shirt.

We're still kind of groping each other as we walk down the hall to the room. Normally I wouldn't let Faith get as handsy as she is right now but that's so she'll loosen up a bit. I still don't know if she'll be okay with me knowing about her birthday.

Faith has her arms around me and is kissing the back of my neck when I open the door and turn on the light. I know exactly when she notices what's inside 'cause that's when I feel her arms move away from me.

"B . . . what the hell?"

We're not given a lot of money to be slayers so it's not like I got a suite or anything but one is still nice: big TV, huge comfy-looking bed and a table. Of course, on that table is a cake and there are balloons all over the room.

"Happy birthday?"

Her eyes get really wide and I'm not sure what I did was a good thing. "It's not my birthday."

"But it was four days ago," I say quietly. "I really hated that I missed it so I wanted to do something special, even if it was just the two of us."

It still looks like she's processing everything and I think that's a good sign. She could have just walked out. "Who told you? I know someone had to 'cause it's not exactly public knowledge."

I close the door behind her and take her hand. "Do not get mad, okay? It was Angel."


"What's the big deal, Faith? It's not like I was going to tell everyone and throw a huge surprise party." I walk us more into the room so she can see the chocolate cake and open the fridge to show her that I bought her the type of beer she always drinks. Who knows if it's her favorite or not but she drinks it all the time. "I just thought I could do something special for you."

Faith still looks skeptical for another few seconds before she finally smiles. "Thanks, B." She leans in and gives me a light, soft kiss. "No one's ever done anything like this for me before."

"Someone should." I pick up the cake and when I turn around I notice Faith's made herself comfortable on the bed. "It's okay to tell me things about you. It's not like I'm gonna use it against you or anything."

She shrugs. "I guess no one's ever cared and I don't exactly trust people."

"Really? I never would've guessed."

"Very funny, B," she says and takes a fork from me as I set the small cake in between us on the bed. "I think this is just an excuse for you to get me in a hotel room."

"That's not . . . entirely true." Really, she's not wrong. "We will never get any privacy living with everyone else and . . ."

"And I won't see you naked in a cemetery ever. I know, I get it." She takes a bite and smiles. "Kinda happy I had a birthday now."

We lean over the cake and kiss a little. This cake will be gone soon or it's getting off the bed 'cause she's trying to pull me closer and I am not getting chocolate cake on my clothes. Now if she was eating it off of me . . .

Damn it! Focus, Buffy!

"B, you're spacing out on me again." Faith kisses me again. "Don't tell me you're concentrating on the cake instead of me."

I shake my head. "Nope, just thinking about what we'll be doing when the cake is gone."

Faith grins and winks at me. "This is gonna be a good night, isn't it?"

I nod. "Definitely."

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